International Prospectus 2016-17

A-Levels | Skills-Based Vocational Courses | International Foundation Year

Setting the perfect foundations

for your education and career


The International Department would like to invite

you to study at Chichester College. More than a

language school, we have welcomed students

from all over the world for the past 30 years.

Our range of academic, vocational and foundation

programmes offer an excellent variety with proven

success across all subject areas. We take great pride

in the support we offer our international students.

Chichester College is a home from home.

There is comfortable and safe on-site accommodation.

The lively social programme helps you meet and make

new friends, taking you out and about to discover the

wonderful city of Chichester and nearby highlights during

your stay. Enjoy the excellent facilities as you study and

socialise with UK students with similar interests.

We look forward to

welcoming you soon!

There are a lot of

green and quiet

places and there are

lots of traditional

buildings. The people

are friendly and kind.

Because of this,

I can concentrate

on my studies.

Shion Tonativh Fujie


The Perfect English College

Beautiful City 2-3

Great Facilities 4-5

Friendship & Fun 6-7

Accommodation 8-9

The A-Level Courses

A-Levels Explained 10-13

A-Level Subjects & Descriptions 14-23

Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Vocational qualifications explained 24-27

The BTEC Diploma Subjects 28-37

Access to Higher Education & HNC/HND 38-40

Foundation Degree 41

International Foundation Year

The Foundation Year Explained

The Universities & Degrees

Our Worldwide Links & UK University Map





Chichester College Campus Map


Student Welfare/Support

Qualification Levels, How to Apply,

Tuition Fees, Visas

Airport Transfers & Term Dates




Contact us by tel: +44 (0)1243 786321 Email: Visit:

Chichester College | Beautiful City

Chichester College | Beautiful City

City of Chichester

The beautiful historic city of Chichester is in an area of

outstanding natural beauty near the south coast of England.

The city has Chichester Harbour to the south and the rolling

hills of the South Downs National Park to the north. It is a

brilliant and safe location for the College in the UK making it

a wonderful place to learn and live. It is within easy reach of

some of England’s most famous and historic cities.

The streets are very

beautiful. I like walking around

the city with friends, to eat British

food and go shopping.

Bing Qing Hou

Beautiful campus and surroundings








Traditional English city streets

The Chichester campus has

magnificent views of the famous

Chichester Cathedral and is five

minutes’ walk from the centre of

the city. At the front of campus

there is a large area of parkland

which is used for picnics and

outdoor sports. Only 90 minutes

from London, Chichester is the

ideal place to enjoy England.

A place to make great friends

Friendly, safe and fun environment

Historic architecture

2 3


Chichester College | Great Facilities

Chichester College | Great Facilities

Great Facilities

The College has a fantastic range of facilities, including

a sports centre, fitness gym, computer rooms, library,

restaurants, tennis courts and much more. There are

lots of activities for all students to get involved in, giving

everyone great ways to have fun, meet other students

and make new friends.

Great sports clubs and facilities

Many places to eat, drink and meet with friends

Excellent library and computer centre

"Bodyworks" Fitness Gym

Facilities include:

Sports Centre & Clubs

"Bodyworks" Fitness Gym

Computer Centre



Student Union

Student Trips & Parties

Every teacher is kind to me.

There are lots of activities

to do after school and there

is a lovely library.

Yu Kawasaki

4 5


Leisure Activities

Chichester College | Friendships & Fun

Yu Terada

My favourite part of studying

at Chichester College is meeting

new people from everywhere.

Chichester College | Friendships & Fun

You will have the opportunity to take part in over 26 leisure activities

alongside UK students. These activities can help build on your

academic programme or teach you new skills. Most importantly of

all, they will provide you with the opportunity to mix, share ideas

and practise your English with our UK students.

You will have the option to include leisure activities in your study

programme. This is a great way to meet fellow international

students as well as UK students.

Activities include: Rock Climbing, Film Club, Hair & Beauty,

Introduction to Business & Enterprise, Sports, Drama and Cookery.

The vibrant, busy "Coasters" food hall

Lots of clubs & activities to enjoy

Social Programme

The International Department organises a social

programme for students to enjoy. With events

like bowling, visiting Windsor Castle or seeing

Stonehenge, you will have plenty to see and do

while you make new friends.

Friendships to last a lifetime

6 7

Chichester College | Great Accommodation

Chichester College | Great Accommodation

Excellent Halls

There are a lot of nice people

and Homestay

staying there. We have a lot of fun

and chill out with each other.

Woodlands Halls

High quality student accommodation has never been

easier to organise. The Accommodation Team offers a wide

Yvette Schurink

range of accommodation to international students, which

is both comfortable and safe. All accommodation is closely

monitored by the College and residential accommodation is

regularly checked by external inspection bodies.

Westgate Halls

The Accommodation Team will ensure that all full-time

students, who require accommodation, are placed in the

most appropriate accommodation available.


The Accommodation Team is on hand to provide all the

help and advice you need. We can help you to make all the

arrangements, so that moving into your new home is as

quick and simple as possible. We will support you through

all aspects of your time at the College and ensure that a

safe and healthy environment is provided.

With two on-campus halls of residence and a homestay

option all year round, there is the perfect accommodation

for every student.

For full details on the various accommodation

facilities and options please see pages 56-57

Great student common rooms

Free internet in

ALL Halls and


Quiet areas for private study

Modern, comfortable bedrooms

8 9

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects







45 % A*-B


Your Career

Starts Here

Our A-Level programme at Chichester

College is designed to challenge

you and give you an in-depth

understanding of your chosen

academic subjects.

By successfully completing A-Levels at

Chichester College you will improve your career

prospects, whether you want to go on

to university or in to employment.

A-Levels take two years to complete and you

will usually study three subjects, in which you

have proven strengths and a keen interest. You

will build your understanding and develop your

knowledge in your chosen subjects.

You will take the final exams at the end of the

second year for the majority of subjects. In 2015

Chichester College students achieved 99%

A-Level pass rate. Our supportive teachers and

staff want you to achieve your full potential and

will be there to guide you throughout your two

years at College.

What are you

going to choose?

With over 30 A-Level subjects to choose from,

deciding which ones to study can be difficult.

Take a look at all the subjects available to you.

10 11

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects


The Perfect Route

to University

If your ambition is to gain a degree at a leading UK

university, Chichester College is the smartest choice to

ensure your dream comes true. We have links with over 50

of the leading UK universities which means we can guide

and support you along the best possible pathways and

enable you to go to university.

Why A-Levels?

The A-Level courses are for the

most able students who are seeking

places on competitive degree

courses at the most elite universities

in the UK or internationally. A-Levels

are essential for any students

considering applying to Oxford or

Cambridge University.

Gold Standard

A-Levels are widely regarded as

the ‘Gold Standard’ qualification for

top universities in Britain and the

rest of the world. This prestigious

qualification is internationally

acknowledged as evidence of the

most demanding and rigorous

intellectual training.

A-Level Entry Requirements

Many Chichester College

A-Level students have

progressed to the following






St Andrews














16 (+) years old

5 A*-C GCSE in English, Maths and relevant subjects, or equivalent

Maths and Science GCSE grade B for Maths and Science subjects, or equivalent

Successful interview with course leader or Chichester College designated officer

IELTS 5.5 from an approved SELT test centre, no element below 5.0

(Government changes might be applicable)

Compulsory supplements and other entry requirements may be applicable

Note: It is highly advised to check the entry requirement of your university

of choice to ensure progression.




We'll get

you there!

Our stated aim is to

ensure every student

achieves the best

results and to help them

realise their ambition

to go to the perfect


Cambridge University

Another international student from

Chichester College has been accepted

into Cambridge University!

Hdồng Trần Thị Ánh, or 'Jessie' as she

likes to be called, is an outstanding

A-Level student from Vietnam. Having

studied A-Levels here at Chichester

College, Jessie secured herself a

spot at Cambridge University to study


Jessie, who was the College’s 'A-Level

Student of the Year', credits her time

at Chichester in helping her take the

next steps forward. Jessie is extremely

grateful for her time at Chichester

College. She is especially thankful to

all the staff and teachers as they went

above and beyond to help her out,

including conducting a mock interview

at the College in preparation for her

university interviews.

On behalf of the whole College, we

could not be more proud of such an

outstanding student.

