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Number of people working in adult social care

The number of people working in adult social care in England as at 2014 was estimated

at 1.48 million.

In this section Skills for Care has made the distinction between the number of jobs and the

number of people doing those jobs. The purpose of this is to take into account people

doing more than one job in adult social care.

This is achieved by creating a unique reference number for each worker, using the

workers‟ National Insurance Number („NINO‟) and their date of birth. If the same NINO and

date of birth combination appears more than once in the dataset it indicates that the same

person has more than one adult social care job. 14

Skills for Care also carried out some additional research in 2014 to estimate the average

number of jobs held by people working for direct payment recipients. These data were also

used to estimate the number of people with jobs in more than one type of social care

employer. Although this research allowed for more detailed estimates than in previous

years, the sample sizes were relatively small and therefore the results should be treated

with some caution.

Chart 5.10 shows the estimated number of jobs per worker by type of employer. It shows

that people working for direct payment recipients were much more likely to hold more than

one adult social care job (135 jobs per 100 people) than those working for other types of

employer (105 jobs per 100 people). This is not surprising given the part-time nature of

many of these roles.

Chart 5.10: Estimated number of adult social care jobs per person by type of

employer, 2014


Table 5.6 shows a breakdown by type of employer of the estimated 1.48 million people

working in adult social care. It shows that the majority (80%) of people worked for

14 Unique reference numbers are used to ensure individuals remain anonymous and NINOs are not


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