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What a celebration it was!


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Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce and other dignitaries with some of the winners at the Eighth Annual BNZ-Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards Presentation Ceremony held on November 23 at Sky City Convention Centre

Venkat Raman

For hundreds of people

who attended the Eight

Annual Indian Newslink

Indian Business Awards

held on Monday, November 23,

2015 at Sky City Convention

Centre in Auckland, being a part

of a vibrant community was

more important than winning


There were of course finalists

and winners in 14 categories

including the ‘Supreme Business

of the Year Award,’ demonstrating

their spirit of innovation,

strength of marketing, ability to

achieve high levels of customer

service, achieve increasing productivity

and profitability and

most important of all, adding

value to their performance.

Four individuals were also

recognised and honoured for

their exemplary performance.

The dignitaries

Among the Guests of Honour

were Economic Development

Minister Steven Joyce, Associate

Trade Minister Todd McClay,

Minister of Small Business

Craig Floss, Ethnic Communities

Minister Peseta Sam Lotu-liga,

Opposition Leader Andrew

Little, Former UNIDO Advisor

Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi,



*Conditions Apply


632 Dominion Road


19/185 Great South Road

A section of guests at the Eighth Annual BNZ-Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards Presentation Ceremony held on November 23 at Sky City Convention Centre

Indian High Commissioner

Charge d’ Affaires Sandeep

Sood, Auckland Mayor Len

Brown, BNZ Managing Director

& Chief Executive Anthony

Healy, BNZ Director Mai Chen

and KPMG Executive Chairman

Ross Buckley.

Members of Parliament, India

Trade Alliance Chairman Giri

Gupta (who is also Managing

Director and Managing Editor

of Indian Weekender) and

Deputy Chairmen Dr Don Brash

(former Reserve Bank of New

Zealand Governor) and Dr

Richard Worth (former Minister

and Member of Parliament),

Sponsors, their associates,

franchisees and families, judges


32, Queen Street


302, Great South Road


195, New Windsor Road


233-237 Lambton Quay

and their partners enhanced the

prestige of the event.

Impressive growth

Mr Joyce said that the Indian

Newslink Indian Business

Awards were getting bigger

and better year after year and

that the unheard of response to

the 2015 edition and growing

numbers alone would justify a

new Convention Centre.

A detailed report with the

list of winners appears in

our 15-page Awards Special

commencing on Page 9.

Announcing our Sports

Awards 2016!

It is now time to recognise achievers in various fields of sports

including young achievers, veterans, coaches and those who have

made the community proud over the years.

The Sixth Annual

Indian Newslink Indian

Sports Awards

will be launched on

Monday, December

21, 2015. The

Awards Ceremony

will be held in Auckland

in May 2016.

Details of the new, exciting Awards will appear in our next


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December 1, 2015


Aptitude and attitude scale business altitude

Indian Newslink

Dr Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi


do not envy 21st century


Since they are constantly

exposed to competitive

pressures for efficiency gains

in order to survive in an

internationally competitive

environment, where it is not

the question of the survival of

the biggest or smallest but the


Only those who keep pace with

the rapidly changing facets of

processing, design and marketing


Others fall apart.

Explosive growth

Your business may be big. If

you fail to keep yourself abreast

of the latest changes gravitating

in and around your products,

you will make elephant walk.

A small businessman known

for his rapt attention and apt

response to changes, will climb

the ladder of success and reach

the threshold of competitiveness.

Once you reach the threshold

of competitiveness, your growth

will be explosive.

I take this opportunity to

reflect on emerging ideas on the

new business realities.

Opinions differ among leading


Jeremy Rifkin,American Economic

and Social Theorist and

author of ‘The third industrial

revolution”has said that in the

next 20 to 30 years, business

activities will be triggered by

Ministers Craig Foss, Todd McClay and Steven Joyce with Dr Jebamalai V | Ross Buckley, Mai Chen, Anthony Healy, Sandeep Sood, Len Brown and Andrew Little

Dr Don Brash with Erica & Lawrence Pereira and Craig Tozer

renewable sources of energy.

Popular Social Scientist Professor

Peter Marsh, in his book, ‘The

New Industrial Revolution’wrote

about technological marvels

emerging as potential and new

sources of dynamic growth.

Source of Innovation

The Economist Intelligence

Unit comes out with occasional

supplements to bear testimony

to knowledge as a source and




Built 10 years ago, the complex comprises two single-storey buildings with a total of 10 tenants

located on just over halfa hectare of land at 219 Moore Street. Situated within the busy central

Howick retail area, this opportunity comprises five freehold strata units in a fully leased retail

convenience centre, to be auctioned individually early next month.

innovation as a force in propelling the

wheels of dynamic business growth.

Mrs Robins, who developed the concept

of ‘Open Innovation and Value

Creation Network’s aid that the virtual

world will rule all business activities

in the near future.

According to her, firms will disappear,

supermarkets will disappear

and even schools and colleges will

disappear and everything will be

triggered by the digital world.

Dr Jebamalai

Vinanchiarachi is

former Principal

Advisor to the

Director General

of UNIDO based in

Vienna, Austria.

He is currently

Chairman of


Foundation. He was

a Guest of Honour

at the Eighth

Annual Indian

Newslink Indian

Business Awards


Ceremony held on

Monday, November

23, 2015 at Sky

City Convention

Centre, Auckland.

The above was his

speech at the event.

Emerging challenges

A modern businessman

trying to thrive in an

internationally competitive

environment cannot

afford to ignore emerging

challenges and opportunities.

In business, each challenge is

an opportunity. An intelligent

businessman discovers the

viable avenues of converting

challenges into opportunities

and opportunities into

sustainable sources of wealth

creation through a unique

blend of both vision and


According to a Japanese

proverb, vision without action

is a daydream and action

without vision is a nightmare.

The Chinese have now

changed the second half of

their famous proverb: It is

no longer instead of giving

someone fish, teach him

fishing. The second half of

the proverb is teaching him

better methods of fishing.

Today, the process of wealth

creation should have a pragmatic

accent on economic

efficiency, ecological compliance

and social inclusion.

This is what is called the

current transformative shift

from quantitative increase

to qualitative improvement

and to the task of fostering

fast-growing, job-creating

green industries.

Incremental Innovation

In this context, national,

sectoral and incremental

innovation systems play

a major role. In an ideal

national innovation system,

new knowledge is generated

by institutions, exploited by

laboratories and commercialized

by dynamic firms. In

sectoral innovation systems,

product-specific innovative

devices reach the frontiers of

best practice in processing,

design and marketing.

Incremental innovation

stems from a firm’s ability to

acquire the right technology,

assimilate, adopt, adapt and

learn to invent something

which suits the country-specific

context. This is what is

called effective transfer of


What is needed is enhanced

adaptive capability to use

the modern technology

and to commercialize new


The development experience

of dynamic industrial

locations across countries

gives us a clear message.

Prosperity is essentially a

matter of policy choice. Sequencing

the policy matters.

The 21st century businessmen

cannot afford to

be a bystander at the global

technological march. At least

in terms of thinking, they

should be one step ahead of

the march.

Knowing the distance to the

frontiers of best practice is

important. Identifying viable

avenues of reducing the distance

to the frontiers of best

practice is more important.

As mentioned, while each

challenge is an opportunity

in business,opportunities

are not guarantees of

prosperity. One’s personal

and professional response to

convert challenges into opportunities

and opportunities

into sustainable sources of

wealth creation is a discovery


A good businessman

will discover the process

with good attitude towards

facing challenges and seizing

opportunities. It is not the

aptitude that alone matters,

but the right attitude which

determines your business



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Indian Newslink

December 1, 2015 HOMELINK 3

The best is often not good enough

Dr Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi

People are born, and

people die. But the

people’s verdict on

people will never


The verdict of the people

that Mother Teresa was a

living saint will never die.

When she was part

of the Sisters of Loreto

congregation, she served

for 20 years as a teacher.

She was indeed an ideal

teacher, trying to produce

intellectually trained,

morally upright, spiritually

inspired and socially

committed students.

Her social commitment

took a new turn when she

was disturbed by the Bengal

famine in 1943, which

pushed many into misery.

While reflecting on the

magnitude of the famine

during a train journey, she

received ‘an inner call’ to

serve the poorest of the


She decided to be the

hope for the hopeless and

home for the homeless.

Ocean drops

When she took a starving

destitute from the street

to the hospital,she could

sense the disapproval of

the hospital management

and their reluctance to

admit the destitute. She

told the hospital authorities

that you may consider

this destitute as a drop in

the Ocean and that if you

ignore all drops there will

be no Ocean.

Mother Teresa said,

“Being unwanted, unloved,

uncared for, forgotten by

everybody, is a much greater

hunger, a much greater

poverty than the person

who has nothing to eat.”

She also said, “Love

begins by taking care of

the closest ones, the ones at


This is consistent with

what former South Africa

President, the late Nelson

Mandela said “If each

prosperous person can take

care of the poor persons

in the first layer of the

inner circle of his family,

the world will be a better


Sincere Reflection

Let us reflect on the

implications of these two


If someone close to you

is unwanted, unloved,

uncared for and forgotten

by everybody, let love stem

from the bottom of your

heart to take care of the

uncared person who may

be living with you or working

with you. Your love

for unwanted relatives,

colleagues and friends,

who are close to you, will

enable you to demonstrate

the spirit of Mother Teresa.

This entails that you do

not have to go to the streets

to pick up a destitute. If a

poor relative, colleague or

friend suffers as unwanted,

unloved, and uncared

for,then play Mother

Teresa at least in the life of

that person.

When I was in Sudan as

UNIDO Country Director,I

saw a woman cleaning the

office floor.

“How long have you been

doing this job,” I asked her.

“For the past 18 years,”

she said.

