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Insight | Summer 2015

From the Headmaster

“Makes games, i.e. competition,

important but not predominant.”

This was one of the “Seven Laws of

Salem” laid down by Salem School’s

founder and first Head, Kurt Hahn.

These seven laws formed the guiding

principles of the school. Salem, in

Germany, was the prototype Round

Square School. After moving from

Germany to Great Britain in the

1930s Hahn went on to found the

Outward Bound organisation and

Gordonstoun School. Indeed it was

whilst at Gordonstoun that Hahn’s

ideas and philosophy inspired the

formation of Round Square, whose

name comes from the building at

Gordonstoun where its inaugural

meeting took place. The organisation

celebrates its fiftieth anniversary

next year. Cobham Hall was the first

all girls’ school to be invited to join

2015 Exam Results

This year, Cobham Hall’s IB students

achieved a pass rate of 89.9%,

significantly above the worldwide

average in 2014 of 79.3%. Of these,

37% achieved the bi-lingual Diploma.

In addition, of the girls who took IB

Courses, all but one were accepted

to their first choice university. Our

Leavers now scatter across the

country, taking a great variety of

courses from Art, Media, and Drama,

through to History, Classics, Business,

Criminology, and Biomedical Science

– and all sorts in between!

Round Square (in the days when

membership was by invitation!)

I was reminded of all this when

looking at the content of this edition

of INSIGHT magazine. Our girls have

been competing and performing well

in a variety of sports and some have

reached very high levels. Indeed

Kate French, although no longer at

the school, is aiming to be Cobham

Hall’s first Olympian next year.

Competition is a very obvious feature

of most sports but our artists, as well

as our athletes, have also been

experiencing competitive success

although we tend not to associate

competition with the arts, at least

not initially anyway.

Kurt Hahn was keen on sport and

an active participant himself. Even

in his later years at Gordonstoun

he still played a “vigorous” game of

hockey and could easily be spotted

as he always played wearing his trilby

hat! However, the long established

English boys’ public schools that

Hahn much admired, he also

regarded as, in some cases, putting

too much emphasis on performance

at sport. Hence the wording of his

“law” at his school in Salem.

Competition, whether we like it or

not, is a constant feature of life.

During the summer holidays Year

13 leavers from schools all over the

In late August came the GCSE results.

With top grades and a 100% pass

rate in several subjects, the results

were an excellent achievement,

especially with an unusually higher

proportion of non-native English

speakers in this year group. With the

national trend showing a fall in the

percentage of A* and A grades, it is

excellent to see our proportion of A*

and A grades is up this year on last.

True to Cobham Hall’s ethos of allround

achievement, both sets of

country compete for places at their

choice of university, or college. That

competition will continue

throughout their lives as they form

careers and earn livelihoods.

Just as in some of our girls the

creative spark or the linguistic flame

may burn brightest, in others it is the

competitive streak. It is my belief

that just as the creative and linguistic

side of each individual need

developing, along with the logical,

moral, spiritual and so on, so does

the competitive.

Competing determinedly but not

viciously, appreciating rather than

denigrating the efforts of one’s

opponent, and taking genuine

satisfaction from having performed

as well as one is able irrespective

of the levels reached by others, not

only makes one a good competitor,

but are life skills and qualities as

valuable as any other.

The following pages show the

opportunities that all the girls at

Cobham Hall have to develop all

these sides of themselves and how

well they have taken them.

Mr P Mitchell


results showed high scores in a wide

range of subjects including Drama,

Art, Biology, Music, Languages, and


Cobham Hall’s Headmaster, Mr

Mitchell said, “All the results reflect

the hard work of both the pupils and

staff. Our Year 11s are very well

prepared to face the challenges of

Sixth Form, and our IB Leavers go on

to the next stage of education very

well prepared to thrive in their new


Staff Changes

Fond Farewells...

Assistant Head of Sixth Form and

Latin teacher Miss Quinn has left

after four years. Embracing the

Round Square pillar of Adventure

she and her husband have emigrated

to Canada. Geography teacher Miss

Turner celebrated the arrival of her

first child and will begin a Masters


Graduate Housemistresses Miss

Forte and Miss Bates have finished

their year with us. Miss Forte will be

taking a Post Graduate Certificate of

Education whilst Miss Bates is

considering a Masters Degree. Miss

Fritsche, our Gap Year student, has a

university place in Germany.

Farewell also to Housekeepers Mrs

Everett and Miss Kearney, both

leaving to spend more time with

Festival Day

This year, Cobham Hall’s Festival Day

had a spirit of adventure, with guest

speaker Bonita Norris regaling an

audience of more than 400 students,

parents, staff and Governors with

tales from her expeditions. At the

age of 22, Miss Norris became the

youngest person in the world to have

reached both the summit of Mount

Everest and the North Pole. She gave

an inspirational speech encouraging

Cobham Hall’s girls to aim high, try

new things and to not give up.

Cobham Hall’s Headmaster, Mr

Mitchell, gave a

speech reflecting

on the year, and

emphasising the

importance of

coming together

as a community,

saying, “We

succeed together,

we draw strength,


inspiration and,

when necessary,

consolation from

each other.”

family, and to our Registrar Mrs

Strong, who has decided not to

return following her maternity leave.

Head of Music, Miss Clements, is

taking maternity leave for the arrival

of her first child.

Congratulations and good luck to all,

you will each be missed!

...Warm Welcomes...

Taking over as Cobham Hall’s Latin

teacher is Dr Marin, joining us from

Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar

School. Our new Geography teacher

is Miss Morley.

Joining our Boarding team as

Assistant Housemistress in Main Hall

is former student, and graduate from

De Montfort and Derby universities,

Miss Ebun-Cole. Miss Shipton and

Going on to praise those girls who

will be moving on, Mr Mitchell said,

“Our Year 13 leavers have worked,

developed and succeeded together

as part of our Cobham community.

Let us not be in any doubt, they have

not only taken from it but in equal

measure they have added to it.”

Further highlights were musical

performances from both the School

and Chamber Choirs of The Beatles’

classics ‘Fool on the Hill’ and

‘Blackbird’, and a very emotional

rendition of Billy Joel’s ‘And so it

goes’, which received much acclaim.

Outgoing Guardian Siun gave a very

moving speech about her time at the

School, reflecting on the importance

of a good education, and on

everything that Cobham Hall gave

her, saying, “I have been given many

opportunities at Cobham and now

the world is full of opportunities for


After the ceremony, where prizes

were awarded for both academic

and sporting excellence, attitude,

progress and commitment to Round

Miss Richards are our new Graduate

Housemistresses, from Chichester

University (Media and Cultural

Studies) and Kent University (Social

Policy) respectively.

Covering Miss Clements’ role as

Head of Music is Mr Black, who joins

us from Dunnottar School.

Welcome to the Cobham Hall family!

...and Congratulations!

