Citizens in Policing newsletter Edition seven - September 2015


Citizens in Policing newsletter Edition seven - September 2015



Published: Monday 12th October 2015

Welcome to the seventh edition of the CiPD Newsletter. This edition of the

Newletter covers the month of September 2015.

September has been another very busy month for the CiPD with the closing of the

Specials recruitment, reintroduction of divisional training and the

recruitment and training of our new Cadet Leaders.

This months edition also covers heroism from the force's longest-

serving Special Constable, Neighbourhood Watch updates and

YOUR VIEWS on this brand new and refreshed CiPD Newsletter.


Special Constabulary [1/4]

PC Nigel Hoodless | Specials Co-ordinator


Longest serving Special, Alan

Marwood wins Local Hero Award:

On Wednesday 30th September the

Nottingham Post held their annual Heroes

awards at the Belfry Hotel in Nottingham -

celebrating some of our County's greatest

achievers and fundraisers.

The event paid tribute to dozens of individuals

across twelve different heroic categories

including Child Of Courage, Young Achiever,

Community Champion and Local Hero.

One such nominee in the 'Local Hero'

category was Nottinghamshire Police's very

own Special Constable Alan Marwood.

SC Marwood who has recently retired from his

full-time role as a Paramedic, has volunteered

an incredible 45 years to policing, giving up

countless of hours of his free time to help keep

our County safe.

His journey began way back in August 1970

when he first signed up as a Special


Alan's journey as a

Special is very much

It's official - SC Marwood is our 'Local Hero' and we're PROUD!

remarkable - he's served under 8 Chief Constables and directly saved the lives of at least 6 people during

his time, including a two-year-old boy who was choking near to where Alan was on patrol.

Just two years into his career, Alan was awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal for assisting in the arrest of

armed robbers who shot at him and another Special Constable colleague following a foot pursuit near to


In 2010, Alan also received the Chief Constable's lifetime achievement award. Alan has also received a

number of commendations, recognitions and various other awards during his time as a Special.

On the night of the event Alan's 45-year-long journey was played on the big screens in-front of hundreds

of guests and VIP attendees, highlighting his magnificent and exceptional dedication to public service.

Representing Alan Marwood on the night , were Special Constables Ashley Wagstaffe and Adam Turner,

along with PC Adam Pace and we're really PROUD to announce that ALAN WON IN HIS CATEGORY!

Special Constable Ashley Wagstaffe, who initially nominated SC Marwood for the award, Said: "Quite

simply put, Alan is a living legend! I've never met anybody quite like him and I've been really privileged to

have been given the opportunity to work with him over the past 3 years... and I genuinely cannot think of

anybody who deserves such recognition more than Alan." - CONGRATULATIONS TO A TRUE HERO!

Visit: for more info about our Specials

Special Constabulary [2/4]

PC Nigel Hoodless | Specials Co-ordinator


Divisional training returns:

Week commencing 7th September

marked the official return of the Special

Constabulary's monthly divisional training

session - following a lengthy break in the

delivery of such sessions. They return

following popular demand and requests

from serving Specials across the force.

The first sessions, delivered at Newark,

Central and Watnall focused providing

officers with an update on the force's

'Delivering the future' programme and

BWV: Specials receive training in Body Worn Video Cameras

training in the new officer body worn video cameras - which are being rolled out across the

force to all front-line officers.

The sessions were delivered by CH/INSP Paul Winter and Specials inspector Carl Taylor-Walster

and the turnout at each of the three sessions were pretty impressive. The new sessions are

designed to be more interactive and informative - as requested by our serving Specials.

Special Constable recruitment

draws to a close:

Following a month long recruitment window,

the recruitment drive for Special Constables

has now came to a close.

Around 150 application forms were

submitted during this recruitment drive which

are currently being assessed.

Recruitment officially opened the day after

an awareness event at County Hall On

Wednesday 20th August and following huge

interest, application packs were being

submitted soon after it being announced.

Specials recruitment draws to a close

Over the coming weeks and months these

applicants will be processed and the initial

selection process will commence before

official conditional offers of employment are sent out to potential recruits. THANK YOU to

everybody who has been involved in this latest recruitment drive, including the officers who

helped promote the role of a Special Constable at our latest awareness event.

