5. Shop for bric-a-brac

The Camberwell Sunday Market runs every Sunday

morning – take ten bucks each and see who can find

the most unusual memento from one of the many

stalls! There are also street performers and musicians

to listen to, and plenty of hot jam donuts to scoff down.

7. DIY Skincare

Last year for Christmas, one of our matches made

their own body scrub out of coconut oil, sugar and

lavender oil, bottled it and gave it to their family!

Find some recipes online and make your own

(avoid any with lemon juice or salt, though!)

6. Go on a digital treasure hunt

From the Geocaching Australia website: “Geocaching

is a treasure hunt with something for everyone.

Using map coordinates and a GPS enabled device,

you can find a geocache near your home, in the city,

in the bush or in Antarctica…You can drive up to your

geocache and spot it from the car, or you can choose

to hike for miles up and down mountains in the

snow in search of that elusive container.” Go to

www.geocaching.com.au to see how to get started!

8. Be models for a day

First, bring a bunch of you and your mentees clothes

together to help each other figure out some nice outfits.

Next comes the fun part – model them, and take some

photos! You could both even hold onto them for future

reference about potential outfits.

9. Make a jar of happiness

All you need for this are some jars, paper and pens.

Spend the day with your mentee thinking about

somebody you both care about and would like to

be there for. Then, cut out some small pieces of paper

and write down happy or inspiring messages on them!

Once you have enough, put them in the jar and give it

to a friend or family member to use when they’re in

need of a pick me up!

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