Choosing the

Right A-Levels

Getting the right mix of A-Levels can prove to be a very difficult

task. Here we guide you through the process in 5 easy steps.


Do you know what

you want to study?

Check out the entry requirements if you have a

university course which you are keen on. Have

you checked the relevant university website

or UCAS course search to find out whether this

course requires certain subjects at A-Level?



What have you studied

and enjoyed?

Build on the subjects that you have studied

before and improve your knowledge. Select

subjects that you have enjoyed, have a

passion for and are good at.

Think Balance!

Do you have a balance of subject choices that

reflect your abilities, strengths and interests?

Have you considered how certain subject

combinations relate to university courses?

Recent A-Level Results


Chichester College | A-Level Subjects


If you are not sure about which course you want

to study at university, you should try to choose at

least 2 facilitating subjects.

Facilitating Subjects


English Literature






Not sure yet?

Keep you options open!

Further Mathematics


Advancing Biology



Look out...

For this symbol to help you easily

find the facilitating subjects.

Make sure you know WHY!

If you want to take a subject that you have not studied

before, try talking for a minute on what this subject is about.

Try and unpick why you wish to study this subject.

It’s not enough to say, “It sounds interesting,

I think I’ll like it.”

Student Grades A-Level Subjects University & Degree

Ngoc Anh Phan Tran

Zhaohan Wu

Yin On Chan

Ka Key Cheng

Houng Nguyen Ngoc Than






A* – Maths & Application

A – Chemistry

B – Design

A* – in Maths & Application

A – Further Maths

B – Accounting

A* – Maths & Application

B – Chemistry

B – Physics

A* – Maths & Application

A – Chemistry

B – Biology

B – Economics

B – Communications & Culture

B – Psychology

University College London

Planning, Design and Management

Cardiff University

Accounting and Finance

University of Manchester

Mechanical Engineering

University College London

Applied Medical Sciences

University of Kent

International Business

12 13

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects





Biology FS Chemistry FS Advancing Human

Biology Biology

Biology is experiencing

a global explosion in job

and career opportunities and

Chichester College is on board.

Biology is the scientific study of life

itself and you will learn about a wide

range of living things and gain an

understanding of the life processes

they all share.

Do you want to be part of this

exciting new phenomenon?

Chichester College offers you the

chance to study a broad range of

topics each covering different key

concepts of biology from cell structure

to conservation and ecology. If you are

wishing to progress to study biological

sciences or medicine at higher

education this is for you.

Topics Include

Development of practical skills in biology

Foundations in biology

Exchange and transport

Biodiversity, evolution and disease

Communication, homeostasis and energy

Genetics, evolution and ecosystems

Career Opportunities Include





Chemistry is an essential

qualification for progression into

further study in medicine, veterinary

science and pharmacy. Chemistry

is viewed highly for further study

in agriculture, archaeology,

engineering, environmental science

and geology.

Do you aspire to be a doctor, a

veterinarian or to save the planet?

Chemistry is all about understanding

the behaviour of the materials around

us. It is a practical subject so much

of your time will be spent in a lab

doing practical experiments and


Topics Include

Physical chemistry

Atomic structure


Acids and bases

Transition metals

Proteins and DNA

Career Opportunities Include





Ideal for those with an interest in

Biology and the desire to specialise

in aspects which relate particularly

to humans. A distinctive feature of

this course is the way the content is

presented through the use of workrelated

contexts, many of which

are taken from the healthcare and

biomedical professions.

Do you want to help people as

a nurse, nutritionist or sport

scientist and make the world

a healthier place?

Advancing Biology covers a broad

range of topics but aims to place

these topics in the context of human

health and disease. This would be

suited to those wanting to pursue a

career in nursing or the allied health


Topics Include

Development of practical skills in biology

Cells, chemicals of life

Cell division, development and disease


Energy, reproduction and populations

Genetics, control and homeostasis

Career Opportunities Include




Sport Scientist





& Further



Mathematics is all about

problem solving and Chichester

College will help you develop

your skills. You will model a reallife

situation and convert it into a

mathematical one. You will have to

decide on the essential features of

the real situation, discarding those

that do not impact on the problem.

Do you want to solve a logistical

problem, a problem of numbers

or design a formula to make a

computer run faster?

To do this you need to develop

analytical skills, develop skills of

logic, clarity and precision. In getting

your answer you will have made

assumptions or approximations

and as a consequence you will

need to decide whether the answer

is reasonable in the context of the

original problem by exercising your


Topics Include

Core mathematics

Two from statistics, mechanics

or decision mathematics

Career Opportunities Include


Financial Advisor





Chichester College offers all

students with a passion and good

understanding the chance to take

a second A-Level in Mathematics

alongside a first A-Level in


Topics Include

Further mathematics four modules

Two from statistics, mechanics

or decision mathematics



Physics Chemistry FS

Chichester College will help you

build on your previous physics

knowledge. You will study some

familiar areas to a deeper level and

new topics are introduced which

reflect the important role physics

plays in developing the requirements

of a modern technological society.

Do you want to make physics

part of your future or develop

your engineering and mechanical


You will develop a firm knowledge to

enter any field of pure and applied

science. It also provides, for those

pursuing non-scientific careers,

an appreciation of the conceptual

framework of physics and how it relates

to everyday life.

Topics Include

Measurements and their errors

Particles and radiation

Mechanics and materials

Further mechanics and thermal physics

Options in:


Medical physics

Engineering physics

Career Opportunities Include



Veterinary Nurse



Sociology is the study of society and

Chichester College will allow you to

explore social relations and social

groups. You will learn to develop a

critical examination of societies. You

will acquire a critical awareness of

British society and the forces that

shape it.

Do you want to know what makes

British society what it is today?

You will look at the family and its relation

to society, you will examine education

and research methods, how education

functions in our society and how

sociologists carry out research.


The study of Psychology at Chichester

College provides you with the

opportunity to develop a range of

useful skills. These skills will help you

in other subjects as well as in future

job or university applications. You will

develop a range of research methods

psychologists use to find out about

human nature.

Do you want to understand how the

human mind works and how internal

and external factors influence us all?

You will then apply those methods to

different topics. You will develop your

analytical skills to be able to apply your

understanding of how science works to

real aspects of human behaviour.

Topics Include

Social approach – obedience and prejudice

Cognitive approach – memory

Learning approach – principles of learning

Biological approach – central nervous

system and aggression



Career Opportunities Include

Clinical Psychologist

Forensic Psychologist

Sports Psychologist

Health Psychologist

Topics Include

Education and research methods

Families and households

Crime and deviance


Career Opportunities Include

Social Worker

Social Development Officer

Youth Worker

Health Care Worker



14 15

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects







Accounting is a key subject

in understanding many areas

of business and essential to

understanding the financial

performance of a company or

business. Understanding company

accounts is a MUST in the decisionmaking

and management of all


Do you want to be able to make

those decisions?

Accounting at Chichester College

introduces candidates to various

accounting concepts and principles

and demonstrates their application to

a range of accounting situations. The

course provides an excellent foundation

for further study of accountancy at

pre-professional and professional levels.

Topics Include

Accounting principles

Accounting applications

Company accounts

Interpretation and management


Career Opportunities Include


Financial Advisor

Corporate Financial Advisor


Business Chemistry


Studying Business at Chichester

College will help you understand

the management of business in key

areas. It will give you an essential

understanding of businesses,

their markets and their business

environment. You will be taught

valuable knowledge in areas of

business and will develop a wide

range of important management and

planning skills.

Do you want to run and manage your

own business or work for a global


You will develop skills to analyse

business problems of large and small

firms, contrast the operations of

manufacturing and service industries

as well as appreciate the differences

between profit-making and non-profit


Topics Include

Decision making in business

Business and competition

Ethical and environmental issues

Technology and decision making

Quantitative and non-quantitative data analysis

Forecasting future trends

Career Opportunities Include

Business Manager/Owner


Human Resources Administrator



A-Levels offered

me the opportunity

to broaden my

knowledge in my

academic field and

equipped me with

valuable skills.

Armin Osmanovic



By studying Economics at

Chichester College you will learn

how the forces of supply and

demand determine the way the

world’s scarce resources are

distributed. You will understand

how the UK economy works and

how the government attempts to

control inflation, unemployment and

economic growth.

Do you want to know how the value

of your home currency is affected by

global economies?

