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Catchy songs

we don’t want to catch

By Colleen Parker

Everyone has that one catchy song that they just said, “I like the ‘Happy’ song because the message is

cannot stand. Whether it’s “Happy,” “Friday,” or “Call ‘be happy.’ The ‘Friday’ song is entertaining.” Moss

Me Maybe,” there’s most likely a song that irks you and

never seems to go away.

Catchy songs are like clingy clothes; they’re

embarrassing and stick to you like glue.

Senior Josetta Ver said ‘Watch Me’ by Silento and

‘Planes’ by Jeremiah are some catchy songs she often

remembers. Sophomore Samantha Moss chose ‘Uma

Thurman’ by Fall Out Boy because “[it] is always on

the radio.” Cathy Van Valzah exclaimed, “‘Who Let the

Dogs Out!’ I absolutely hate that song! I don’t know why

commented, “Great the first time, after the fifth time

can’t stand them.”

Ver further explained, “The rhythm/the beat, [and]

the chorus because everyone sings the chorus,” makes

a song catchy. Moss thinks it’s “the song’s rhythm and

relatable lyrics” that make these tunes so attractive.

Whether you love these songs, or hate them with a

passion, they are certainly here to stay…..until the next

one is released!

BP student-selected catchy songs

people listen to it.”

People have differing opinions on catchy songs. Ver

How to clear your head of tacky tunes:

Contact the Hawkeye

on social media




The lights dimmed as

the remainder of the crowd

shuffled in, and performers

and audience members alike

chatted with excitement.

As the crowd quieted,

Collective Mind staff

members Yessica Bonilla and

Kaitlyn Commes stepped

out to start with the show.

After an inspiring speech by

the two co-editors and the

introduction from hosts Matt

Cooper and Lane Williams,

the show began! Cooper and

Williams definitely made sure

the crowd had something to

look forward to with amazing

comedy and silly small talk.

The first act, Amara

Bottleson, started the show

off on a good note… literally!

The crowd was pleased with

her performance of “Please

Don’t Say You Love Me” by

Gabrielle Aplin, and some

might say that she was too.

Student Expression Night

The next act, senior

Sean Thornton, was

definitely one to take

the crowd by surprise.

Thornton impressed the

crowd with a spoken word

song, the lyrics written in one

night by his own hand, and

the guitar chords written by

a friend. It started out quite

gravitating, and as he went

on, the emotion in his voice

grew, making it an uplifting

performance from beginning

to end.

“It took one night from 12

a.m. to 5 a.m. I had the lyrics

prewritten and my friend

pretty much just helped me

record it,” Thornton said.

Brooke Point’s drumline

also made an impact with

their school spirit, intense

drum beats, and energetic


Then, Bridget Saysay

took the stage, and as her

confidence grew, so did her

voice, which is why the crowd

gave her a huge round of

applause! After her bold and

emotional performance of

By Virginia Lusker - Photos by Lindsay Bakum

“Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson,

the crowd remained starstruck

throughout the night.

“I actually had my younger

sisters as my audience and

just practiced over and over

and over again,” Saysay


The next act, junior

Ian Logan, was definitely

a showstopper. With his

stunning vocal and guitar

cover of “Budapest” by George

Ezra, the audience was in awe

of his performance.

Brooke Point’s jazz band

really got the crowd going

again after intermission.

With amazing solos, terrific

harmony, and spirited outfits

to top it off.

Michael Hatfield then

put on an astounding

performance by singing

Michael Jackson’s “Man in the

Mirror.” Everyone was quite

taken aback by his powerful

voice, and one just couldn’t

help but be pulled into the

melodic vibe. “I just really

wanted to see others perform

and express themselves so




that I could audition and

express myself musically,”

Hatfield admitted.

Autumn Smock’s dance

to “Shooting Star” by Kari

Kimmel was definitely one to

be called breathtaking. The

two dance acts of the night

were quite different, but both

were very well done.

Last but not least was

Amber Marshall, and there

were tears among audience

members during this

beautiful performance. It

was a great way to end the

night - a night filled with

comedy, fun, emotion, beauty,

and performances from our

talented Black-Hawks.

