Her Umbrella Winter 2015 / Issue 2


Her Umbrella is a women's digital, lifestyle magazine dedicated to creating a life outside the lines. Published quarterly during the changing of the seasons, you'll find a bohemian, free-spirited style woven throughout its pages. Every woman has an umbrella with a variety of likes, dislikes, stories and memories hidden underneath. And we're looking to uncover them. Our winter issue features some heart-hitting stories and festive features intertwined without rhyme or reason. We've nixed the rules and forewent table of contents and the like to be a freer, more unmatched way of exploring. Enjoy!

Winter 2015 / Issue 2

Her Umbrella

creating a life outside the lines

My Hyphenated

Name: Never

Losing A Piece





Pe r f e c t l y

Pu f f e d Pe a r

Pa s t r y

The Night I Fell in

Love With Berlin

Tips For A


H o l i da y !

A Uniq ue

Gif t Guid e





If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you

need to survive? Water? Your favorite book? Mascara? Or

maybe some music to keep you sane? Timeless classics, trendy

rhythm, these are the songs you can't live without.

1. Foo Fighters


2. Dave Matthews

Band Bartender

3. Ben Howard Under

the Same Sun

4. Taking Back Sunday

A Decade Under the


5. 30 Seconds

To Mars

Closer To The Edge

6. Bob Seger & The

Silver Bullet Band

Hollywood Nights

7. St. Paul & The

Broken Bones Call Me

8. Garth Brooks The


9. Led Zeppelin The

Battle of Evermore

10. Q ueen & David

Bowie Under Pressure

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 2

She embraces


10 Things To Do This Season

1. Build a SNOWCASTLE.

2. Experiment creating different types of GRILEDCHEESESwith soup on the side.


4. Wear silly SLIPPERSwhile hanging out at home.

5. SPLURGEon a new scarf and matching hat.

6. INDULGEin plenty of moisturizing bubble baths.

7. Try MAKINGyour home smell like a Christmas tree.

8. WRITEout a letter to a friend and mail it.

9. Take a DONATIONof clothes, toys and other essentials to a local shelter.

10. DRINKhot chocolate (with marshmallows) every night.

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 3

She lives out

the stories

she writes.

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 4

ALetter From



Inside this edition you will find some articles that, I

hope, move you. Whether that be with inspiration,

frustration, sadness or comfort - it doesn't matter -

I just wish for you to feel something. But don't

worry, you'll also stumble into some holiday

delights to round out the winter festivities.

This edition is noticeably shorter as well. With

more attention to contributor passion and quality,

we're starting to shape the future of this love

project known as, Her Umbrella, and hopefully

giving you a taste of my personal loves when every

issue gets launched out into the world.

Until spring, we're going to soak up every bit of the

holidays, collect every second of this time with our

little girl and save it for the memory bank while I

force myself to make more time to do the things

that give me inspiration. I'm starting my New Year's

resolution early and hopefully when I'm writing a

letter to you in March I'll be gushing about my first

completely finished novel and taking the next

steps in accomplishing that dream.

Wish for snow on December 25th, adopt a puppy

dog, sing carols loudly, bake cookies - even if you

burn them, enjoy your family and most importantly,

love and enjoy yourself too.


Grace Lynne Fleming, Editor-in-Chief



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Popcorn DIY

pop the corn in the microwave & add in

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Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 5

She is a nurturer.

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 6

I Had AMiscarriage:

A look back onthepast...




FEEL BETTER. But she kept going, secure in the knowledge her

doctor had confirmed the pregnancy.

The spot of blood in her underwear sent her into worry-mode. But

her husband assured her everything was fine. Her best friend said the

same thing. So she tried not to think about it.

That was the only spot, until the following day.

They had traveled an hour to get to her parent's house to celebrate

birthdays and the 4th of July. She hadn't felt good that day - like she

was getting her period. And then the blood started to flow.

They had just arrived at her parent's house, and rushed out the door

to the local hospital.

She waited patiently in line for her turn at the registration desk. "I'm

pregnant and bleeding," she said. Everyone behind the desk and in

line turned. Tears formed in her eyes but she tried to stay calm.

