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These numbers were taken from NHS census data published by The Health and Social

Care Information Centre for Health and Social Care. Skills for Care identified job roles that

were considered to be „adult social care‟ jobs roles, see below.

Job role

Qualified Occupational therapy jobs

Qualified Social Services jobs

Healthcare assistants (excluding maternity jobs)

Support for Occupational therapy jobs

Support for social services jobs

Jobs for direct payment recipients

The average number of jobs per direct payment recipient employing staff was estimated

using a Skills for Care survey (2014) of 1,100 recipients collected via direct payment

support organisations (DPSOs). This figure (2.05) was multiplied by the estimated total

number of direct payments recipients employing staff in order to estimate the total number

of jobs for direct payment recipients.

(b) Number of people working in adult social care

The NMDS-SC contains a unique global identification number based on each employee‟s

National Insurance number and date of birth (in coded format) which indexes individual

workers anonymously. This allows Skills for Care to count the number of jobs held by each

individual person recorded in the NMDS-SC.

Independent employers

The number of people employed by independent bodies who had more than one job was

calculated using data collected by the NMDS-SC.

Adjustments were then made to these figures to account for the following:

• workers recorded in the NMDS-SC can have jobs in non-participating adult social care


• participating establishments update their records at different intervals and, in the

interim, workers can change jobs and be recorded in the NMDS-SC in jobs they have


Local authorities

In 2014, 105 out of the 152 councils provided national insurance numbers and dates of

birth for all their workers in the NMDS-SC. The incidences of people with more than one

council job were counted and it was assumed that the rate was the same for the remaining


Direct payments recipients

As at 2014 the NMDS-SC did not contain enough data about direct payments recipients to

make reliable estimates of the number people with more than one job in this type of


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