1. Try to listen to other songs.

2. Listen to an even more catchy song.

3. Turn off the radio when the song plays.

4. Keep denying that you hate the song.

5. Find yourself listening to the song.

6. Find yourself singing along to the song.

7. Realize that the song won’t go away.

8. Admit you like the song.

9. Sing the song proudly.

10. Accept defeat & download song on iTunes.

created using



By Mason Russell

Photos by Lindsay Bakum

Starting from VA Stars back in 2014, BP Gamers

has become an official afterschool activity for

Brook Point High School. The BP Gamers has drawn

quite a crowd. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors,

and seniors from all around have gathered to

participate in the many activities the group has

to offer. From playing Smash Bros, to Star Wars

Battlefront, to League of Legends, and Minecraft,

there’s much to do here.

Jeffery Timmer, the head BP Gamers said, “My

main goal with the group is to build a fun and

positive environment for all gamers.” This year,

Timmerman is running the VA Stars and BP Gamers

groups. He, like many students, is a gamer at heart.

He says the school administration had requested

him to continue the gaming program, and without

question, he accepted. Since the first meeting, he’s

worked hard getting certain games approved by

the school, the first being Smash Bros, League of

Legends, and many others.

“I’d like to hopefully start getting gamers to

play board games. Mainly because it’s good to see

players unplug sometimes,” Timmerman says. As

much as he’d be happy to see students get active

in gaming, he’d also like to see them play board

games every now and then. He says the majority of

average gamers are oblivious to many well-known

boardgames, and he wants to change that.

“VA Stars was the initial start of the group. It

wasn’t until last year when BP Gamers was coming

around. And this year, the administration told me

to continue the program, and so I did.” Timmerman

says. He plans to make VA Stars and BP Gamers a

fun and enjoyable experience for all, and can’t wait

to enjoy it, and neither can students.


On This Day in History...

By Mason Russell

Image Taken from Dwight D. Eisenhower Library/U.S.


On October 22nd, 1982,

Former President Dwight

D. Eisenhower had defeated

Democratic Candidate Adlai

Stevenson for his second term

by a land slide. Allowing

Eisenhower to go for his second

4 years as president of the USA.

Aside from Eisenhower’s

current health at the time, he

still managed to successfully

fight for his second term. He

had recieved 57.4% of the vote,

while Stevenson only made it

with 42.0%. Though he used

Political Ads to try and bring

down Ike, Stevenson never had

an official office or base for his


Not only that, but he didn’t

have much under his name.

While Eisenhower had been

famous for bring peace to the

nation. With him putting an end

to the Korean War and his help

with the big economic growth,

few people had doubts for Ike’s


With the election in mind,

are you preping yourself for the

2016 Election? For whom does

your family plan on voting? And

who do you have more faith in

being President of the United

the States of America?


for pumpkin spice:

A mutual addiction

By Isabella Taffera

The fall season is finally

upon us! Or should I say

pumpkin spice season? It

seems as if everything this

season has pumpkin spice in

it. It is becoming something

we associate with fall. When

you walk into a grocery store,

the displays have all things

pumpkin spice and it seems

unavoidable. It doesn’t just

stop at foods and drinks,

there are candles, car scents,

and colors named after it.

And that is only the


Companies have been

finding ways to incorporate

this popular flavor into

anything and everything.

Lasagna, body powder,

hummus, seltzer water and

dental chews

for dogs are

among some

of the most





A more

settling new creation has

been the Starbucks Pumpkin

Spice Frappuccino. Freshman

Lauryn Avery said, “I love it!

I just had a pumpkin spice

Frappuccino yesterday.”

Starbucks’ most popular

seasonal drink of all time

is the pumpkin spice latte

(PSL). Starbucks has sold

200 million pumpkin spice

lattes in the past decade.

And it seems the addiction

is getting bigger and bigger.

People are selling shirts with

PSL logos. PSL has its own

social media accounts. On

Instagram, @therealpsl has


While many people are

enjoying this flavor, some

aren’t. Sophomore Olivia

Leaman said, “It’s gross.”

She doesn’t enjoy the

combination of pumpkin and

spice together.

Also, not everyone is loving

the pumpkin spice lattes.

Sophomore Jordan Jimeno

said the pumpkin spice latte

is the worst pumpkin spice

flavored thing he has

tried. And some

people just don’t

have an interest in it

whatsoever. Junior

Thomas Daley said,

“I’ve never had it


In general,

pumpkin spice

coffee is a very

common love.