The nurse behind the desk got up to find a triage nurse, as she sat

down on a bench close by. She sniffled, trying not to let the tears go

yet. The people in line looked sympathetic.

Her husband walked in from parking the car and sat next to her on

the bench. She let out a single sob. He held her tight as she finally let

the tears flow. The nurse sent her to a waiting room. She and her

husband sat in silence, holding hands. She was fidgeting, trying to

keep the thoughts at bay.

They were called back to a room. The nurse took her vital signs, and

tried to reassure her that they saw crazier things than what she was

experiencing. She tried to be positive.

They met with a very young doctor who was awkward in her delivery

but sweet, nonetheless. She was asked questions, probed, poked with

needles, waited...for four hours. Her and her husband trying to make

jokes, keeping tears in or letting them fall.

They sent her across the street for an ultrasound. While the nurse

was informative, she said nothing about what she found with the

instrument. She was dismissed, told they would call her as soon as

the results were in.

The doctor called her promptly when she arrived home, almost an

hour later. She told her that her levels were very low, that they found

no evidence in her womb of a pregnancy. She thanked the doctor and

hung up the phone.

Her body was wracked with sobs - her husband only held her, letting

her cry. She didn't know what to say, what to do, what to think.

Had she ever been pregnant? Was this all a fluke?

She went to work after taking a single day off. She tried to be

cheerful, happy - or, at least, tried not to cry. But things hurt, and

every once in a while she had to excuse herself from her desk and

hide out in the handicap stall, hoping no one noticed her sniffling.

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 7

Her friends rallied around her, tried to offer her support. But no one

knew what to say or do, and she certainly didn't know how to act in

that situation. So she tried to keep the talk of it limited. Tried to

move on, lest she started bawling, which she did so often at home

with the smallest things.

The weeks went by and she tried to keep happy. There were

setbacks, days she seemed sadder than normal. But life went on.

Her and her husband declared to each other they'd keep trying. She

tried not to think about it, to stress herself out about it.

But the day came.


I had a miscarriage. Before my daughter. Before I thought I wanted

children. I miscarried when I wasn't sure how I felt about having


It was devastating. I cried for months. And even now, more than two

years later...

Unfortunately, I know of several parents who have dealt with losses

only recently. And I want them to know: you're not alone.

I'm putting this out there because when it happened, I had no one

to talk to. Sure, my bestie was there for me. My mother, my family.

But as much as they loved me - as much as they cared, they didn't

quite understand. They couldn't identify.

I don't say this to minimize their role in recovery. But when things

happen, you look to others who have had the same experience.

The more I talked about it, the more I found people who had

similar experiences. They were out there. They just didn't talk about

them. And so I talked more.

Miscarriage can affect anyone. Death doesn't discriminate.

It's hard to gauge who to spill to. So I told everyone. And I found

many unexpected stories. Slowly I forgave myself. Because these

things aren't your fault. And maybe you know that. But I will tell

you anyway.

Because at first you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You're surrounded by grief. But life always circles back, and you

have to embrace it.

If I had to think to the future, if this happened to me again, I'm

actually not sure I could take my own advice. And maybe I'm

writing this for my future self. What's more likely is that this is a

reminder. A look back on the past with the knowledge of hindsight.

It's easier on the green-side; it is. But maybe this helps for a

millisecond. And I'll put this out there for that one millisecond. It's

worth it. No one should ever have to go through the pain of losing

a child. NEVER.

There will never be any words to make this easier. And our

situations are not the same, but no one's will ever be the same as

another. Just know there are others who might be able to take away

some of the sting, worry, or sadness. For me, it helped knowing

there were others out there who could empathize, who had been

through something similar. That it wasn't just me. That there are

others out there who would take your tears if they could. And there

are people in your life that only need to be asked to step in and

help. Don't be afraid to ask. Don't be afraid to share.

Cry. Be sad. But then remember it's OK to be happy.

It'll come.

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 8




Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 9


Popcorn & Hot


We're crushi ng hard on these

classic, comfort ki tchen

staples but givi ng them a

quick kick i n the pants for the

wi nter season. Add some spice

to your popcorn as you wrap

up those holiday gi fts or

change your hot chocolate

i nto somethi ng a bi t more

gourmet wi th these little

ext ras!

