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Before you start reading this booklet, do yourself a favor and go to the Women’s Health & Health 24 websites and type in all the major weight loss programs and diet pills on the market and see what they have to say about them. It is shocking what we put our bodies through to try and lose weight – weight that is on our bodies through our own doing, by not eating correctly! I also started my weight loss journey off with a famous weight loss program, but started experiencing side effects and stopped after a month. And best part of all – I lost more weight with my own program than with the unbelievably expensive program I was on for a month! Just to show you – all these programs and diet pills are worth NOTHING without the right eating plan that goes together with it. It is NOT healthy to use appetite suppressants and some of these weight loss programs even give you a syrup to drink that contains laxatives. Of course you’ll think that you are losing weight – you are losing water the UNHEALTHY way. Now, this was no walk in the park to lose the 18kg. But I just told myself everyday – FOOD IS NOT MY BOSS and I CAN DO THIS. And every time I felt a craving coming on or a hunger pain, I had a glass of water or a cup of decaf coffee or a chewed on a sugar free gum….. If I could do it – then so can you! At the back of the booklet I’ve included some very delicious and healthy recipes that also helped a lot. You are most welcome to mail me during your weight loss journey if you need support. I myself have another 4kg that I want to lose. So together we can do this!

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