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Mid-Autumn 2015

As far as I am concerned, my book is literary fiction!”

Then something more happened: As part of my

marketing plan to promote the book when it came

out, I hired a tweet service to tweet about the book

every day. Quite a few people responded to the

tweets by saying “Good Pussy Bad Pussy” was the

best book title ever! But then the tweet service

suddenly said they’d been the victim of a vicious

cyber attack on their site because of the book title

and refused to tweet the book title anymore. And I

thought “Wow! This is really amazing. Censorship

of my book on social media because of the title!”

And then I realized I should be proud because I had

joined the illustrious group of writers like Henry

Miller and D.H. Lawrence whose ground-breaking

works of literature had been banned!

Interesting to notice that not everyone in the world

has the same belief systems about sex as so many

of us have here in the West.

And yes, we certainly have a lot more sexual and

artistic freedom here in the West than ever before.

No doubt about that. And we should be eternally

grateful for that. But obviously…we still have a long

way to go…

So how did this matter end? For quite a while, the

tweet service will only tweet about the book using

an abbreviated title “GPBP – Rachel’s Tale”. When I

told a friend that “Good Pussy Bad Pussy” had been

censored to #GPBP, he said “I’m proud of you. It

really takes some doing nowadays to have a work

of literature censored.” But now, one year later,

the tweet service has changed their mind again and

is once again tweeting about the book using the full

title! And I've written a second book entitled "Good

Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity" which they are also

happily tweeting about!

Interesting isn't it?

So what’s all the hullabaloo about anyway? When

you think about it, not only is sex completely normal

and natural, sex and our sexuality is probably

the strongest human drive of all. So as far as I’m

concerned, the real question is not whether or not

what I write is so-called “erotica” but why we categorize

and separate sex like we do from the rest of

our lives? I recently read that Timothy Clark, curator

at the British Museum Shunga exhibition, said in

an interview about the museum’s latest exhibition

of Japanese erotic art: “The division between art

and obscene pornography is a Western concept.

There was no sense in Japan that sex or sexual

pleasure was sinful.” Now isn’t that interesting?

A. Aimee is a modern woman and international

author who is writing in the great tradition of

women authors who want the freedom to openly

and honestly explore controversial issues concerning

women, sex, women’s liberation, sexual freedom,

women’s rights to their own bodies, relationships,

and the changing role of women in the

world today.

Aimee is the author of Good Pussy Bad Pussy –

Rachel's Tale and Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity

published by Soul Rocks an imprint of John

Hunt Publishing Ltd.


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