Annual Report Euram Bank AG 2014 / 2015


B.1. Debt instruments issued by public

authorities that are admitted for

refinancing at the Central Bank

In the financial year 2014/2015, a nonfixed

interest listed security (regulated

market) was held in current assets.


Land Niederösterreich

FRN 01.10.14–01.10.19 EUR 8,984

B.2. Amounts due from customers – of

which other issuers

In the financial year 2014/2015, a fixed-interest

unlisted security was held in the

fixed assets and a fixed-interest listed security

(open market) was held in current


Fixed assets


CPI Immobilien AG

30.11.13–30.11.33 EUR 1,910

Current assets


ADLER Real Estate AG

01.04.14–01.04.19 EUR 0

ADLER Real Estate AG

08.04.15–08.04.20 EUR 1,012

B.3. Debentures and other fixed-interest


In the financial year 2014/2015, the following

fixed-interest listed securities are held

in current assets:

Current assets


Republic of Austria

17.06.11–17.06.16 EUR 1,811

Asian Development Bank

30.05.12–17.08.15 EUR 1,343

Asian Development Bank

19.03.13–20.06.16 EUR 1,341

Kommunalbanken AS

19.01.11–19.01.16 EUR 1,369

The Netherlands

24.02.12–24.02.17 EUR 1,775

Schweden, Kingdom of

29.10.12–22.12.15 EUR 1,340

B.4. Shares and other non-fixed interest


This item contains investment fund shares

allocated to fixed assets in the amount of

EUR 1,712 thousand (EUR 1,771 thousand

as at 30.6.2014).

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