Two exisiting members of staff are

taking on additional roles; Mrs

Thompson is our new Assistant Head

of Sixth Form and Mrs Jakso is taking

the role of Acting IB Co-ordinator.

Mrs Shelley will be taking over as


Well done to you all!

Square, guests

moved to

Lady Darnley’s

Garden for


As always,

the annual


was the

highlight of

the school calendar for many. Mr

and Mrs Gibbs, parents of a Year 8

student, said, “Bonita Norris gave a

truly inspirational speech. We’d like

to pass on our thanks for an amazing

afternoon in Lady Darnley’s Garden;

a fantastic end to a wonderful year

at the School for our daughter.” A

sentiment echoed by many, including

father of a Year 7 student, Mr Rose,

who said, “A massive well done to

all involved in Festival Day, it was a

brilliant event and we came away

thoroughly inspired.”

Festival Day marks the end of a busy

and successful 2014-2015 academic

year. For those leaving us, we wish

them every success as they embark

on their next adventure.




Favourite subject: Film Studies

Favourite film: Amy

Favourite book: One Day

Cat or Dog: Dog




Favourite subject: Maths and Psychology

Favourite film: Aladdin

Favourite book: Knots and Crosses

Cat or Dog: Neither

Kindle or book: Both!



Favourite subject: Theatre & Psychology

Favourite film: Harry Potter Collection

Favourite book: The Kite Runner

Cat or Dog: Dog

E-reader or book: Proper book

Sweet or savoury: Both!

Sweet or savoury: Both!

Kindle or book: Proper book

Sweet or savoury: Sweet

Cobham Hall’s Student

Leadership Team

Earlier this year, Cobham

Hall held its annual

Guardian Convention to

select the new Student

Leadership Team. The

successful ladies were

Steffi, Urvi, Poppy, Georgia,

Molly and Simmy. Pre-IB

students Viki and Merle

jointly accepted the role

of Acting Richmond House

Captains. Let’s meet the

team, find out more about

them and why they wanted

to be on the SLT.

As you may expect, each

of the girls had their own

reasons for wanting to be

elected. For Steffi,

Cobham Hall’s Guardian,

it was a case of ambition

as well as a desire to help;

“Since I became Head Girl

in Primary School, it was an

ambition to become Head

Girl, or in this case

Guardian, of the secondary

school that I was attending.

I really enjoy helping and

leading younger students.”

For Deputy Guardians Urvi

and Poppy, it was more

about being part of a team

giving back to the School.

“I wanted to do something

for Cobham Hall because

this School has done a lot

for me. I want other

people to see that this

school is a great place to

study and live,” Urvi


For the House Captains,

it was also about House

Pride, as Simmy

demonstrates, “I enjoy

being a leader, but I also

love being in Lenox House,”

a fact that was wonderfully

apparent when she

collected the trophy at

Sports Day on behalf of a triumphant

Lenox. In addition, Georgia, House

Captain for Clifton, pointed out the

importance of using what she had

learned of the School during her

time here to help maintain old

traditions, as well as implement

new ones. All of the House Captains

praised their Houses for the help and

support they have provided.

The girls were keen to point out that

despite the hard work involved in

being on the Team, they enjoyed

seeing a job well done. Darnley

House Captain Molly said, “Although

sometimes it can be very stressful,

it is a fantastic feeling when we

achieve success and everyone is

enjoying themselves.”

Upcoming events

As well as day-to-day tasks, such as

uniform checks, attending clubs,

being on duty for assembly and

ensuring Round Square stays at the

forefront of School life, the girls are

also responsible for organising House

events, and coming up with new

ideas for fundraising.

This year, the girls are particularly

looking forward to the House Drama

Festival in the Autumn Term, as well

Clifton House Captain


Favourite subject: Sports Science &


Favourite film: The Imitation Game

Favourite book: Noughts and Crosses

Cat or Dog: Cat

E-reader or book: Book but Kindle for


Sweet or savoury: Savoury but I’ve got a

sweet tooth!

as arranging for Cobham Hall to take

part in Cancer Research’s Race for

Life in the Spring Term – an idea

spearheaded by Georgia. Holding a

lot of personal meaning for her, she

says, “I am very grateful that the SLT

has taken on this event and hope

that this will allow for it to be bigger

and better than I ever could have


With an air of mystery, Molly says,

“There are many more plans and

events the SLT have been working

on, but I can’t reveal this at the

moment - it’s all a surprise! I can

assure everyone, it will be a superb

year full of fun stuff to do.”


Each of the girls cited various

personal challenges they’ve had to

overcome now they are on the SLT,

including time-keeping, confronting

Darnley House Captain


Favourite subject: Film Studies

Favourite film: The Harry Potter Series

Favourite book: “Q&A” & “Once”,

“Then” and “Now”

Cat or Dog: I have and love both!

E-reader or book: E-reader

Sweet or savoury: Sweet - big fan of

Krispy Kreme Donuts and Flapjacks!

anyone misbehaving, wanting to

keep everyone happy, and

encouraging everyone to get

involved. However, for three of the

team, they’ve had to find ways of

coping with the additional challenge

of being dyslexic. Although this

learning difference does not impact

on the girls’ potential to be part of

the Student Leadership Team, it

does highlight that the condition

needn’t be a hindrance. As Urvi

explains it, “[Dyslexia] doesn’t stop

me doing anything, or going a step

higher at school.” Poppy continues

this point, saying, “It makes you no

different to anyone else; everyone’s

brains work differently.” Georgia

also agreed, confirming that “having

a label doesn’t define who you are,

or restrict what you are capable of.

Others may make assumptions, but

don’t allow them to dictate what you

can achieve.”

Lenox House Captain


Favourite subject: English

Favourite film: Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Favourite book: Noughts and Crosses

Cat or Dog: Dogs

Kindle or book: Proper books

Sweet or savoury: Savoury

We’re sure the team will do a

fantastic job in the coming academic

year and we look forward to seeing

what events they have in store for

the School!

Acting Richmond

House Captain


Favourite subject: Mathematics

Favourite film: Pitch Perfect 2

Favourite book: I love all kinds of books!

Cat or Dog: Cats

Kindle or book: E-reader, easier to read

at night!

Acting Richmond

House Captain


Favourite subject: Science & English

Favourite film: The Notebook

Favourite book: And then there were


Cat or Dog: I have a Great Swiss

Mountain Dog

Kindle or book: Book

Sweet or savoury: Both

Sweet or savoury: Sweet

Olympic hopeful returns to inspire the next generation

Cobham Hall welcomed former

student Kate French, a Modern

Pentathlete and Rio 2016 Olympic

hopeful, back to the School to talk to

current students about her career.

Kate, who recently medalled in the

World Championships in Florida, left

Cobham in 2009 for Bath University,

a centre of excellence for the

Modern Pentathlon. Having been

representing her country for 10

years, she is aiming for the Olympic

team to compete at Rio in 2016. She

said, “[I’m] doing something I love,

and I get to travel the world doing

it”. But she was careful to highlight

the rigours of life as an athlete, explaining the hard work, repetition and sacrifice involved in training to compete on

the global stage. Confirming this, Kate said, “With a little bit of talent and a lot of hard work and dedication, you can

achieve anything you set your heart on”.