Visit: for more info about our Specials

Special Constabulary [3/4]

PC Nigel Hoodless | Specials Co-ordinator


Cross-border patrols: Notts and

Lincs Specials joint-operation:

On Saturday 5th September, a team of

Nottinghamshire Police Officers joined

forces with officers from Lincolnshire

Police, the Angling Agency and the

Environment Agency to conduct a jointoperation

on the River Trent. The

Operation - known across Lincolnshire as

Op Traverse was made up of a number of

officers and was aimed at targeting those

who are responsible for committing fishery


Regular Sergeant Matt Scott and SC

Haddon Smith - both from

Nottinghamshire Police, joined Special

constables and regular officers from

Lincolnshire Police's dedicated Wildlife

team, and officers from the Environment

Agency to support the team with

identified issues at Hazelford Lock,

Partnership work: Lincs and Notts Specials joint-operation

where Bleasby, there in relation has been to fishery concerns and rod licencing offences. The Operation, which was primarily

organised by Special Constable Haddon Smith - who is the force's point of contact for the

Angling Agency - stop checked a total of 43 people during the night-of-action Operation and

identified one rod licence offence as well as one drug offence.

SC Smith Said: "It was a great opportunity to work alongside colleagues from Lincolnshire and

the Environment Agency. The operation involved twelve officers from both forces and began at

Hazelford Lock focusing along the stream on both sides of the bank and finished at Collingham

Weir. The results were fantastic and the partnership work was equally as good. I hope such close

work continues as we look to set up similar operations in the future."


The monthly duty requirement for a Special Constable currently stands at 16-hours-per-month but for one

Special on the County Division, this modest requirement was never going to be just that. Special

Constable Haddon Smith, who's currently based at Ollerton Police Station racked up a staggering 152

hours - in duty commitments - alone in August. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU!

Visit: for more info about our Specials

Special Constabulary [4/4]

PC Nigel Hoodless | Specials Co-ordinator



Special Constable Emma Jayne-Stewart has consistently provided fantastic levels of service to the

people of Nottingham since she joined the force two years ago.

Emma has racked up an incredible 2,600 hours in duty hours in this time and is now a familiar face within

her local beat.

Upon joining the force Emma worked from the Meadows, supporting response teams but has since joined

the Clifton Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), taking a particular interest in the Rivergreen Beat.

Emma also frequently supports Night Time Economy teams in the City Centre. She has also supported and

been on attachments with the force's forensic and Operational Support teams in the past.

Emma Said: "I enjoy working with the Clifton SNT team as it enables me to get to know local people in the

area. It also allows me to use such knowledge in my various other shifts such as response duties."


Bassetlaw's rota 3 Temporary Inspector, James Oliver thanks Special Sergeant Adam Turner for his

dedicated commitment during an extremely busy shift on 24/25th September.

Response, Neighbourhood and CID teams were experiencing high levels of demand and SC Turner was

on hand to assist throughout the busy shift.

SC Turner attended various jobs throughout the night and made an arrest of his own whilst assisting with

another following a serious incident - 'WELL DONE' and 'THANK YOU' Adam!


We're pleased to announce that the force will officially recognise the long-service and dedication of

around 15 Special Constables at the next official force award ceremony. The Special Constabulary longservice

medal is awarded to all Specials who have served at least 10 consecutive years as an officer. We

look forward to congratulating and announcing those officers in due course.


As operational opportunities and collaborative working initiatives continue to evolve, it's accepted that

Nottinghamshire Police's Special Constables may on occasion be required or be given opportunity to

work alongside our British Transport Colleagues. A risk assessment has been carried out to support these

deployments and we're hoping to identify a SPOC to support duty secondments - watch this space!

Visit: for more info about our Specials

Police Cadets [1/2]

Julie Berry | Cadets Co-ordinator

Successful launching of intake 3


On Wednesday 9th September INTAKE 3 Cadets

met with their cadet leaders for the first time as the

Cadet programme for 2015-16 officially launched.

The fresh intake of cadets join the force's two-yearlong

Cadet Programme - aimed at giving them an

insight into front-line and neighbourhood policing.

The cadets will also undertake a variety of

exercises and challenges during their time within

Nottinghamshire Police.

PC Pace helps deliver Mansfield's Cadet uniform

Our Cadets will also work towards achieving the country's first accredited qualification for Police Cadets,

which was developed by Nottinghamshire Police and the University of Derby.


On Wednesday 30th September, PC Kanikowski was joined by a team of cadets and PCSO's who assisted

in the delivery of the forces 'No Trick or Treat' posters to residents in the Carlton and Netherfield areas.

