Pawel Schulz Portfolio

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Paweł Schulz




Kawa is a branding project for student society focused on showcasing

artistic works of its members and promoting them on different events.

(in polish: Koło Animacji Wydarzeń Artystycznych) Project includes logotype,

stationary and showing design in it’s natural space.


Zenith is a Branding project for IT based company. Project includes Logo

with stationary and simple website.

Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku

Branding project for Museum of Asia and Pacific. The sign has been designed

by combining simple symbols understood universally across the Asian and

European Culture like triangles representing fire. Together they create simple

representation of Hindu god Shiva. Project consists of Logo, showing

typography on the Museum building and products.

Movie Posters

Movie posters for Drive, Apocalypse

Now and VHS Hell Festival made in

style of “Polish School of

Poster Design”.

Marek Durczewski album

Album of polish abstractive artist Marek durczewski. Album mostly focused on

His paintings as well as an interview with Him. Work consists of 48 pages in total.

Faust redesign

Faust redesign has been a project for

ISTD student competitions. Task was

to redesign classic text in interesting

manner. I used custom made lettering

for illustrations to later screen print

it with gold and white paint. Book has

also been hand binded to give it more

authentic feel.

Pallet Alphabet

This graduation project aimed at designing an alphabet that would be used

on Euro-Pallets, an ecological waste material that is usually thrown away.

Project consisted of Alphabet with polish letters, flyer, bench constructed

with wooden pallets, letter projection on object and posters showing usage

of letters.

Roughly translates to “With This alphabet it is necessary to scream and rebel

against the boredom in design on wooden pallets”

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