Huda Ayub

says she


Picture from


pumpkin spice coffee,

about once or twice a week.

Pumpkin spice is what many

people associate with the fall

season and it is a mutual

addiction that has many

people pumping up the

excitement for all things

pumpkin spice.

BP Under the Big Top


weekend kicked off

with a bang as the

Black-Hawks, after

an intense pep rally,

won a staggering

victory in their football

game, crushing their

opponents, the Stafford

Indians, 57-7. After

the game, the players

and fans alike had just

under a day to rest,

scrub off their war paint

and prepare for the

peak of the weekend:

the Homecoming dance

and the sight of newly

crowned Queen and

King Abby Touch and

William Shields.

By 7:45 p.m., the

sidewalks leading up to

the school were teeming

with enthusiastic

Homecoming attendees.

Each couple or group,

dressed to the nines,

eagerly awaited one

thing: the arrival of eight


Finally, the moment

everyone had waited for

arrived, and the doors

opened. Now a line took

real form as the various

students began to file

into the commons.

Freshmen, wondering

how the night would

compare to middle

school dances, grouped


Sophomores were all

spread out; a balance

between the freshmen

and juniors. They were

just ready to hit the

dance floor.

Juniors, closer to the

front of the line, were

determined to make the

most of their night.

Seniors hung

toward the back, still

busy greeting their

classmates and not quite

ready for one of many

“lasts,” before claiming

“Seniority!” and casually

joining the front of the


Inside the school,

tickets and ID’s were

scanned quickly, and

curiosity was at an alltime

high as students

began to take in their

surroundings. Fun

stations lined the halls

of the commons, and

students milled about,

taking it all in.

By Grace Rolle

Photos by Julie Gazzoli,

Jasmine Sutton Banks

and Emma McElwain

Before long, however,

the enticing bass drew

people into the dimly

lit gymnasium where a

whole new world was

revealed. Despite being

the darkest area in the

accessible building, the

real beacon was the

dance floor, set up under

pillars of balloons in an

imitation big top. The

DJ’s expert talent, with

the help of persuasive

friends, in some cases,

drew even the most

reluctant to the dance

floor. Students ignored

divisions like grade

level in favor of having

the best time they


The fun atmosphere

of the dance was likely

influenced heavily by

the crushing victory

the night before. The

varsity football team,

maintaining their

impressive record, led

the school to all-new

heights of



teamwork and


paid off with


executed plays

and stragies.



carried over

from the

moment Friday kicked

off until the end of

the dance. Between

the senior march, the

pep rally, the football

game and the dance

itself, nearly the whole

school had gotten

involved and spirited


The pep rally, as

always, was the

highlight of Friday’s

school day because

the entire school got

to come together and

truly be “As One” for the

first time this year. Each

class got to participate

in two different Spirit

contests: the contenst

for Spirit Stick, of

course, and the Sing Off,

both of which were won

by the juniors.

During the

Homecoming Court

and Friends Dance

Competition, King and

Queen Nominees Soliel

Rivera and Kobe Butler,

showing off all their

moves, delighted the

audience by dancing

with no restraints.

With Homecoming

over now, the seniors

are beginning to

realize that the

end of their time in

high school is also

approaching and are

committed to making

their time in high school

the best it can be. Senior

Ariana Wiggins said,

“I would like when

underclassmen and

teachers look back to

say, ‘She was such a nice

girl. She was nice to

everybody’ because I try

to be nice to everybody.”

If the Class of

2016 puts as much

enthusiasm into

improving their

futures as they have

into celebrating their

senior Homecoming,

there can be no doubt

that they will leave the

impression they want

to on not only their high

school but also their



By Kiara Neely

Picture from

Picture from

Picture from @beyourselfmusic via twitter

Brooke Point came out with a new

motto this year to teach students to be

proud of themselves and their school.

“Be Proud” means to feel positive

about your accomplishments and how

far you have come in life. Teachers

were asked how they felt about the

“Be Proud” motto and to create their

own motto.

With the stress of work and after

school activities, students find

themselves forgetting all of their

achievements. Sometimes students

view school as a competition to be the

best, but do not acknowledge the fact

that they are great at what they do.