The posters - which are also available to download and print via the force website - respectfully inform

trick-or-treaters that the residents of such addresses do not wish to participate in the annual tradition.

Well done and 'THANK YOU' to all of the cadets who participated in this engagement.


We're PROUD to see that some of our previous cadets have taken the decision to re-join Nottinghamshire

Police as Cadet Leaders, following the completion of their Cadet Programme. One such person who

returns to the force as a Principal Cadet Leader is Pearce Riley.

Pearce was one of the first Cadets to join Nottinghamshire Police when the scheme was re-introduced in

2013 - the first such scheme since the early 1980's.

Pearce Said: "I first joined Nottinghamshire Police in 2013 as a cadet as I wanted to gain an insight into

Policing and this programme was the perfect opportunity. I worked alongside PCSO's, regular officers and

Specials, sometimes on the front-line and at major events across the county - it was such a fantastic


He continued: "The scheme was such a positive thing and as my time came to an end as a Cadet, I

wanted to ensure I could help other young people achieve their potential, so decided to return to the

force as a Cadet Leader. I am currently the principal cadet leader at the Oxclose Lane base."

Visit: for more info about our Cadets

Police Cadets [2/2]

Julie Berry | Cadets Co-ordinator

Cadet Darrall talks about firsthand

policing experience:

During the summer holidays all Nottinghamshire

Police Cadets were given the opportunity to study

a well-planned course at the University of Derby.

The course was a balance between class-room

based study and practical sessions, but all the

activities were aimed at putting our skills as a

Police Cadet into practice.

During the week we witnessed a staged robbery

which was followed by a lesson into writing our

own formal written statement (to which we had

little idea on just how much detail was required!) As

with real crimes we followed the protocol of

interviewing both the suspect and the victim

before taking the whole case to court at the end

of the week where all cadets stood individually

Cadets receive front-line policing insight

before the judge and our parents to be questioned by the prosecutor (who was rather wicked,

but extremely talented, as it turned out).

This was definitely the best week of my summer holidays! My favourite part, if I had to choose,

was testing blood, fingerprint and hair/fibre samples as we got to work with scientific chemicals

and equipment that just made the whole experience more thrilling.

More recently, a variety of bases from Nottinghamshire Police Cadets met up again to attend

Emergency Service Day in Clumber Park. The day was filled with many activities for all age

groups with many information tents about the difference emergency services. Some highlights of

the day were demonstrations from the following: fire engines, forensics, police dogs, diving units,

rescue boats and road traffic collisions. Whilst some Cadets handed out a number of leaflets to

members of the public, others took on the role of monitoring the police body protection area

where they encouraged people to try on the stab-proof vests and hold the riot shields and asps.

On the other side of the table I stood with the handcuffs awaiting enthusiastic children who

couldn't wait to be handcuffed and escorted into the back of the police van (which was

followed by their parents’ responses of ‘keep them in there; throw away the key!)

Both the Derby University Summer School and the Emergency Services Day was such an

amazing opportunity because, not only was the day filled with well-planned activities, but we as

Cadets enjoyed meeting our peers from other bases and sharing our experiences so far.

- Cadet Darral

Visit: for more info about our Cadets

Top marks for CiPD Newsletter

The newly re-branded CiPD Newsletter receives top feedback

Most of you will probably be more than aware by

now that last month the Citizens in Policing

Department refreshed its now monthly Newsletter

to bring it more in line with corporate standards.

The feedback on the rebranding of this Newsletter

has been favourably welcomed by people right

across the organisation and we're really pleased

with how well-received it has been.

Special Constable Ashley Wagstaffe first came up

with the idea of refreshing our Newsletter and

following discussions with Beth Lucas and Chief

Inspector Richard Stapleford, it was agreed for

him to take the lead and deliver the Newsletter

month beginning August going forward.

Following much dedication and hours of work redesigning

the new article, the final result has been

approved and welcomed by all in the Citizen's in

Policing Department.

By bringing it more in line with corporate

standards, the newsletter is now more informative,

impactive and reflective of the work that our

citizens in policing - who are all volunteers -

actually do.

The new editions can now also be found on the

forces internet website under the library - Citizen's

in Policing section for public viewing.


Below is a selection of YOUR VIEWS in relation

to the re-branding of the Citizens in Policing


Training School, Special Sergeant Whitworth:

I like the look of it - very professional

Special Sergeant Forman:

It looks really good, top efforts, must have

taken some time!

Chief Inspector Richard Stapleford:

Very impressed - looks really good, impactive

and professional!

