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Deciding to leave some quality times using a female escort and to get laid with her is

really a great idea. Though the entire experience can be thrilling, still it has a number of

sides that can offer you a super exciting experience. With using practices of safe love

making, you can enjoy a good deal with the escort, but you must be confident and wise

simultaneously to protect your wellness from HIV and STDs, then only you could end

up able to explore the actual fantasy world of sexuality in a better way. While every

Mumbai city escort or escorts from another place go under a strict checking every week

to ensure their well-being as well as their customers, still it truly is imperative that you

learn each of the basic rules to play the game safely, stay safe from diseases and to avoid

risky sexual behaviors. Following are the precautions you ought to take to stay around

the safer side.


You should use condom for any kind of sex, whether it

really is vaginal, anal as well as oral. Condoms come

genuinely cheap these days and you will find it almost

everywhere. Though, using a far better condom totally

depends on the thrust you are likely to give, consider

by using a costly latex condom in order to avoid

breakage during the actual sex. Correct use regarding

contraception can minimize the risk of disease


Avoid fluid exchange

It is best to refrain yourself kissing the companion

or the companion kissing you. According to a

survey kissing is safe, but is not 100%. There

remain (0. 99%) probabilities of disease

transmission during the saliva exchange if your

person has any kind of wound or cut into the

mouth. If you just love your equipment for being

blown then consider executing it with a condom.

Don’t give oral to your female escort if you aren’t

certain about her.

Use dental dam

Talk to the escort to apply dental dam while providing you oral. Dental dams tend to be

square sized latex bedding with open curtail. It can reduce the chances of passing blood

from mouth for a genital. Always ensure that the latex sheets don’t have any holes and

you shouldn’t reuse the dental dams.

These are the precautions you should take while getting laid with Mumbai independent


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