Deputy Guardian during her time at Cobham Hall, Kate emphasised the importance of having not just talent, but a

positive attitude. She cited self-belief, and the ability to control emotions and thoughts, as essential qualities to allow

focus and determination to positively impact performance.

With girls across the School currently competing at County level in various disciplines, Mrs Hooper, Head of Physical

Education at Cobham Hall, was delighted with the visit, and hopes it’ll encourage the girls to set new goals. It does

seem to have had the desired effect, with Maisy, the Year 7 Kent County cross-country champion, saying, “She really

inspired me to do my best and her talk was very interesting.”

Cobham Hall’s Deputy Headmistress, Dr. Coates-Smith, said of the visit, “It was great for the girls to see the reality of

what is possible to achieve as a Cobham girl. Success beyond Cobham becomes more tangible, and an inspiration for

them to know that there is a world of possibilities out there.”

Taking flight with

Eagle Heights

Girls in Year 7 and Year 8 were given

the chance to see majestic birds of

prey up close as part of their Science


The girls were introduced to Billy

-Bob, a Peregrine Falcon, a hooded

vulture named Gonzo, Sparky the

Barn Owl, and Kayla, a Bald Eagle.

With three of the birds flying above

their heads, the girls were in awe –

although there were a few squeals

of surprise when the birds first took

flight towards them!

The girls were also able to hold

Billy-Bob and Sparky – an

opportunity not to be missed!

The birds, brought in by local wildlife

foundation Eagle Heights, provide a

real-life opportunity to observe their

differences; the silent flight of the

Barn Owl or the talons of the Bald

Eagle. The girls heard how these

traits make the birds better adapted

to hunt their prey.

Mr Fryer, Head of Science, was

pleased with the demonstration,

saying “The girls really enjoyed it.

There was lots of laughter and lots

of learning. There were some gooey

moments, too, but that’s good


Debating Challenge

“This Forum believes that the West’s fear of China becoming the global superpower

is a fallacy; the hegemony of the United States is secure and enduring.”

Cobham Hall’s Economic Forum

met in May for the final time this

academic year to debate the above

motion. Debating can be daunting

enough, but for Year 12 students

Yarann and Natalie, it was even more

of a challenge – English is not their

first language. Economics teacher,

Mr Pattison, afterwards commended

their presentations explaining that

they were nervous prior to the start

of the debate; something that was

not apparent from their confident

manner, both when presenting their

views, and when taking questions

from the floor.

Yarann opened, arguing for the

motion. Using strong figures, Yarann

highlighted key details of the US

economy compared to that of China;

that it’s twice the size, and the

average income is four times greater.

She further argued that there are

other key factors – political structure,

technology, entrepreneurship and

military might. She closed with the

belief that the US hegemony would

be secure “for a long time to come”.

Natalie, arguing against, suggested

The Art of Storytelling

“The girls gathered around in hushed silence as the

woman began to speak, enthralled by what she was

saying. Hands shot into the air when a question was

asked, and the importance of a handful of words was

revealed as the speaker threw a book to the floor.”

OK, so maybe I’m not the next

novelist extraordinaire, but after a

visit by Nicky Singer, author of

Blue Peter’s ‘Book of the Year’

Feather Boy, perhaps it could be one

of Cobham Hall’s girls.

After giving a talk about her work

to several year groups, Ms Singer

was kind enough to lead a creative

writing workshop for Years 7 and 8.

During this, the girls were reminded

that although it took 18 months to

complete her latest novel, The Flask,

it takes about five seconds for

someone to pick up a book and

decide if they want to read it. The

first line must present the reader

with a ‘locked box’, enticing enough

to make them want to read on, to

discover what’s inside, and to create

a sense of empathy, so that the

reader cares about the character. I

hope the first line of this article was

enough to encourage you to read on!

Using the example of Frankenstein’s

monster, Ms Singer encouraged the

girls to describe the beast; “green”,

“black hair” and “square face” all

made their way to the board. Nicky

then suggested using more than just

the visual – “a dark soul” and “foulsmelling”

came to the fore; the point

being that when writing, you need

to use more than just one of the five

senses, as well as perceptions.

Memories and role play were used to

show how authors can tell a story

from different viewpoints, including

a worm! It was a wonderful exercise,

that China will see a natural shift to

capitalism, fuelled by the spirit of the

Chinese people and the growth of

trade, and incentives for students to

return home to use education gained

elsewhere. She explained that China

trades, and tries to foster friendly

relationships, globally, unlike the

US, who tends to be more focused

on Western countries. Natalie also

showed there was more to being a

superpower than economy alone,

looking at morality and ethics. She

closed stating that youth and spirit

will cause China to overtake the US

as the world’s superpower.

Mr Pattison opened the floor, and

both girls coped well with tough

questions. Voting for and against the

motion was evenly split.

creating lots of laughter. The girls

were encouraged to write the

opening paragraph to a new story,

with key facts drawn from a memory

of being pushed into a swimming

pool by an uncle. Of four paragraphs

shared with the group, four very

different tales started to be woven,

many garnering praise from the

bestselling author. Teshanne, Year 7,

said of the visit “I really enjoyed the

workshop because it was funny and

inspiring. She explained things well

and helped me understand

techniques of writing.”

Round Square: IDEALS in action

On the same day as the country went

to the polls, Cobham Hall held Mock


Preparation began in the Spring

Term, and the first challenge for the

girls involved was to understand UK

elections and the policies of each

political party – alien to many UK

citizens, let alone Cobham Hall’s

international Pre-IB students!

They then chose which parties they

wanted to represent; Viki chose the

Conservatives, Carlotta opted for the

Liberal Democrats, Charlotte aligned

with Labour, Merle and Sabina went

Green and Veronique stood for the

UK Independence Party.


Girls in Eco-Club finished their insect

hotel, and it’s already home to many

spiders, beetles and ants. Shakira,

Year 9, said, “I’ve learnt a lot about

how to recycle materials to create

habitats for the local wildlife.”


Mock General Election


Culture and Language Programme

As an internationally-minded school,

Cobham Hall celebrates all

nationalities and cultures,

including our own. During exam

week, the timetable is suspended,

making it an ideal opportunity to

provide an enrichment week for

our international Pre-IB and Short-

After several weeks of

campaigning, including two

assemblies, organising

headquarters and producing

leaflets, there was a nail-biting

wait as votes were finally cast.

Opinion polls during the campaign

had the Liberal Democrats in front,

but would the election results reflect


As with the General Election, opinion

polls proved incorrect as the

Conservative Party won by a small

majority. However, in a complete

departure from the country’s results,

the Liberal Democrats came second,

closely followed by Labour. The

Green Party had a good showing,


Studying Eco-systems and Helping Wildlife

River Study

Girls in Year 12 headed off to Horton

Kirby to carry out a river study.

