3 years ago

Altus_CPC2_Discontinue_Product Bulletin


Product Bulletin: 4/30/15 RE: ALTUS - Discontinued Accessory Part #: CPC-2 (Power Cord) CPC-2 Coiled Power Cord 1. Part numbers of discontinued accessory: CPC-2 2. Why discontinue this accessory? The CPC-3 and CPC-3-BRK offer an inline 3 outlet confi guration. This not only adds an extra outlet, but it also is a space saving solution. CPC-3 Coiled Power Cord 3. Can I still get these products? No. Effective by the end of June we will be discontinuing these products. When inventory of the CPC-2 is depleted, we will not reorder. However, we will still continue to service and honor all warrany claims on the existing CPC-2. In-line 3-Outlet CPC-3-BRK Coiled Power Cord Please contact me with any questions or to review this subject in greater detail. Bethany VanKempen | Marketing & Product Manager T: 888-537-1311 | 3731 Northridge Dr. NW, Unit 1 | Walker, MI 49544 | T: 888.537.1311 | F: 616.233.9549 |