Peeking at Editor's Crush

you'll see that adding some

Hershey milk chocolate chips

to a hot bag of popcorn is

a present in and of itself but

check out some other

ingredients that can make

your sharing snack that

munch more delicious.

Just throw these additions

right into the bag!

composed by GraceLynneFleming

1. Cinnamon

Add a bit of the season into your

bowl with a dash or two of

cinnamon. If you want to get

really creative toss in a bout of

vanilla too for extra sweetness!

Tell us what you add atop your popcorn and hot chocolate!


Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 10

2. Ranch Mix

Sprinkling some Ranch mix will give your popcorn a

salty flavor that will make the munching become


3. Oreos

For a sweeter snack

that the entire family

will dive into, add

some crumbled Oreo

bits to your popcorn.

You may even want

to melt some vanilla

chips onto the

mixture as well for

extra sticking-power.

1. Peppermint 2. Chocolate 3. Coconut

Preferably in the form of a candy cane. This

one is an obvious choice but it doesn't get

much better than a minty hot chocolate on

a cold, winter night.

This may seem redundant but the

extra milky richness after you drop

some chocolate pieces (a truffle

even) is mind-blowing.

Add a bit of the tropics to your warm

cup with a sweet mix of coconut


composed by GraceLynneFleming

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 11

She is never afraid

to be herself.

composed by GraceLynneFleming

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 12

A dollop of whipped cream, a

scoop of vanilla bean and a warm

cup of coffee will set off this wintery

sweet for a night of gift wrapping

and holiday movie binging.




Cameron Mason


- 3 pears

- 1 sheet puff pastry

- 1/ 2 tbsp cinnamon

- 1/ 2 tbsp sugar

- 1 tbsp brown sugar

- 1/ 4 tsp salt

- 3 tbsp raisins

- 1 tbsp flour

- 1 tbsp butter


Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Peel pears then slice in half.

With melon scoop, scoop the seeds out of the center. Place

pears sliced side down on non-stick baking sheet or lightly

greased sheet.

In small bowl, mix cinnamon, sugar, brown sugar, and salt.

Sprinkle seasoning mix lightly over the pears.

Dust countertop or cutting board with flour. Spread puff pastry

(will need to be thawed) out over the flour. Cut the puff pastry

in to 6 squares. Dust off flour and cover each pear. I like to

"tuck" my pears in so the puff pastry doesn't grow upwards.

Plus, it's cute tucking the little pears in smile emoticon.

Take a knife and cut small slits in to the pastry. This will also

ensure that the pastry will not grow too much. After the slits

are in the pastry, lightly brush with melted butter. Sprinkle

raisins over top of buttery pastry.

Pop in oven for 13-15 minutes. Serve with your favorite ice

cream flavor and enjoy!

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 13



What'sthebest part of winter?

Snuggling under the covers with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate! Unfortunately, I can't

hibernate in my apartment forever, no matter how many books I have waiting to be read. So the next best

things about winter are snowball fights, all of the fun holiday parties, and snowflakes, of course!

Snowball Fights

The snow is freshly fallen. The air is crisp. Your

hat is on and your gloves are ready. It's time for

a snowball fight!

A good snowball fight truly makes you feel like

a kid again and it makes drinking hot chocolate

when you get back inside that much better. Go

for warm layers with a touch of burgundy (my

favorite color of the season!), a pom-pom hat, a

gray sweater, burgundy socks, and lace-up


Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 14


There is nothing more calming than watching

snow fall. It's beautiful and mesmerizing and just

plain amazing. (Of course, then I have to shovel it

all up!) Get inspired by snowflakes by wearing a

white dress, a sparkly belt, a lilac cardigan, and

taupe booties.

Holiday Party

Whether it's a work party, a family party, or a

friend's party, this holiday season you need to

wear some sparkle or some lace or both! Black is

always sleek and put together, so I threw on a

gray sweater blazer with a bit of sparkle, a striped

lace top, black jeans, and booties.

Shareyour favoritewinter lookswithus!


Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 15

She nourishes her


Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 16

She is


Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 17

A personalized story that

is sure to become a

lifelong favorite. Free

international shipping!

Lost My

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The Green




Take this mommy's advice and grab your little guy

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The ultimate modern, eco-friendly

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Buddha Board is inspired by the Zen idea of

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environmentally friendly & with proper care, will

last for years!

Do you have a serious budding artist to buy for?

These professional quality, double-ended

markers are pretty amazing. They allow for

changing color tones to create incredible images.

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 18


Perfect for dry & rough hands, elbows, knees & feet in the wintertime. It's

super easy to make & great for gift-giving too!


find more recipes at Apothecary Amanda



- 1 cup organic sugar

- 1/2 cup coconut oil (or substitute avocado,

almond, or carrier oil of choice)

- 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

- 3-5 drops of cinnamon bark


Mix all ingredients together well in a large

bowl. Transfer and store in a glass jar. I like the wide

mouth 8 oz. Ball jars but anything you like works!

Dress it up with some ribbons or a bit of twine for an

easy, personalized gift!

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 19






Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 20





Holiday parties or friendly

hang-outs, this recipe is fit

for all those looking for

something a bit more unique.

Yields 2 punch bowls

- 1 1/ 4 cup instant decaf coffee

- 2 1/ 2 cups sugar

- 5 cups hot water

- 1 gallon chocolate ice cream

- 1 gallon vanilla ice cream

- 1 gallon milk

- Kahlua (optional)

- Cinnamon


Mix sugar, coffee, and water. In a

large punch bowl, scoop out slightly

melted ice cream (half of each flavor);

pour half of the warm coffee mixture

over ice cream and add half the milk.

Poor in Kahlua to your own taste.

Stir until mixture becomes creamy.

As is put into glasses, top each with

drink sprinkle of cinnamon.

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 21



Everybody wants to be happy, everybody wants to be

loved, and everybody wants to be treated well. Every

single person wants to be with someone who will

treat him or her with respect and honour. Every single

person wants to be with a person of great quality. But

nobody seems to be focusing on becoming an

individual of great quality within his or her own


Love is so much more than a feeling or sensation;

love is a way of thinking, a way of acting, and a type

of character.

Too often, we want things from people without

attempting to gain for ourselves what we want from

them. It?s one thing to find somebody who will love

you well, and it?s another thing to be someone who

will love his or her partner well too. You might be

looking to enter into a relationship, but you might not

be ready yet.

Love and Wisdom is more than just a book; it?s a

reality check and a reality guide. It will help you

re-establish your reality so that you can eventually

enjoy a loving relationship with another loving


About the author:

As a born-again Christian and now minister, Jennifer

Abrahams is doing nothing but extraordinary things

for the Kingdom of God. After facing her own reality

and going through many hard battles, Abrahams

decided to write, ?Love and Wisdom.? Through her

book, she hopes to touch millions of lives to be the

best person they can be. Residing in London, England,

Abrahams enjoys singing, drawing, and spending time

being a single mother.

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 22

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Gifts for the Tech-Savvy


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Momma: Sound

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Alarm Clock.



4 . The


Momma: Crystal

Heart USB. My

Pregnancy Digi

Time Capsule,


choose the perfect gift for the women who love a bit of

technology to help make mom-life a bit easier


Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 23

She is more than a


Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 24









When Shakespeare wrote those words for ?A Midsummer Night?s Dream?I don?t

think he meant to personify the wanderlust that burned in my heart but, like the fairy that

spoke those words to the mischievous Puck, I too longed to wander everywhere, despite

the floods or fires I might encounter along the way. After I graduated college with a

liberal arts degree, I found myself unsure of my next step. I relentlessly worked three jobs

for a year saving up for a big move to New York. A bustling metropolis seemed like the

next logical step given my career path. As the date to move grew closer and closer

something felt off. New York City began to feel more like a jail sentence and less like my

next big adventure. I found myself devoid of passion for the art that once sparked

creativity inside me. I no longer trusted myself because my wants had changed so

drastically. I felt stuck. I knew the key to reviving not only my passion but myself was to

make a huge change.

