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Double-Deep Pallet Racking for Improved Storage Facility

Now-a-days there is availability of varieties of pallet racking system on the market to fit diverse

ranges of storage and warehouse needs. Some of the pallet racking systems are tailored with higher

amount of revenue; some of them are used to cater low product turnover as well. One of the most

appreciable pallet racking systems that have current substantial growth in popularity is double-deep

pallet racking system.

A single row arrangement of pallet racking is placed sequentially with another in selective pallet

racking system. As a result you can emergently access each pallet of this system that is stored on the

rack. They are commonly used storage options; considerably offers less storage spaces than a double

deep pallet racking system. The name double-deep itself means a racking system that has two rows of

pallet set back-to-back pattern. The anatomy of selective pallet racking system is quite similar with

double-deep pallet racking system instead of two back-to-back rows. Due to the presence of two backto-back

arrangements, double deep pallet rack makes a first-in-last-out (FILO) pallet rack system.

The key benefit of using double-deep pallet racking system is availability of its increased potential

storage density and enhanced warehouse space. It eliminates the unnecessary aisles so that more

warehouse space can employed for your storage needs. This unique features make double-deep pallet

racking system most cost-effective and space efficient storage options. Also it offers same storage

density like a two deep pushback pallet rack system with a fraction of cost. As per your storage

needs, installation of double-deep pallet racking system may reduce the requirement to build or rent

new storage space.

Do you want to install double deep pallet racking system for your Melbourne

based enterprise? Look no further; ReadyRack is one of pioneer supplier of

warehouse storage systems in Melbourne. We specialize in providing varieties

of storage options including pallet racking, cantilever racking, long span

shelving, racking protection products, workbenches and warehouse racking

accessories at affordable prices. Regardless of your business needs, our

products are tailored with full potential of racking services. To learn more

about us and our racking options, make a visit to our website at


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