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Grades 1 2 and 3 List of Champions are Readers Activities

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Grades 1 2 and 3 List of Champions are Readers

Grades 1, 2 and 3 List of Champions are Readers ® Activities The following is the list of CAR activities contained in the implementation folder for grades 1, 2 and 3. Your chapter or alumnae organization should work with the teacher to determine which activities would be most beneficial for each student. You can use all of the activities or only a few, depending on student needs and the recommendations of the teacher. Students can be working on different activities or all of the same. Copy only the activities that have been selected for the students. There is no need to copy all of them! 1. Blank Page: Included is a blank page if students need more room for an activity or need to practice writing. 2. Book Cover: Students should draw a book cover for the story they will be reading. Students should read the title for clues that will help them understand what the story might be about. 3. Book Review: Students should write a book review Students should share their thoughts about the setting, characters, plot and ending of the book. 4. Create a Book: Students should make their own book by dictating the story and drawing illustrations. 5. Different Ending: Students should write a different ending to the story. Students should illustrate a picture to go with it. 6. Fact vs. Opinion: Students should determine if the sentences at the bottom of the page are either facts or opinions. Students should cut out the boxes the sentences are in, and decide if the sentence is a fact or an opinion. Then, glue or tape the sentences in the correct column. 7. Favorite Part of the Story: Students should write about their favorite part of the story, and tell why it is their favorite. 8. Letter to an Author: Students should write a letter to the author of their favorite book. Students should tell the author why they like the book. 9. Letter to a Friend: Students should write a letter to a friend or family member. Students are encouraged to express their feelings about reading and why reading is important. 10. New Words: Students should keep a list of new words with unknown meanings. Students should use a dictionary to find the definition. 11. Reading Bookmark (Copy the bookmark on heavy paper.): Students should color the front and back of the bookmark; cut it out; glue it together; and write their name on it. 12. Reading Log: Students should keep track of books they have read and books they want to read. 13. Special Day: Students should write a description of a special day or time such as a holiday, birthday, vacation or school event. Students should illustrate their story and read it to a friend.

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