You will also examine theoretical

‘models’ that economists have

developed to explain how firms behave

and respond to different economic


Topics Include

Economic methodology

Price determination

Competitive and concentrated markets

The national economy in a global context

Macro and micro economic policy

Career Opportunities Include


Financial Analyst

Risk Assessor

Insurance Analyst




Law is the backbone of society and

Chichester College will give you an

understanding of the UK legal system

and how it impacts on our lives. You

will discover the structure and nature

of law and the people involved.

Do you want to understand how to

help your company or client buy a

business or sell a house or even

defend them in court?

You will learn about criminal and tort law

and look in depth at contract and tort

law. You will be expected to contribute

to discussions on current legal topics

and to develop an analytical approach to

such discussions.

Topics Include

How law is made

The court structure and appeal system

Criminal law

Civil law

Career Opportunities Include



Legal Secretary

Information Human &



Technology AS A2

Chichester College knows our daily

lives rely on ICT on a practical

level. You will be introduced to the

fundamentals of ICT, providing a

foundation from which to extend

your knowledge of this growing


Do you want to design a system

that helps a business save money

and earn you a big bonus?

You will develop your understanding

of the principles of problem solving

using ICT. You will learn about the

range of ICT applications and the

effects of their use. The course

aims for you to be able to apply this

knowledge and understanding when

developing ICT solutions to problems.

Topics Include

Data and information

Knowledge and processing

Software and hardware

Applications and software

Databases and spreadsheets

Legal, moral and social issues

Career Opportunities Include

Office Manager

Business Support Officer

IT Support Officer

16 17

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects





By studying Classical Civilisation at

Chichester College you learn what

it was like to live during the Roman

Republic. Discover what it was like

to see Rome transform from a tiny

village at the foot of the seven hills

to an empire that stretched across

Spain, France, Greece and Africa.

Do you want to unlock the past to

see into the future and help our

civilisation grow?

You will also develop an understanding

of the nature of historical evidence and

the analytical and evaluation methods

used by historians today to see into

our past.

Topics Include

The life and times of Cicero

Cicero’s aim and achievements

Roman society, government and

politics of the time

The Second Punic War

Success and failures of the Romans

and Carthaginians

Military and leadership qualities of key

figures in war

Career Opportunities Include







& Culture AS

Studying Communication and

Culture at Chichester College will

give you an insight into how we live

our lives, share values and ideas,

express ourselves and how media

influences our daily lives.

Do you want to know what makes a

society or culture what it is and how

internal and external factors impact

on us all?

You will discover how political leaders

change our lives, how television and

media influence our daily decisions

and how the power of celebrity has

changed the way we see the world in

which we live.

Topics Include

Understanding communication and culture

The individual and contemporary society

Communicating culture

Communication and culture in practice

Career Opportunities Include

Marketing and Sales Executive

Public Relations Officer


Advertising Manager



Geography at Chichester College is

designed to attract students who see

geography as a subject that addresses

key ideas and debates in our world

today. Issues of climate change and

the crowded coast are particularly

relevant to those of us who live on or

near the Sussex coast.

Do you want to understand global

warming, the impact of China and

India as superpowers and the planet's

reaction to the impact of man?

Other well-trusted topics such as

globalisation, migration and tectonics are

also relevant to the modern world and

man’s place in it. Above all, the purpose

of the course is to engage you and renew

your interest in the subject, which offers

so much to an understanding of our

planet and our place in it.

Topics Include

Global challenge

Geographical investigations


Contested planet

Geographical research

Career Opportunities Include

Business Manager

Civil Servant


Additional Requirements

Must have equivalent of grade C GCSE

Geography. Additional costs may apply

for field trips and visits.





Geology at Chichester College gives

you the opportunity to study the

geological processes which operate

at and below the earth's surface,

the evidence of past life and the

uses made of geological materials.

Through this course you will learn

the processes and substances that

form the rocks on our planet.

Do you want to look at our planet

and see more than just rocks and


You will have the opportunity to

conduct 'real' fieldwork and to compile

the results in a geological report.

Topics Include

Global tectonics

Rocks & minerals

Practical skills in geology

Career Opportunities Include



Environmental Manager



Studying History at Chichester

College will help you to understand

and explain the past and look to

the future; can we learn from our

mistakes? History is a fascinating

subject and you will develop the

ability to interpret information, to form

arguments and to analyse text and


Do you want to look into the past,

analyse what the human race is doing

now and see into our future?

You will look at causes and

consequences, of change and continuity

and of similarity and differences over a

long period of time. You will study the

links between perspectives, such as

political, economic, social or religious

as well as appreciating developments

relating to the perspectives separately

over time.

Topics Include

In-breadth study

In-depth study

Historical investigation

Career Opportunities Include





Additional Requirements

Must have equivalent of

grade C GCSE History.


Religious Chemistry


Religious Studies at Chichester

College teaches you about

philosophy; the philosophy of

religion and the philosophy

of ethics. It will give you the

opportunity to consider the

questions that really matter in life

concerning God and what it means

to be human.

Do you want to understand the

more complex issues of religion in

the world today?

You will encounter the ideas of some

of the most important thinkers of

our cultural history: from Plato and

Aristotle to Descartes and Kant. You

will develop skills in critical thinking

and the ability to construct and

analyse philosophical arguments.

Topics Include

The philosophy of religion

The philosophy of ethics

Career Opportunities Include



Youth Worker


18 19

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects

English& Modern





While you study English Language

at Chichester College you will have

a conversation, send or receive

a text, listen to music or watch

television in a typical day. You

may use language to joke, argue

or discuss. These are just a few

examples of the purposes of spoken

and written language in use that you

can study.

Do you want to know how to

craft words to tell a story, win an

argument or sell yourself to a future


You will discover the way in

which males and females interact

differently, the stages and theories

of child language and development,

examine language variation related

to a geographical area and changes

through time.

Topics Include

Textual variations and representations

Children’s language and development

Language diversity and change

Writing skills

Career Opportunities Include




Public Relations Manager

Additional Requirements

Must have GCSE English

or English Language grade C.

English Chemistry


& Literature


Studying English Language &

Literature at Chichester College

will develop your interest in both

English Language and Literature

as interconnecting and mutually

supportive disciplines. Your study

will allow you to develop as an

independent, confident and reflective

reader and writer.

Do you want to learn how writers

create their characters, structure

their lives and then place them in the

situations that make you love or hate


You will have a variety of opportunities to

explore the relationship of language and

literature through a wide range of reading

opportunities, critical reading of and

response to both literary and non-literary

texts, as well as writing for a variety of

audiences and purposes.

Topics Include

Telling stories

Methods of language analysis

Remembered places

Exploring conflict

Career Opportunities Include




Public Relations Manager

Additional Requirements

Must have GCSE English Language and

English Literature grade C.

English Human

Literature Biology

To study English Literature at

Chichester College you will need to

have a passion for reading and use

your own initiative at all times. As you

study you will develop your analytical

skills allowing you to extract the

depth of meaning from literary texts.

Do you want to learn how

Shakespeare developed his

characters and how his writing is still

as popular today as it was when he

was alive?

The course will introduce you to

the traditions of English Literature,

enable you to use critical concepts

and terminology to reflect on text and

consider other reader’s interpretations.

You will explore comparisons and

connections between texts and

appreciate the significance of cultural

and historical influences on readers and


Topics Include



Poetic form, meaning and language

Career Opportunities Include




Public Relations Manager

Additional Requirements

Must have GCSE English Literature

grade C. Additional costs may apply

for trips and visits.




If you are interested in the French

way of life and you enjoy speaking

French and want to be able to

express yourself in advanced,

accurate French, then Chichester

College has the course for you.

Through listening, reading, speaking

and writing the language you will

gain awareness and understanding

of the cultural and social

background of the countries where

French is spoken.

Do you want to walk the historic

streets of Paris, eat at the finest

French restaurants and converse in

fluent French?

You will appreciate working with up-todate

and relevant materials and enjoy

the variety of activities presented. You

will enjoy the many opportunities to

speak the French language.

Topics Include

People and society in French

speaking countries

French speaking, reading, writing

and listening

Career Opportunities Include

Business Manager




Additional Requirements

Must have equivalent of

GCSE French grade C.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing at Chichester

College will give you all the skills

and inspiration you need to become

a professional writer or just enhance

your enjoyment of a hobby you love.

