6. Some mes, the opposi on seeks to drown the

voice of reason with empty agita ons that sound

hollow even to their own ears. They ask what has

Obiano really done? They do this as if they don't

realise that a governor who has increased the

salary of workers by 15% at a me when most

states are scouring Abuja for bailouts should

actually be applauded. As if they want us to turn a

blind eye to the 25 speedboats he launched in

Ogbaru the other day to open more access to the

riverine communi es; as if we should all suffer

some memory loss and forget the bags of rice he

distributed to civil servants in the state and the

arrears of pensions owed local government

workers as well as the backlog of salaries owed

Water Corpora on workers. The opposi on would

be very happy if we all didn't remember these

things. But we do. And that is why Obiano remains

the man for the season!

7. Again, if the prayer of opposi on were to be

answered, we would all forget that Willie Obiano

reacted rather quickly to the plight of the children

of the 12 men from Adazi Nnukwu who were slain

by Boko Haram by offering them scholarships.

Neither would they be happy if we all recalled that

the three surviving children of Okechukwu

Odenigwe who lost his life in a ghastly auto

accident at Finotel Junc on, Awka had all been

given full scholarships by the governor. Obiano has

touched so many people in so many profound

ways that it would take the society losing its mind

to forget him. And this is why his popularity

pulsates with life!

8. In March this year, Willie Obiano woke up from

sleep and put a call through to his Principal

Secretary, Mr. Willie Nwokoye. He directed that

going forward, all his salaries should be devoted to

charity and that they should be crea vely

channelled to fund different programmes that

would make life easier for the underprivileged

members of the society. To give meaning to this

gesture, he promptly set up a home for the

mentally ill in Nteje, Oyi council area where metal

pa ents are rehabilitated and reintegrated into

the society. Three months a er Obiano had

dedicated his salaries to charity, President Buhari

and Vice President Osinbajo undertook to slash

their own salaries by half. And this is why Obiano

con nues to stand out!

9. Anambra indigenes who watched the live TV

coverage of the Governors' Session of the recent

Nigerian Economic Summit Group could not have

been prouder with the masterful performance of


governor Obiano in that session. The former

investment banker showed where he was coming

from when he seized the moment to sell Anambra

to the investment world. He came across as the

most serious of all the Southern governors at the

session; marshalling out his points, showing his

strategic approach to governance, playing up all

the compara ve advantages of his state and

assuring prospec ve investors that “Anambra is

the safest state in Nigeria.” Many people le the

hall talking about the Anambra governor. Obiano

is also highly respected by his fellow governors at

Federal Economic Council mee ngs where he

dissects economic issues with unmistakable

brilliance and aplomb. Willie Obiano is obviously a

man on a mission. And this is why his star

con nues to shine!

10. The tenth reason why Obiano's popularity will take

a long me to fall is that unlike most of his fellow

governors, Willie Obiano came into governance

fully armed with an economic roadmap. His Four

Pillars of Development is very cleverly cra ed

blueprint that accommodates every aspira on of

his administra on for Anambra State. It is a rare

demonstra on of competence in governance.

Again, Obiano's Vision and Mission Statements are

outstanding and realis c. In fact, many aspects of

Obiano's Vision statement are already fully

realised. Many governors in Nigeria do not have

any clearly stated vision or mission for being in

government. Recently, at the very well a ended

Stakeholders Interac ve Summit, Obiano gave a

compelling insight into the many achievements of

his administra on in a mere eighteen month

period and the le most of Anambra's preeminent

ci zens speechless. And because Ndi

Anambra are fully aware of all these, and because

Ndi Anambra cannot be led by the noose by people

whose only means of livelihood is to hurl

invec ves at innocent hard-working people on

Facebook, Obiano's popularity will con nue to


In September this year, Obiano li ed

the banner of hope for Ndigbo in

general when he convened a highly

successful Regional Conference on

Security. It was the first me anyone

would pursue the idea of cleansing

‘Igbo land and Delta State of criminals.

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