If you’re feeling stuck in a rut

with your match activities, or just

want to mix things up a bit, check

out our 9 Best Novel Catch-Up

Ideas for something different!

1. Make your own herb garden

Take a trip to Bunnings to get the materials

(of course, don’t forget to get a sausage) and build

your own personal herb garden in the backyard!

It’s a great way to help your mentee learn about

responsibility and once the herbs have grown,

you can look up some recipes to use them in!

3. Go on a bike ride through space!

You can follow the sun to the outer planets on a

5.9km bike/walking track between St Kilda and Port

Melbourne – look up The Melbourne Solar System

Self-Guided Trail for more details. Our tip – go at


2. Learn about a new topic together

If you’re not feeling up for physical activity,

then get comfy on the couch and discuss philosophy!

You could learn about physics or philosophy together

and get into some really interesting conversations

as a result – this one is best for an older young person!

There are plenty of youth-friendly resources available

online for harder topics.

4. Be a tourist for a day

The City Circle tram in the CBD is often overlooked,

but it is a fantastic no-cost way to see the city! Jump

on with your mentee and pretend to be tourists for a

day. You could talk about what you would go see first

if you were visiting Melbourne and take some cheesy

tourist snaps together.

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