Turku - Stockholm, Nov - Dec 2015| Tallink Silja Shopping catalogue | Onboard and Club One offers, all


Tallink Silja Shopping catalogue |Turku - Stockholm, Nov - Dec 2015| Onboard and Club One offers, all

Alkoholi on haitallista terveydellesi. / Alkohol kan skada din hälsa.

* Kuvat ovat suuntaa antavia ja tuotevalikoima saattaa vaihdella eri reiteillä.

Alla bilder är exempel och sortimentet varierar beroende på fartyg.


La Vie Est Belle EdT, 50 ml

59,90 EUR

557 SEK


La Vie Est Belle EdP, 50 ml

65,90 EUR

613 SEK


La Vie Est Belle Intense EdP, 50 ml

69,90 EUR

650 SEK

Buy 2

Anthon Berg products

and get a

set of

Espresso Cups



Rare Cask Black Scotch Single Malt, Speyside 70cl 48%

The Macallan 1824 Masters Series new launch Rare Cask Black is an exclusive

offer for Travel Retail. It is the only peated Macallan available today. Crafted from

less than 100 of the casks maturing a smoky spirit at The Macallan distillery.

Handpicked from 100% sherry seasoned Spanish and American oak casks,

predominantly first fill (over 50%). 8 different cask types maturing whisky that

has never before been released…until now. Taste: Dates, figs and raisins, heavy

but sweet, caress the palate. A dry smokiness reveals itself yielding to softer oak

tones. Available only in limited volume.

399 EUR 3711 SEK

Mellow Gold Scotch Blended Whisky 100cl 40%

Famous Grouse has enhanced their blend with subtly sweet malt and grain

whiskies from charred American oak Bourbon casks. Combined with rare and

aged Sherry casks used in their signature recipe Mellow Gold has an irresistibly

smooth, mellow character and rich depth of flavour. Taste: Spicy, creme brulee,

orange bitters and cedar.

34,90 EUR 325 SEK

Juniper Cask Gin Swedish Gin 50cl 47%

Swedish gin Hernö Juniper Gin is the winner of Contemporary Gin Trophy and

Gold Outstanding awards on International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC)

2015. Bright engaging and intriguing, fresh juniper and woody notes. Fantastic

flavours on the palate with deep woody notes and bright juniper, pine and hints

of honey, beeswax of citrus blossom on the finish.

47,90 EUR 445 SEK

Vinterrök Swedish Whisky 70cl 46,1%

Mackmyra Vinterrök is a tasteful Swedish single malt whisky from the innovative

series ”Season whisky”. The character is fruity and smoky with a finish from

casks saturated with Scotch Strong Ale. The taste is well balanced with a slight

saltiness, the texture is medium-thick and oily with a hint of spicy hop. Available

only in limited volume.

49,90 EUR 464 SEK

72. www.shopping.tallink.fi

Tarjoukset ovat voimassa 1.11-31.12.2015 tai niin kauan kuin tavaraa tiittää. Pidätämme oikeuden

muutoksiin. Alkoholi on haitallista terveydellesi. / Erbjudandena gäller 1.11-31.12.2015 eller så långt

Alkoholi on haitallista lagret terveydellesi! räcker. Vi förbehåller Alkohol oss kan rätten skada till ändringar. din hälsa! Alkohol kan skada din hälsa.

Jaloviina KASKI


30% 50 cl

13 90


129 00


Alkoholi on haitallista terveydellesi. / Alkohol kan skada din hälsa.


Surround Menthol /

Surround Silver


200 pcs

43 90


408 00



Rounded Taste Doublepack /

Rich Taste Doublepack


400 pcs

83 80


779 00


90. www.shopping.tallink.fi Tobacco seriously damages health

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Paras majoituspaikka

Tallinnassa ja Riikassa!

Varaa nyt: www.tallinkhotels.com

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i Tallinn och i Riga!

Boka nu: www.tallinkhotels.com

Tallink Hotel Riga

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Sadama 9, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia

Pirita Spa Hotel

Tallink City Hotel

Regati pst 1, 11911 Tallinn, Estonia

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Restaurant offer

Santa Rita

120 Sauvignon


13,5% 75cl

22 EUR

205 SEK


6,50 EUR

60 SEK

Santa Rita

Secret Reserve

Red Blend

13% 75cl

25 EUR

233 SEK


7,90 EUR

73 SEK

Santa Rita

Medalla Real Gold

Cabernet Sauvignon

14% 75cl

29 EUR

270 SEK


8,50 EUR

79 SEK



of the month

Rémy Martin

Cellar Master’s

Selection 16 cognac 4cl+

coffee & chocolate

7,50 EUR

70 SEK

Rémy Martin

Cellar Master´s

Selection 28 cognac 4cl+

coffee & chocolate

9,90 EUR

92 SEK

116. www.shopping.tallink.fi Alkoholi on haitallista terveydellesi. / Alkohol kan skada din hälsa.

Pub offer

Fullers Vintage Ale 2015 8,5% 50cl

Sleepy Bulldog Winter Ale 6,2% 33cl

BrewDog Hoppy Christmas 7,2% 33cl

6,90 EUR

64 SEK



5% 33cl

5,90 EUR

55 SEK

Magners Ciders

Original / Berry / Pear

4,5% 33cl

5,90 EUR

55 SEK


Glenmorangie Duthac

43% 4cl

Ardbeg Uigeadail

54,2% 4cl

7,50 EUR

70 SEK

7,50 EUR

70 SEK

Alkoholi on haitallista terveydellesi. / Alkohol kan skada din hälsa. www.shopping.tallink.se 117.

Bar offer


shot 4cl

4,50 EUR

42 SEK


shot 4cl &

Draft beer 50cl

7,50 EUR

70 SEK

Grey Goose Le Fizz

6,90 EUR

64 SEK

Bombay Gin&Tonic

6,50 EUR

60 SEK

Bombay Sapphire Bramble

6,50 EUR

60 SEK

118. www.shopping.tallink.fi Alkoholi on haitallista terveydellesi. / Alkohol kan skada din hälsa.

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