WM Forster Award for 1-2-1 mentoring


Lauren was nominated for this award for several reasons.

Her experience as a TRY mentor and her continued commitment

to the relationship with her mentee is the exact outcome TRY

Mentoring aims for: a sustainable, long term, and protective

relationship for a young person who has little positivity in their life.

Lauren was nominated for this award not only for her commitment

as a TRY mentor, but also for her support of TRY’s programs in other

ways. Lauren has regularly attended our volunteer training on

Saturdays to speak to other volunteer mentors, sharing her


The opportunity at these sessions allow mentors to talk with

someone who has a depth of experience is invaluable. Lauren has

also assisted TRY in the area of volunteer recruitment, in particular

organising an event at her local sporting club in Frankston which

directly led to us matching another valuable mentor with a boy who

had been on our waiting lists for two years.

Thnk you Luren!

Volunteer Team Award


Greg Schnabel, Manoj Ramanathan, and Martin McDaniel were

nominated for their inexhaustible positivity, their compassion

and their commitment.

These three men took on a group of boys who had little

opportunities for extracurricular activities. All of the boys come from

one of Melbourne’s most disadvantaged areas. Some have ADHD

and several have had Child Protection involvement at some stage of

their lives. Prior to joining the Dandenong MiTH group none of them

had never touched a basketball. After an awkward start with poor

attendance, at the nine month assessment at least seven of the nine

were consistently turning up. The creation of a safe, reliable space

where the boys could open up about their problems as well as their

hopes and ambitions has visibly created an immense positive

impact on the lives of these young men and their families.

Previously unreliable parents have turned into diligent transporters

of their sons. There has been a marked increase in school

attendance across the group. A number of them have become

genuinely interested in the sport and have signed up to basketball

teams at school. Every participant identified the interaction with

their mentors as what motivated them to keep coming back.

Thnk you Dndenon MiTH!


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