“Everyone can still learn and be

successful. If they aren’t looking at

what everyone is doing, they can

be proud of themselves,” said Sean


If students are not motivated,

they become less involved with the

school. Schools need the students’

participation whether it’s sports or

in the classroom. The school also

needs the teachers and staff to give

their time for the school. “Sometimes

teachers reach out and touch lives in a

different way,” said Marie Green.

“Be Proud” teaches students that

they are the future, and they need to

grow and become more involved with

society. That’s what inspires teacher

every day to get up and work because

no matter what they are proud of you.

“Be Proud” shows what it means to be

apart of Brooke Point High School and

to be more united with your peers.


Question of

the Moment

What is your

favorite fall


Senior: Scott


“Eating apple pie.”

Junior: Devin Wright

“Halloween because of

free candy.”

Sophomore: Ashley


“My favorite fall

tradition is jumping

into piles of leaves and

eating pumpkin pie”

Freshman: Sky Rivera

“Thanksgiving because

of friends and family.”

Athlete of the


Taylor Hayes

One word to describe Taylor

Hayes: loyal. Hayes, who plays

field hockey for BPHS, has been

playing on Varsity since her

freshman year. Now she is a

senior, and this season, she is a

captain of the team.

Hayes, who began playing

field hockey in the 5th grade,

was named a “Top Newcomer”

by the Free Lance Star back

in 2012 when she first made

the team. However, Coach

Kaitlyn Rehbein didn’t start

coaching Hayes until she began

working at BPHS last season.

“I had Taylor in my class first,

and she was a great student,”

Rehbein said, explaining her

first impression of Taylor. “After

seeing her on the field, I saw

that she was one of the most

talented players I’ve seen.”

Last season, Hayes led the

team in goals (13) and assists

(8). Hayes was also named an

All Area Athlete in 2014.

Besides being incredibly

talented, Taylor is an

exceptional leader. “She has

great communication skills

and she always puts the hockey

team first,” Rehbein said. “She

always knows what to say to

pick us up when we are down.

She has great energy.”

Junior Margo Rayner also

explained how Taylor has

helped her, “My freshman year,

she helped me control my

nerves. Taylor has such a great

attitude; it’s hard not to like

her. She’s my best friend.”

Although Rayner has been on

the team for three seasons now,

freshman Olivia Irr only met

Taylor two months ago. “She’s

really fun to be around and

makes everyone very happy.

Taylor is always helping

people and she’s guided me

this season. Next year will be so

different without her helping

hands,” she said.

Hayes says that her biggest

support system is her family

and her favorite fan is her

mom, Robin. Hayes also

explains, “I’ve never had any

serious injuries, but I did go to

physical therapy for some back

issues. However, I never let the

pain affect my game.” As for the

future, Hayes has already made

plans. “I want to play in college

and possibly the Olympics. My

main focus is to grow into the

best player possible. That is my

number one goal.”

By Faith Jasso

Photo by Jason Smith

Sports championship polls

Boxing Events

By Gwen Keller

UFC 193: Ronda Rousey VS. Holly Holm

UFC 194: Conor Mcgregor VS. Jose Aldo

Who do BP Black-Hawks

think will win?

The majority of people interviewed

said Rousey and McGregor will win, and

McGregor will take Aldo’s belt.









NFL Football

The Super Bowl. The last game of the

NFL season that everyone is buzzing

about. The real question is, which two

teams are going to the Super bowl?

Here is what BP students



image from

image from Little Blog of Horror

image from

Fall films to fall for

By Grace Duckworth

Newest releases this season: choices she must face will challenge

The Martian (Oct. 2) “The Martian” her more than the events of the

is a sci-fi film (based on the book by arenas. Fans have high hopes for the

Andy Weir) directed by Ridley Scott addition because of the success so

(Alien, Prometheus). Matt Damon far.

stars as Mark Watney, an astronaut The Good Dinosaur (Nov 25)

abandoned by his crew after a vicious Finally, a break from the action

storm. Presumed dead, he must use packed and book-based movies.