You will develop the knowledge you

need to express yourself in the real

world with clarity and thought.

Do you want to create characters as

famous as Harry Potter or Jane Eyre?

You will be introduced to a different range

of writing styles and learn how to develop

regular reading and writing practices.



Spanish Chemistry FS

Over 420 million speakers of

Spanish, more than any other

language except English & Chinese

and Chichester College will help

you reach them. Spanish is the

official language of international

conferences, the United Nations

and the European Union, which

makes it also a language for


Do you want to develop your

Spanish learning to speak with

business and political leaders of the


Spanish is fun. It's an attractive and

easy language to assimilate to and

with Spain less than 2 hours flying

time away it's also easy to find the

time to practise.

Topics Include




Writing and translation

Career Opportunities Include

Business Manager




Additional Requirements

Must have the equivalent

of GCSE Spanish grade C.

You will learn how to express you ideas,

reflect on intentions and outcomes of

your characters.

Topics Include

Writing on demand

Exploring creative writing

From reading to writing

The writing portfolio

Career Opportunities Include



Copy Writer

Web Content Writer



We can study

with other International

students. Chichester

College has many

international students.

The teachers are

very kind and they

support us.

Mayuka Kaixuan Li

20 21

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects

Chichester College | A-Level Subjects


Performing Arts

Drama &



Study Drama and Theatre Studies

at Chichester College and we

will provide you with the stage to

grow your performing or directing

portfolio. Take part in College

productions either on stage or

behind the scenes.

Do you want to star in or direct an

Oscar winning film or take the lead

role in a West End musical?

The emphasis of your study is on

making and understanding theatre.

You will explore theatre from an

actor’s perspective as well as those

of the director and designer through

practical text work, improvisation and

discussion. You will look at plays in

their historical and theatrical context

and examine the role of theatre in

today’s society.

Topics Include

Performance workshop

Text in performance

Performance set on a theme

Text in context

Career Opportunities Include


Script Writer

Stage and Theatre Manager


Additional Requirements

You will need an audition. Additional

costs may apply for trips and visits.



Film Chemistry Studies

Studying Film Studies at Chichester

College will give you a systematic

study of cinema and film based

upon key conceptual issues which

have informed film study and film

criticism. You will focus on the way

cinema functions as an institution

for the production and ways in

which film images and sounds

generate meaning.

Do you want to know why Star Wars

won seven Oscars and is one of the

most successful franchises of all


Considerable attention is focused

on the dominant films of popular

cinema such as Hollywood and other

commercial production studios but it

is intended that the study is balanced

with less familiar types of films such

as alternative, independent, art

cinema and national movements.

Topics Include

Exploring film form

British and American film

Film research and creative product

Varieties of film experience

Career Opportunities Include

Online Journalist

Public Relations Officer

Advertising Executive

Media Executive


Fine Human Art


Chichester College will stretch

your artistic capabilities and allow

you to take experimental risks in

2D and mixed media. Your focus

will be on materials, techniques

and processes and you will get the

opportunity to combine media in

inventive and non-traditional ways.

Do you want to explore your full

artistic and creative ideas and

become the next Tracey Emin or


Fine Art will develop your appreciation

of different approaches, to recording

images, such as observation,

analysis, expression and imagination.

You will develop awareness of

intended audience or purpose for

your chosen area(s) of fine art and

an understanding of the conventions

of figurative representational and

abstract/non-representational imagery

or genres.

Topics Include

Drawing and painting

Mixed media, including collage and




Moving image and photography

Career Opportunities Include

Artist / Designer

Interior Designer

Additional Requirements

You will need a portfolio and/or

equivalent of GCSE Art grade C.

Additional costs may be required for

purchase of equipment.





Graphic Communication at Chichester

College will turn you into a graphic

designer who could be responsible for

some of the design work we see in our

daily lives. You will learn the skills to

develop logos, magazine layouts and

advertising campaigns.

Do you want to design the next Nike

swoosh or the next Apple 'apple'?

You will be introduced to how graphic

design can solve communication

problems though the development of

design solutions. You will develop your

own ideas, applying imagination, problem

solving, powers of observation, knowledge

of contextual studies and practical skills.

Topics Include

Interactive media





Design for film and media

Career Opportunities Include

Public Relations

Web Design

Graphic Design


Additional Requirements

You will need a portfolio and/or

equivalent of GCSE Art grade C.

Additional costs may be required for

purchase of equipment.


Studying Photography at Chichester

College will teach you to record,

document, and present examples

of everyday life, in ordinary and

extraordinary circumstances. You will

also develop your skills in artistic

expression, communicating personal

ideas about the world around us.

Do you want to see your pictures in the

next Chichester College prospectus?

You will develop your own personal

identity and express it more widely than

any other art form. Your skills can be

applied in the creative process across

art, craft and design and is widely used in

social, commercial and scientific contexts.





Studying Media Studies at Chichester

College will encourage you to

investigate many aspects of the world

today. The focus of study incorporates

the core areas of television, radio,

cinema, newspapers, magazines,

advertising and the music industry.

Do you want to understand how the

media today influences how we feel,

makes us want the products we buy

and how we spend our lives?

You will study a wide range of media

that will offer ‘something for everyone’.

Like past students Media Studies will

‘open up’ your mind and develop your

analytical, written and creative skills.

Topics Include

Media representations and responses

Media production processes

Media investigation and production

Media text, industry and audience

Career Opportunities Include



Public Relations



Additional costs may apply

for trips and visits.

Topics Include

Film-based photography

Digital photography

Film and video

Career Opportunities Include


Graphic Design



Additional Requirements

You will need a portfolio and/or

equivalent of GCSE Art grade C.

Additional costs may be required for

purchase of equipment.





If you have a Grade 5 in singing or

playing an instrument then Chichester

College will help you develop your

passion for music. You will be

assessed in performance of music,

composition and musical analysis.

Do you want to write a hit single,

compose a TV advert theme or even

write a score for a hit movie or play in

a national orchestra?

You will be assessed in composition or

recital, performance and musical analysis.

You will develop your musical performance

and composition skills in a variety of styles,

traditional and modern. You will listen to

a wide variety of music and develop an

informed appreciation of how and why it

was written and performed.

Topics Include



Composition techniques

History and analysis

Performance and composition

Compositional techniques and performing

Listening and analysis

Career Opportunities Include



Commercial Music


Additional Requirements

You will need an audition and the ability to

play an instrument at grade 5 or above.

22 23

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses





Practical experience


career knowledge

Know your Career?

Then our skills-based vocational courses are

perfect for you. The vocational courses have been

specifically designed to give you the advantage

of practical, work-related skills and experience

in addition to a recognised and highly respected


Vocational study is not all about employability it is

also an excellent route to top universities. Extended

Diplomas, Higher National Certificates, Higher

National Diplomas, Access to Higher Education and

Foundation Degrees will help you get there.

I like Chichester College

because of the diversity

and the nice team

around me.

The Benefits

All qualifications are recognised by UK universities

Extended Diplomas are equal to three A-Levels

Access to Higher Education is a one-year route for

mature students to apply to universities

HNC/HND are low-cost alternatives to year one and

year two of university

Assessment is largely coursework

24 25

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

The Advantages

of Skills-Based

Vocational Courses

Chichester College’s skills-based vocational

courses offer industry experience and a hands-on

classroom learning environment. If you are

interested in a particular career, you can apply

yourself immediately, gain valuable experience

and a highly-respected qualification.

Our courses encourage personal development and

will give you confidence in the workplace. You will be

qualified to start a job, have the skills to progress in

your career and can also continue to university.

Grade Equivalence


Diploma Grade











A-Level Grade








Note: If you wish to study a one-year 90

credit diploma, equivalent to 3 AS-Levels,

please identify this at the application stage.

Level 3 Vocational


All advertised Level 3 courses are 2 year

Extended Diplomas worth the equivalent

of 3 A-Levels and are highly recognised

by UK universities and employers.

Qualifications are graded at Distinction,

Merit and Pass. A Distinction is the same as

an A at A-Level in terms of UCAS points and

students will receive three grades at the

end of the course. Grades are built up over

the two years to build an overall profile.

Level 1 & 2 Vocational Diplomas

Available for EU Students

Chichester College also offers a wide range

of Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications that are

available to EU students only. Just look for the 'L1

& L2' symbol (shown above) to find the courses

also available at Levels 1 and 2.

