By James Eze (

These are not happy mes for opposi on poli cs in

Anambra State. Willie Obiano's sterling

performance has le them searching so hard but

not finding what to say. So, just the other day, they found

the wrong thing to say. They said that governor Obiano's

popularity had “crashed.”

Now, anyone who has been following events in Anambra

State would know that this is a poorly conceived lie. The

fact before us actually shows that Obiano has been

Nigeria's most popular governor in the past six months.

And here are Ten reasons why this is so!

1. Obiano took Nigeria by storm on October 1, this

year. In a symbolic gesture that was intended to


drive home the significance of Nigeria's 55

independence anniversary, Governor Obiano

granted amnesty to 25 prisoners in Anambra State

and announced the gi ing of N1m to each exconvict

to enable them get another chance in life.

Giving these Nigerians who have undergone a long

period of reforma on a second chance with a

substan al amount of money to enable them

integrate back into the society was a very brilliant

idea that drew a loud applause from far and near.

But extending this great gesture to these people in

such austere mes when some states cannot even

pay their workers actually shows Governor Willie

Obiano as a leader to look up to! And this is why

Willie is popular.

2. Most people who live in Anambra State are aware

that the state is sincerely the safest state in Nigeria

today. There have not been any stories of violent

armed robberies, car snatching at gunpoint, ritual

killings or high profile kidnappings in well over one

year. While some cri cs are quick to argue that

crime wave is generally low in the South East at the

moment, they forget to acknowledge that

Anambra had always carried the highest crime rate

in the region. But now, all across the state, people

go about their normal businesses without any fear

of violence of any kind. Of course there might be


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