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Number of full-time equivalent (FTE) adult social care jobs

The number of full- time equivalent (FTE) adult social care jobs in England as at 2014

was estimated at 1.18 million.

In this section Skills for Care has produced full-time equivalent (FTE) estimates of the size

of the adult social care workforce. These estimates have been created by applying

contracted and additional hours data collected by the NMDS-SC to estimates of the total

number of jobs presented previously in this section (37 hours per week has been classed

as „full-time‟).

Chart 5.9 shows that the overall ratio of jobs to FTE jobs was around 0.76 (i.e. on average

100 jobs equates to 76 full time jobs). This ratio is fairly similar across employer types with

the exception of direct payment recipient jobs where the ratio was around 0.5 and NHS

jobs where the ratio was 0.86.

Chart 5.9: Estimated adult social care jobs: FTE jobs ratio by employer type in

England, 2014


These ratios have remained stable between 2009 and 2014. See Section 6 (Trends) for

more details.

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