She spoke impeccable

English, almost with British

accent. I asked her to

attend the weekly UN staff

meetings. Soon thereafter,

I requested her to apply for

the post of Security Officer

to fill a vacancy. The UN

Chief of Security was reluctant

to interview her,saying

that a cleaning lady cannot

be considered for the post

of security officer.

I requested him to

interview her along with

other candidates.

She was the top performer.

Within the next few

months, I promoted her

as the Security Officer and

Front Desk Receptionist.

She is now running the

Secretariat of South Sudan

President Selva Keer.

My role in the life of

Angelina was not an act

of charity but of human


So long as you realise

that the best may not be

good enough, it is good


Member of Parliament Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, Ethnic Communities Minister Peseta Sam Lotu-liga, Dr Jebamalai V (fourth to

sixth from right) with Bishop Patrick Dunn and others at the Sixth Annual Mother Teresa Interfaith Meeting on November 21.

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December 1, 2015


Timid approach deprives Australian

Kiwis of justice

Phil Goff

The message that Labour

Party Leader Andrew Little

and I took to Canberra

last week was a blunt

one. The rules governing Kiwis

living permanently in Australia

were unfair and had negative

consequences for them and for


Kiwis were not looking for

handouts or special treatment.

They did however want a fair

go and to have access as taxpayers

to the same things other

residents were entitled to. We

also suggested that Kiwis living

long-term in Australia who

had made a contribution to the

country should have a pathway

to citizenship.

Rights breached

It does not make sense that

New Zealanders who have been

in Australia for 5, 10, 15 or more

years and intend living there

permanently cannot exercise

the rights and responsibilities of


Our arguments stimulated a

lively debate. One MP responded

saying “If Kiwis do not like it

here they can piss off home!”

Most others were more

considered in their responses.

The Chair of one of the

Parliamentary Committees we

addressed acknowledged that

our points were reasonable and

agreed with most of them.Australian

Labour Party Immigration

Spokesman and Member of

Parliament Richard Marles said

that Kiwis in Australia ‘deserved

to be treated in the same way as

you treat Australians living in

New Zealand.’

Effective Challenge

The most effective challenge

that we issued to Australian MPs

was to explain why Kiwis living

permanently in Australia had to

pay 0.5% of their wages into the

National Disability Insurance

Scheme as a premium but were

not allowed to make claims on


Almost all conceded that was

not a fair go and couldn’t be justified.

The same arguments can

be made about other benefits

such as sickness, unemployment

and single-parent income


Kiwis participate at higher

levels in the workforce (78%

compared to the general Australian

rate of 68%), pay more tax

and have a lower rate of unemployment.

But they do not get

the social security protections

for which they pay taxes.

Reciprocal rights

Having a pathway to

citizenship is important because

otherwise New Zealanders

can live and work for decades

in Australia but never get to

participate by being able to vote

and enjoy equal rights there.

Australians in New Zealand

can vote after one year, are eligible

for social welfare support

after two and can apply for

citizenship after five years.

We argued that New Zealanders

should enjoy reciprocal

rights in Australia.

The reason Kiwis there do not

have the same rights is because

at present the Australian Government

can have its cake and

eat it too. It takes their taxes but

does not have to make payments

as it does to other residents. It

saves them money but it’s not

being fair.

On this trip I got the sense that

Australians know this position is

not sustainable.

The several hundred thousand

Kiwis arrived since 2001 when

new arrivals were stripped of

their rights, are starting to speak

out through groups such as


When confronted with the

obvious unfairness of the

situation, during visits like ours,

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our strengths

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most reasonable Australians

acknowledge that changes need

to be made.

Mistaken stance

New Zealand’s current

government claims that quiet

diplomacy is the way to go.

The problem is that its

quietness is taken as being

complicit with the present

unfair situation. John Key

should not have criticised our

visit. He should have joined

with us in a NZ Inc. approach so

that New Zealanders are seen to

be speaking with one voice.

We cannot dictate to Australia

what it does but we should have

the courage to speak out against

the patent unfairness of the

current policy.

I believe that we can and

will win concessions from the


It will not be everything we

want but on areas such as a

pathway to citizenship after living

five or 10 years in Australia

and disability insurance, the

arguments are so strong that

they have to respond.

The timid approach by our

Government however creates

little incentive or pressure on

Australia to respond at all.

Phil Goff is former Foreign Affairs, Trade and Justice Minister and has been Member of Parliament for 35 years. Elected from Mt Roskill, he is today Labour Party’s Spokesperson for Ethnic

Communities and Auckland Issues. Mr Goff has announced that he would contest for Auckland Mayoralty in 2016.

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Indian Newslink

Tax agent

on fraud



man facing 18

Crimes Act charges

brought by Serious

Fraud Office (SFO)

appeared in the Manukau

District Court on November

17, 2015.

Michael Robert McDonald

(40) faces four charges of

theft by person in a special

relationship, 13 charges of

dishonestly using a document

and one charge of false


Mr McDonald had been

a registered tax agent since

2002. Hefiled GST, PAYE and

Income Tax returns on behalf

of clients and their related


It is alleged that Mr

McDonald received money

from some of his clients

between 2007 and 2013for

paying tax but failed to

forward the money to Inland

Revenue Department. He also

allegedly filed approximately

250 false GST and Income

Tax returns to receive money

from the Department or to

retain clients’ funds to which

he was not entitled.

The SFO has also charged

Mr McDonald for allegedly

making false entries in

one of his client’s financial

statements to conceal his


Mr McDonald was

remanded on bail without

plea and will appear again on

December 11

p.m.(Indian Standard Time), and Saturday,

8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.(Indian Standard


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Indian Newslink

December 1, 2015 HOMELINK 5

Anti-terrorism laws should

not harass genuine


Kamil Lakshman

Tough issues are

before nations on

how to co-exist in a

global world.

It is a challenge to provide

humane response without

compromising national


What measures should be

in place for the safety of a

country? How can countries

keep internal vigil? What

should be the screening


Each country has its own

reaction depending on

how it has been affected.

The reaction will also be

dependent on the level of

fear. The tolerance level

will be dependent on the

perceived imminent danger.

Can we be responsive rather

than reactive?

Changing world

The terrorist attacks in

Paris last fortnight in which

many innocent lives were

lost once again highlights

how much the world has

changed and continues to


It is a phenomenon that

can be termed as the ‘silent

killer.’ The perpetrators

are merciless. They have

such conviction in their

cause that they are willing

to sacrifice their own lives.

They have a statement to

make. It appears that when

one cell is closed, another

cell opens.

What will make this stop,

when will it end? When will

there be a truce or is that an

idealistic thought? Should

we just learn how to cope?

Discrimination threat

New Zealand has been

grappling with such issues

and the Immigration Act

2009 bestows wide ranging

national security powers. It

equipped to respond when

the occasion arises.

On the other hand, a recent

event calls for concern

and can be reflective of the

level of fear presented by

the Paris event in New Zealand.

A Sikh medical student

from India was mistaken to

be involved in a suspicious

act and Police were called to

question him.

The student was put

through an ordeal because

he “looked suspicious.’

This incident depicts the

potential pitfalls and the

dangers associated with

reacting out of fear which

can lead to paranoia and

disastrous consequences. It

can have a snowball effect.

The result is high level of


our democratic ways

and compromising our

freedom of thought, speech

and action.

As a nation we have to be

vigilant. Once that spectrum

is tipped, it would be difficult

to get that moderation,

tolerance and freedom


As Elton John said at his

Wellington concert,“This

world needs love, hope and

faith now than ever before.”

We must not forget humanity;

the actions of a small

group should not dictate

our ways of interacting. We

belong to a global family

and one nation. We dictate

our terms of engagement,

and this cannot be as a

result of fear!

Kamil Lakshman is a

Lawyer & Principal of

Wellington based law firm

Idesi Legal Limited. She

can be contacted on (04)

4616018 or 021-1598803.

Email: kamil.lakshman@;




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December 1, 2015


Indian Newslink

Red, White, Blue, change in flag due

Malcolm Mulholland

Some of the older

generation of New Zealanders

might remember

marching and saluting

the flag at school, but may not

be aware of the history behind

the ceremony.

People should be aware of

the historical context in which

the current flag was legislated

for and the ideals it promoted,

such as all New Zealand

children identifying firstly as

citizens of the British Empire

and secondly, as New Zealand


Editor’s Note: The author

explores the flag-saluting

Imperialism in New Zealand

Schools from the late 1800s to

the mid-1960s in his recently

published Paper, ‘For God,

King and Empire: British

Patriotism in New Zealand

Schools – Waving the Flag

in New Zealand Schools. His

Paper, with numerous historic

references and quotes,

outlines how intrinsically the

current flag – and England’s

Union Jack within it – was

linked to the fostering ‘Empire

fervour’ and servitude

to the ‘Mother Country.’

Key events

Five key events relating to

the British Empire that occurred

around the turn of the

20thcentury underpinned the

fervent Imperialism promoted

in schools.

These were 1. The Diamond

Jubilee of Queen Victoria

(1897)2. The Boer War (1899-

1902)3. The death of Queen

Victoria (1901)4. The Royal Tour

of the Duke and Duchess of

Cornwall and York (1901) and 5.

The Coronation of King Edward

VII (1902).

These events have a significant

impact upon New Zealand

society led by Imperialist Premier

King Dick Richard Seddon,

the same man who introduced

the legislation for our current


School ritual

The Hoisting the Flag

Movement (also known as

‘Unfurling or Saluting the Flag’)

was a development that spread

throughout schools in New

Zealand during the early 1900s.

It was designed to install

patriotism towards Mother

Britain in New Zealand children

by paying reverence to a flag

or flags (either the Union Jack,

the New Zealand Flag, or both),

performing military drills, and

being regaled in the history of

the British Empire.

By 1902, the Ceremony had

acquired a familiar form; local

dignitaries would attend; several

patriotic speeches regarding

membership of the British

Empire were delivered to the

pupils; and a flag – either the

Union Jack or the New Zealand

Ensign – would be unfurled

to the accompaniment of the

national anthem, perhaps a

verse of Rule Britannia, and the

song ‘Red, White and Blue.’