I said goodbye to my jobs, apartment, and friends to backpack Europe, hoping to

find my old self along the way.

Here are the things I knew about Berlin before arriving: it's in Germany, there was

a wall there but it got knocked down while I was a baby, there was an east side and a

west side & if you want to go to Prague from Amsterdam, Berlin is directly in the middle

of the journey and cuts the 12 hour train ride in half. Which is how I found myself

standing on a train platform trying to make sense of a map wondering how on Earth I was

going to find my way around this ridiculously huge city.

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 25

It quickly became apparent that Berlin was the place European millennials were rushing to in droves. The architecture read like

a street out of a dystopian novel: grandiose towers mixed with grey abandoned soviet-era cement buildings. Street performers littered

the sidewalks with different music and art. The streets were plastered with graffiti. I?m not talking about gangs marking their territory.

Artistic statements. Every inch of the city was a canvas inviting young artists to write their messages.

All the young people who lived in Berlin had moved there to become artists or philosophers and join in on the renaissance the

city had been so desperately denied during the Soviet occupation. While the rest of Europe was swinging through the 60?s experiencing

the trippy and freeing art that the Love revolution brought, Berlin was simply trying to stay alive. When the 90?s hit and The Berlin Wall

fell, Berlin was left wondering what kind of city it would become.

I learned all this on a street art walking tour that I took on my first full day in Berlin. It was lead by a scraggly middle aged

Australian in a green army coat who happily translated common German phrases for us.

We passed art plastered on buildings and billboards created from someone's personal experiences yet, I related to every single

piece. Berlin slowly morphed into one long hallway at a museum for alternative art which I gladly soaked up. Because of the city?s past,

censorship is considered to be on par with other major crimes. The artists of Berlin created without fear of judgement or society?s

misunderstanding. On this tour, I was surrounded by other young artists like myself. The passion and creativity that I felt had drained

from me slowly began to fill back up.

The first person we met on the tour was a

towering gorgeous Australian girl named

Amy who I immediately felt a kinship with.

She gave us piggyback rides through the

streets while we dreamily wondered what it

would be like to live in Australia.

On the tour, we walked for hours, listening to

the history of Berlin. Having met a group of

people we got along with, we all decided to

join a pub crawl that night. It was the street

art tour that brought us together but it was

the pub crawl that would solidify our bonds

as long time friends. Pub crawls are a staple

of backpackers life. They lower inhibitions

give you an alternative look at a city through

a local's eyes and, frankly, show you the best

party spots that aren?t saturated by big

chains common in America.

Pub crawls are normally lead by an ex pat

working at the hostel. In this case it was an

artist from New York named Sebastian. He

seemed less than thrilled to be leading the

pub crawl and spoke about uniformly as if he

had walked by the same street performer

doing the same fire dance for the past 5


One aspect of all European cities that I found comforting and familiar was how dependable the public transportation system

was. They weren?t trustworthy in the sense that they were ever on time but trustworthy in the sense that they were there. I found

pride in myself as I was able to navigate the twists and turns of each city's unique public transportation. Despite my experience and

confidence, Berlin?s transportation system broke me. There was a railway above my head going one way. A street level one going a

different way and an underground train that took me to a stop I?m still not certain was even in Germany.

?We?re going on the underground but don?t worry if you don?t have cards we can just wing it,?Sebastian apathetically said to

our group. Sebastian must know what he?s talking about, I thought as I pushed anxiety about the trains away and skipped along in

anticipation for what the night held.

Sebastian ran down the stairs and on to the subway train in one huge leap. We all breathlessly followed. I remember thinking

if this is hard for me now what's it going to be like with a few drinks in me.

Think of the typical European road. Curvy and littered with cobblestones, right? Berlin was a few steps away from that. There

were miles and miles of long straight highways that cut through the architecture and art. Nothing really seemed to match. You?d blink

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 26

and suddenly find yourself in front of a uniform government looking building when just seconds ago you were passing through a

covered bridge splattered with a multi color 1960?s version of Mona Lisa. Berlin had it?s own rhythm that was impossible to follow

along with.