Wellies at the ready, the girls waded

into the river to carry out samples

and answer questions such as “Does

flow speed affect the distribution of

Gammarus?” Apparently, the shrieks

when water spilled into their boots

could be heard for miles!

The girls saw real animals in a

natural habitat and found ones they

had never seen. It was an

experience enjoyed by all.

stay students. It’s a unique chance

to explore English Language, British

culture and Cobham’s own history -

including our bees - outside of

normal lessons. The girls also

created a film noir, which can be

seen on the School’s YouTube


coming fourth, with the UK

Independence Party taking the final

spot. At 68%, the student turnout

was better than that of the UK, at

only 66%.

Viki, representing the victorious

Conservative Party, said of the

process: “I thought the election was

perfect to learn about the English

Parties and I want to thank everyone

who voted for the Conservatives.”


Year 7s and 8s had a compulsory

Eco-Morning. They cleared an entire

pond of weeds and brambles in the

hope of providing the grazing deer

with more places around the pond to



Coaching Support

Maddy, Year 10, has been assisting

the PE Department all year, helping

to coach the juniors in netball and

rounders, and has demonstrated

excellent leadership skills. Head of

PE Mrs Hooper said, “Maddy has

been authoritative yet patient and

kind, enthusiastic and

knowledgeable. She really has been

an excellent role model in the PE



The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award: Expedition Experiences

This term saw Cobham Hall girls

heading out into the local area for

the expedition part of The Duke of

Edinburgh’s Award. Earlier in the

term, they undertook a two- or

three-day practise hike, a daunting

task for many but an exciting

challenge for these 23 Cobham Hall

girls. The girls participating in the

Bronze Award had to cover 15-20

miles with an overnight camp, while

girls on the Silver Award tackled 30-

37 miles, with two overnight camps.

Using Ordnance Survey maps, the

girls worked in teams to plan their

route, including several checkpoints

to confirm that they were on track.

Despite getting a little lost to begin

with, the girls proved that their

navigation skills were at the level

required to be entered for the

qualifier – an expedition observed by

a DofE Accredited Assessor.

The Qualifying Expedition for Silver

participants will take place in

September, but for the Bronze Award

it was a month later in the Tonbridge

and Sevenoaks area, with 16

Cobham Hall girls completing a twoday

hike. The Assessors were very


Fundraising & Volunteering

Grace, Year 9, has been working hard

volunteering and fundraising this

year. Having raised over £1000 for

charities including Teenage Cancer

Trust, Demelza House, Help for

Heroes and Ovarian Cancer Action

amongst many others, Grace has

also donated her time. She has

volunteered at local events, and has

been serving meals to the elderly

and homeless. Grace said, “I choose

to do so much fundraising because

it’s so much fun and helps so many

people in more ways than you know.

I love the feeling that I have made a

positive difference to someone’s day,

impressed with the students’

performance, mentioning in

particular how their camp craft was

some of the best they have seen.

The experience was an excellent

opportunity to demonstrate

teamwork skills, and Hannah, Year 9,

said, “I enjoyed communicating more

with others and identifying each

other’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Mr Wright, Cobham Hall’s DofE

Co-ordinator, said, “Although the

students were exhausted, they still

had high spirits, singing on the

minibus back to school!” Miss

Lambert, Cobham Hall’s DofE Leader,

confirmed the girls’ excellent

attitude, saying, “We’ve thoroughly

enjoyed working with the girls this

year due to their enthusiasm,

commitment and leadership.”

The girls successfully passed the

expedition section. They now have

to complete three final sections:

Physical, Skills and Volunteering.

Well done, girls, and good luck!

that I have made an impact on them,

their families and their way of living.

I often receive photos from the

people I have helped and I love that

so much. I love to see the difference,

not just hear about it.”

A final week of Adventure and Excitement

The last week of the Summer Term

at Cobham Hall sees the normal

timetable suspended in favour of a

few days of exciting and challenging

outdoor pursuits, alongside activities

designed to complement and

enhance the curriculum. In keeping

with the School’s Round Square

ethos, the aims of the programme

are to encourage the girls to develop

their self-confidence, as well as learn

new skills.

Girls had the chance to camp on the

North Lawn, try their hand at

watersports at the Arethusa Venture

Centre, go cycling at Bedgebury

Pinetum or the local Cyclopark, learn

forest skills at Shorne Country Park

and take part in art, language, drama

and poetry workshops. There was

even the opportunity to learn about

Roman Roads and recreate the

construction of them with sweets

and chocolate! Girls across the

School were also able to enjoy an

inflatable obstacle course, set up on

the North Lawn.

In addition, Year 9 girls explored

animation and digital media, learning

several different techniques while

working on 2812 individual frames

to create an animated music video

for the song ‘Happy’, by Pharrell

Williams, which can be seen on the

School’s YouTube channel. Hannah

was amazed by the new skills she

learned, saying, “I never realised

how much effort went into the

animated films we watch as

entertainment… I’ve never

appreciated animation artists more!

I would love to do this again.”

Year 9 also spent an afternoon with

Head of PE Mrs Hooper and Elder

Charlotte Roles. A former School

Guardian and founder of Fusion

Fitness UK, Charlotte ran a fun Boot

Camp for the girls.

Whilst the Lower and Middle School

girls took part in a variety of on- and

off-site activities, Year 10 and Pre-IB

students were learning essential

work-based skills. Work experience

placements covered a variety of

sectors, from nurseries to equestrian

centres. Girls in Year 12 were able to

enjoy fun science and maths projects

and prepare for Year 13, as well

as take part in some of the on-site


It was a very busy, adventurous

week, with many girls learning new

skills and eager to learn more. A

perfect way to end the academic


Creativity, Action and Service

“As the night moves silently onward

Slowly cloaking and blanketing the


You’ll see the clouds now have


Stopping sunlight from reaching

earth’s musk

As shadow claims the flowers and


As light is scarce found on ground


Hidden safely from the misty breeze

Tucked under great boughs of oak

There lies the creatures of times


Kept whole by wise, yet timeless age

They still envision the world of yore

When naught was kept trapped by

restless rage

Over the starry skies of gold

Up and under the boundless hills


There come deep secrets of beasts


Melting into worlds unredeemed

For only at night, they will appear

They come forth wordlessly creeping

And then the few who see them get

to hear

Cobham Celebrates CAS

In June, Middle School students

celebrated their achievements in the

Cobham CAS (Creativity, Action and

Service) programme.

Girls presented their successes and

what they had learned. Year 9 girls

Cara, Grace and Anna each shared

their experiences. Cara talked of her

football performance outside of

school, Grace of her volunteering

and fundraising and Anna, an EFL

student, was particularly impressive

- she chose to learn Japanese at the

Poetry Competition

Girls in Creative Writing Club have entered poems into the ‘Foyle Young Poets

of the Year Award’, a prestigious global competition. Here is the entry from

Year 9’s Britta, entitled ‘Of Night’.

