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1. space


Ettersburger Straße 2,

99427 Weimar, Germany


Until ca. 1992:

Factory site of „VEB Uhrenwerk Weimar

im VEB Uhren- und Maschinenkombinat

Ruhla“ (Watch and clock factory Weimar /


After the „Wende“ completely demolished

and now a square empty space with three


X - axis (horizontal)

- main axis of empty ground space and


- axis of the railroad (directly next to it)

Y - axis (horizontal)

- main axis of empty space

- axis of Ettersburger Sraße

Z - axis (vertical)

- main axis of the wall

- axis for defining the space

(left: the tradmark of the VEB)

1. Space


Below the surface of the place, there

are old basements …

1. Space


1. Space


1. Space


1. Space


2. time

The place is mainly occupied by the

term of „time“ for differnt reasons:

1. The background with „production

and measuring of the time“

because of the factory

2. The strong visibly change of the

place, e.g. the buildings

3. The traffic movements by cars

and trains

3. time in space

space in time

It is planned to interpretate the place

by combining the terms „space“ and

„time“ with the kinetic sculpture

project Zeitraum A

4. Zeitraum A

basic idea

Zeitraum A is based on the idea

of three clockwises (time), which

orbit themselve in three dimensions


4. Zeitraum A

clockwise design




The interpretation changes especially

with the shape of the clockwises

1. Traditional shapes referes more to

the past

2. Modern shapes refer more to the


3. Clockwises made with material of

the basement refer directly to the

forgotten place of Zeitraum A

4. Zeitraum A


Because Zeitraum A

expresses itself by the movement, the

technical part needs to planned before.

This will be done by:

1. designing models which are powered

by three elektric engines to evaluate the

movements, shapes and proportions

2. planning the technical devices, e.g.

- the force application, like photovoltaik,

wind, …

- transmission to the clockwork

If necessary, technical support is already

offered for the project, e.g. from

„Glocken und Turmuhren Christian Beck“

(a company for tower clocks) in Kölleda.

4. Zeitraum A

drive system

2x spur gears

3x bevel gears

slipper clutch

with belt

The three clockwises need to arrange in

a way, that they are connected in every


This can be done by a bevel gear


Because it is installed in public space,

the system is powered by a belt.

With this slipper clutch system, a

clockwise can be stopped easyly

without damaging the whole system

5. Zeitraum


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