We became friends with all the pub crawl patrons. We were all comrades- falling in love with Berlin for different reasons. Our

love for the city only grew as we walked from bar to, skirting across six-lane highways while the do not walk sign blinked at us. Hand in

hand on one side and arm in arm on the other we traveled down the wide sidewalk of Berlin?s club district with Australian, British,

English and Spanish accents spilling out from our mob.

More and more travelers joined our group as we stumbled from bar to bar meeting new people and learning about what

brought them to Berlin. It was always the same. Berlin had a reputation as the epicenter of new art and culture free from any influence

set by years and years of pre-existing history. Berlin was the youngest sibling in the family of European cities, desperate to make a

name for itself.

At the fourth bar, we met some British business men who owned an apartment in a suburb of Berlin. We talked about the draw

to the city as they bought everyone rounds of German beer that tasted more like beer than anything I?d ever had in The U.S. ?What bar

are we going to next??someone from our pub crawl asked. We had been so wrapped up in conversation with each other that we had

forgotten we only had an hour at each bar. We frantically began to search for our guide. We ran onto the street hoping he was simply

across the street. Sebastian was nowhere to be found. The street lights created orbs of gold around everything I looked at making

everyone blend together into a big beautiful water color.

?It doesn?t matter.?the young British businessman said to us, ?Sebastian got us here but we can find our way back.?At the time I

shrugged, thinking that at least one of us in the large group that had left the hostel could find our way back. It?s funny how a few drinks

and misplaced confidence play hand in hand can lead to new adventures.

Everyone decided to wander thinking we would just happen upon something like a subway station or a familiar face. As we

wandered, I don?t think I looked at the actual ground once. I was hypnotized by the architecture and culture of Berlin. The night

transformed the city into one big party. People in line for clubs spilled into each other on the street creating miles of young party


The after bar hunger began to set in and we began to search for food. Someone knew of a burger place famous for it?s food in

the student district which, luckily, is where we found ourselves. After walking past it about 12 times we finally realized the famous

burger restaurant was actually just a little stand sandwiched between and liquor store and bakery. There were no tables but still we

huddled on the sidewalk as we enjoyed Germany?s version of greasy burgers and fries.

Tired from the night?s activities, we all decided to get a cab. This was the first time I had opted for a cab instead of finding my

own way. I knew that cab rides could get expensive because it was easy to exploit travelers in a foreign country but with so many

people splitting the fare how expensive could it really be? We squeezed in to the cab slightly pretending we didn?t understand the

driver when he told us in broken English it was too many people for one ride and we were off.

An hour and a half later we arrived at our hostel equaling an 85 euro cab ride. We sadly parted with what little money we had

and grumbled about how there had to have been a better route to take us. Later that night, I looked on Google maps for the path that

we had walked. My friends and I had ridden the subway to the other side of Berlin. I finally comprehended how massive this city was

and suddenly felt very small. After all the walking way had done from the bars to the burger stand we had made our way six miles from

the nearest subway stop. We had strayed so far from our hostel that there was no way the cab ride would have cost less than what we

paid. At least I hadn?t been ripped off, I thought.

I saw Sebastian the next morning in the hostel lobby trying to recruit members for that night?s pub crawl. Amy called out to

him as we sipped our coffee. He sheepishly shrunk away from my group but, I wasn?t mad. Berlin was the quintessential artistic revival

that I needed. I had been able to see the city through the eyes of a wanderer and was thankful for the opportunity.

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 27

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Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 28





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Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 29

She is unbreakable.

Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 30






Vanessa Phillips and Chef Tryg Siverson, the husband and wife team

behind popular gluten-free brand Feel Good Foods, have plenty of

experience dealing with gluten-free diets throughout the holiday

season. Chef Tryg shared some of the advice, tips and tricks that he

and Vanessa have learned over the years. He particularly stresses how

important communication is; ?No host wants to poison their guest

intentionally. Unless this is the game Clue, and it happened in the

kitchen with the gluten.?

Follow Tryg and Vanessa?s tips below for a delicious, easy and

stress-free holiday season!

If you?re the gluten-free guest?