his ingenuity, wit, and spirit to survive “The Good Dinosaur” is the latest

and make contact with Earth. Disney/Pixar film bent on breaking

Rotten Tomatoes gave this

moviegoers’ hearts and swelling

flick a 93% and the site’s Critics’ them up all at once. This children’s

Consensus stated, “Smart, thrilling, movie is about a dinosaur named

and surprisingly funny, The Martian Arlo that forms an unlikely bond

offers a faithful adaptation of the with a human boy. Despite being

bestselling book that brings out the incredibly historically inaccurate, this

best in leading man Matt Damon and movie is guaranteed to make you feel

director Ridley Scott.”

something. Remember, it’s not just for

Crimson Peak (Oct. 16) Guillermo kids!

del Toro’s latest masterpiece,

“Crimson Peak,” is a Victorian-era

horror film based in New York city

and rural England. The Victorian

fashion and stylization is over the top

and absolutely stunning. When Tom

Hiddleston, who stars as Sir Thomas

Sharpe, says that the cinematography

and imagery is gorgeous, he means

it. Even the run down Sharpe Manor

is oddly beautiful. The only flaw with

the film is that it wasn’t what the adds

made it out to be. The audience

ordered an intensely frightening

horror movie, but what got served

was a gory murder mystery with

ghosts on the side.

Later this fall:

The Hunger Games:

Mockingjay Part 2 (Nov. 20) This

thrilling dystopian action movie

has finally reached its cinematic

conclusion. In the end of Katniss’s

epic journey, she’s approaching the

final battle with President Snow to

liberate the citizens of Panem. The

Classic Halloween films:

The Halloween Franchise (1978-

2009) The “Halloween” Franchise is

a popular slasher/mystery cult classic.

It’s a perfect Halloween movie

because it follows the murder spree

of Michael Myers on the titled night.

The movies have remained popular

since 1978, despite their low scoring

on Rotten Tomatoes (the lowest score

is 6 %!).

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Tim Burton, the king of macabre and

generally creepy things, created this

Halloween, not Christmas, classic.

The antics of Jack

Skellington and his lovable eerie

friends as they give “Sandy Claws” a

break on his holiday is revealed.

Rotten Tomatoes gave this 1993

stop motion film a strong 94% and the

general consensus from the website

was, “…a stunningly original and

visually delightful work of stop-motion




Oh, how I love you, let me count the ways.

Actually I’m not going to because that sounds like a lot of

work. But I do love you. You’ve helped me stave off boredom

on numerous occasions, and you’re readily available almost

any time I need you... provided I have Wi-Fi, of course.

Otherwise you’re just making my data usage skyrocket,

and that gets expensive, and I have sandwiches to buy.

Without you, I would not have watched some of my

favorite shows, like “Breaking Bad,” “How I Met Your Mother,”

and the beginning of “Tarzan” the other night.

Without you, when I wake up in the middle of the night

and can’t sleep I’d be forced to read a book or play 2048 or


Without you, I’d have way less to occupy my time on

nights when I’ve made up an excuse for not being able to

hang out with people.

Netflix, you are magical and cheap and easy to use, and I

love you. If you raise your price, we’ll have some issues.

I’ve stood by your side for, like, two years or something,

and I think my dedication should be repaid by either giving

me six months for free, or you having “Game of Thrones” in

your database. I mean, what’s up with that? You can’t get

HBO shows? Why can’t you and HBO just be friends and get

along? It would make my life a lot easier, and it would help

me procrastinate more, which is never a bad thing.

When I’m not with you, I miss you, and I think about you

all the time. You don’t judge me for my ratty old sweats or

for not washing my hair for three days, and you don’t care if

I have bad breath. You let me eat popcorn and cookies, and

you never look at me disapprovingly. You know that I’m bad

at making decisions, which is obviously why you only give

me .04 seconds to choose if I want to watch another episode

of “The Office,” and if I haven’t clicked yes or no, you just

make me watch it anyway.

That’s true friendship, Netflix.

Please never change.

Unless you want to be cheaper. By Nathaniel Bowman

New to Netflix in


• Beethoven’s

Christmas Adventure


• Last Days in Vietnam


• Robot Overlords


• Seven Deadly Sins:

Season 1

The Last Time You

Had Fun (2014)

• Worst Year of My

Life, Again: Season 1

• Master of None:

Season 1

• Call Me Lucky


• Cristela: Season 1

• River (2015)

• Switched at Birth:

Season 4

The Red Road:

Season 2

• Gringolandia:

Season 3

• Zipper (2015)

• Best of Enemies


The Best Offer (2013)

• Electric Boogaloo:

The Wild, Untold

Story of Cannon Films


• Home (2014)

Are we going insane for the insane?

