Engaging Disconnected Young People in Education and Work



Organizations Implementing Project Rise

Three organizations in New York City, one in Newark, New Jersey, and one in Kansas City,

Missouri, operated Project Rise. Each provider is a large nonprofit institution that is well-known

locally. While each organization viewed Project Rise through its own lens, they all had experience

working with young adults. To varying degrees, Project Rise staff also drew on the host

organization’s existing resources, including for job development services, classroom instruction,

and programming capacity. CEO did not propagate a specific program culture and, as a result,

Project Rise programs tended to adopt the culture of the program operators.

The following organizations were operating Project Rise as of fall 2015:

• New York City program operators include: FEGS, 44 a citywide multiservice

agency that provides a range of health and human services programs (Project

Rise was based in the Bronx); Henry Street Settlement, another multiservice

provider of social services, health, and arts programming in the Lower East

Side of Manhattan; and Kingsborough Community College, which offers a

wide range of credit and noncredit courses in the liberal arts and career education

on its campus at the southern tip of Brooklyn.

• The Newark program is run by Rutgers University’s Transitional Education

and Employment Management (T.E.E.M.) Gateway, which is an extension of

the State University of New Jersey’s community-based programs supporting

at-risk and disconnected urban youth across the state.

• The Kansas City program is operated by the Full Employment Council, an

American Job Center (formerly One-Stop), which is a business-led, private,

nonprofit corporation whose mission is to provide federally funded job training

opportunities to adults and young people and secure public and private

sector jobs for unemployed and underemployed individuals. 45

Table 1.1 provides more detail about the provider organizations, including the other

services they offer young people and other organizational resources available to Project Rise


Project Rise staff benefited from ongoing technical assistance, provided by the Youth

Development Institute (YDI) and to a lesser extent the Workforce Professional Training Institute,

44 The FEGS Bronx Youth Center, which housed Project Rise and other youth programs, transferred the

oversight of Project Rise to another New York City multiservice agency, The Door, in spring 2015.

45 A second Kansas City provider discontinued Project Rise operations after the third cohort; its caseload

for future cohorts was assigned to the Full Employment Council.


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