EU students can also take courses

in the subject areas below:

Agriculture / Construction / Creative Arts

Equine / Floristry / Hair & Beauty

Horticulture & Landscape Gardening

Motor Vehicle & Motorcycle

Public & Uniformed Services

Vocational Entry Requirements

16 (+) years old

5 A*-C GCSE in English, Maths and relevant subjects, or equivalent

Successful interview with course leader or Chichester College designated officer

IELTS 5 from an approved SELT test centre, no element below 5

(Government changes might be applicable)

Compulsory supplements and other entry requirements may be applicable as per study area

Please see our website for further details:

Note: It is highly advised to check the entry requirements of your university of choice to ensure progression.

26 27

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses



Art, Design

& Media

Artists, producers and designers, whatever

area of the creative industry you aspire

to be in, we have a course for you. Our

dynamic learning environments will inspire

you to a design career.

This is a busy occupational area with

opportunities to work in many fields both

in the UK and overseas.

Whether it is fine art, graphic design, interactive and

digital media, photography or fashion, you will enjoy

learning in this stimulating, modern environment. The

main role in Art, Design & Media is creative design. This

includes carrying out research and sourcing materials,

liaising with clients, using design software and creating

pieces whether it’s with a sewing machine, paintbrush,

camera or computer.

Studying Animal Management courses at our Brinsbury

campus will give you the chance to learn about different

species and their care and welfare. You will get highly

practical training in our brand new animal centre which

opened in 2013.

Depending on the path you choose, you could be

working individually or as a team in a studio choosing

your own hours, working at a desk or even in an editing


The centre has outstanding facilities including a large

teaching collection of animals housed in modern,

purpose-built accommodation. Species include

tropical and arid reptiles, invertebrates, amphibians

and exotic mammals with outdoor animals including

llamas, alpacas, sheep, pigs, goats and poultry. Animal

Management students also have regular opportunities to

study and handle large animals at our commercial dairy

and sheep farm and equine centre.

Animal Management

Animal Management is for students who want to train

in the animal care industry. The course allows you

to improve your animal experience and confidence

through practical work with our range of reptiles,

mammals, birds and paddock animals in our new

animal centre facilities. It also helps to develop your

academic skills in order to progress on to university or

in to the workplace. There is a compulsory supplement

for uniform and relevant equipment.

Art & Design

Art and Design will develop your artistic skills and

techniques, personality and motivations for success in

higher education or employment. Art and Design is an

exciting and challenging course which encourages you

to explore and evaluate a wide range of art and design


Architecture & Interior

Architecture and Interior is for students who wish to

follow a career or higher education in architecture,

interior architecture or interior design. The Architecture

and Interior programme is designed for those who want

to study spatial design full time. It has been developed

specifically to support students who wish to develop

the fundamental creative, practical and theoretical

skills required to pursue a career in spatial design and

is ideal for those wishing to progress to degree level


Animation &

Computer Illustration

Animation and Computer Illustration is an exciting

course developed to introduce a range of animation

and computer illustration techniques. Through inventive

projects you will develop digital and traditional skills

that are highly desirable and recognised in the industry.

Fashion & Textiles

Fashion and Textiles is a highly rewarding creative

subject to study, designed for students who are

interested in a career within the fashion and textile

industries. The course introduces the processes,

concepts and ideas associated with fashion and

textiles. Students will gain skills in a wide range of

subjects including design, pattern cutting and making,

printed textiles, fabric manipulation and surface pattern

design and fashion marketing.

Media (Creative

Media Production)

Media focussing on creative production has been

developed in response to changes within media

industries and university pathways. You will have the

opportunity to combine theory and practice in an

exciting and stimulating way, developing yourself as an

individual media producer as well as gaining a sound

understanding of professional practice within modern

media. Subject areas within this course include the

magazine industry, TV advertising, music videos, radio

news broadcasting and industry studies.

Additional Entry Requirements

To apply for any of the Art, Design & Media

diplomas, you will need a suitable portfolio of

artwork to demonstrate relevant artistic and

creative skills or abilities.

28 29

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses



& Law

There is a convincing argument that

in the future everyone will need to

have had a business education.

Whatever you do in your professional life, the chances

are that it will involve some ‘business’. We offer a range

of courses which will develop your understanding of

the current techniques and practices used in the world

of business, with progression to higher qualifications in

business and management.


Business provides the opportunity to study a wide

range of business units and achieve a recognised,

vocationally relevant qualification. As well as the study

of general business units, there will be the option to

specialise in administration, finance, human resources,

management or marketing.


Law provides an opportunity to study a wide range

of legal topics and achieve a nationally recognised

qualification. You will study lawmaking,

dispute-solving and aspects of liability, which will

provide you with an underpinning knowledge of the

legal system. Further study in police powers and

homicide law, tort and contract will equally provide you

with an overall balance of the specific legal topics.


Travel &


Well-trained food service staff, hotel

managers and chefs are highly

sought after in the international

hospitality industry around the world.

When the pressures is on, could

you cope with a number of different

tasks at the same time? Our staff are

industry-qualified and experienced

with many contacts including British

Airways and Virgin.

As a hospitality professional you need to be organised

and ready to adapt to changes. Our students learn

these skills and go on to work in top hotels, restaurants,

cruise lines, tourist attractions and events around the

world. You could too! In 2012 our students worked

at events such as music festivals and at the London

2012 Olympics feeding the world’s rowers. A future

in hospitality is varied and offers a stimulating and

satisfying career.


This course prepares you for employment nationally

and internationally in a vast range of hospitality careers.

You will have the opportunity to participate in visits and

residential trips. We adhere to occupational standards

within our realistic working environment.

There are additional costs for a uniform and relevant


Also see the Event & Hospitality

Foundation Degree on page 41

Travel & Tourism

Travel and Tourism offers students the opportunity to

study a wide range of units related to the worldwide travel

and tourism industry. Students will have the opportunity

to participate in visits, a residential trip and vocational

projects. The course is particularly suited to those students

who enjoy both written and practical coursework and who

are looking to work in the travel and tourism industry or

progress to a university course.

Due to our many fantastic contacts, including British

Airways, Virgin, other airlines, cruise ships, hotels and tour

operators, we are able to visit many organisations which

are an important part of our Travel and Tourism course, as

are UK and overseas residential visits.

You will also train on our very own section of a Boeing 737

passenger jet and develop a broad understanding of the

travel and tourism industry as well as excellent customer

service skills.

There are additional costs for a uniform and relevant tools/


30 31

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses


& IT

Computing and IT provide a diverse

range of courses to suit all abilities and

needs, with excellent networking and

software engineering facilities situated

in a purpose built environment.


Engineering offers a wide range of

courses, designed to enable students

to acquire the skills and qualifications

needed to succeed in the fast-moving

technology sector.

Our professional, friendly and approachable staff

support students throughout their studies, which

provide the skills and opportunities for career

progression into both IT and computing fields. There

is a high demand for competent IT technicians in this

rapidly developing and ever-changing industry, in a

wide range of different sectors.

Information Technology

IT and computing covers the basics of the computing

industry. This includes, though is not limited to,

programming, web design, 3D modelling, networking,

computer maintenance and business information

systems. Completed over 1 year, there will be an

opportunity to extend the qualifications to a full

extended diploma, providing a minimum target grade

that is set at the beginning of the course is achieved.

To apply, you must have a GCSE or equivalent in a

technology-related subject.

All courses are delivered across both campuses by

professional, experienced staff from a wide variety of

engineering backgrounds. All kinds of industries benefit

from engineering skills, from designing the latest F1

technology to the most sought after pair of trainers and

our courses will help you make a successful career in

this dynamic industry.


Engineering is an academic-based course designed

to give you the necessary knowledge, understanding

and abilities that you need for a career in advanced

level engineering. This cutting-edge programme is

exciting and rewarding with a strong vocational focus.

It offers you a superb alternative to studying traditional

A-Levels, with progression to university level study in a

wide variety of engineering fields.

Note: To apply you must have a GCSE or

equivalent in a science-related subject

Health, Care

& Childhood


Do you have a genuine interest and

commitment to people? If so, we want you.

Our courses will help you take the first

steps on the ladder towards a caring career.

