Writing from Life Symbolism and Motif in Your Writing



I am constantly surprised when people say I write

erotica! It continues to amaze me because I

thought I was just

writing about real

life! I mean isn’t sex

a part of real life?

So when I get labelled

like this, it

makes me wonder…

Why is it so

screwy to write

about our sex lives?

As you may know, I

wrote a book called

“Good Pussy Bad

Pussy – Rachel’s

Tale” in which I

attempt to follow

the beautiful and

naive Rachel in her

dangerous endeavor

to be free, follow

her heart and explore

life and her

sexuality! When I

was writing the book, I considered it to be literary

fiction. And I still do.

However…after the book came out, I discovered

something really interesting! I realized that many

people were, and are, calling

the book “erotica” or “erotic

fiction” or “xxx-rated fiction”.

And I found out that this is

how many, or maybe most,

people frame this book and

the work I am doing. Which I

find really interesting – mainly

because as I said, I didn’t

think of any of these things

when I was actually writing

“Good Pussy Bad Pussy”. I

didn’t have any of these labels

in my head. I just

thought I was writing a book

about a woman who was exploring

life and relationships

and her sexuality. And I was

doing it because I find the

subject fascinating and also

because I feel that our sexuality

is just a normal part of

our everyday lives. So I didn’t

put what I was writing into

any special category.

But then I discovered that other people do – and I

thought “What’s going on here? Why all the labels?


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