On Sunday the 25th of October, the TRY Mentoring team held

a graduation ceremony for some of their matches at the Box Hill Gardens.

Six matches had reached the twelve month mark and developed a

self-sufficient, genuine friendship that didn’t need the guidance of their

coordinator any longer. Current TRY Mentoring matches were invited

to celebrate and play some fun games – including an egg and spoon race!

- and have some lunch. Thanks to one of our matches for baking honey

joys for everybody, and one of the graduating matches for setting up their

own flying fox! The matches loved having a go and flying between the

trees at the park. Thanks to all of those who came along to celebrate these

wonderful friendships, and we wish our graduating matches all the best

as they continue to see each other and develop a lasting relationship!

Interested in volunteering

with TRY Mentoring?

It’s really easy – if you can be a friend, you can be a mentor.

To learn some more about what you can do to get involved with TRY

Mentoring, come along to our next information session, or check out

www.dosomethingreal.org.au for more information.

Book Here

Wednesday 3rd February 2016 @ 6.00pm – 7.00pm

TRY Australia Corporate Office

Building 2, 1st Floor

88 Ricketts Road

Mount Waverley 3149



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