Special Constable Elliott:

The new Newsletter is very colourful and

informative. I also think it's now in a more userfriendly

format which is good.

Principal Cadet Leader Pearce Riley:

The new style of the CiPD is easy to read, looks

good and shows off the valuable work

volunteers are doing across Nottinghamshire.

PC Adam Pace:

The new Newsletter pays tribute to the great

work that volunteers do - and which

sometimes goes unnoticed.

Peter Clothier via Twitter:

Nice job CiPD!

REDESIGNED: CiPD Newsletter receives biggest ever makeover

Visit: for more info about CiPD

Police Support Volunteers

In focus: Neighbourhood Watch Scheme


John Wood [Notts Watch]:

Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch (aka NottsWatch) and Nottinghamshire Police have

now drawn up a comprehensive Service Level Agreement that will strengthen the working

relationship between the two partners, by defining specific commitments & procedures to

support each other in our mutual efforts to keep communities safe.

Why should you support/join/establish a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme?

The whole NW movement is now professionally structured.

• The Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (NHWN) is recognised by the Home

Office & the Police as being the national representative.

• NottsWatch is a member of NHWN and is accepted as representing both the City of

Nottingham & the County of Nottinghamshire.

• Many Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Associations and individual schemes within the

City & County are members of NottsWatch and are well established throughout the

region. This structure gives a tremendous pool of experience and guidance for the

benefit of residents within each individual NW scheme.

• All coordinators of registered schemes are covered by indemnity insurance up to £10


Effective NHW schemes can reduce crime and the fear of crime

• As a result of this structure, wherever it has a presence, the NW movement can use the

capabilities of this volunteer resource to strengthen & assist the Police and other

partners and agencies in order to prevent and reduce crime & the fear of crime.

Effective NHW schemes can improve community cohesion

• In addition, a Neighbourhood Watch scheme can improve community safety & cooperation

by way of increased resident participation, neighbourliness and (what we

now know as) community cohesion. As a consequence, this has the effect of reducing

the opportunity for victimisation & the consequences of crime, especially those that

particularly impact upon the vulnerable in our society.

Funding available to support setting up new County schemes

• Last but not least, thanks to a generous grant from Cllr Glynn Gilfoyle, there is currently

funding to support the setting up of new schemes, throughout the county.

For more information see or contact us at

Visit: for more info about C&YP

Children and Young People

Sergeant Debbie Barton and Kathleen Faulconbridge

In last months issue of the CiPD Newsletter we proudly shared a review of the work of our dedicated

Schools and Early Intervention Officers (SEIO’s) over one full term. It clearly showed the breadth and

complexity of work carried out by the officers

Nottinghamshire Schools have been privileged to have S.E.I.O’s for the last 10 years. The work of these

officers is the same as that of any other officer. The exception being that they are interviewed and

selected for the specialist role and focus on the policing and safeguarding of developing young people .

Due to cuts in public spending many organisations are facing the challenge of continuing to provide an

effective service with tighter budgets and fewer resources. Nottinghamshire Police is no exception. To this

end we are currently reviewing the way we work with our schools.

Any challenge brings with it a host of opportunities. A number of options are being considered including

the potential for retaining some dedicated resources and identifying local police champions to call on

for advice or information.

There are some examples, nationally, where schools or schools clusters are working together to privately

fund officers to ensure they continue to get a dedicated service. We already have this arrangement in

place with one of the county schools trusts.

We would be keen to answer any questions or hear any suggestions about potential models of working

together with schools and to discuss the possibilities of schools ‘buying in’ an officer in the future.

If interested in discussing any aspect of this further please email

CH/INSP Richard Stapleford | Head of Citizens in Policing

Beth Lucas

| CiPD team leader (Specials, Cadets & PSV's)

Dylan Boddy | CiPD Project manager and performance lead

Special Constables

Nigel Hoodless

Mark Stasuik

| Specials Co-ordinator

| Specials Chief Officer

Keiley Freeman | Specials Chief Inspector (City)

Raj Chahal

Paul Allen

Grant White

| Specials Chief Inspector (County)

| Special Events Officer (City)

| Special Events Officer (County)

Ashley Wagstaffe | CiPD Newsletter Editor & Specials Social Media Officer


Julie Berry

| Cadets Co-ordinator

Children and Young People

Debbie Barton-Moran

Kathleen Faulconbridge

Police Support Volunteers

Diane Suban

| Children & Young People

| Children & Young People

| Police Support Volunteers

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