Even though Halloween

is over, the horror films

are not put into a little

box and stored away

like the decorations. The

horror genre is one of

the most favored because

of the crazy and curious

antagonists. Movies like

“Nightmare on Elm Street”

and “Poltergeist” are widely

known for their gore

and scares as Halloween

classics. New shows like

“American Horror Story”

are booming because of

this phenomenon, causing

viewers to become addicted

and obsessed.

The most popular

subcategory of the genre is

psychological horror. This is

when the antagonist attacks

the protagonist and other

characters due to a troubled

past or a mental disorder.

Humanity is curious still

about how the mind of a

psychopath functions, and

apparently it is entertaining

to see people go mad or


Due to the nature of

these shows, most are

rated PG-13 or R to make

sure younger viewers don’t

get too frightened. With

everyone watching, and

some binge watching, this

type of media, it makes one

wonder if it is affecting the

way we function daily.

Watching these

shows can cause many

psychological effects like

exhilaration, risk-taking,

desensitization, and

possibly driving viewers to

the brink of insanity.

Senior Mikayla Deese

agreed, “Watching these

shows can drive others

to insanity.” Deese states,

“Viewing these shows and

movies can affect our sense

to feel pain and witness

gruesome things because

we desensitized to it.”

Desensitization is when

you get used to watching

something and

it becomes the

“norm” to you. All

ages can be affected

by the insane plots

and images, and

younger viewers

specifically have a

major disadvantage

because it can

make them believe

that this is normal

and that this is

how people are

supposed to act

and function,

causing them to

grow up with

potential problems.

It can cause loss

of empathy and

an inability to

be affected by

something, like a dead body

lying in front of them.

Freshman Johanna

Vargas, on the other hand,

loves this genre although

she is not the typical person

people associate with

being “addicted” to these

types of shows. “I do not

agree on younger children

and siblings seeing these

types of shows because of

the graphics and details

involved in making these,”

Vargas said, “I feel like they

show too much violence

that can later influence


Deese and Vargas agree

that these shows and

movies are not for all ages,

but Junior Brendan Foster,

thinks otherwise. He said,

“Unless the children are

very young, it probably

has zero or little negative

effects.” Foster continued

to say, “Children generally

know right from wrong or

later are able to separate

fact from fiction as they

grow older.”

Other effects can be

Photo from IMBD

caused by the gruesome

things in these types of

shows, such as nightmares. I

know what you’re probably

thinking, “I’m older. I’m not

going to get spooked by

some stupid, little show.”

However, nightmares are

possible at all ages and

can be caused by the kind

of frightful images that

these shows and movies

portray. Younger audiences

are more prone to these

because most of us have

been desensitized to some

of these things, but it can

affect us all.

Even though these

shows and movies are hard

and difficult to watch for

some, we sit there with our

friends, our families, or

even just by ourselves and

watchi in awe. We can’t get

enough. In many ways, most

of us are addicted to the

insanity; just try not to go

insane yourself.

By Julie Gazzoli

I’m with the band

Is marching band a sport? The

easy answer is yes. Marching

band is considered a sport by

definition. The Oxford Dictionary

defines a sport as “an activity

involving physical exertion and

skill in which an individual or

team competes against another

or others for entertainment.”

Marching band fits this definition.

It involves both physical

exertion and skill, from jazz

running across the field with a

twenty pound instrument, to

remembering music and sets. And

marching band does compete in

competitions against other bands.

But what about the notso-literal

definition? Out of

the four non-marching band

students interviewed, two,

Thara Desrosiers and Ben Tivin,

considered marching band a

sport and the other two, Kaylie

Meyers and Bryce Roth, did not.

The two students who didn’t

consider marching band as a

sport said the folling things.

Sophomore Kaylie Meyers said,

“Its walking, and I feel like that

doesn’t take that much physical

activity.” Sophomore Bryce Roth

said, “It’s not really anything

Is marching band a sport?

By Jane Pierce - Photos by Grace Duckworth & Lindsay Bakum


Freshman Thara

Desrosiers, who did

considered marching band

a sport, said, “You carry

heavy instruments in hot

uniforms, while marching,

and that’s a lot of work.”

