Annual Report Euram Bank AG 2014 / 2015


G. Other liabilities

I. Equity capital



Other liabilities include invoices already

received but not yet paid relating to the

financial year 2014/2015 amounting to

EUR 0.2 million (EUR 0.4 million as at

30.6.2014), liabilities to a data acquisition

company amounting to EUR 0.7 million

(EUR 1.3 million as at 30.6.2014), liabilities

arising from tax allocations with an

affiliated undertaking amounting to EUR

234.6 thousand (EUR 240.1 thousand as

at 30.6.2014), and liabilities to the tax

authorities amounting to EUR 367.1 thousand

(EUR 77.2 thousand as at 30.6.2014).

The material expenses included in the

item “Other liabilities” in the financial

year 2014/2015 that become payable only

after the reporting date amount to EUR 0.4

million (EUR 0.4 million as at 30.6.2014).

1.) The share capital amounting to EUR

10,045,700 is divided into 270 thousand

share units, each with an equal portion of

the share capital.

2.) The equity capital is made up as follows:


Subscribed capital EUR 10,045.7

(Appropriated) capital

reserve EUR 1,886.8

(Free) capital reserve EUR 33.5

Retained Earnings EUR 2,859.9

Liability reserve as per

section 57 (5) Banking Act EUR 660.5

3.) The net profit for the financial year

2014/2015 amounts to EUR 197.4 thousand

(EUR 104.1 thousand as at 30.6.2014).

H. Accruals and deferred income

This item includes mainly fees already received

but allocated to the financial year

2015/2016 amounting to EUR 84 thousand

(EUR 67.5 thousand as at 30.6.2014).

4.) Euram Bank effected no allocations

to revenue reserves in the financial year

2014/2015 (EUR 225 thousand as at


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