The noise of their whispers, silently


The splendour and mystique of their


To the majesty of night is no


For when the stars come twinkling

from abroad

Like fiery bats from heaven’s dark


Then, when wind is unleashed and

dances round

Stirring the night’s black cheeks and


Fluttering in wisps like mouthless


Swiftly away unto the night air

The grass will rustle like silent snakes

And everything stills to hear for the


Of the howling gale and sweeping


That come, in the night, to do God’s


Inside the night there is a strange


Where none are safe or sound

But of the night, this beauty at hand

Here on earth cannot be found.”

same time as

developing her

English and

managed to

teach some

basic words.

Awards were given out in recognition

of excellent leadership, positivity in

overcoming a challenging activity

(such as The Duke of Edinburgh’s

Award Expedition), dedication and

contribution to speech and drama

and showing excellent initiative.

A challenge for

Miss Lambert

This summer,

Cobham Hall’s

Duke of


Leader and CAS


Miss Lambert

has truly led

by example as

she began her challenge to complete

some of the UK’s toughest national

walking trails. Raising money for The

Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, she’s

aiming to complete over 1,361 miles,

from five gruelling hikes over the

next year. Good Luck, Miss Lambert!

Anyone wishing to donate can do so



Round Square

Summer Projects

Four of Cobham Hall’s Year 12 girls

headed off on Round Square

International Service projects in Peru

and South Africa this Summer.

They joined teams of international

students building facilities for local

orphanages and schools.

They left Cobham Hall at the end of

term full of excitement for the

Summer ahead. We can’t wait to

hear all about their experiences!

Cobham Hall’s CAS Co-ordinator Miss

Lambert said, “The CAS celebration

was a wonderful occasion, giving

students the chance to reflect on

what they have achieved this year.”

Well done, girls!

A Record Breaking Sports Day

A sunny morning in June saw

Cobham Hall’s girls take to the field

for the annual Sports Day. Track

events, from the 100m to 1500m,

and field events including long jump,

javelin, shot and high jump all took

centre stage.

In a fitting tribute to the girls’

hardwork and prowess this year in

various sporting events, it was a day

where School records tumbled, with

a spectacular 17 new benchmarks

being set. As Head of PE Mrs Hooper

pointed out, “It’s a fantastic effort,

and so pleasing to see that records

were broken in all but one event!”

In particular, congratulations go to

Year 7’s Maisy – it’s a challenge just

to compete in the 800m and the

1500m in the same day, but to go

on to break the School record in not

only one, but both events is


A big well done also to Year 8’s Tami,

for breaking both the 100m and

200m records. But mention and

congratulations must also be made

to all girls taking part, especially in

events they wouldn’t normally

compete in. Mrs Hooper highlighted

this during the prize-giving at the

end, praising the girls’ attitude:

“Their determination and effort was

second to none, especially those girls

who stepped in last minute or found

their events difficult. I’m proud of

everyone who competed today.”

Mrs Hooper also had thanks for

Cobham Hall Elders Danni Fautley,

Chantelle Roles and Megan Frost,

who had returned to support the

events, and even join in by

competing in the Govenors’ relay.

It’s occasions like this that make

Cobham Hall unique, for regardless

of House, support was offered to

each and every competitor.

Spectators were selflessly running

alongside shouting encouragement

and offering support, even when

they were due to compete next.

Headmaster Mr Mitchell

commended this spirit of

sportsmanship, saying, “Our girls

really work together as a team no

matter what the sport; athletics by

its nature tends to be individual, but

there can be no doubt in anyone’s

mind after witnessing today’s Sports

Day, that it’s a team event. The

support given to each other by

the girls, especially cross-House,

has been fantastic to see. They’ve

encouraged one another both within

their own team, and their friends in

other teams as well. I often say that

what we do, and what we achieve,

we do together, and it’s wonderful to

see that demonstrated again today.”

As with every competition, there has

to be an overall winner, and after

checking the tally, there were just

three points separating the

top three teams before

the final relays. With

excellent running and

superb baton passing,

there was all to play


There was one last

race before the results

were announced. The

‘Golden Oldies’ relay

saw staff, governors

and Sixth Form

competing against one

another. There was a slight

hiccup when School Guardian

Steffi discovered she had a faulty

starting gun. After several attempts,

Steffi covered exceptionally well,

resorting to a good old fashioned

hearty “Go!” The spoils were taken

by the Richmond staff/Sixth Form


After grabbing some refreshments,

girls gathered round for the results

to be announced. With huge cheers

for each victor, and excitement

mounting to hear which House had

triumphed overall, certificates and

prizes were handed out.

In keeping with tradition, Victrix

Ludorum – “the winner of the

games” - was also presented.

Throughout the School

year, points are

awarded and the girl

with the most points

receives the award.

There is one for Years

7 to 9, and one for

Years 10 to 13. The

winners were Toke

(Year 9) and

Mercedes (Year 10).

Finally, the moment

had arrived – would

Clifton, Darnley, Lenox

or Richmond be celebrating?

The tension was palpable as

the results were announced in

reverse order, and the biggest cheer

of the day was for Lenox! House

Captain Simmy collected the trophy

on behalf of her house, and held it

aloft to rapturous applause.

The sunshine lasted long enough for

the day’s events to be completed,

but even the slight drizzle on the way

out couldn’t dampen the spirits of

Cobham Hall’s girls.

Well Done Lenox, and all who took part!

An Evening of Art

and Music

This term, Cobham Hall hosted its

annual Summer Art Exhibition and

Music Concert.

The work on display was taken from

student portfolios, many created as

part of GCSE and IB examinations.

Sculptures, photography and

paintings lined the rooms with girls

on hand to explain their creations

and inspiration.

Head of Art, Mrs Walsh, said “The

quality of work is exceptionally high

and I am very proud of all our

students. Despite all the challenges

and hard work along the way, it’s

great to read in the students’

statements and evaluations how

much they have learned and

enjoyed their courses.”

Speaking with the girls during the

evening, it was clear that their

passion for their work was testament

to the creativity flourishing within

the Department. Zoe, Year 13, said

“My purpose was to explore a new

way of storytelling. Expressing the

idea of Surrealism, I combined

environmental photography and

sketches of fictional characters.”

After admiring the artwork, the

evening moved into the Gilt Hall for

the Summer Music Concert, where

instrumental and vocal performances

themed around ‘Songs of War’ made

for a moving reminder that as a

nation, we are currently marking the

centenary of the Great War. From

the melancholic, to the patriotic, and

with a sprinkling of humour, many

emotions of the time were brought

vividly to life. With vocal

performances that moved the

audience to tears, instrumentals that

painted pictures in the mind’s eye,

and tongue-twisting choral

performances, the concert had it all.