There was, however, some

confusion in schools about

which flag should be unfurled,

and on which occasions, with

the Union Jack being the more

popular over time and holding

the superior position when

flown with the New Zealand

Ensign (flag).

Declining trend

The ceremonies began to

decline by the 1960s, with a Bay

of Plenty Times editorial commenting,“Such


of patriotism can and should

be meaningful without having

to resort to mass flag waving

as indulged in by some other

countries or to boring parades

with the usual invitation to

some dignitary or another who,

with tedious long-windedness,

trots out outworn clichés of

patriotic fervour.”

The use of flags in schools

began during the zenith of the

British Empire and the suggestion

(by then Education Minister

Merv Wellington in 1984) of

the practise being compulsory

brought back nearly a century

later, resulted in widespread


The ‘Hoisting the Flag’

movement swept over all New

Zealand schools and remained

in some way, shape or form, for

the best part of the first half of

the 20th century as a way for

New Zealand school pupils to

exhibit their allegiance to both

Empire and country.

Confusion reigned regarding

what flag to fly, but whether it

be the Union Jack or the New

Zealand Ensign, the purpose

was clear; to inculcate New

Zealand school children with a

deep sense of patriotism and to

act as a reminder of the British


New Zealanders will shortly

be voting on whether to keep

the current flag or replace it

with one of five alternative


Malcolm Mulholland is Senior

Researcher in the School

of Maori Art, Knowledge and

Education (Te Putahi-a-Toi)

and a member of the Flag Consideration

Panel established

by the New Zealand Government.

He is seen here leading

a mock flag-hoisting ceremony

for a group of school children

in Palmerston North recently.

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Indian Newslink

December 1, 2015 EDUCATIONLINK 7

Exchange Programme tightens

student bond

A Correspondent

Howick College, Auckland

and Bharatiya

Vidya Bhavan’s

Vallabhram Mehta

Public School, Vadodara

(Baroda), India had an educational

exchange programme

from October 18 to October

31, 2015.

Eleven students and two

teachers from India visited

New Zealand for the first

time as part of this 14-day-exchange


The students attended normal

classes with the students

at Howick College.

Kiwi buddies

The individual class

timetable was designed well

by Howick College with each

student assigned a ‘buddy.’

The students attended classes

as per the timetable of the


The students from

Bhavan’s School made a

presentation of the ‘ISRO

Mars Mission’ to the students

of Howick College. It was an

enriching programme for

the visiting students as they

enjoyed the friendly and

informal atmosphere at the


The students visited AUT,

University of Auckland and

Massey University to explore

possible opportunities for

their future studies in New

Students of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Vallabhram Mehta Public School,

Vadodara with their counterparts at Howick College in Auckland

Zealand. The bright

students from India

presented science projects

and delivered lectures

to students and teachers

about the system of

education in India and

strategies used to deliver

knowledge to high school


Howick College Principal

Iva Ropati admired

the students from India

for their intelligence and

excellent behaviour. He

complimented them on

their smart uniform with

blue blazers, which, he

said, reminded him of

Indian cricket players.

The programme was

organised by Blue Horizon

Consultancy Services,

Auckland, comprising

Marketing Consultant

Venki Iyer and Educationist

Meena Iyer.

It was of personal

significance to Mrs Iyer

who had taught at both


The students and teachers

were taken care of by

host families who went

out of their way to extend

their hospitality.

Energetic entertainment

On the last day of their

stay, students presented

a cultural programme

including the ‘Garba’ and

asong and dance item

taken from a Hindi film.

The performances were

marked for their vivacity

and colourful costumes.

The students were all

praise for New Zealand

and Howick College and

have carried with them

loads of memories of

the country with the

warm, friendly nature of

the students of Howick

College and the excellent

teaching methods used by

the school.

They left with a strong

feeling that New Zealand

is not only famous for

open spaces but also for

people with their open

hearts and open minds.

Agood broker is the

best insuranceyou canhave

let us speak today..

tommorrow maybetoo late.

•About 12 years of experienceinNew Zealand

•Over500 satisfied clients

•Morethan $3 million claims settled

•Value added customer relationship

•Products and services tailored to individual needs

Fali Mistry

Registered Financial Adviser

Winner of the

‘Best Customer ServiceAward’

Member of






61 CarltonStreet,Hillsborough, Auckland 1042

Tel: 09 625 5060 Fax09625 5062 Mob: 021 426 858

Free Phone: 0508 INSURANCE,


(disclosurestatementavailable on request)

December 1, 2015


The reverse side of

educating Indians

Winston Peters

makes it so easy for

migrant communities,


those from India, to hate him.

Every now and then, he issues

statements that rile people,

although very few pause to

consider if they have merit.

Many of his statements do.

Consider for a moment what

he said last week.

“Thousands of Indian

students are coming to New

Zealand to find work. Their

goal is not to study. Low-skilled

jobs are being taken over by

foreign students desperate to

earn to pay off debt. There is

an absolute rush to get to New

Zealand,” he said.

According to Mr Peters,

there were 8300 applications

to Immigration New Zealand

in Mumbai in the two months

before a new English language

requirement was made


If you were to examine Mr

Peters’ statement, you would

find the lurking truth.

The Vicious cycle

A substantial number of students

from India have one common

goal: find a job, become

a permanent resident, acquire

New Zealand citizenship and

hop across the Tasman.

It took the John Howard

government to swallow the

hard pill in announcing changes

to Australia’s immigration

policy which now does not

allow ‘automatic benefits’ for

New Zealanders. And there is

no exception to the rule that

foreigners crossing the age of

50 years can never seek and get

Australian citizenship.

It is very convenient to

criticise Mr Peters but those

pausing to think will find some

harsh realities. Indian students

are led to believe by education

agents before they leave India

that the simplest and fastest

route to citizenship is to become

a student. A number of them

therefore do not even consider

attending classes at educational


Employer exploitation

Indian students are also

routinely exploited (mainly by

Indian employers) at work- they

are overworked and underpaid

and the vicious cycle of ‘youcomplain-you-lose-your-job’

seems to be eternal.

Please do not get us wrong.

We do need international

students from India. They

add value to our system and

community. But it should not be

at a price – especially to them.

New Class

The argument that ‘students

from India poach jobs and bring

down wage levels’ may lose

weight as the new, expanding

class of ‘educational entrepreneurs’

begin to make their

impact across the world. As the

Economist mentioned, foreign

universities crave access to India’s

booming higher-education

market. Less well known is how

some Indian institutions are

venturing overseas.

“Atul Chauhan, Chancellor

of Amity University, rattles off

a list of countries, including

America, Britain, China,

Singapore and the United Arab

Emirates, where his Indian outfit

has so far opened operations.

Amity, a non-profit which, unusually,

is owned by a for-profit

conglomerate, AKC Group, will

open its latest foreign outpost,

in Romania. Next on its list

are Australia, Germany, Brazil

and Japan, among others.“Our

target is 50 countries in the next

ten years,” Mr Chauhan said.

Global expansion

Amity’s original campus is

a set of red-brick-and-glass

towers, east of Delhi, whose media-studies

department is better

equipped than professional

broadcasters’ studios nearby.

It offers more than 240 courses

(engineering and business dominate)

and says it has 125,000

students, most at 20-plus sites in

India, with roughly 10,000 now

enrolled overseas.

Going gang busters excites

Amity’s bosses, though some

competitors say throwing

up campuses does not mean

embedding a teaching culture,

getting capable faculty or

achieving high academic standards.“Go

to too many places too

quickly and you spread yourself

too thin,” sniffs the boss of a

rival Indian private university.

According to the Economist,

Amity has had missteps.

It postponed a planned


investment in a London

campus, after Britain tightened

its visa rules, putting off many

would-be foreign students.

He said that the money was

used instead to pay for a 15-acre

site in Dubai, where it now has

2000 students; proof, he says,

that “we are here for the next

100 years.”

IIT expansion

India’s well-regarded institutes

of technology, which are

state-run and thus less nimble

than private organisations, are

so far staying at home. However,

Shobha Mishra Ghosh of the

Federation of Indian Chambers

of Commerce and Industry

(FICCI), notes that there are a

number of private university

groups with deep pockets to

expand abroad as a number of

them are now doing.

The home market is expanding

rapidly, by some estimates,

as many as 42million Indians

may be in further or higher

education by 2020. But the field

is crowded: more than 35,000

colleges and 700 universities vie

for students. So it makes sense

also to pursue the 28million

people of Indian heritage who

live abroad, and the 200,000

Indians who go overseas to

study each year.

Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level 1, Number 166,

Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 and printed at Horton Media Limited, Auckland. All material

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Production Manager: Mahes Perera; Design: Shine Kumar; Sales Manager: Suresh Krishnan

Phone: (09) 5336377 Email: Web:


touch of royalty, the

feel of affinity and

an air of cordiality

marked the highly

successful visit of India’s

Prime Minister Narendra

Modi to the United Kingdom

from November 12 to 14,


If diplomatic whispers

were any indication, Queen

Elizabeth II was delighted to

invite him for lunch at the

Buckingham Palace against

the background of his political

critics at home who taunt him

as a tea boy.

Mr Modi is never shy to

reveal his hard upbringing,

a childhood life drenched in

an environment of poverty

and sell tea to supplement the

family income.

The Queen, with a broad

smile and handshake, greeted

Mr Modi as he strode into the

palace in his typical iconic

Indian dress.

Boisterous reception

His British counterpart

David Cameron invited him

to the Chequers for talks

soaked as they were in age-old

relations. The two later made

their way to the Wembley

stadium to savour a warm,

cheering yet intermittently

boisterous reception.

The highlight of his visit

was his address to the British

Parliament where he got a

standing ovation.