Freshman Ben Tivin,

who also considered

marching band a

sport, said, “It involves

movement, and you get

out of breath, and it takes


Of the four marching

band students

interviewed, all

considered marching

band a sport. Senior Joe

Nelson said, “A sport is any

activity where one or more

people compete, and the bands


Junior Alli Barricklow said, “In

marching band we do breathing

exercises, stretching and

sometimes running. Its energyconsuming,

and a lot of the time

we’re running back and forth, and

by the end we’re breathless.”

Sophomore Jake Grimsley

explains, “It has a lot of the same

activities. Some athletic activity.

You move across the field, and

most people don’t see it as a

sport, but I do.”

Drum major Junior Gina di

Mola said, “Its competitive. We

work together, we improve each

practice, and we are physically

active.” Do you consider

marching band a sport? Let

the Hawkeye know via Twitter,

Snapchat, and Instagram!


Nominated and voted on by students!

Freshman Ali


Shirt: Tilly’s

Shorts: Old Navy

Shoes: from RIFLA, Retro

Jordan 11s


Photo by Jasmine Sutton Banks

Senior Caroline


Shirt dress: Pacsun

Leggings: Nike

Boots: Forever 21

best dressed


Junior Eric Olson

Shirt: American Eagle

Pants: American Eagle

Shoes: Vans

Sophomore Diana Hildago

as our classy hawk for spirit day

Shirt/Jersey:Brooke Point Varsity Dance Spirit

Tutu: Tutus can be found in a variety of places,

including Party City

By Kassidy McCall

Photos by Kassidy McCall

Layout by Julie Gazzoli

Clothes for a cause

Where does your money go when helping someone cross the street,

you support a cause? These days, it’s helping someone with their groceries,

so easy to help support a cause. Just by or give money or food to someone who

buying a new pair of shoes, you could be is homeless are three ways students can

helping someone else in the community! help others in our community or in the

There are so many companies that are world.”

doing things to give back and help out Cramutolo said, “Students can help

the community and the world, such as by doing park clean ups. That alone

Toms and North Face.

helps a lot.”

Do you need a new pair of shoes? Sophomore Jenna Chalhoub said,

You should look into Toms. With every “Students can help introduce other

shoe purchase, another pair is given to people to new things to get involved.

someone in need.

You can also join that person on things

Freshman Caitlyn D’Souza thinks that they like to do so they don’t feel left

Toms has a good cause because they out either.’”

give shoes to people who need them and Do you think serving our community

shoes are important. D’Souza says Toms and our world important? Why or

feel slightly weird at first, but not why not? D’Souza said “yes, because


our actions can make a difference in

Do you love your North Face jacket? someone’s life. a small thing to you may

If your answer is yes, did you know that make a huge impact in someone else’s

you are helping protect and preserve life.”

our public lands? North Face made a Cramutolo said “yes, because this is

donation of $250,000, and they are also our only home and we need to make it

in a partnership with the 21st Century last. Why would someone want to bring

Conservation Service Corps.

children into a world where there is no

Junior Blake Cramutolo said “others natural beauty?”

should wear North Face because it Should we all serve our in

supports a good cause that effects us community or in our world? Why or

right at home.”

why not? D’Souza said “yes, because the

What else can students do to help more people that are helped, the better.”

others in our community or in the Cramutolo said “yes, because this is our


home and it needs housekeeping so we

D’Souza said “small things like all need to pitch in.”


By Isabel Cox


The Elephant Pants

Alex and Ani


that give back

Warm Apples and Ice

Cream: Rachael Ray

4 large green apples

2 tablespoons butter

3 tablespoons brown


1/2 teaspoon ground


A pinch ground cloves or

1 whole clove

1 pint vanilla ice cream

1 spray container

whipped cream

Freshly grated nutmeg

Preheat a medium skillet

over medium to medium-high

heat. Peel and

quarter the apples. Core

each quarter. Slice the apples

up. Add butter to the

skillet, then apples. Saute

7 or 8 minutes, add sugar,

cinnamon and cloves and

cook 2 minutes more.

Spoon the sauteed apples

into dessert dishes

and top with ice cream,

whipped cream, and garnish

with grated nutmeg.

