Annual Report Euram Bank AG 2014 / 2015


million (EUR 27.4 million as at 30.6.2014)

are mainly secured by mortgages, deposits

and/or securities. The amounts due from

customers include amounts due from issuers

with a volume of EUR 2.9 million (EUR

0.0 million as at 30.6.2014).


EUR million

secured by

deposits EUR 35.1

secured by mortgages,

deposits and securities

EUR 43.9

unsecured EUR 0.6

Shares in affiliated companies

Euram Bank has a 100% holding in Euram

Invest Holdings 3 GmbH headquartered in

Munich, Germany (line of business of the

GmbH: management of investments).


This item includes the share in the deposit

guarantee scheme (Einlagensicherung

der Banken and Bankiers GmbH), Vienna,

in the amount of EUR 70.0 (EUR 70.0

as at 30.6.2014). In the financial year

2014/2015, the trust investment in E.I.C.

a.s. (EUR 1.2 million) was terminated.

Intangible and tangible assets

Intangible fixed assets and tangible assets

are valued at cost of acquisition or production,

less scheduled depreciation. Low-value

items are capitalized and fully depreciated

in the year of acquisition. Assets are

depreciated on a straight-line basis.

The following useful life is assumed for

the purposes of scheduled depreciation:



In the financial year 2014/2015, as already

in financial year 2013/2014, no dividends

were distributed to Euram Bank.

According to section 238 (2) of the Commercial

Code (UGB), the equity capital

and results of the last financial year of the

affiliated undertakings are as follows:

Euram Invest Holdings 3 GmbH

(in EUR Thousand)

Equity 257.6

Share of Equity 100%

Result last FY -8.0

Company cars

Office furniture


Office equipment



8 years

5 years

5 years

5 years

5 years

5 years

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