In India, a hard critic and

former Chief minister of

Jammu and Kashmir Omar

Abdullah described his

presentation in the House

of Commons as ‘an excellent


“Why can’t we just take

pride in that?” he tweeted

in a rejoinder to Mr Modi’s


On the joint Press conference

of the two premiers. Mr

Abdullah’s sharp remarks

raised eyebrows in journalist

and academic circles.

“I think we can safely

assume that the British Press

was not advised about what

to ask and what not to ask,”

he said.

Indo-British overlap

In his address to the British

Parliament, Mr Modi said

that much of modern India

was linked to the Parliament


“So much history looms

across our relationship,”

he said, noting that many

of the freedom fighters

found their calling in the

institutions of Britain

and many makers of

modern India, including

his predecessors from

Jawaharlal Nehru to Dr

Manmohan Singh, passed

through the Parliament


“There are many things

on which it is hard to tell

anymore if they are British

or Indian; the Jaguar

or the Scotland Yard, for


“And our strongest

debates are whether

the Lord’s pitch swings

unfairly or the wicket at

Eden Gardens (in Kolka-

Indian Newslink

Modi brings home a slice

of Britain’s heart

NVR Swami

ta) cracks too early. And we love

the Bhangra rap from London

just as you like the English novel

from India.”

Superlative Indians

He said the UK was the third

largest investor in India behind

Singapore and Mauritius. India

was the third largest source

of Foreign Direct Investment

projects in the UK.

Indians invest more in Britain

than in the rest of European

Union combined. It was not

because they want to save on

interpretation costs but because

they “find an environment that

is welcoming and familiar.”

“It takes an Indian icon, Tata,

to run a British icon and become

the nation’s largest private sector

employer,” Mr Modi said.

Britain remains a preferred

destination for Indian students

and an Indian company is taking

a thousand British students to India

to skill them in information


“Strong as our partnership is,

for a relationship such as ours,

we must set higher ambitions.

We are two democracies, two

strong economies and two

innovative societies,” he said.

Shifting fault-lines

Mr Modi said that the fault

lines were shifting from the

boundaries of the nations into

the ‘web of our societies’ and the

streets of cities.

“And terrorism and extremism

are a global force that are

larger than their changing

names, groups, territories and

targets. The world must speak

in one voice and act in unison

to combat this challenge of

our times. We must adopt a

Comprehensive Convention on

International Terrorism in the

United Nations without delay.

“There should be no distinction

between terrorist groups or

discrimination between nations.

There should be a resolve to

isolate those who harbour terrorists

and willingness to stand

with nations that will fight them

honestly. And, we need a social

movement against extremism

in countries where it is most

prevalent and every effort to

delink religion and terrorism,”

he said.

Regional blocs

On his way back home from

London, the Indian Premier

attended the G20 Summit in

Antalya, Turkey. He flew to

Malaysia soon after to attend

the ASEAN Summit.

Mr Modi said that the ten

member-countries of ASEAN

form an economic powerhouse,and

have emerged as one

of the largest economic zones in

the world.

The macro-economic stability

had been the main reason for

growth and stability in South-

East Asia. This showed that the

growth depended more on the

spirit of people rather than the

size of the population.

Speaking about India, he said,

“We must reform to transform.”

“Reform to me is just a way

station on the long journey to

destination. The destination is

the transformation of India. We

are working in all ways to make

India a global manufacturing


Indian Newslink


Words of appreciation inspire us to move forward

Venkat Raman

The best Award that a

journalist can get is a

word of appreciation.

Nothing gives us greater

pleasure than a smile that

indicates satisfaction.

On that score, we are beholden

to more than 200 guests who

chose to write to us expressing

their delight at the way in which

the Eighth Annual BNZ-Indian

Newslink Indian Business

Awards turned out to be on

Monday, November 23, 2015 at

Sky City Convention Centre.

We have chosen just a few to

provide a broad representation

of the dignitaries, businesses,

manufacturers and professionals

who attended the event. We

have of course removed some

accolades that made us shy!

Steven Joyce, Economic Development


Each year the Indian

Newslink Indian Business

Awards get bigger and bigger

with increasing number of

guests and participants. This

event alone will require a better

and bigger Convention Centre.

Dr Don Brash, Deputy Chairman,

India Trade Alliance

It was a splendid occasion,

and the attendance was a

great tribute to you and your

colleagues at Indian Newslink.

Very many thanks and best


Dr Richard Worth, Deputy

Chairman, India Trade


Thank you very much for

a splendid event on Monday

(November 23) and the opportunity

to be present in such

distinguished company at the

India Newslink Indian Business


I am very much aware that

substantial skill and organisation

is required to run such

events. I know that the India

Trade Alliance team had an informative

and highly enjoyable


Anthony Healy, Managing

Director & Chief Executive,

Bank of New Zealand

We are happy to be the Title

Sponsor of the Indian Newslink

Indian Business Awards for the

fifth successive year and we are

delighted to see it grow every

year. We are proud of the Indian

business community which

has consistently performed well.

Mai Chen, Public Law Specialist

and Director, BNZ

I would be happy to get a

Sir Bob Harvey, Ansuya Naidoo, Ashok and Sheila Patel

copy of the superb speech of Dr

Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi.

Anwar Ghani, Former President,

Federation of Islamic

Associations of New Zealand

I congratulate you and the

Indian Newslink team for organising

such a successful evening.

Your efforts in promoting the

Indian Diaspora and its input in

New Zealand economy is highly


Johnrae Tannen, Regional

Manager, Business Banking

Auckland West, ANZ

As always the event was super

and is getting better and better

each year and we enjoyed every


Lawrence Ponniah, Managing

Partner, Corban Revell


Another successful Awards

night. Well done.Thank you

for giving Corban Revell the

opportunity to be part of the

successful evening.

Dr Chung-hsing Chou, Director General, Taipei Cultural & Economic Office in Auckland with the

members of the Taiwanese business community

Sam Alrdini, Jagmeet Singh, Amita Gejji and Bharat Jain at the NZSE Stall

A section of the guests at the Awards Night 2015

December 1, 2015


Supreme Business of the Year

Judges’ Comments:

Patton Limited manufactures and supplies

commercial refrigeration equipment.

Established in 1923 in Christchurch,it

was acquired this year by Beijer Ref based

in Sweden and combined with another New

Zealand manufacturer.

Their company’s highly experienced Chief

Executive Officer Sameer Handa continues in

an expanded role.

It is a credit to Mr Handa and his management

team that the sometimes-difficult change

management process has been navigated

soundly and that the enlarged group in New

Zealand is in good shape to take advantage of

new opportunities.

We were also very impressed with the way

Patton Limited has more than doubled its

business in India in the last five years.

India is the world’s largest producer of milk

and also the biggest producer of fruit and


Patton Limited sees this as a huge opportunity

to grow in this market as the demand for refrigeration


We have no hesitation in commending Patton

Limited as the Supreme Winner of the Indian

Business Awards for 2015.

Indian Newslink

Winner : Patton LTD


Steven Joyce with Anthony Healy and Sameer Handa

Best Large Business

Judges’ Comments:

Patton Limited, established in 1923 in

Christchurch,manufactures and supplies

commercial refrigeration equipment.

During 2015,the Company was acquired by

Beijer Ref based in Sweden and combined with

another New Zealand manufacturer.

Patton’s experienced Chief Executive Sameer

Handa continues in an expanded role.


Patton Limited

Link 2 Group

Winner : Patton LTD

We acknowledge a well-run company with

good strategies for growth.It has a solid marketing

planning process with an emphasis on

effective communication channels and building

brand value.

Innovation has an important role and utilises

Better by Design principles, the processes of

which have been embedded into the company



Indian High Commission Charge d’ Affaires Sandeep Sood presenting the Best Large Business Award

to Sameer Handa

Winning the Best Business Woman of the Year Trophy for the

second successive year at the Eighth Annual BNZ-Indian Newslink

Indian Business Awards on Monday, November 23, 2015 was the

proudest moment in my life.

The Beauty Industry has been my passion and love for the past 14


Idonot advertise to promote my Beauty Therapy Clinics because

my clients speak for me. They are my best advertisers and promoters

because they receive not only my personal care and attention

but also respect and admiration.

Ibelieve in holistic approach and use only organic products that do

not damage the skin; which is why,celebrities, television presenters

and others love the quality of my work and feel confident in the

pursuit of their own profession.

Itreat the members of my staff asmyfamily and Itrain and encourage

them to seek better qualifications and improve their professional

standards all the time. Ihave also been training students from all

over New Zealand since last year.

Ronita Sharma with Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce and New Zealand School of education

Managing Director Brijesh Sethi at the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards Ceremony held at Sky City

Convention Centre, Auckland on November 23, 2015.

Itake this opportunity to thank my clients, staff and my family. Itis

because of their support and loyalty that I have expanded my

business and won this prestigious award.

29C Mt Eden Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland -Phone (09) 3580830

Website: |Facebook: forevershinebeautytherapy

Indian Newslink



Congratulations to

Patton Ltd, winner of the

Indian Newslink Supreme

Business Award 2015.

Proudly supporting the Indian Business Awards. 0800 273 916

BNZ 3474-MMT248_P_CS_F.indd 1

24/11/15 4:39 pm

December 1, 2015


Best Medium-Sized Business

Indian Newslink

Judges’ Comments:

Global Financial Services Limited provides

financial services to its clients and works

with Banks and Insurance companies to

meet clients’ requirements.

We found it to be an efficient and effective

business with strong annual growth, especially

in the Indian community. There is a strong

leadership and management team, strong

financial results, and clear understanding of the

target market.

Global Financial Services is ranked as a Top

Mortgage adviser by two of the major banks in

New Zealand and as a Top Insurance adviser by

a major global Insurance Group.


