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Global Wellness Summit (GWS) chairman and chief executive

Susie Ellis takes us behind the scenes of this year’s event

The 2015 Global Wellness Summit (formerly the Global Spa

and Wellness Summit) takes place at the St Regis Mexico

City on November 13-15. The event, now in its ninth year,

has grown rapidly since it was first held in New York in

2007, today attracting a long list of high-profile speakers

from within and outside the sector, with a delegate list that includes the

most senior spa and wellness industry figures from around the world.

The 2014 summit in Marrakech attracted 425 delegates, attending not

only for the packed forum and seminar programme, with its diverse

range of topics, but also for the excellent networking opportunities. The

2015 agenda, to which speakers and topics continue to be added, will

cover workplace wellness, education, investment, technology and

clinical wellness, to name just a few.

As the summit draws closer, chairman and chief

executive Susie Ellis, shares the key concepts,

ideas and aspirations behind the summit:


“Building a Well World is the perfect theme for

this year’s summit. Wellness is no trend, it has

become a global movement and its momentum

has grown all over the world. And no longer is it

the focus of [just] a narrow group of industries,

such as fitness or spa, it’s integral to almost every

imaginable sector. This includes tec hnology,

tourism, architecture, beauty, food and nutrition,

medicine, education and the workplace.

Wellness has become a shared responsibility. No

one sector of the economy has a monopoly on

wellness, nor do we want that. It’s going to take all of

us working together: schools, governments, the food

and beverage industry, workplaces, the tourism

sector, architecture, and so on, to begin to create a

healthier world. As we spread the responsibility and

take a more inclusive view of wellness, we’re going to

get better results and that’s a win-win for everyone. If

we want to build a well world, all of these different

players have to embrace their part, and that’s

the message and goal of the summit this year.”

online at professionalspawellness.com





“The topics will include a special focus on technology, education

and investment. And since our research this year is focused on

workplace wellness (the GWS annually presents one key piece of

research, in collaboration with non-profit researchers SRI

International), that will also be a major theme. Forums held at the

summit will include:

• Mentorship

• The future of workplace wellness

• Wellness communities and residences

• The Ministry of Wellness Initiative

• Career development

• Wellness tourism

• Global hot springs

• Clinical wellness

We have a diverse board of

directorsmade up of 13 board members from 11 countries, and we

endeavour to not only be on top of trends, but to look to the future from

every perspective: from the economic, social,

travel and consumer view. This ensures that the

summit programme immerses delegates in what

will matter in the short and the long term, across

the wide world of wellness, not just inform them

about what they already know. This year will be

no different: delegates will learn how diverse

workplace wellness is becoming, how fastgrowing

it is and how positively it could affect

their businesses.”


“Bringing in interesting and high-profile

keynote speakers is getting easier each

year, because wellness is a concept that

is getting broader and deeper recognition

worldwide and more people are realising that

they can be part of the solution. We endeavour

to have speakers who are not only

renowned experts, but who are also

inspirations and can force us to face

the future.

Deepak Chopra’s (one of the 2015

summit keynote speakers) career has

been astounding. He’s written 80 books

and global audiences have never been

more receptive to his messages about

mindfulness, meditation and total

wellness. He’s popular with millennials,

baby boomers and everyone else in between.

The Cirque du Soleil story will amaze

everyone and, without giving too much away,

there won’t be any question as to why they are

speaking at a Global Wellness Summit (Martin

Boudreau, president of parks, immersive

experiences and new content, is a keynote

speaker). Everyone we have selected, from a

renowned economist specialising in applying

economic and social developments to the

wellness world and doctors from the renowned

Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic, have

extraordinary expertise and a future-focused

insight and passion.”


“This is the first year that the summit is

the Global Wellness Summit, and not the Global

Spa and Wellness Summit, a decision we took

after careful consideration. Important new

channels of distribution have opened up for

spas, including wellness tourism and workplace

wellness, and for both these segments, the

word spa can be a stumbling block.


online at professionalspawellness.com



For example, there are very few countries

that could get their government, leaders and

citizens behind the idea of spending to

market their nation’s spas.

However, they’re keenly

interested in marketing

wellness, which includes

and greatly benefits

national spa industries.

It’s a similar scenario for

the booming workplace

wellness market:

businesses and insurance

companies are interested

in supporting employee

wellness, but if the term was

The St. Regis Mexico City

‘workplace spa programmes’

instead, well, that wouldn’t open this

new channel up very widely.

The shift from spa to wellness has been a

natural evolution, one that opens up much

bigger, more profitable opportunities for spas. If

the goal is to build partnerships with

governments, corporations, schools and

hospitals, the word wellness is the right choice.

We think it’s the best thing for spas worldwide.”


“The location of each summit is a decision

made by the board. Among the key factors in

choosing Mexico City was the geographic

location. Diversification from previous

summits makes a difference and we have held

summits in Europe, Asia, the US and Africa, but

not in Latin America. This is a fast-developing

wellness, spa and wellness tourism market

and Mexico is the regional leader.

A second important factor is the desire of a

country to welcome our event and our

delegates. We have found in the past that

countries that invest in wellness tourism,

such as Mexico, are usually the most eager to

have a summit. They recognise the

tremendous visibility they get by having such

a prestigious event, attended by high-level

delegates from 50 nations, and the opportunity it represents to

showcase not only their wellness tourism initiatives, but also their spas,

hot springs and other wellness markets to the world.


“My hope is that delegates will realise that Building a Well World is both

a shared responsibility and an extraordinary, synergistic

market opportunity. And that they will recognise that they

have been called to be leaders in this global movement.”


“The big macro change in the industry since the first

summit has been the move from the more narrow market

of spa, to the broader focus of wellness. This organisation

is very much about spas having access to new and

bigger markets and that’s why we’re putting focus on

and carrying out new research into workplace wellness.

Because when companies start investing in making

their employees healthy and happy, they will turn to what

local spas provide, from massage and fitness, to education on

lifestyle change, and spas need to digest this opportunity.”



Speakers and topics will continue to be added to the GSW programme

until closer to the event. Among the speakers confirmed to date are:

o Deepak Chopra: mind-body medicine practitioner, motivational

speaker and best-selling author

o Martin Boudreau: president of parks, immersive experiences and new

content at Cirque du Soleil

o Giselle Fernandez: Emmy award winning journalist, producer and TV host

o Gina Diez Barroso de Franklin: president and chief executive of multimarket

business Grupo Diarq, established to support creativity in Mexico

o Samer Hamadeh: founder and chief executive of Zeel, an app that

allows users to book at-home massage services

o Thierry Malleret: founder of the Monthly Barometer investment

analysis tool. Malleret previously also established and headed up the

Global Risk Network at the World Economic Forum

o Nerio Alessandri: president and founder of Technogym

o Dr Fikry Isaac: vice president of global health services and chief

medical officer at Johnson & Johnson

o Dr Kenneth R. Pelletier: professor of medicine and professor of

public health at the Arizona School of Medicine and the University of

California, School of Medicine, San Francisco (UCSF) and a corporate

wellness programme expert

o Agapi Stassinopoulo: writer and motivational speaker. Currently working

with her sister Arianna Huffington on the Thrive wellbeing workshops

online at professionalspawellness.com


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