1. As a person who is gluten-free, you should definitely

let your host know ahead of time. Explain that you are

gluten-free and ask them to tell you which dishes

contain gluten.

2. Do not be afraid to ask questions ? ?what?s in this?

What?s in that?? Your host won?t mind because they

want you to enjoy yourself.

If you?re hosting a gluten-free guest?

3. If you are having gluten free guests over, it?s

important that you take the time to ask the guest about

their diet or to do some research and educate yourself

beforehand. The last thing you want is for people to feel


4. Be clear with your guests on anything that may

contain gluten. 9 times out of 10, the guest is going to

be happy and appreciative that you pulled them aside

and told them which dishes are safe for them to enjoy.

On Foods to Be Weary Of:

5. Cornbread is a pretty common Thanksgiving dish and

a lot of premade cornbread mixes do have gluten in

them. But cornbread is fairly easy to make gluten-free.

And it can be quite delicious. Especially if you use a cast

iron pan and it gets nice and crispy.

6. Some families like to stuff a turkey with stuffing.

That?s a big no-no for a gluten-free guest because

there?s a big risk for cross contamination. No one who is

following the diet diligently would ever eat turkey that

has been stuffed. Don?t be afraid to say to your host in

advance, "I would love to enjoy some turkey, do you stuff


7. Gravy recipes will often call for flour. Be sure to ask

your host how the gravy was prepared. Cornstarch is an

easy substitute that most people have in their kitchen


On the Best Gluten-Free Dishes:

8. A lot of the side dishes out there ? mashed potatoes,

roasted sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, green beans,

cranberry sauce ? are all inherently gluten-free.

9. This gluten-free potato pancake recipe is perfect for


10. Vanessa and I like to do fried shallots with the green

beans. We dust the shallots with corn starch and fry

them up nice and crispy. They?re amazing!

11. Check out this recipe for gluten-free aromatic glazed

carrots. They're the perfect sweet and savory side dish

for any meal.

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12. You can make stuffing with gluten-free bread and it

really becomes all about the other delicious flavors. Two

years ago, Vanessa and I made sausage and apple

stuffing with gluten-free bread and it was really


On Desserts:

13. We love to do Crème brûlée, and one year we did

warm freshly fried apple fritters that were a huge hit.

14. Nut based crusts for pies are really great. Almond

flour or pecan flour for a pumpkin pie or sweet potato

pie is kind of out of this world. There are a lot of recipes

out there with recipes for almond flour or nut flour

crusts, and for a pecan, pumpkin or sweet potato pie,

those flavor profiles just go really well together.

15. The recipe (attached) for gluten-free pumpkin pie is

out of this world. The crust is made from gluten-free

ginger snap cookies.

16. These individual chocolate molten cakes are a

decadently rich dessert perfect for any holiday party or



Serves: 6 people

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Cooking Time: 58 minutes


- 2 cups of ground gluten-free ginger

snap cookies (35 to 38 cookies)

- 2 tablespoon of sugar

- 1 tablespoon of cinnamon

- 1 tablespoon of ginger

- 1 tablespoon of cloves

- 1/3 cup of butter

- 1 tablespoon of rice flour

- 2 large eggs

- 1 can (15 oz) of pure pumpkin puree

- 1 can (12 fl. oz.) of evaporated milk


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Put the

cookies, rice flour, and sugar into a food

processor and pulse until fine. Add the

butter and pulse until moist clumps form.

Press the crumb mixture into the bottom

of a lightly greased pie plate. Bake in the

oven for 8-9 minutes or until golden


Mix the sugar, cinnamon, salt, ginger, and

cloves in a small bowl. Beat the eggs in a

large bowl. Stir in the pumpkin and

sugar-spice mixture. Gradually stir in the

evaporated milk. Pour the mix into the

pre-baked gluten-free pie crust.

Bake for 40-50 minutes (to check if the pie

is ready, insert a toothpick in the center of

the pie. It should come out clean if the pie

is done). Let it cool for 2 hours before


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Never LosingA Piece



CHILDREN. There were rules. It had to be strong, it couldn?t be

shortened into something with less of an elegance and they needed

to be able to imagine us as adults, using them without imagining the

cutesy baby we once were. And me, well, my name was just a few

eye rolls away from being ?Rose.? Thankfully my dad was partial to

Grace and here I sit with a name that, growing up, I seemed to only

share with the elderly ladies that checked us out at Sear?s.