Imagetext Systems

Global Financial Services Limited

Pacific Engineering Projects Limited

Best Small Business


2degrees Mobile Limited

Winner : Global Financial Services Limited

Labour Leader Andrew Little with Global Financial Services Managing Director Ajay Kumar and 2degrees

Mobile Limited Scott Taylor

Judges’ Comments:

Global Imports & Exports Limited is a

specialised distributor of building hardware,

electrical and automotive products

distributing to South Pacific Markets.

The Company’s strategy to be a customer

centric company has resulted in relationships

with certain customers and suppliers lasting

almost 20 years.

We note that the Company is expanding current

and new markets in the South Pacific and

increasing its product range to accommodate

environmentally friendly and more innovative



1. IBBZ Accounting

2. Global Imports and Exports Limited

3. Forever Shine Beauty Therapy

4. Hunua General Store

5. Immigration Advice New Zealand Limited


Winner : Global Imports and Exports Limited

Sanjala and Peter Datt with Peseta Sam Lotu-liga and

Pullman Auckland Hotel General Manager Zac Lumsden

Get the Foundation

for Career Success

early childhood education



0800 88 6922




Indian Newslink


Business Excellence in Retail Trade

Judges’ Comments:

This general store was acquired in June 2014

and has been refreshed and refocused by

establishing links with the community,

redesigning the store, and stocking products

more likely to appeal to locals.

We commend this very committed and enthusiastic

shopkeeper who has excelled at aligning his


Global Imports and Exports Limited

Hunua General Store

customer needs with his business, and promoted

high levels of customer care.

It was exhilarating to see the business model of

this Store the pride of making a difference in the



Winner : Hunua General Store

Hunua General Store Director Raj Charan with (from left) Oporto New Zealand CEO Lawrence Pereira.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce and Oporto Australia Chief Executive Craig Tozer

Business Excellence in Innovation

Judges’ Comments:

Crestclean is a contract cleaning business

model with a large number of licensees

operating in the East and South of Auckland.

We were impressed by the use of a collaborative

approach with invited ideas and contributions

from all franchisees.

It is clear that the management of this Company

uses innovation processes as a key driver

of fresh service ideas including the clean water

window cleaning system and leadership in the

new health and safety legislation coming into

force next year.


CrestClean South and East Auckland

Grill and Shakes

Patton Limited

The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre


CrestClean South & East Auckland

Associate Trade Minister Todd McClay and Corban Revell Lawyers Managing Partner Lawrence Ponniah

with Viky and Nileshna Narayan. Seated far left is Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce.

December 1, 2015


Business Excellence in Marketing

Indian Newslink

Judges’ Comments:

Crestclean is a contract cleaning business

model with a large number of licensees

operating in the East and South of


We were impressed by the success of their


1. Patton Limited

2. CrestClean South and East Auckland

3. Pacific Engineering Projects Limited

4. Global Financial Services Limited

5. Link 2 Group

marketing strategy which has doubled customer

numbers in three years, through direct

communication with clients, excellent service

and leveraging word of mouth. Crestclean

targets a very specific market segment which is

particularly suitable for its licensees.


Winner : CrestClean South & East Auckland

Viky & Nileshna Narayan with (from left) Radio Tarana Managing Director Robert Khan and Small

Business Minister Craig Foss. Seated far left is Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce.

Business Excellence in Customer Service

Judges’ Comments:

Link2 Group provides services to

warehousing and logistics companies.

Clever systems ensure that well-trained

staff are managed expertly and customer service

is discussed weekly with clients.

We were impressed by the Company’s focus

on serving its customers, evidenced in its

work practices and commitment to ongoing

improvements. A significant amount of work

has been done to prepare the company for

future growth and the team are now looking to

move into additional market activities, and to

scale up the operation overseas.


1. CrestClean South and East Auckland

2. Pacific Engineering Projects Limited

3. Global Financial Services Limited

4. Link 2 Group

5. Global Imports and Exports Limited Sponsor Sponsored by

Winner : Link 2 Group

Link 2 Group Managing Director Indra Sirigiri with (from left) Economic Development Minister Steven

Joyce, Auckland Mayor Len Brown and Mercury Printz Directors Ilango & Sakthi Krishnamoorthy.

Congratulations to this year’s winner of

The Best Young Entreprenuer Award:

Umesh Thakur of Patton Ltd

Our congratulations also goes to the following award winners:

Business Excellence in Retail

Hunua General Stores

Business Excellence in Customer Service

Link 2 Group

Best Medium Sized Business

Global Financial Services Ltd

Best Accountant of the Year

Saurav Wadhwa - IBBZ Accounting

Business Excellence in Innovation

Crest Clean South and East Auckland

Business Excellence in ICT

Imagetext Intergrated Solutions

Best Large Business

Patton Ltd

Best Businesswoman

Ronita Sharma, Forever Shine Beauty


Business Excellence in Marketing

Crest Clean South and East Auckland

Best Small Business

Global Imports and Exports Ltd

Business Excellence in International Trade

with India

Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS)

Supreme Business of the Year

Patton Ltd

Best Financial Advisor

Ajay Kumar - Global Financial Services

Aon New Zealand.

Proud to support the Indian Business Awards 2015.

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Awards showcase business excellence

Apurv Shukla

The Eighth Annual BNZ-Indian Newslink Indian

Business Awards(INIBA)held on November 23,

2015 atthe Sky City Convention Centre attracted a

broad spectrum of people, including political and

business leaders, professionals and others.

Among the Guests of Honour were Economic Development

Minister Steven Joyce, Associate Trade Minister Todd

McClay, Minister of Small Business Craig Floss, Ethnic

Communities Minister Peseta Sam Lotu-liga, Opposition

Leader Andrew Little, Former UNIDO Advisor Jebamalai

Vinanchiarachi, Indian High Commissioner Charge d’

Affaires Sandeep Sood, Auckland Mayor Len Brown, BNZ

Managing Director & Chief Executive Anthony Healy, BNZ

Director Mai Chen and KPMG Executive Chairman Ross


Since its inception in 2008, our Awards Scheme have

strived to be a credible platform where the best of businesses

and professionals of Indian origin are recognised

and honoured. This event is the culmination of an exercise

which begins in March with an invitation for entries in

various categories- there were 13 this year, in addition to

the ‘Supreme Business of the Year.’ An independent and

distinguished panelof judges evaluate the entries and

declare the finalists and winners at the Awards Night.

Networking Opportunity

The evening began at 5 pm with cocktails, providing

an opportunity for the guests to mix and mingle. The

networking hour also provided our sponsors an occasion

to showcase their goods and services and has helped over

the years to forge new acquaintances,andcommercial


Michelle Pickles, popular Sports reporter and television

presenter (TV3) was the Master of ceremonies.

Family Companies

The Awards covered different scales of businesses

owned, operated, managed or franchised by people of

Indian origin in New Zealand

Small & Medium-sized businesses are the backbone of

the New Zealand economy.Most of them are family-owned

and operated, shining as an example of the importancet

hat family plays in Indian culture. The Awards Night

highlighted this facet by honouring successful companies

with Business Excellence Awards in Small & Medium-Sized

Businesses, the winners of which this year were

respectively Global Import & Export and Global Financial


Businesses in New Zealand rely a lot on word-of-mouth

to achieve success. Businesses run by people of Indian

origin fully realise this virtue, and emphasise on good customer

services.Link 2 Group won the ‘Business Excellence

in Customer Service’category, and acknowledged this trait

as a major factor in expanding its client base and getting

repeat orders.

Marketing superlative

In this age of intense competition and plethora of

options available in all sectors, it is imperative that any

commercial product is marketed well. There should be

awareness,curiosity and excitement generated to make

any product successful. The social media is an evolving

space, which should also be tapped in today’s world. The

Awards night had a category encompassing these traits

through ‘Business Excellence in Marketing.’Crest Clean

South & East Auckland won this award, and were praised

by the judges for their innovative and engaging marketing


INIBA 2015 also awarded talented individuals in the

business community in categories of the Best Accountant

and Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Youth power drives the world with their energy and

continual desire to succeed keeping businesses moving

forward.Saurav Wadhwa of IBBZ Accounting and Umesh

Thakur of Patton Ltd were declared respectively the Best

Accountant and Best Young Entrepreneur for 2015.Mr

Wadhwa epitomised how the Kiwi society provides a

fair chance to all. He started his career in the hospitality

sector, and steadily worked his way up to become a sought

after financial guru.

Best Businesswoman

New Zealand was the first country in the world to accord

women the right to vote in 1893. It is only befitting that

INIBA recognised the outstanding contribution made by

women, running successful businesses, by awarding the

‘Best Businesswoman of the Year’ trophy.Ronita Sharma

from Forever Shine & Beauty won the award for the

second year in a row.

India’s potential as a destination for investors and

businesses is recognised by the ‘Business Excellence in

Export to India’ category. This has the possibility to be the

most lucrative sector for Kiwi exporters in years to come;

provided the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with India goes

through.Auckland Institute of Studies bagged the award

this year.

The last Award declared for the night was the most prestigious,

namely, Supreme Business of the Year.’ Patton New Zealand won

this coveted title. Based in Auckland,it provides refrigeration and

air conditioning products and related services

Steven Joyce

Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi

Anthony Healy

Michelle Pickles Ratna Venkat dancing to the voices of Sneha A section of the audience

Anthony & Jeffery Nathan

December 1, 2015


Business Excellence in Information &

Computer Technology

Judges’ Comments:

We appreciate that this well-established

IT company is expertly managed and

growing in a decreasing market sector.

The management and staff are passionate and

committed to look for new options.

A key strength has been flexibility and

adaptability to continue to provide value added

solutions to their leading clients. As a result, this

company has had solid revenues and profits and

continues to support its staff and provide a good

return to the stakeholders.


Indian Newslink


Finalist & Winner : Imagetext Systems

Darius Mistry of Imagetext Systems receiving his Award from Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi, watched

by (from left) Steven Joyce (seated) and Sahara International Directors Paul Lange and Steve Castello.