Afterwards, Head of Music, Miss

Clements said “The whole concert

was polished and professional with

some charming, funny and moving

performances. The girls really

engaged with the stories in the music

and there were some beautiful

individual performances.”

Tilly, a Year 11 member of

Benesonantes, said, “I loved the

concert, it was a totally different and

thought-provoking evening that I will

remember. My favourite piece was

‘Let Poppies Bloom No More’ written

by Miss Clements, as this song had

beautiful enriching harmonies and

it was very personal to our Chamber


The evening was a resounding

success, with positive comments

received from many in attendance.

Artistic Gifts to the


Year 13 Leavers Alex and Antonia

have spent the Summer working on

pieces of art they wanted to create

specifically to dedicate to Cobham

Hall. In testament to their time here,

they have each chosen to use their

incredible artistic talent to develop

pieces that can adorn the School’s


Both girls had work on display at the

Summer Art Exhibition. One of

Antonia’s pieces is above, and the

saxophone in the image reflects

herself. She said, “The subject of my

own identity has been fascinating to

discover.” An example of Alex’s work,

which came joint third in Chittagong

Grammar School’s Art Competition,

is below.

Speaking prior to the Summer Art

Exhibition, Alex said, “I know that I

will never again be as lucky as I have

been at Cobham Hall. The personal

one-on-one support that the

teachers give to their students is

unique but more than anything else,

the amazing atmosphere and

encouragement that is shared

between Cobham girls is something I

will never forget.”

Alex is about to embark on an Art

Foundation course whilst Antonia

will be studying Archaeology at the

University of York.

My Gap Year

Clara (Class of 2014)

Towards the end of Year 12, I was

faced with an abundance of choice.

What degree? Which university?

What is the right thing to do? The

amount of choice and newfound

freedom was appreciated, but it left

me feeling overwhelmed and lost. I

was unsure about what to study, and

torn between what I loved and what

others expected me to do. In the

end, I made the bold decision to take

a Gap Year and do an Art Foundation


From all of the creative experiences

I’ve had this year, including an art

trip to Berlin and a pop-up exhibition

in Oxford, my most memorable part

was my Final Major Project. I decided

to do an installation-based film,

titled “Imperfect, Impermanent,

Incomplete”, on the Japanese

philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which

emphasises the beauty of the simple,

humble, and unconventional. My

film drew attention to inconspicuous

activities in nature and was projected

onto a wall of white

chrysanthemums, which decayed

throughout the duration of the

exhibition, thus alluding to the Wabi-

Sabi principle of impermanence.

Unlike in Western art, Japanese

art places greater emphasis on the

artist’s mindset, rather than the final

Royal Academy Success

From over 2,000 entries submitted

by more than 1,200 artists, we’re

thrilled that work by Dilara, Year 13,

was chosen as one of only 38 pieces

to be displayed in the 2015 Royal

outcome. Therefore, during the

project I meditated daily to embody

the Wabi-Sabi mindset. Similarly,

my film aimed to engulf the viewer

in such mindset; one of serenity &

inner peace. The response I received

from the audience was

overwhelming. One of the most

fulfilling aspects of creating art is

being able to visually communicate

your ideas with the world.

Overall, immersing myself in art

for a year has been one of the best

decisions I’ve ever made. Apart from

making fantastic friends and

developing as an artist, this

preliminary year at university has

given me a new sense of maturity

and perspective in life. I’ve learnt

that it is okay to have fun and to do

what you really love for the simple

sake of just doing it. Being in the

studio, surrounded by individuals

who are inspired and eager to create,

is one of the best feelings in the

world. You can do anything, be

anything, make anything. You can be

different. That is what I love most

about art: you are allowed to be you.

Academy A-Level Summer Art

Exhibition. You can see Dilara’s

successful entry on the back cover.

Well done, Dilara!

Round Square Art Competition

Cobham Hall girls entered fellow Round Square school Chittagong Grammar’s

annual Art Competition. The theme was ‘Traditions in Transition’. Alex and

Yan, both Year 13, and Sofiya and Qianqian, both Year 9, were all shortlisted

with Alex going on to take joint third place. Well done, girls!

Life in Boarding...

With exams being the focus of the Summer Term, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s quieter in

Boarding. Think again! The girls still find time to relax and enjoy time away from revision, revision

and more revision. Here’s what they’ve been up to this term!


Summer Barbecue

When you have 150 acres and a

space as beautiful as Lady Darnley’s

Garden, it would be a crime to waste

the opportunity for a barbecue! Our

Sixth Form boarders helped

themselves to burgers and ribs

prepared by our fabulous chefs

before tucking in to some ice-cream.

After their feast, the party moved to

the pool - a prime chance to unwind

before the rigours of exams! A great

afternoon of fun and laughter.

Bollywood glamour came to

Cobham Hall this term. Taught by

a local instructor, Cobham Hall’s

boarders filled the Dance Studio and

despite initial uncertainty, they soon

began to enjoy learning some Bollywood

dance moves. Simmy, Year 12,

was initially reluctant, but had this to

say of the experience, “We learnt a

whole Bollywood routine which

incorporated elements of hip hop

and some Beyoncé shaking. If it

wasn’t compulsory I wouldn’t have

had this amazing experience, and I’d

like to thank the Bollywood

instructor for making the event fun.”

It was also fun for students lower

down the School, with Zara, Year 9

saying enthusiastically, “Bollywood

dancing was so much fun. We were

dancing and learning about a

different culture - it was my jam!”

A few weekends later, excitement

buzzed around the corridors as girls

realised the School was being used

for filming – and top Bollywood

actor Girish Kumar was on location!

He was kind enough to pose for a

few pictures with some of our lucky

boarders – it’s not every day you get

the chance to meet your film heroes!

The first week after half term was

Spirit Week, organised by our

Student Leadership Team. It

certainly lived up to its name!

Beginning with a Bake Sale on

Monday, the week continued with

an Appreciation Day, where gifts of

Spirit Week


In the final few weeks of term, the

girls headed off to the seaside for a

day of sun, sea and shopping. The

girls had a great time, enjoying the

chance to relax on the beach and

take in a few of the Pier’s attractions.

They tucked in to a fish ‘n’ chips tea

before heading back to School.

sweets could be bought for friends.

Wednesday saw a BBQ in Lady

Darnley’s Garden, followed by Staff

vs Students Rounders on Thursday.

The game was well played and

refreshments were provided by an

ice-cream van.

Mrs Jakso, Cobham

Hall’s Librarian and

Acting IB

Co-ordinator, said

of the Staff vs

Students Rounders

Match, “It was good

fun, even if we did


The week ended

with the pool

being opened for the girls on Friday

evening. School Guardian, Steffi, felt

the week was a success. She said, “I

had the younger girls telling me how

much fun it was. They all enjoyed the

BBQ and the pool.”

Main Hall

Beauty Treatments

With the help of Miss Fenice’s 72 nail

polishes, Main Hall Boarders gave

each other creative manicures!

