The Hawkeye Issue I


Welcome to the official news magazine for Brooke Point High School. This is the full, online, completely colored version of the first issue.

BP Under the Big Top


weekend kicked off

with a bang as the

Black-Hawks, after

an intense pep rally,

won a staggering

victory in their football

game, crushing their

opponents, the Stafford

Indians, 57-7. After

the game, the players

and fans alike had just

under a day to rest,

scrub off their war paint

and prepare for the

peak of the weekend:

the Homecoming dance

and the sight of newly

crowned Queen and

King Abby Touch and

William Shields.

By 7:45 p.m., the

sidewalks leading up to

the school were teeming

with enthusiastic

Homecoming attendees.

Each couple or group,

dressed to the nines,

eagerly awaited one

thing: the arrival of eight


Finally, the moment

everyone had waited for

arrived, and the doors

opened. Now a line took

real form as the various

students began to file

into the commons.

Freshmen, wondering

how the night would

compare to middle

school dances, grouped


Sophomores were all

spread out; a balance

between the freshmen

and juniors. They were

just ready to hit the

dance floor.

Juniors, closer to the

front of the line, were

determined to make the

most of their night.

Seniors hung

toward the back, still

busy greeting their

classmates and not quite

ready for one of many

“lasts,” before claiming

“Seniority!” and casually

joining the front of the


Inside the school,

tickets and ID’s were

scanned quickly, and

curiosity was at an alltime

high as students

began to take in their

surroundings. Fun

stations lined the halls

of the commons, and

students milled about,

taking it all in.

By Grace Rolle

Photos by Julie Gazzoli,

Jasmine Sutton Banks

and Emma McElwain

Before long, however,

the enticing bass drew

people into the dimly

lit gymnasium where a

whole new world was

revealed. Despite being

the darkest area in the

accessible building, the

real beacon was the

dance floor, set up under

pillars of balloons in an

imitation big top. The

DJ’s expert talent, with

the help of persuasive

friends, in some cases,

drew even the most

reluctant to the dance

floor. Students ignored

divisions like grade

level in favor of having

the best time they


The fun atmosphere

of the dance was likely

influenced heavily by

the crushing victory

the night before. The

varsity football team,

maintaining their

impressive record, led

the school to all-new

heights of



teamwork and


paid off with


executed plays

and stragies.



carried over

from the

moment Friday kicked

off until the end of

the dance. Between

the senior march, the

pep rally, the football

game and the dance

itself, nearly the whole

school had gotten

involved and spirited


The pep rally, as

always, was the

highlight of Friday’s

school day because

the entire school got

to come together and

truly be “As One” for the

first time this year. Each

class got to participate

in two different Spirit

contests: the contenst

for Spirit Stick, of

course, and the Sing Off,

both of which were won

by the juniors.

During the

Homecoming Court

and Friends Dance

Competition, King and

Queen Nominees Soliel

Rivera and Kobe Butler,

showing off all their

moves, delighted the

audience by dancing

with no restraints.

With Homecoming

over now, the seniors

are beginning to

realize that the

end of their time in

high school is also

approaching and are

committed to making

their time in high school

the best it can be. Senior

Ariana Wiggins said,

“I would like when

underclassmen and

teachers look back to

say, ‘She was such a nice

girl. She was nice to

everybody’ because I try

to be nice to everybody.”

If the Class of

2016 puts as much

enthusiasm into

improving their

futures as they have

into celebrating their

senior Homecoming,

there can be no doubt

that they will leave the

impression they want

to on not only their high

school but also their


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