Business Excellence in

International Trade with India

Judges’ Comments:

This large-scale tertiary institution was the

pioneer of privately provided degrees for the

international market and is still by far the

market leader.

It provides MBA courses of five intakes a year,

many of who have done preliminary courses in

AIS-affiliates in Delhi and Kolkata.

We noted that important elements in its

continuing success are the student services and

job and internship outplacements.

Many of the students come from SME-owning

families in India, and the AIS MBA provides a

wide range of business skills to take back home.


Winner: Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS)

Richard Smith of Auckland Institute of Studies, Dr Jebamalai (seated), BNZ Managing Director & CEO

Anthony Healy and ACG Chief Executive Owen Daji

KPMG is a proud

sponsor of the Indian

Business Awards 2015

New Zealand’s Indian business community

is a vital part of our economy and these

awards recognise – and celebrate – the

successes of our New Zealand-based

Indian businesses and business leaders.

This year, KPMG is a sponsor for the

‘Best Accountant of the Year’ category.



© 2015 KPMG, a New Zealand partnership and a member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with

KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity. All rights reserved. The KPMG name, logo and “cutting

through complexity” are registered trademarks or trademarks of KPMG International Cooperative. 01388

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December 1, 2015


Best Financial Advisor

(Mortgage & Insurance) of the Year

Indian Newslink

Judges’ Comments:

Ajay Kumar is the highly capable founder

of Global Financial Services Limited.

In our opinion,he provides strong

leadership and has built a very capable senior



1. Mehernosh Kotwal – The Advisor Channel

2. Ajay Kumar – Global Financial Services Limited

Winner: Ajay Kumar –

Global Financial Services Limited

Mr Kumar is now a mentor and coach to his

management team, and is involved in very large

client deals while also leading Compliance and

Regulation efforts.


Ajay Kumar receives the Award from BNZ Director Mai Chen, watched by AIA New Zealand Chief

Executive Natalie Cameron

Best Accountant of the Year

Judges’ Comments:

We were impressed by the way Saurav

Wadhwa has, in four years, built up a

sustainable client base from scratch.

He has used his degree in Taxation to provide

additional revenue streams with higher value to

supplement the compliance practice.

He has also used technology well to expand the

reach of IBBZ.


Anahita Shaikh – Immigration Advice New Zealand Limited

Saurav Wadhwa – IBBZ Accounting



Winner: Saurav Wadhwa – IBBZ Accounting

Saurav Wadhwa with KPMG Executive Chairman Ross Buckley and Partner (Consultancy)

Chandan Ohri

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Celebrating success for CrestClean

Shining Stars... again

Congratulations to Viky and Nileshna Narayan, CrestClean’s South and

East Auckland Regional Managers, for winning the ‘Business

Excellence in Marketing’ and ‘Business Excellence in Innovation’

Awards at the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards. They also won

the ‘Business Excellence in Marketing Award last year.

The awards were presented to Viky and Nileshna in front of an

audience of 1100 at the Sky City Convention Centre in Auckland.

“It is an honour to have won both awards,” Viky says. “We were

hoping that we would win both but when it was announced we went

blank. We couldn’t believe it”.

It has been a great year - Viky and Nileshna also won the prestigious

2015/2016 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards Master

Franchisee of the Year and were finalists in Marketing.

Originally from Fiji, Viky and Nileshna purchased a CrestClean

franchise in 2005. They became Regional Managers in 2008,

overseeing the large South Auckland CrestClean customer base. In

2013, they added the East Auckland region to their business.

They now oversee the operations of 82 franchises and 180 personnel

providing commercial cleaning services for more than 350 customers

in South and East Auckland.

“It is all about team commitment. The judges commended us on our

outstanding entries, systems and processes. We couldn’t have won

these awards without the support of CrestClean” Viky says.

“Come and join the

CrestClean family”

“Our success is built on teamwork and

dedication. Our brand is very strong and well

received - this means we have demand for our services right across New

Zealand, particularly in the smaller towns and regions. CrestClean has over

500 franchise businesses, succeeding in the regions, building wonderful

businesses, involving themselves in their communities and raising families.

We encourage anyone in the larger Indian community to start a business

with CrestClean and enjoy being your own boss.”

Viky and Nileshna Narayan

Franchise Opportunity

Special Offer

‘Move to The Regions’

$3000 Relocation Assistance

We’ll help you move, start and grow your own business. Call now 0800 273 780 for an Information Pack or go to

December 1, 2015


Indian Newslink

Hunua General Store

Proud winner of the Business Excellence in Retail Trade Award

We are often asked, “What is your point of difference from

other mainstream grocers?”

Our answer has always been,” Our business approach is

new-age, old fashion. The values that focus on five-star

customer treatment.”

I acknowledge the support and encouragement of my

parents Shiv and Chanchala Charan and my wife Ronita


This Award will inspire my children Priyanka and Prashant

Charan, celebrating three generations of store-keeping.

My special thanks to Kanu Patel and Jigesh Pala of Patel

Pike & Associates for their guidance, my brother Vikash

Charan, sister-in-law Ashika Charan and nephew Anmol

Charan, and my lifetime friend Dr Nasser Sheik and his

daughter Sara Sheik who blessed us with their presence

at this momentous achievement.

I am also grateful to Manish Tanna for his assistance in

the entry process.

Hunua General Store will continue to be different and

strive to achieve high standards of customer service and

customer satisfaction.

Hunua General Store is an agent for Gull Petroleum,

specialising in boutique products including artisan breads,

meats, cheeses, gourmet jams, honey and chutney. Most

of the products sold are from local growers and are sprayfree

vegetables and fruits.

Raj Charan with his family and friends at Sky City Convention Centre

Raj Charan receiving the Business Excellence in Retail Trade Award at the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards

held on November 23, 2015 at Sky City Convention Centre, Auckland

Raj with his wife Ronita Charan

Hunua General Store 2320 Hunua Road, Papakura, Auckland 2583

$14 .99

* Upsize offer applies to

‘Take on the Lot’ offer only


600ml drink

and add mash

& gravy for


The Full Lot

• 1 Single Fillet Bondi or Norm • 1 RappSnacker • 1 Drum Stick • 1 Tater Puff • 420ml Drink



Indian Newslink GFS_IBA Awards_fullpage_Final_bleed_Nov2015.pdf 1 28/11/2015 6:04:06 PM










December 1, 2015


Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Indian Newslink

Judges’ Comments:

Umesh Thakur is responsible for human

resource strategy and practice for Patton


We were impressed that the HR function

has been aligned to business goals, and has

led to positive changes in staff culture and

engagement. These policies and programmes

have been entirely developed and implemented

by Mr Thakur.

This points to an understanding and performance

beyond his years and has significantly

contributed to the Company’s performance both

financially and culturally.


Saurav Wadhwa – IBBZ Accounting

Umesh Thakur – Patton Limited

Aseem Agarwal – Global Financial Services Ltd

Satyan Mehra – IFLY Limited

Rahul Sirigiri – Link 2 Group

Winner: Umesh Thakur – Patton Limited

Best Businesswoman of the Year

Judges’ Comments:

Ronita Sharma is the Founder and Chief

Executive Officer of ‘Forever Shine &

Beauty Therapy Clinic,’providing natural

and traditional skincare with medical Ayurvedic



Diana Kotwal – The Advisor Channel

Shivani Arora – India Gate Restaurant

Jaya Sirigiri – Link 2 Group

Ronita Sharma – Forever Shine Beauty Therapy

Rajnish Sen – Pacific Engineering Projects Ltd

Winner: Ronita Sharma –

Forever Shine Beauty Therapy


We liked her focus on research into

technology improvements and facial

treatments, and also her strategies for

marketing which have increased new clients

by 18% in the last three months, monitored

through the use of clever online technology.


Umesh Thakur receives his Award from Former UNIDO Advisor Dr Jebamalai Vinanchiarachi and Aon

New Zealand Executive Director Matthew Chandler-Wall.

Ronita Sharma with Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce and New Zealand School of Education

Managing Director Brijesh Sethi.

Indian Newslink


We thank our customers, staff and well-wishers for enabling us to

earn the ‘Business Excellence in Customer Service Award’ at the

Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2015


If you are looking for a job of a person to fill that job,

Your search could end here

Trained staff, with the right attitude and aptitude ensure high rates of productivity, sincerity and honesty

meet your standards and needs and each of them comes with their own supervisor, who works as a part

of the group. Over the years, we have become a vital link between employers looking for hassle-free,

well-trained and highly motivated staff, and people with the ability to meet them.

It is a link that brings energy, synergy and success.

So, whether you are a HR person, recruitment consultant or the owner-operator; or a person looking for a

job, there are two simple things to do.

Call Shaggy on 021-2316280 or Email:


Link 2 Services Limited is involved in providing

warehousing, assembly and packaging industries.


47 Allens Road

East Tamaki, Auckland 2013

P.O. Box 217206

Botany Junction, Auckland 2164

Phone (09) 272 4700 • Fax (09) 272 4699


Apparel Solutions is no ordinary logistics operation. We have

become a single point of contact for many companies to

co-ordinate critical aspects of major projects


December 1, 2015


Indian Newslink

The legacy of ‘My Master’ will continue

Jetendra Patel

May 25, 1962 to November 13, 2015 53 years & 172 Days

Dinesh Raniga

We at Patel &

Associates, would

like to say thanks to

all the friends and

families for their messages in

this time of our loss.

‘My Master,’ is what I called

him. He really was a Master

who taught the team at PAL and

those who worked with him

in his professional journey of

more than 30 years.

He was a person of perfection

and ensured that he delivered

what he promised.

He started the firm of Patel

& Associates Limited in 2001

but practiced as a Chartered

Accountant for more than 25


In May, 2015 he was bestowed

with the Certificate of 25 year

Membership with the New

Zealand Institute of Chartered


He leaves a legacy and we at

PAL promise to continue his


Golden Heart

He was a man of many

talents, made friends very easily

and was always there for them

when they needed him.

