16:45 upfront inside and outback


Number 16, semi-detached, red brick, ex-council 3 bedroom house was built mid 1960s. Since November 1970 we have lived in this house, that’s 45 years, twenty as council house tenants.

This book is dedicated to the house that has stopped us from being homeless.

It has been a house, a home, an abode, a nesting place, a place of folly, of dallience and introspection ... a sanctuary, a place of political agitation and peace ... an address, a residence ... a human necessity shamefully now considered a luxury!

Through all the 45 years I have known it ... it has been, and is, a happy home. The images in this book are some memories as photographs: up front, inside and out’back.

For the winds of luck and fortune that have placed us here, at this time, I thank you.

Alan Rutherford,
November 2015


This book published by Hand Over Fist Press, 2015

email: alan.rutherford@blueyonder.co.uk

website: www.handoverfistpress.com

Design, photographs, all text and additional artwork

by Alan Rutherford

Dedicated to the house and those who have shared it with me.

Ann, Joanna, Tanya, Callum, Cameron and Oscar ...

My family

And the friends who have dallied ...


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