2 years ago

Eastman Automated Cutting Systems

Eastman’s series of automated, computerized cutting systems cut with accuracy and repeatability and have been engineered for single, low, and high-ply cutting requirements. Precision cutting tools offer the utmost flexibility for hundreds of material applications and are proven solutions for even the most difficult-to-cut materials. The systems are available in a range of lengths and widths to meet the demands for prototypes, one-offs, and full-production runs. A variety of optional accessory equipment offers maximum adaptability for your system, providing additional tools to streamline associated processes in your operations. Specialized Solutions for: ■ Marking and labeling pattern pieces ■ Lofted materials ■ Thick or rigid materials ■ Sealed edges ■ Angled cuts ■ Flaw detection – leather ■ Custom widths and lengths

Material Yield System for Metal Cut-Shape Suppliers - Operations ...