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Copyright © 2015 by D & J Wakerman<br />

<strong>Jett</strong> and all related logos and characters are trademarks of scriibe.<br />

All rights reserved. This <strong>book</strong> or any portion thereof<br />

may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever<br />

without the express written permission of the publisher<br />

except for the use of brief quotations in a <strong>book</strong> review.<br />

Printed in China<br />

scriibe<br />

Dover Heights<br />

NSW 2030<br />


For Amalia.<br />

Thanks for changing our world.

<strong>Jett</strong> lives in New York in a cozy<br />

apartment with his dad, mom<br />

and his pet lizard, Leroy.<br />

<strong>Jett</strong> loves New York, but he<br />

always dreams of traveling<br />

to cities near and far.

<strong>Jett</strong>’s dad is a pilot and flies all around the world.<br />

Today he’s flying across the country to LOS ANGELES.<br />

‘Can I come with you?’ asks <strong>Jett</strong>.<br />

‘Sorry son, not until you’re older’ says <strong>Jett</strong>’s dad.

<strong>Jett</strong>’s sad that his dad is leaving<br />

on another adventure without him.<br />

‘Don’t be sad <strong>Jett</strong>. Just remember you can<br />

go anywhere if you use your imagination!’<br />

says <strong>Jett</strong>’s dad.

‘Do you want to go to<br />

LOS ANGELES with me?’

That same night, <strong>Jett</strong> finds the special blanket<br />

he was given as a baby.<br />

It has all the big cities of the world on it.<br />

He finds LOS ANGELES with his flashlight,<br />

closes his eyes tight and wishes and wishes...

...and magically lands in LOS ANGELES!<br />

He can’t believe it. He’s all the way over<br />

in California, on the West Coast of the USA.<br />

‘Let’s do this!’<br />

says <strong>Jett</strong>.

LOS ANGELES is full of adventures.<br />

First stop: Disneyland, where <strong>Jett</strong> runs through<br />

Sleeping Beauty’s castle…

…and ZOOMS through Space Mountain!

It’s warm and sunny in<br />


perfect for the beach.<br />

At the famous Venice Beach<br />

<strong>Jett</strong> loves to skate by and<br />

watch all the different people.<br />

‘Did you know that people from more than<br />

one hundred and forty countries around<br />

the world live in LOS ANGELES?’ asks Leroy

On Santa Monica Pier <strong>Jett</strong><br />

goes on the rides, starting<br />

with the big Ferris Wheel.<br />

‘Oh no, there’s dad!’ says <strong>Jett</strong>,<br />

‘I better not let him see me…<br />

Phew!<br />

that was a close call!’

<strong>Jett</strong> loves baseball, so he goes to see a Dodger game.<br />

He buys a baseball cap, a hotdog and watches<br />

the Dodgers win the game!

Basketball is also one of <strong>Jett</strong>’s favorite sports<br />

so he goes to see the Lakers play.<br />

Here comes a slam<br />


<strong>Jett</strong> watches movies all the time.<br />

So he simply has to visit<br />

Universal Studios.

There are even rides from some of his<br />

favorite movies. <strong>Jett</strong> better watch out<br />

or his dad will see him!

After a long day in the sun...<br />

<strong>Jett</strong> is feeling really tired.<br />

He knows that it’s time to get back home<br />

before it gets too late.<br />

He closes his eyes and thinks of home...

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door.<br />

<strong>Jett</strong> sits up in his bed as his dad walks in.<br />

As always <strong>Jett</strong>’s dad has brought him<br />

a gift from his travels...

Oh well, now he has two hats<br />


Did you enjoy going to<br />

with <strong>Jett</strong>?<br />

Now, make sure you put a sticker<br />

in your passport to show that you’ve<br />

been to Los Angeles.<br />

In fact, why not put a sticker in your<br />

passport every time you read this <strong>book</strong>?<br />

Go on, do it!<br />

For more cool <strong>Jett</strong> stuff and<br />

to see where <strong>Jett</strong> goes next visit<br />


‘ See you<br />

on my next<br />

adventure! ’


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