He had a heart of gold and

enjoyed sports. In particular

Soccer was his favourite sport

and he was a true ‘Team Nadi’


He always said ‘Green

Machine, Nadi, My Team.’ And

fittingly he was bid farewell

with the Green Jersey in his


He loved listening to music

and was there with me

during all events and would

say,“Master, don’t worry I am

right behind you.”

Strong Pillar

He was the pillar of strength

for Patel & Associates Limited

and did exactly what he

wanted. He had a road map to

add value to all the clients and

go that extra mile to assist them

in growing their business.

Those who knew him, could

call him any time of the day or

night and he would assist them

in every way possible.

On behalf of his family, in

particular Mrs Usha Patel,

Sheena Patel, Siddhant Patel

and Sahil Patel, and the team

at PAL, Nilima Sahai, Monark

Panchal, Rashmi Patel and I

would like someone else who

really needs your assistance.

In doing this you will do a

favour for JAY.

In conclusion, we would like

all your help and support to

allow us to continue this Legacy

at PAL.

Dinesh Raniga is Partner at

Patel & Associates Limited,


We bow in silence in

memory of a great friend...

Jetendra Patel


Our heartiest condolances to

his family, collegues and friends...

from Robert Khan,

and the Radio Tarana Family


Indian Newslink December 1, 2015


Gem of a man goes to

his Maker

It is with great sadness that

we marked the passing of

Jetendra Patel (aka G10) on

November 13, 2015.

Jetendra was the Founder of

Patel & Associates Chartered

Accountants in Botany.

He was widely liked, a true

gentleman from heart and always

gave his all for the success

of his clients.

Born in Nadi, Fiji, he attended

Swami Vivekananda High

School (now known as Swami

Vivekananda College) and later

graduated from DTI in Suva.

In 1984, he migrated to New

Zealand and joined Chester Grey

Chartered Accountants as an

Associate. While working full

time, he ran a clothing store in

Papatoetoe and obtained his CA

from the Manukau Institute of


In May 2001, he started his

own practice with just a handful

of clients and today it has

created its own reputation in

the accounting industry as one

of the most successful practice

in East Auckland.

He was a very proud member

of the New Zealand Chartered

Institute of Accountants for the

last 25 years and took pride in

everything that he did towards

his profession, sports, community

and friends.

He also had a huge passion

for soccer. He helped many

local clubs both financially and

through his physical presence.

Jetendra opened his heart to

helping people, even strangers.

He made friends very easily and

never valued friendship with


He was a people’s person with

a big heart.

Jetendra is survived by his

wife Usha and three children

Sheena, Saahil and Sid.

He will be very much missed

by all of them for what he was.

Jetendra Patel

December 1, 2015


Indian Newslink

Indian Newslink


The Legacy continues...

Unit D, Level 1-12,Amera Place, Huntington Park

Botany, Auckland 2013

PO Box 64112, Botany, Auckland 2163

Phone (09) 2714466; Fax: (09) 2714477

Email: | Website:

December 1, 2015

28 Artlink with Ratna Venkat

Indian Newslink

Turkey brings the best of Christmas cooking

Geetha Nair

I do not restrict myself to all

ment the delicate fish and prawn prepare some roast potatoes and

things Indian. When it comes to

meat really well!

a salad and your main meal is

the culinary world, I am open

Geet’s Roast Turkey uses a done. For Dessert,since mangoes

I embarked on writing this to eating or cooking any type

flavoured butter as a marinade are in season, I suggest an easy

cookery column (published in the of food as long as it tickles the

and is a modern Indian take on a and light Mango Mousse, which

first issue of every month) as a tastebuds and fascinates the palate.

Marrying Daran catapulted

Turkey is foreign to many peo-

before and chilled overnight.

traditional Christmas main. should be prepared the evening

tribute to my dearest mother. She

taught me the domestic science me to a newfound challenge; I

ple and although lean and quite These recipeswill enable you

before I left my corporate life was not just a life partner but

a bland meat, the festive period to relax and enjoy the day with

with an American multinational a mother to his three children

is not complete unless you serve your family and friends instead

company in Singapore and married

Daran Nair and moved to whipping up sumptuous meals

my university days in Canada, Merry Christmas and a very

and an instant family meant

a roast Turkey! Having spent of slaving in the kitchen.

New Zealand.

to entice them!

where a roast Turkey is a must Happy New Year!

My mother epitomises one We have had one more child

for Thanksgiving and Christmas,

fundamental rule in any kitchen together since and after 13 years

I have continued the tradition at

– even the humblestfood, when I must say that I have come a long

our home.

Mango Mousse

cooked and served with love, is way thanks to my most ardent

The Turkey is marinated overnight

and has a hint of spice buta

A Yummy Dessert!

food that is relished.My parents fan, my dear Malaysian born and

are from Kerala and so many of bred husband.

the holiday season with festive traditional apple and chestnut in our next Issue

the Indian dishes I grew up on Apart from evolving into a food which you do not have to stuffing. Like cloves on ham, I

are essentially the coastal cuisine more passionate cook,I have spend hours toiling over.

find that tossing a few anise seeds

of this South Indian State.I was also learnt to be efficient in the For starters,try the Asian style in the pan and in the cavities

born and raised in cosmopolitan kitchen without compromising seafood fritter commonly found of the Turkey helps infuse its

Singapore andtherefore was on the output as I have to multi-task

and help Daran at his It is full of flavour because the into the bird while roasting.

on brunch menus at cafes. wonderful sweet spicy aroma

privileged to be exposed to a

diverse range of cuisines from a accounting practice and run my Asian herbs and spicescomple- While the Turkey is in the oven,

young age as the city is a melting own businesses as well.So when

pot of cuisines from around the I was approached to take on this

world and is often referred to as cookery column,I was urged to

a food paradise.

showcase what I cook for my

family and friends – simple dishes

from around the globe which

Geet’s Roast Turkey

I have tweaked to suit our palate.

Global Indian

I went to university in Canada

and my work required me to

travel as well. In a nutshell,I

am what you call a progressive

‘Global Indian.’

Seafood Fritters


• 300g of white fish

• 300g of raw prawns – thawed

if frozen

• 1 knob of ginger – peeled

• 6 cloves of garlic - peeled

• 1 lemon grass

• 2 kaffir lime leaves

• 3-4 fresh red chillies

• 1 large red onion - chopped

• 1 bunch of coriander leaveschopped

• 2 stalks of spring onions -



• Place the fish, prawns,

ginger, garlic, lemon grass,

kaffir lime leaves and chillies

in a food processor and

blend till smooth.

• Place the mixture into a

large bowl. Add the chopped

onions, coriander leaves and

spring onions and mix well.

• Then add the cumin and turmeric

powder and shrimp

paste,salt, fish sauce, olive

oil, rice flour and egg and

mix well. Taste and adjust


• Using wet fingers/palm,

divide mixture into small

portions and shape with


• Heat up enough oil in a pan

and deep fry the shaped

portions for about 3 or 4

minutes on medium heat

until cooked through and

golden brown.

• Drain on paper towel and

serve piping hot with dipping


Roast Turkey

For this edition, Ihope you will

be adventurous and experience

• 1 tsp cumin powder

• 1 tsp turmeric powder

• 1 tsp shrimp paste (available

at Asian grocer or International

food section of supermarket)

• 2 tsp salt

• 1 tbsp fish sauce (available at

Asian grocer or International

food section of supermarket)

• 2 tbsp olive oil

• 2 tbsp of rice flour

• 1 egg

• Enough oil to deep fry

Dipping Sauce

• 1 lemon or 2 limes – juiced

• 1 tbsp fish sauce

• 1tbsp soy sauce

• 1 tbsp grated palm sugar

• 1 tsp sesame oil

• I red chilli – chopped finely

• 1 stalk of spring onion – finely


• Method

• Mix all the ingredients together.

Taste and adjust the

flavours to taste. It should be

sweet, salty, sour and hot!


• Pan juices

• Half to 1 cup stock

• Dash of white wine

• 1 tsp of flour

• 1 tbsp of butter


• Put the roasting pan on

the stove on low heat and

deglaze the pan by adding


• 1 size 3 Turkey – 2.75 to

3kg to serve 4 to 6 people

(defrost for 24 to 48 hours)

• 150g of butter

• 2 tbsp of honey

• 2 tsp of chilli powder (mix

regular chilli with Kashmiri

chilli for colour)

• 1 tsp of cumin powder

• 6 cloves of garlic – grated to

a pulp

• Method

• Thaw the frozen Turkey for

at least 24 to 48 hrs in the


• The evening before the

Turkey is to be roasted and

served, the thawed Turkeyshould

be washed and

patted dry so that it can be

marinated overnight

• For the marinade, prepare

the flavoured butter by mixing

the butter,chilli powder,

cumin powder, grated

garlic, finely chopped sage

and salt

• Rub the marinade all over

the Turkey inside and out

all through the cavities and

under the skin. The Turkeyshould

be well seasoned

and hence the excessive use

of salt

• Set aside to marinate overnight

in the refrigerator

• In the morning, take it out

of the refrigerator while

preparing stuffing as Turkeyshould

be at room temperature

before roasting

• You require 20minutes of

roasting per 500g of meat.