Howlett’s Wild Animal

Park: Treetop Adventures

The girls headed to Howlett’s and

tested their nerve with an obstacle

course through the trees!

Afternoon Tea

at Cobham Hall

Main Hall and Sixth Form Boarders

gathered in Bligh House to enjoy

their homemade High Tea!

Early in June, Cobham Hall hosted a

Boarding Week for Year 7 day girls,

giving them the chance to try life as

a Boarder. The girls enjoyed bowling,

Boarding Week

paintball-style games and a variety of

other fun activities. The week ended

with a film night, with, of course,

popcorn and hot chocolate!

Sixth Form Ball

Our Year 13 Leavers celebrated in

style with a Ball. Attended by Sixth

Form, staff and family, it was a very

enjoyable evening.

School Snippets: Bitesize chunks of School life

V&A Art Trip

Girls in Years 7 and 8 visited the

Victoria & Albert Museum to

experience the Alexander McQueen

Exhibition, “Savage Beauty”. Alisha,

Year 7, said it was “absolutely


Lower School Camping

Year 7s and 8s enjoyed an overnight

camp in the School’s teepees on the

North Lawn. Roasted marshmallows

and singing around the campfire

were, of course, compulsory!

May Day Madrigals

May was welcomed in merry style by

Cobham Hall’s Chamber Choir,

Benesonantes, with superb shows on

the School’s Stone Stairs.

They sang several Madrigals,

including ‘Tell Me What Master

Hand’ and ‘The Lark, Linnet and


History Conference

Cobham Hall welcomed over 70 Year

12 students from other schools for a

History Conference. The theme was

‘The role of the Individual in History’.



House pride was at stake this term

with two Inter-House sports

competitions. The first was a

Swimming Gala. In an exciting break

from revision, girls from all four

Houses competed in several races.

Cheering from the sidelines echoed

around the pool and was especially

loud when Darnley was confirmed as

the victorious House.

The second was a Round Robin

Rounders tournament, played on

both the South and West Lawns.

Years 7 to 9 played first, and Years 10

to 12 competed after lunch.

Congratulations to Richmond on

their victory.

Familiarisation Day

Girls starting in September visited us

this term to help ease the transition.

The girls spent time getting to know

each other and explored the Round

Square IDEALS with current pupils.

Edinburgh International

Film Festival

A group of Year 12 and Pre-IB

students headed to Edinburgh for

the International Film Festival this

term. Pre-IB student Merle said,

“On the first day we all went to the

Premiere of ‘The secret life of Barney

Thompson’. We were all dressed up

and everyone looked beautiful. I

enjoyed the trip”.

Middle School Social

Girls in Year 9, 10 and 11 enjoyed an

evening of water games and a BBQ

one sunny evening after school.

Round Square


Cobham Hall sent contingents to two

Round Square conferences this term:

one in Romania, hosted by

Transylvania College, and the second

in Wales, hosted by The Samworth

Church Academy. With themes of

“Face the challenges, make a

difference! - A camp for young

leaders” and “Mission Possible -

Make your life a mission, not an

intermission!” respectively, our girls

had the chance to make new friends

and try new activities.


Cara, Year 9, has

been awarded U15

‘Player of the League’

this season.

‘Player of the Match’

in many games this

year, Cara had trials

for Gillingham Ladies

in June and attended

an Arsenal summer

camp, where she was

placed on to the reserves list for the

Arsenal Ladies team. Cara was then

invited to trial for West Ham, who

invited her to join their U16 team!

Training with the team began in


Well done, Cara!

Rounders Round-Up

The U13s, U14s and U15s Rounders

teams all competed in matches this

term. Cobham Hall’s girls played

against teams from Dartford

Grammar, Chatham Grammar and

Gads Hill. With some fantastic wins

and one or two marginal losses,

overall the girls played very well.

Head of PE, Mrs Hooper has been

thrilled with the performances,

saying, “The teams have really

started to gel and there has been

some absolutely fantastic fielding in


Sporting Success: Cobham Hall’s Stars

Year 8’s Lilly took part in three British

Triathlon qualifying events this

summer. With excellent results in

each, we wait to hear if she has been

selected. Lilly also came third in the

international Alpe d’Huez triathlon.

Well done, Lilly!

My Hockey Season

Georgia, Year 12

“This season amounted to more than

I could have expected. From being

selected to play for Holcombe’s

Ladies Thirds, then being put

forward for JDC (10-weeks’ intensive

coaching and assessment) and being

selected for JAC (Junior Academy

Centre) and Kent Training, to joining

Kent’s U17 team and winning the

South JAC Championship, it couldn’t

feel more surreal.

Only last summer I was in turmoil at

trying to choose one discipline to see

how far my commitment and passion

could take me, and now I’m a titleholding

County hockey player!

Competing against more

experienced players, I was honoured

to find myself selected for every

match and a core part of an

incredible team. It’s taught me that


In addition, Year 7’s Maisy built on

her County success, competing in the

Kent Schools’ Athletics event. She

finished a very close 2nd in the

800m, with a new PB of 2.27.6. This

moves her into the top 12 in the UK.

Well done, Maisy!

it’s really not ‘how long’ but ‘how

hard’ you’re willing to push, commit

and drive for your dreams. It’s been

a journey I’ll never forget; the

memories remain long after the

bruises have faded. From the feeling

of regaining the ball as the last line

of defence, making the perfect pass,

somersaulting over the goalie in

Buckinghamshire or the sheer

excitement and cheering at the final

whistle of that final game knowing

we had won the league.”

Since writing this, Georgia has

attended the awards ceremony for

winning the South County

Championships and learned she is

through to the next stage of the

England Single System, the JRPC

training centre.

Explaining this, Georgia says, “Being

welcomed with an England Hockey

shirt and mention of the Tokyo

Olympics, I’m astounded at the level

of training and assessment I’ll be

doing this summer. There are six

training sessions, each six hours,

including training and lectures.

Having completed my first session,

I’m acutely aware of the increase

in standard, and of my youth to the

sport in comparison to others.

Despite feeling slightly out of place I

hope tenacity, perseverance and my

ability to push through pain will help

me continue to improve my


Well done, Georgia!

A Celebration of Excellence

The Summer Term sees many awards handed out - Academic Awards at Festival Day, winners at Sports Day, House

and Boarding Awards. Congratulations to all girls who earned such accolades!

