Rules to Follow While Making Outdoor Signs in Kansas City


Acme Sign manufactures and designs beautifully crafted signage for small and large businesses. Here are a few rules to follow while designing outdoor signs. Visit

Signs are an important

means of advertising for

small businesses and can

be created for both

outdoor and indoor usage.

Here a few rules to be

followed to reap the full

benefits of using a signage.

Stop Using Irrelevant Images

Always use images that help set a

tone or illustrate your business

service or concept. Do not use

images that don’t need to be on the


Choose Colors Wisely

Well-designed ads placed on solid

strategy grabs more attention but

not by using crazy colors. Using

obnoxious colors can damage your

image and reputation.

Don’t Use System Fonts

Avoid using system fonts like

Arial, Impact and Times. Use

better fonts that are far more

readable because general

public probably can’t

articulate system fonts.

Moreover, they look generic

and hurt your credibility.

Do not Ignore Your Audience

Know who your audience is

and speak to them in the

right tone. By narrowing your

focus you can make more

sales and this spreads your

chances of generating more

revenue and profit.

Think of Daylight

Outdoor signs look great at

night time but are they

readable during the daylight?

It should be readable when

the sun is hitting directly on


Looking for the best sign company in

Kansas City to make outdoor signs for your

business? Visit for

more information.

Call: 1-816-842-8980


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