Whether your passion is working with children or in the care

sector or you have ambitions to train in nursing or social

work, one of our courses will help you gain the knowledge

and skills you need. There are a number of occupations you

could progress on to after you finish your course: teaching,

nursing, social work, childcare, health care or university.

Early Years

Education & Care

Early Years Education and Care will give you

experience of a career in the field of childcare and

education in both the statutory and private sectors.

It will extend both your knowledge and practical

skills. It will also build your communication,

teamwork and study skills within the vocational

framework. It provides you with all the essential

knowledge for a childcare career working with

children aged from birth to 7 years and practical

experience from birth to 5 years.

Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care offers an engaging

programme for those who want a career in the

health or social care sector.

Note: There are additional costs for a DBS check. To apply, two satisfactory references related to Health & Childcare

are required. You must have a GCSE or equivalent in a science-related subject, if progression to university is desired.

32 33

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses



Performing Arts at Chichester has a

reputation for excellence. There are

courses for students of all abilities and

will find support and encouragement to

reach their full potential.

Our courses provide progression routes into training,

employment, further and higher education.

Throughout your course there will be many opportunities to

expand your performance skills in production both inside

and outside of College.


Our Music courses are very

successful and you can expect

a lively and exciting experience

working with professional musicians

in well-equipped facilities.

As the UK's third largest industry, the music industry

offers a wide range of career options including

performance, production, management, publishing,

composition, retail and so much more.

We have a dedicated music block with outstanding

rehearsal and performance facilities. We are a Rowland

Music Academy and also have dedicated music

technology facilities.

Many former students are now working as professional

musicians giving regular workshops and performances.

Note: You will need an audition before being

accepted for these music diplomas

Music Practice Pop

Music Practice Pop covers instrumental technique,

performance and rehearsal skills, the music business,

studio recording,music technology, aural skills,

composition and music theory. Students work in bands

towards regular performances and in year 2, record

and produce their own personal CD. Weekly lunchtime

gigs give students regular performance opportunities

and the chance to hear visiting professional bands and

artists. All students perform at Chi-Fest, the College’s

very own Music Festival.

Music Production

Music Production is a practical hands-on course

aimed at introducing students to the world of music

production. Music Production covers a wide range of

activities and skills from recording and mixing bands,

creating original music using sequencing and sampling,

to learning about synthesizers using some of the best

hardware synthesizers on the market. We also cover the

music business, composing and music theory to equip

students with the necessary skills for an ever-changing


Our students have gone on to successful careers on the

stage and on TV with rolesin productions as diverse as

Evita, Hollyoaks and Warhorse. They have joined major

dance and acting companies including the National Theatre

and forged successful careers in stage management.

We also have a busy Dance School which offers a range

of dance classes for 3-14 year olds, from ballet to tap to

musical theatre, where ISTD (a dance specific qualification)

students have the opportunity to further enhance their

instructing skills.


Acting is a course that will develop your current levels

of skill and introduce you to new areas of drama. The

overall emphasis of the course is on learning by doing,

developinga practical understanding of the performing arts

in a broad sense. Study enables you to follow a workshop

and production based course that aims to give you a basic

grounding in the process of performance and production.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a course designed to give you an

insight into the world of musical theatre training and

performance. This is a challenging course designed

for students wishing to follow a career path in

theatre or entertainment.


Dance will develop the artistic, creative, technical and

professional skills that a dancer needs in order to

fully prepare for a varied and high-level career in the

dance industry. Your course will include a range of

dance disciplines including contemporary, ballet and

jazz as well as choreographic, creative, professional

and historical studies.

Production Arts,

Stage Management

At the heart of our thriving Performing Arts

department sits the busy and efficient stage

management team. Throughout the year we produce

a number of shows and the stage management

students assist in the running and technical

management of mostof them. We work mainly in our

own studio theatre “The Riverside Theatre” and we

also sometimes perform in outside venues such as

the Kings Theatre in Portsmouth, The Showroom at

Chichester University and The Alexandra Theatre in

Bognor Regis.

Note: You will need an audition before being

accepted for these performing arts diplomas

34 35

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Sport & PE

Our Sports Department works with

the British Colleges for Sport and

the FA as a football focus college,

specialising in coaching. We pride

ourselves on our use of innovative

and exciting ways to develop your

knowledge and experience.

The opportunities at Chichester are excellent for

whateverlevel of sport you play. You will be taught by

staff who have excellent experience within their relevant

area of expertise.

Beauty Therapy

A beauty therapy career has become

one of the most sought-after choices

by students in today's time.

Chichester College is highly renowned for its proficient

training in this sector, it has impressive infrastructure as

well as best school amenities offered to the students

for successful experience. The faculty members are the

enthusiastic and motivating educators who have years

of experience in beauty training.

We are a Get Set College and were the winners of the

British Colleges for Sport award for coaching in 2012.



These courses are designed to

give students a good grounding in

science and to progress to university

or in to their chosen career.

Our facilities include refurbished science laboratories

with facilities that help develop practical skills as well as

theoretical knowledge.

You will be well-supported by experienced staff who

help you gain the qualifications you need to achieve

your goals whether it is to work or go on to university.

As well as classroom work, we also spend time working

and demonstrating at events, working on realistic crime

scenes and we benefit from a range of expert speakers.

Note: You must have a GCSE or equivalent

in a science-related subject if progression to

university is desired.

Applied Science (Forensic)

Applied Science (Forensic) is an eclectic mix of science,

psychology and forensic disciplines. Within the science

department you will develop your scientific skills and

understanding and apply them in a variety of different

settings. You will be taught by a small and dedicated

course team who have a range of specialisms and will

work to guide and support you through the many exciting

units covered. In addition to scientific skills, English and

maths skills will be embedded throughout the course.

Applied Science (Medical)

This course offers an extensive mix of science, biology

and physiological disciplines. You will be taught by a

small and dedicated course team who have a range

of specialisms and will work to guide and support

you through the many exciting units covered. We also

have excellent links with local hospitals and industry

professionals. In addition to scientific skills, English and

maths skills will be embedded throughout the course.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become

an elite athlete? Have you ever questioned how athletes

mentally and physically prepare for competition? This

course of study will enable you to learn about and apply

theoreticaland practical techniques to a range of sporting

performers. The assessments include completing projects

and assignments thatare based on realistic workplace

situations, activities and demands.

Note: There are additional costs for a uniform and

relevant tools or equipment.

Sport & Exercise Science

Sport and Exercise Science aims to provide studies in

sport that are directly related to the changing needs of

employers in the sport and sport science industries. As

well as learning about the employment area you have

chosen, you will develop the skills you need to start or

progress in a career in a sport-related area.

Note: There are additional costs for a uniform and

relevant tools or equipment. You must have a GCSE or

equivalent in a science-related subject if progression

to university is desired.

Beauty Therapy Techniques

If you are looking to become a beauty therapist,

practical experience is the only way to find your place

in this popular industry. Chichester College offers more

than theoretical knowledge; we provide fully equipped

commercial salons that attract clients for you to put into

practise what you have learnt.

On completion of this diploma you can gain entry

into university or higher education in beauty or salon

management or go straight in to employment in health

farms, spas, cruise liners and more.

Note: There are additional costs for a uniform and

relevant tools or equipment.

36 37

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Access to Higher

Education for

EU & Non-EU





and Diplomas

Access to Higher Education courses

are designed for students over the

age of 19 and provide a ONE year

study programme to gain entry to UK

universities. The Access course provides

adult students with the equivalent of

THREE full A-Levels and a full Level 3

qualification in ONE year.

Higher National Certificates (HNCs)

and Higher National Diplomas (HNDs)

are very well established and highly

regarded by UK universities and

employers. HNCs are equivalent to

first year of an undergraduate degree

and the HND the second year.

Access to Science

Access to HE Science is an intensive 1 year course

designed to get you into university to pursue a course

in science, or any affiliated subject. This course will

seek to develop you as an independent, confident

individual and will look to give you skills that cover

all of academic university life, including: conference

presentation, group and individual presentations,

scientific essay writing, UCAS application, personal

statement, CV skills and exam/revision techniques.

There are 5 subject areas: ecology and environment,

biomedical science, medicine, chemistry, combined

biology and chemistry.

Access to Sports Science

Access to HE Sports Science is an intensive course

to prepare students for a level of academic study that

will enable them to enter university. It is an applied

academic course with core elements underpinning

social-cultural, physiological, psychological and sports

injury aspects. This enables students to apply for a

wide range of university courses.