I?m very attached to it. And not just my first. I?m the only one

of my parents?three children with a legal middle name. My brother

and sister received middle names only after the process of their

Catholic confirmation. But me, I was given one as soon as I rang the

doorbell to life. My middle name is Lynne, yes with an ?e,? after one

of my mom?s bestest of buds. It?s got a hint of my southern roots but

it?s also a play on Graceland that most people that can make the

phonetic connection find clever. And then there?s my last name:

Fleming. It may not be the prettiest, the most eloquent, it may not

roll off the tongue with ease and it may sound like a noise made

during the deepest, darkest hours of a winter cold when said with

an accent but it?s mine. And just because I decided to get married

and share a life, a home and a family with my husband, that decision

never made my name any less a part of me.

So I chose to keep it intact. But I did add my husband?s last

name to the roster, more for our future children?s benefit than my

own, making it a bit longer, a bit more pretentious and instantly

labeling myself as one of those ?evil? feminist by every sigh of a

conservative passerby. Of course, this is my own experience with

my new, hyphenated identifier, and I?m sure all women that have

chosen to tack on instead of delete haven?t experienced the second

guessing, judgment and snotty commentating that I have. But I?m

also quite sure that fellow forgoers of the age-old tradition of

taking on the man?s last name have too felt the panic and

frustration that runs through my blood when someone questions

the spelling, the ?dash? and the length of my legal name.


O ld


Winter 2015 / Her Umbrella 34

In fact, I recently read an article completely bashing

those with hyphenated names and making a list of all the

reasons why having one is a ?complete nightmare.? Reasons

being that forms are never long enough and people ignore it

when addressing wedding invitations (which is, in fact, true).

Pardon me, but convenience of filling out a form is not and

would never be a valid reason to change my name and

essentially erase the first 23 years of my life as a Fleming. I

hyphenated to serve two purposes: to keep my individuality

but to also keep the ability to be recognized as a family unit

once we had a child.

One question that I?ve gotten plenty of times is,

?Doesn?t it hurt your husband?s feelings?? Well, even if it did

(which it doesn?t), what about my feelings? It?s not that I

don?t want to be his ?Mrs.? I mean, I sure as hell don?t want

anyone else to be. But, I have a bigger hunger to stay who

I?ve always been and a big part of that is my name. Erasing

that always felt wrong, it left a sour taste in my mouth to lose

that connection to my family that I?d had since birth. I realize

that may sound silly to some, but I think it sounds silly to be

a ?Mrs. {insert husband-to-be?s full name here},? it?s an

antiquated tradition. Wives are more than just their husband?s


Some close women in my life have divulged to me

that changing their name when they got married was just

what was ?supposed? to happen and afterward they felt like

they had lost a piece of themselves in the process. Others

had been so happy to rid themselves of their past that they

seemed to be giddier about their name change than the fact

that they were also gaining a husband in the process. These

two examples prove to me that women have the right to do

what they wish and there shouldn?t be any expectation or

judgment of what?s done afterward. We put names on things

to identify them and why after 23 years of being identified

as a Fleming I was expected to change to "Baxter" without a

blink of an eye seemed archaic. Telling me something is

tradition has never been enough for me to follow along,

especially if I don?t believe in it.

Wives are more than just their

husband's wife.

My daughter, Claire, may not have my Fleming name

on her birth certificate ? although she certainly has the

mouth and grin to match ? she does have Baxter. And my

hope is that when she walks down the aisle someday and

exchanges rings and vows that she walks away hyphenated

all on her own. When she adds that special, magical person to

her life, she?ll add that piece of the puzzle to her name

instead of getting rid of a piece that we gave her. And taking

away a piece that my parents gave me never felt right,

besides, Justin fell in love with Grace Lynne Fleming. And

Grace Baxter? Well, she doesn?t live here.

Always signing

as a Fleming.

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Visit Grace's personal blog at


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