Bring on the fall

By De’Jah Saunders

Put on your

jackets, hats

and scarves

because fall

is here! In the

fall season,



Instead of going


you’re going to

the pumpkin

patch. Instead

of a nice, cold


there’s a

Pumpkin Spice

Latte or apple

cider. And no

more shorts

and tees;

it’s sweater

weather! It’s a

huge transition

from season to


Some people

like the fall

and some

don’t. Brooke

Point students

senior Frank

Senior Caroline

Clay illustrates fall

fashion with boots

and a scarf.

Santanna, junior

David Munoz

and freshman

Karson Kracht

all like the

weather fall

brings. Others,

like senior Ben

Sawyer and

Kracht, don’t

like the school


The food

in the fall is

different as

well. Caferteria

hostess Kathy

Creditt likes

to eat sweet

potatoes and

pecan pie.


hostess Martha

Tolson likes

anything with

pumpkin, hot

apples or soups.

People like to

visit pumpkin

patches in the

fall. Senior


Cornwell goes

to Belvedere


pumpkin patch.


consists more

of sweaters,

boots, scarves,

hats and socks.


Keegan Pursley

said that fall

clothing for

guys consists of

“sweaters with

jeans, dress

shoes and belts.”

For all you fall

lovers, enjoy

the sweater

weather. To

those of who

don’t like fall,

you have to

endure three

months of crisp

weather. Either

way, put on your

jackets, hats and

scarves because

fall is indeed


Heather Hill Gardens:

8111 Ox Rd., Fairfax

Station, Virginia.

The fall festival

features a pumpkin

fort, slide, rope

swing, mini zipline,

moon bounce, farm

animals and more.


Wednesday Nov. 11

First quarter ends

Thursday Nov. 12

Scholastic Bowl @ Massaponax

Wednesday Nov. 18

Report cards



Wednesday Dec. 2

Girls’ and boys’ JV home

basketball; Girls’ and boys’ 9th

and varsity basketball @ Stafford;

JV Wrestling Jamboree at


Thursday Dec. 3

Scholastic Bowl @ Massaponax

Friday Dec. 4

Varsity wrestling @ Forest Park;

home boys’ JV & varsity


Thursday Nov. 19

Home boys basketball

scrimmages; Scholastic Bowl @


Nov. 25-27

No school

(Thanksgiving break)

Tuesday Dec. 8

Home girls basketball; boys

basketball @ Massaponax

Wednesday Dec. 9

Varsity gymnastics @ Mountain


Thursday Dec. 10

Girls JV & varsity home

basketball; Scholastic Varsity

Match @ Massaponax; Wrestling

JV Jamboree

Photos by Jasmine Sutton-Banks & Lindsay Bakum

Collage by Jasmin Sutton-Banks

Photos by Jasmine Sutton-Banks, Grace Rolle, Emma McElwain & Lindsay Bakum

Collage by Jasmine Sutton-Banks


Halloween Edition

By Sarah Moncure

Freshman Mikayla Quispe, pictured age six,

reflects, “I don’t really know what I was supposed to be.”

Quispe said, “I liked to dress up with a bunch of random

stuff. One year I was a mermaid cowgirl princess.” When

asked what she was dressed, she comments, “I’m pretty

sure it was Disney inspired.”

Freshman Josh Maloney,

pictured as Spiderman, age

five, explains, “The day before

Halloween we had something

at my preschool.” Maloney

shared, “We all went to this big

auditoruim. I looked the best

out of everyone.”

Photos by Jasmine Sutton-Banks & Julie Gazzoli

Collage by Jasmine Sutton-Banks

Senior Tj Lisovich, is featured dressed

as a Marine, age ten. Lisovich says on his

inspiration for the costume, “I always wanted

to be a Marine, but I wish I would have done

a better job and be all in to it.” Lisovich

admits, “I rubbed my eyes a lot and smeared

the paint all over my face.” Sophomore Kimmy Hilliary is pictured

dressed as a dalmatian, age four. When asked how

Share your Halloween

#TBT with The Hawkeye

on social media



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she feels about the costume now Hilliary replies, “I

was on fleek!” Hilliary also comments, “I wore the

costume for like a week straight after halloween, I

never took it off. I wish could wear it again!”

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