Access to Humanities

Access to HE Humanities is an intensive course which

allows students to study whilst still working or meeting

other commitments. It is fully recognised by universities

and other higher education providers as sufficient for entry

to related degree courses such as psychology, sociology,

English literature, social work, teaching and many more.

Access to Health Studies

& Social Care

Access to HE Health Studies and Social Care is

an intensive course which is intended to provide a

qualification recognised by universities sufficient forentry

to related degree courses such as social work, nursing,

midwifery, occupational therapy and paramedic science.

The course has outstanding success rates, lecturers

are positive and passionate to provide the best possible

experience and support to all students.

There are 3 subject areas: human physiology,

psychology and sociology.

Animal Management

This is a higher education course that will extend your

knowledge and opportunities. It takes advantage of small

class sizes to offer excellent practical opportunities with a

variety of species in our new animal centre.

Applied Biology

Applied Biology develops a wide range of skills,

knowledge and understanding needed to succeed in

employment in biologically-based industries. The course

gives you the opportunity to take advantage of excellent

science facilities situated in a purpose-built environment.

Students benefit from a large amount of tutor-led class

time (up to 14 hours a week) from our professional,

friendly and approachable staff.








This higher education course covers the concepts and

principles of business and management as well as

research, problem solving and presentation skills. The

qualification prepares you for employment in the business

sector and will be suitable for learners who have already

decided that they wish to enter this area of work.

Computing & Systems


The HND in Computing and Systems Development

develops a wide range of skills related to modern

computing and technology. The emphasis is on

implementing computing solutions for the modern

computing environment. This means focusing on

the internet and intranet applications, mobile app

development, web design and database management

techniques and technologies which underpin

e-commerce and cloud computing.

General Engineering



This course is made up of 16 modules. The course

includes a full range of engineering skills and

technologies includingsolid modeling, design, CAD,

project management, electronics and manufacturing.



Note: Courses marked

with this symbol are eligible

to EU students ONLY



38 39

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Chichester College | Skills-Based Vocational Courses

Contemporary Jazz




Jazz studies provides a theory and skills platform for

students broadening their musical horizons and who

are aiming to achieve further music study and pursue

an ambition to become a professional jazz and session

musician. You will study aural perception, harmony

and composition, improvisation in music, keyboard

skills, music in context, music notation and music

performance studies.

Performing Arts (Acting)


This is a challenging course designed for the student

wishing to follow a career path in acting. Emphasis will

be given in the first term to prepare for entry to drama

schools. Performance projects are the underlying

foundation of the course. As members of our ‘IntAct’

Theatre Company, you will work within a schedule that

emulates that of a professional company, taking daily

technique classes and rehearsals.

Performing Arts (Dance)


Etch Dance Company forms part of the HNCin

Performing Arts (Dance). As a one year intensive

course it allows undergraduates to extend their dance

training further whilst working within the structure and

ethos of a professional dance company.

Performing Arts

(Musical Theatre)


This is a challenging course designed for the

student desiring to follow a career path in Musical

Theatre. Emphasis will be given in the first term to

preparationfor entry to conservatoire/drama schools.

Development of triple threat performance skills.



The course covers all aspects of advanced

industry standard photography, both location and

studio-based. The unique and innovative photography

skills taught on this course will lead you to develop

your own signature style and visual language in the

creation of a professional portfolio.

Art Direction &

Production Design




Taught at the highly regarded Brighton Film School, this

course gives you a solid grounding in film art direction

and production design processes. Students learn the

practical skills to take an idea from script to delivery in

both theoretical and live projects and have the opportunity

to put designs into reality in the film school studio and/or

on location film school shoots.

Creative Media





At Chichester College we see the increasing importance

of the media in a truly globalised world as being at the

heart of contemporary society. We offer the two year HND

in Creative Media Production, focusing on film production,

graphic design, television production, interview techniques,

sound production & radio, journalism, documentary

production and work experience. This course is for

students harbouring an interest or desire to work in the

creative media industry in the future. With diverse

moving-image and print-based pathways, students work

on semester-long projects where they gain valuable insight

into the media industry, study theoretical approaches to

generic media production and hone and develop their own

production skills using industry standard software and

cutting edge media resources under the guidance and

support of an experienced teaching team. The course is

suited to those with an interest in the media industry and

to Level 3 students looking to move forward at a higher

level in vocational education.

How to apply for HNC / HND courses

Please see details on the next page



Recognising that many of us learn through

work, these vocational degrees enable

students to use their work experience

towards gaining a degree. Foundation

Degrees are designed and taught in

partnership with a university and employers

to give students the skills and experience

required to succeed in employment.

Favoured by Employers

For employers this qualification is invaluable because

graduates have appropriate skills and experience that can

be applied in the workplace immediately. It is possible to

top up a Foundation Degree to a Full Honours Degree.

Event & Hospitality


Foundation Degree

This programme has been designed to ensure you gain

the skills and experience to workin the hospitality and

events management world, one of the fastest growing

sectors within the service industry. The programme

involves both academic and operational elements that

are designed to raise your awareness of all aspects of the

industry and gives you the skills and knowledge employers

are looking for.

The event and hospitality industry's diverse and dynamic

nature provides numerous employment possibilities. You

can gain direct entry to the final year of the BA (Hons) in

Event Management at the University of Chichester orother

top-up degrees.

How to Apply for the

HNC / HND Courses

and Foundation Degree

Applications for all Higher Education courses are

made through UCAS. We are happy to provide

guidance to prospective students during the

application process.

You should apply to UCAS between:

1st Sept 2016 and 15th Jan 2017

Please confirm code details of the coursewith

the appropriate institution.

Applications through UCAS cost £23 for up to

five institutions. However, should you wish to

apply for only one course at one institution,

you only need to pay £12.

Students can apply or find further

information at:

40 41

Chichester College | International Foundation Year Programme

Chichester College | International Foundation Year Programme




International Foundation

Year Programme

The Ideal Gateway

to University

Many young people have the ambition to go to

a top UK university, to give their education and

career opportunities the best possible advantage.

The International Foundation Year at Chichester

College is an ideal way for students to gain the

qualifications, knowledge and confidence needed

for entry on to their dream degree course.

With additional English language lessons that

are tailored to teach all the relevant technical

terminology and the College's cosmopolitan mix of

UK and international students, the Foundation Year

is the ideal preparation for degree study and life at


The International Foundation Year (IFY) is a one

year pre-university qualification which is designed

to provide you with an entry route to UK or overseas

universities or progression on to the NCC Education

Level 4 Diplomas in Computing, Business or

Business IT.

The IFY aims to improve your general and academic

English language ability, enhance your study skills

and cultural understanding and introduce you to

academic study in English at a suitable level.

Where are you going?

With 50+ universities to choose from, many of them with

guaranteed entry through the International Foundation

Year qualification, the world is your oyster.

Take a look at all the universities available to you...

42 43

Chichester College | International Foundation Year Programme

Chichester College | International Foundation Year Programme

The Foundation

Year Programme

Qualification Structure

To complete the qualification you must study

and pass eight units.

The qualification consists of the

following six core units:

1. Developing English Language Skills –

develops your English language skills to be able to

communicate effectively beyond simple everyday

contexts. It aims to improve your reading, writing,

listening and speaking and enables you to acquire

a broad range of knowledge which you can use

to confidently and effectively communicate in

English. The unit guides you through Intermediate

and then Upper Intermediate levels of English

language study.

2. Advanced English Language Skills – enables

you to put into practice the language you have

acquired and develop into an advanced user of

English. You will make extensive use of the four

skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing,

as well as extending your knowledge of complex

grammar and advanced vocabulary.

3. English for Academic Purposes – develops

your understanding and use of the key linguistic

skills necessary to engage effectively in an

academic environment where you are being

taught in English.

4. Study and Communication Skills – equips

you with the essential study skills needed to

succeed at university level. You will learn the

basic skills necessary to conduct independent

research, write academic papers, give formal oral

presentations and apply what has been taught

during lectures to your studies.

5. Culture Studies – enables you to gain awareness

and an increased understanding of other cultures.

You will learn about various features of a foreign

country and its culture, with a particular focus on

student life and studying abroad.

6. Foundation Mathematics – builds upon your

existing knowledge in the area of mathematics whilst

introducing new topics appropriate across a range

of academic disciplines and for your future career.