Year prizes for consistently high

examination results

Year 7:

Year 8:

Year 9:

Year 10:

Year prizes for outstanding


Year 7:

Year 8:

Year 9:

Year 10:









GCSE Shield for excellence of


Subject prizes for

outstanding work in Years 7–11









Information Technology:




Physical Education:



















Subject prizes for outstanding

work in Years 12 and 13











Environmental Systems & Societies:














Visual Arts:






Cups for excellence of effort or


Biology (The Spencer Phillips Cup):


Chemistry (The Wainman Cup):


House Awards

House Points

Cup for the

girl gaining the

most academic

House Points:


The Alexis Martin Trophy for the

overall winner of Inter House

Sports competitions throughout

the year:


House Points Shield for the House

gaining the most academic House







English (The Clark Cup): Georgia

Environmental Systems & Societies:








History (The Timm Cup):




Mathematics (The Erogbogbo Cup):


Music (The Lorna Currie Cup):


Physical Education:


Physics (The Wilkinson Cup): Chiara





Theatre (The Tennison-Smith Cup):


Visual Arts (The Downing Cup):


English as a Foreign Language (The

Tavassoli Cup):


Student Support Department Prize:


Cups and prizes celebrating the

Round Square Ideals

The Balch Trophy for Commitment to

Round Square in Lower and Middle



The Unicorn Prize for Community



The Prize for Creativity, Action,

Service (CAS):


The Husain Cup for Raising

Awareness of Environmental Issues:


Sports Awards

The Cawston Cup for Excellence in



The Morton Cup for Commitment to



Boarding Awards

Main Hall, Brooke and Bligh marked

the end of the academic year with

their annual Boarding Awards.

Along with ‘Boarder of the Year’,

prizes were handed out for ‘most

punctual’, ‘most creative’, ‘tidiest’,

‘most stylish’ and ‘funniest’, amongst

General Assembly Prize Giving

Initiative Cup:

Courtesy Cup:



McDonald McKinney Cup for most

improved swimmer:

Zara and Olukemi

Chauveau Cup for Creative Writing:


Horsfield Trophy for Progress in Art:

Ming and Vanessa

Magenta Trophy for Commitment to



Bodie Cup for Outstanding and

Sustained Contribution to Drama:


Languages Shield for Achievement in

Lower School:


Languages Shield for Achievement in

Middle School:


Kate Sedgewick Cup for Progress on

a Musical Instrument: Natalie

Susan Price Cup for Musical



Josephine Halsall Cup for

Commitment and Contribution to



others. In addition, there were also

some tongue-in-cheek awards such

as ‘most untidy’, ‘clumsiest’, and

‘biggest drama queen’.

Brooke and Bligh celebrated with a

meal together in their respective

Houses, and Main Hall celebrated in

the Gilt Hall.

Track Results


*Year 7:


*Year 8:


*New School Record for Year 9:


Year 9:


Year 10-13:



*Year 7:

*Year 8:

*Year 9:

Year 10-13:

Oghogho and Paige


Oluwa Toke



Year 7:


*New School Record for Year 7:


*Year 8:


Year 9:


Year 10-13:



*Year 7 and 8:

Year 9:

*Year 10-13:




Relay 4x100m

Year 7 and 8:


Year 9:


Year 10-13:


‘Golden Oldies’ (Staff/Governors/

Sixth Form):


This year’s ‘Boarders of the Year’ are:

Main Hall: Augustina and Cherry

Bligh House:


Brooke House:



*Year 7:

*Year 8:

*Year 9:

Year 10-13:

Shot Put

Year 7:

Year 8:

*Year 9:

Year 10-13:

Long Jump

Year 7:

*Year 8:

Year 9:

*Year 10-13:

High Jump

Year 7:

Year 8:

*Year 9:

Year 10-13:

Victrix Ludorum

Year 7 - 9:

Year 10 - 13:

Field Results

Overall House Results





(*) denotes new School Record







Oluwa Toke










Oluwa Toke






Congratulations to all girls for a superb year!

This term I attended the 65th

International Edinburgh Film Festival.

It was a star-studded event. My

fellow festival goers and I got up

close and personal with a few of

Britain’s top talents including Robert

Carlyle (Trainspotting), Rhys Ifans

(Notting Hill) and Ewan McGregor

(Moulin Rouge). In fact, this year,

the issue of celebrity seemed like

quite an important one and it got me

thinking about what it means to be


There’s always a little trepidation

when approaching someone from

film or TV; you wonder whether or

not you’ll be intruding or invading

their personal space. But you also

feel a sense of expectation, that this

celebrity, this person, should

welcome you with open arms and

within reason, agree to your demand

for pictures and autographs. After all,

without you where would they be?

And the question is valid, celebrity

status only works if the public are

watching. It’s an unwritten

agreement that if there are no fans

there are no stars.

A change in Syllabus

Computer Science will replace Information and

Communication Technology.

A more in-depth and practical course, students will now

study how computers work. Alongside general computer

skills, girls will develop an understanding of web design,

programming, and mobile app design.

The course will help students develop critical thinking,

analysis and problem-solving skills.

Rubbing Shoulders with the Stars

Miss West, Film Studies Teacher

Then again, where do we draw the

line between idolising and harassing?

The feature length documentary

‘Amy’, directed by Asif Kapadia and

produced by Universal Music, was

shown at the film festival and depicts

the life and death of British singer/

songwriter Amy Winehouse. It came

across from watching the film that

one of the main factors leading to

the 27-year-old’s tragic demise was

the negative pressure that fame

thrust upon her. In one scene even

Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse,

clings to her coattails, bringing a film

crew to St. Lucia to shoot his own

documentary: ‘Amy, My daughter.’

Amy had gone there to recover from

her heroin addiction and to keep out

of the public eye. Sadly, she couldn’t

escape, even from those meant to be

protecting her.

What really surprised me was the

laissez-faire attitude the media had

towards this particular celebrity’s

personal challenges and her total

emotional breakdown. To the media

it was just another ‘loser’ to ridicule.

And what’s worse is that I remember

doing the same, watching the latest

clip of her singing the wrong words

to ‘Rehab’ and saying: “Oh God, that

Winehouse girl’s gone nuts again.”

Then she died and the newspapers

relished it. Where was our

compassion? Where was our

sympathy? In conversation with the

other audience members, there was

some debate that even the

documentary itself was a little

distasteful; in the end what was

Universal Music’s main priority:

didacticism, entertainment or profit?

I was anxious that yet again we were

exploiting someone’s own personal

life for our amusement.

Then later in conference with Ewan

McGregor at the Lyceum Theatre, I

saw a totally different side to fame:

a world of opportunity, luck, money

and privilege! As McGregor regaled

us with tales of his epic film career

(he’s just finished his 50th), I could

feel myself brimming over with envy.

A woman in the audience raised her

had to ask a question. “Hello, Ewan”

she exclaimed in an Italian accent

“I have come from Italy and I have

a gift for you. My question is when

can I give it to you?” Ewan replied

charismatically “You follow me on

Instagram!” and leant over the stage

to hug his adoring fan and collect

his gift. So, if celebrity is all about

being worshipped and given gifts by

strangers, sign me up! However,

Ewan’s comment had made me

think. With Social Media added to

the mix, is there such a thing as

privacy anymore?

What I learnt from rubbing shoulders

with the stars is that if we focus on

people’s gifts and talents; if we

support those who have something

great to offer the world and if we,

ourselves, strive to succeed, it

doesn’t matter who’s watching.

But… if you are a celebrity – I still

expect a photo and your autograph!

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