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The new Tiger Explorer family has been

conceived, designed and built to deliver

the ultimate transcontinental adventure

motorcycle for every adventure rider.

The new Triumph Explorer range is

divided into two distinct model variants

- the XR series, designed and optimised

to deliver the ultimate on-road ride,

and the XC series is designed to excel

off-road. Both the XR and XC models

are more than capable of performing in

either environment. The range-topping

Explorer XCa and Explorer XRt models

offer an unprecedented level of equipment

and technology to provide a motorcycle

completely prepared for any adventure –

no matter the distance or destination.

All models, from the range-entry Explorer

XR and Explorer XC through to the top

tier XCa and XRt, feature a 1215cc triple

engine, unique in the large capacity

adventure segment, delivering its power

through a final shaft drive. The triple

engine’s power is delivered smoothly and

progressively across the rev and speed

ranges through its linear torque curve. A

torque-assisted clutch makes the clutch

action incredibly light, in turn making both

long distances and stop-start urban riding

less demanding on the rider. The engine

performance is also enhanced through

a new exhaust system, with a distinctive

resonant note.

The new Tiger Explorer features a host of

technological upgrades with a particular

emphasis on state-of-the-art active

technology to ensure superb stability and


These features include:

• Triumph Semi-active Suspension

• Corner optimised switchable ABS and

Traction Control

• The introduction of Rider Modes,

including a rider programmable mode

• Hill Hold control

The new Tiger Explorer’s overall

performance is given a new level of

dynamism through the use of WP

adjustable suspension on the two entry

level models. The other four models

feature the ground-breaking Triumph

Semi Active Suspension system. This

allows the rider to electronically control

the adjustment of the front and rear

suspension damping, automatically

adapting the rear shock absorber preload

settings to reflect the terrain being

covered and providing optimal grip and

drive in any situation.

16 DECEMBER 2015

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