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The number of local authority jobs decreased by 8% (11,000 jobs) over the same period.

Reasons were provided by 76 councils (of 101 that saw a decrease in jobs) for these

reductions in staff numbers. The most common reasons cited by these councils were

budget cuts, restructures and the outsourcing of services (see Table 6.1 and Chart 6.1).

Chart 6.1: Change in adult social care jobs by employer type in England, 2013–2014

Changes between 2009 and 2014

Chart 6.2 shows the change in the number of adult social care jobs in England since 2009.

It shows the workforce has been increasing steadily since 2009 at an average of 3% per

year. The overall increase in the number of jobs between 2009 and 2014 was estimated at

around 230,000 (a 17% increase).

Chart 6.2: Estimated number of adult social care jobs and percentage change in the

number of jobs in England, 2009–2014


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