Hence 3 kg of Turkey will

take about two hours in the


• For the stuffing, lightly

saute the chopped onions

a dash of white wine and

then half a cup of stock or

more depending on how

much liquids remain after


• Once all the bits stuck to

the bottom of pan dissolves,

turn off flame and remove

anise seeds and skim the

fat off. Trick is to place

• 1 tbsp of finely chopped

fresh sage

• 3 tsp of salt

• 3 or 4 star anise

• 1 cup of stock

• Deep heavy roasting pan

• Rack to place in roasting


• Foil

• Skewer

• Kitchen twine

Note: Cooked and peeled chestnuts in vacuum sealed cans will be

available in most supermarkets during the Christmas Season.

the drippings in a bowl in

the fridge and once the fat

hardens, you can easily

scoop it off

• In a saucepan, heat the

butter on low heat and then

add the flour, mixing carefully

to make a roux which

will help thicken your thin

gravy. Whisk gently so


• 1 cup peeled and chopped


• 1 cup of chopped chestnuts

• 1 cup of breadcrumbs

• 1 onion – chopped

• 2 cloves garlic – chopped

• 1 tbsp of chopped fresh


• ½ tsp of salt

• ½ cup of stock or water

• Olive oil



in olive oil. Add

the chopped sage

and mix well and take off

the flame.

• Place the mixture in a bowl

and add breadcrumbs, stock/

water and mix well till it

becomes crumbly

• Add the chopped apples and

chestnuts and mix well

• The mixture should be cool

before stuffing Turkey

• Preheat oven to 200 degrees

C at fan bake function

• Loosely fill both neck cavity

and big cavity with stuffing.

Do not overstuff

• Stuff a star anise each in

each cavity for flavour to

infuse while roasting

• Fold over the skin at the

neck cavity and secure with


• Tuck the wings and tie the legs

together with kitchen twine

• Place a rack on the roasting

pan and place the stuffed

Turkey on the rack

• Rub any remaining marinade

on the


• Add the cup of stock in the

pan so that the bird is moist

while roasting. Place 2 anise

seeds in the stock

• Loosely cover the Turkey

with foil

• Place on the lowest rack in

the preheated oven

• Roast Turkey for the first

hour without basting and

then baste with drippings

every 30 minutes for the

rest of the period. Top up

the pan with more stock if

drying up

• If the Turkey is golden

brown after first hour, turn

down heat to 180C for the

remaining hour.

• After two hours, remove

and leave the Turkey to rest

for at least an hour before

carving and serving with

gravy and roast potatoes

and vegetables.

that it does not burn but is

cooked through

• Add the skimmed dripping

gently into the roux and

whisk so that there are no


• Taste and season if necessary

before serving with

carved Turkey

Turkey is also traditionally served with cranberry sauce which is available at most supermarkets. It is a sweet sauce to complement the

salty gravy. For those who prefer a spicy hot condiment, provide hot tomato chutney as an option.

Disclaimers: Geetha Nair and Indian Newslink absolve themselves of any responsibility relating to the ingredients, cooking methods and other matters relating to ‘Geet’s Kitchen’ column. Some ingredients may not be available and may cause allergy in some

people. Caution must therefore be exercised and Geetha Nair and Indian Newslink will not be responsible to any health issues in this connection. Please consult your General Practitioner, Nutritionist or such others you may be consulting in connection with your

dietary requirements.


Indian Newslink December 1, 2015

Artlink with Ratna Venkat

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December 1, 2015

30 Artlink with Ratna Venkat

Indian Newslink

Perceiving Nature at her best is a bliss

Beach and Sand, New Zealand

Ashok Kochhar

artist & photographer

“I emerge from You, and you

appear to be a part of me. I am

me,but when I look in my heart,

I see only you.”

An artist, and his inspiration,

are always one and yet independent

of each other.

It is a beautiful synergy of

energy that brings an artist and

the muse together, from which

art appears.

We have seen many great artists

in history, but the greatest

art is still to be found in Nature.

From the vivid hues to the

numerous shapes and patterns,

beauty present in the world

around us has amazed me since


From collecting leaves to

observe their patterns, to

admiring the flow of the river, I

have always been in awe of the

variation one has all around,

only if we observe.

Reviving the essence

With the emerging urbanisation

and digitisation we have

forgotten to appreciate nature

and the unique forms of it.

I would like to the draw attention

of readers to try to touch

base with the basics because the

essence of life lies in being with

the nature.

Since 2008, I have been traveling

constantly, in last five years

I did more than 150,000kms of

road travel. While traveling one

encounters time again the perfection

of Nature,its proportions

and forms.

The lucky one

I have been few of the lucky

ones, who had the blessing of

being a part of many such beautiful

sights and my muse has

always been an ever changing,

ever vibrant, and the dynamic

natural wonder, which seems

rather routine to many people.

For all those who want to

witness it, there are innumerable

forms, spread over varied

regions, and each form conveys

a message, which is different to

every audience, and its interpretations

vary from person to


These forms and the variation

just reminds me how we are also

one of the many creations of

this universe, and how diverse

the mould of this great artisan

is, that we are all different yet


Here are few images of these

forms; I hope you will like them.

Mud Polls of Rotorua

The Leah

The Leah

The Dalhousie

A little drop

On the way to Gulmarg in Jammu & Kashmir

Indian Newslink

December 1, 2015 SPORTSLINK 31

Inspiring legacy of tries and perseverance

Ravi Nyayapati

It is customary to pay tribute

to personalities who leave

behind a legacy. When

such individuals match

their sports ability to an equally

imperious contribution in

humanity, their loss is more

profoundly felt. Jonah Tali

Lomu was undoubtedly in this

unique group of gentle souls.

He was, without a doubt,the

first true global superstar of

rugby union and possibly their

biggest international draw card.

His global recognition can be

likened to that of Muhammad

Ali, Don Bradman and Tiger

Woods.The queen sending a

message of condolences on

his death is a testament to his

magnanimity andthe respect he

had earned globally.

Lomu came through a

well-publicised,rough upbringing

and a generally tough

life dogged by a rare kidney

disorder identified in 1996. His

grit and will power were at their

despite these setbacks. It was

remarkable to see him return

to competitive rugby after

undergoing a kidney transplant

in 2004. Deteriorating health

led to his retirement in 2007.

Distinctive combination

Lomu had a distinctive combination

of speed, power and

size as his biggest assets. For

someone weighing 120kgs, Lomu

could run 100 metres in 10.8

seconds. His height advantage

made him the best exponent at

bumping off attempted tackles.

The youngest person to be

made an All Black, Lomu made

his debut against France in

1994.In the 1995 World Cup

he showed what skill he really

possessed, scoring seven tries in

five matches. At the following

World Cup in 1999, he bettered

that with eight tries, despite

then dealing with the kidney

disorder.He was inducted into

the International Rugby Hall of

Fame in 2007, and the IRB Hall

of Fame in 2011.

In spite of the media frenzy

surrounding his greatness, Lomu

generally stayed away from

controversy. Post retirement,

he became an ambassador

for UNICEF and his charitable

work continued till his death.

He was ably and committedly

supported by his wife Nadene

Quirk, not only in the charity

work, but also in attending to

his health needs.

Lomu was pragmatic about

his chances of survival.“My

goal is to make it to the boys’

21st,” he told the Daily Mail

three months ago.“There are

no guarantees that will happen,

but it’s my focus.”

His sudden passing left many

dumbfounded. For rugby

fans, it is hard to imagine what

2015 will be more memorable

for – the domination of the

legendary team that won the

World Cup or the loss of the

all-time legend of the game.

Jonah Lomu will live forever!

A Teenager’s perspective

Matthew D’Souza

Jonah Tali Lomu was a New

Zealand Rugby player born

and raised in Auckland A wellknown

fact about Jonah Lomu

was that he was the youngest

All Black to ever grace a Rugby

field when he was 19 years old.

Since then, he has established

for himself a special place

in history as one of the most

exciting players to ever play the


He has 37 international

tries to his name from only 63

international caps.

The Superstar

Standing at 1.96m and

weighing about 119kg, he was

big and his lightning speed

made him lethal on the field

and a major threat to any

rival team. He was absolute

dynamite, bulldozing his way

past any opponent that dared to

tackle him.

Even the late Hollywood actor

Robin Williams was awestruck

at the way in which Jonah

would blitz past players on the

field. It seemed as if he could

bend the laws of physics.

He would be best

remembered for his blistering

performance against England

at the 1995 Rugby World Cup

where he scored five tries in one

game and with that he became

the sport’s first superstar.

The other side

The lesser known side of him

was the warm, family man that

was loved by everyone who

he met, including rival rugby

players, fans and celebrities.

Jonah was born and raised

in Mangere, South Auckland

in a middle class family and at

school he had a hard time fitting

in because of his sheer size.

These challenges developed

the character that people all

around the world knew and

loved. His unique sense of

humour coupled with his loud

and bellowing laugh made him

very good company for his


Jonah Lamu

Jonah came a long way

from his humble beginning

to become one of the greatest

Rugby players of all time.

At his memorial service at

Lotofale’la Tongan Methodist

Church in Auckland held on

November 23, 2015, his friend

Sinipata Kaufononga described

an incident that dated back to

their formative years.

Those were the days of

Reebok sneakers, which many

could not afford.

Jonah had a pair ‘cut to size’-

he simply cut out the front ends

of the pair.

Later in life Reebok paid him

$5000 a day to promote the

brand. What a story!

Pacific Islanders are known

for their human values,

friendship and community

unity. In that sense, Jonah is

hailed as a ‘Super Hero,’ not just

because he is the only Pacific

Islander to have a wax statue at

Madame Tussauds in London.

Matthew D’Souza is a teenager

studying at Avondale College

in Auckland.

Sports Briefs


During the Barclays Premier

League held in England

on November 22, 2015,

Leicester City completed a

shock 3-0 rout of Newcastle

United at St James’ Park

in Newcastle to displace

Manchester City from the

top spot.


Serbian World Number One

Novak Djokovic outclassed

tennis legend Roger Federer

6-3, 6-4 in straight sets to

win the Barclays ATP World

Tour held in November in

England. Rounding off his

fantastic year with this win,

Novak has had a dream run

in 2015.

Job Vacancy

A Workshop in Panmure, Auckland

needs One Automotive Mechanic and

One Panel Beater (Painter).

Please call or (09) 5706038 or

021-1151091 (between 9 am to 5 pm)


December 1, 2015

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