Five Dental Care And Oral Hygiene Tips For Smokers .


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As much as smoking is injurious to

overall health, it is harmful for oral

health too. Both doctors and dentists

address the negative impacts of

smoking because not only it impairs

lungs, but affects teeth and gums

too. It is, therefore, a common

enemy of health and teeth.

Smoking implies discolored

teeth, persistent bad breath,

periodontal disease, mouth

sores, cavities, and oral cancer.

Dentists, therefore, assert on

abandoning cigarettes

worldwide and recommend

strict dental care for people who

have been unable to quit it.

While the best thing is to quit smoking, following are some essential dental care tips for


Choose the Right Toothbrush

An ideal toothbrush for smokers is one that has strong and

stiff bristles. The stiffness of the brush will help smokers keep

their teeth clean from tar and nicotine. In addition, this type

of toothbrush is able to reach to problem areas in the mouth

and works well for smokers. However, make sure your brush

is small enough to reach to the back of your gums. Since your

brush shouldn’t hurt your gums, make sure that your brush

isn’t too stiff.

Watch Your Diet

Smoking discolors teeth in no time and your

diet can further affect them. It is, therefore,

essential to avoid foods that cause erosion

and staining. While smokers must ward off

the intake of highly acidic foods, coffee and

soda are the most common teeth strainers

and one should avoid them.

Besides, the highly acidic foods, coffee and soda contribute in forming cavities and enamel

breakdown as well.

Use a Smokers’ Special Mouthwash

If you are a smoker, you must rinse your mouth with a

mouthwash daily. While you will find many

mouthwashes, choose one that is tailored at smokers.

Mouthwash controls the odor caused by smoking and

reduces bad breath. So, invest in a mouthwash that is

designed specifically for smokers.

Perform Self-Checkups

Being a smoker, you should perform self-checkup to see if

there are any sores around the face, neck and mouth or

white, red or dark patches on the inside of the mouth. In case

there are sores and patches, you must see your dentist

because they are signs of a serious problem. You must also

check for frequent bleeding in the mouth, lumps, lesions and

swelling. Lumps on the gums and lips must also be reported

to the dentist because they indicate a serious problem.

Also, don’t ignore pain

and numbness

because both could be

a sign of a chronic


See Your Dentist Regularly

Don’t skip visiting your dentist on a regular basis

because they can watch for signs of teeth decay, gum

disease and oral cancer and can keep you from these

painful dental problems with the help of early

diagnosis and immediate treatment.

Smokers are more prone to getting

gum diseases, halitosis, cavities and

oral cancer than non-smokers. So,

why not stop smoking?

While your dentist would be happy

with your quitting decision, you must

follow these tips to improve oral

hygiene and control dental problems.


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