A further two units must be taken from

a choice of four electives:

1 Introduction to Computing – provides you

with a basic introduction to a range of IT topics

including the organisation of a computer system,

the relationship between hardware and software,

applications of computers, databases, networking

(with a focus on the Internet), graphics and


2 Introduction to Programming – introduces

you to extensive practical use of the modern

programming language Visual Basic to illustrate

the classic programming principles of sequencing,

selection and iteration in the context of objectoriented

computer programming.

3 Introduction to Business – provides you with an

introduction to the purpose, types and organisation

of businesses. You will also become familiar with a

range of business concepts such as basic marketing


4 Introduction to Accounting and Economics –

introduces you to the key principles of accounting

and economics. You will become accustomed to

concepts such as market structures and monetary

policy and also learn how to produce simple

financial statements.

Assessment & Examinations

Assessments for all units will be offered in a

number of assessment cycles throughout the year.

The units are assessed by either examination or

coursework assignments.

Award Conditions

The NCC Education International Foundation

Year will be awarded when you have successfully

passed all eight units. A unit is passed when an

overall mark of 40% or more is achieved.


The qualification is designed to be studied full-time

over one academic year.

Delivery Method

The qualification is taught face-to-face through

lectures, tutorials and seminars at NCC Education

Centres such as Chichester College.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for the NCC

Education IFY Qualification:

Successfully completed secondary education

in an appropriate range of subjects.

Plus a valid score of 4.5 or above in the

International English Language Testing

System (IELTS) examination from an

approved SELT test centre.

EU Students: Alternatively, EU students can

take the free NCC Education Standard English

Placement Test which is administered by our

NCC Education Centres to provide evidence of

an equivalent level of English language.

Note: Government changes might be applicable


Upon completion of the International

Foundation Year, successful candidates

are able to:

Apply to one of the 30 universities worldwide

which directly recognise the International

Foundation Year

Apply for a guaranteed entry route with

a relevant United Kingdom university

Continue on to one of the NCC Education

degree programmes available at a wide range

of national and international universities

For a full list of NCC universities or to learn more about NCC

Education, its qualifications, articulations and partnerships

please visit the NCC Education website:

44 45

Chichester College | International Foundation Year Programme

Chichester College | International Foundation Year Programme






















of Central













Degrees in Business

and Computing

Degrees in Business

and Computing

Degrees in Business

Degrees in Business

Degrees in Business

and Computing

Degrees in Business

Founded in 1884, Bangor

University is one of the

oldest and most prestigious

universities in the UK.

Ranked in the top 40 (Times Higher

Education World University Rankings

2012-13) it is located in the beautiful

North Wales region and boasts “the

best university setting in the UK”.

(Independents’ A-Z of Universities

and Higher Education Colleges).

The international student community

at Bangor is made up of students

from 80 countries worldwide resulting

in a vibrant and multicultural student


Dedicated International

Education Centre

(Admissions, Student

Support, English Language

Centre, IELTS testing)

Free English language


The International Support


Provides help and guidance

with visa renewals and other

immigration matters

A range of international


Such as Japanese,

Afro Caribbean,

Indian, Korean, Kurdish,

Chinese, Malaysian and


Bangor is the 2nd ‘best value’

university city in the UK with a low

living cost, but high quality of life.

Birmingham City University

is a vibrant and multicultural

university in the heart of a

modern and diverse city.

Birmingham International Airport

is nearby and there are first-rate

transport connections to London

and the rest of the UK. BCU is one

of the biggest universities in the

country, with around 23,500 students

and more than 350 courses to

choose from.

Birmingham City University is one

of the top 30 institutions in the UK

for placing students in graduatelevel

jobs (Sunday Times University

Guide 2013), while 90 per cent of

undergraduate students were in

employment or further study within

six months of graduating (DLHE

survey 2011/12).

Some of BCU’s courses offer work

placements with leading companies

– offering vital opportunities to get

your foot in the door. Apple, Cisco,

Sony and Cartier are just some of

the major brands linked with the

university. Working closely with these

companies enables BCU to develop

cutting-edge curriculums and

collaborate on course projects.

University Centre Croydon

(UCC), located within Croydon

College, is one of the largest

providers of Higher Education

between London and Brighton.

The majority of UCC’s Higher

Education courses are validated

by the University of Sussex, which

is ranked amongst the top UK


The combination of high quality,

innovative courses and excellent

staff-to-student ratio makes UCC

an outstanding choice for university

level education.

The International Office is also

available to provide support at every

stage of your student journey. Oncourse

support is also available from

the Student Advice Service, Careers

and Employability Hub and Study


The University of Central

Lancashire (UCLan) boasts a

strong focus on employability

for all of its courses and many

are accredited by professional

and statutory bodies and

include employability features

such as live projects, work

experience and workplace


UCLan is ranked second in the UK

for the number of student start-up

businesses and first in the UK for the

number of business

start-ups still trading after three

years. In the 2015 Times Higher

Education (THE) awards UCLan

was shortlisted in two categories:

Excellence and Innovation in the Arts

and Entrepreneurial University of the


All 16 academic subject areas

submitted by UCLan in the most

recent Research Assessment

Exercise (2014) have been officially

recognised as demonstrating

elements of world-leading research.

Within the sub-areas which make

up the overall grading, UCLan has

been awarded the maximum of five

stars for teaching, employability,

internationalisation, facilities, social

responsibility and inclusiveness.

The university first opened

as a teacher training college

in 1946 and has established

a reputation for world-class

teaching and practical,

purposeful research.

Worcester has undergone significant

change and growth over the last

few years, expanding into new

subject areas, more than doubling

student numbers and investing

substantially in staff and new

facilities. The university also has

a strong international community.

They are one of the fastest growing

universities in the UK with around

10,000 students and 1,000 staff

members from 75 countries. They

are large enough to offer a range of

courses but small enough to care for

every student personally. Worcester

are therefore suitable for those who

want to experience a traditional

British way of life but need the

friendly support and guidance they

can offer.

Academic excellence lies at the

heart of all their courses. In its most

recent report into the quality of their

teaching, the Quality Assurance

Agency praised the university for

their ‘continuous and systematic

improvement of the student

experience’ and identified their

approach to quality enhancement to

be a key factor in their good practice.

The International Centre offers

support for international students

should they need help or advice

during their time at Worcester.

Middlesex is a British university

based in London, with a

distinguished heritage of

excellence and innovation in

higher education.

There are over 40,000 students

on Middlesex University courses

at campuses in London, Dubai

and Mauritius and with prestigious

academic partners across the world.

The university has a reputation

for the highest quality teaching,

research that makes a real difference

to people’s lives and a practical,

innovative approach to providing

business solutions.

Middlesex’s expertise is wide ranging

with over 300 courses, from art

and design, business and health

and education; to law, media and

performing arts and science and

technology - and the University is a

leader in work-based learning.

46 47

Chichester College | International Foundation Year Programme

Chichester College | International Foundation Year Programme


































Degrees in Business

Degrees in Business

and Computing

Degrees in Business

and Computing

Degrees in Computing

Degrees in Computing

Degrees in Computing

Wolverhampton University

welcomes many hundreds of

international students each

year, who join this friendly

community in the centre of

England, or study their degrees

through our partner institutions


The university currently has students

from over 100 nations studying

at four UK campuses or partner

institutions. The vibrant international

community enhances the already

diverse cultural makeup of the

university, city and region.

The university has a long history of

working internationally, establishing

its first office in Hong Kong in 1996.

Wolverhampton University now

has several regional offices and a

network of educational advisors

around the world offering superb

support to international students.

Set in a historic student city,

Oxford Brookes is one of

the UK’s leading modern

universities and enjoys an

international reputation for

teaching excellence and

innovation as well as strong

links with business and


The university is widely

acknowledged to be the UK’s leading

modern university, surpassing many

older institutions in newspaper

league tables. While they are proud

of that accolade, their vision is simply

to become one of the very best of all


Oxford Brookes want to provide

first-class spaces to think, teach,

learn, study and live. They want

their campuses to be places of

inspiration, places to work together

and experience new challenges.

The John Henry Brookes Building

will be crucial to creating the

student experience of the future

and reinforcing the reputation the

university has already achieved.

The university can trace its

roots back to its establishment

in 1848, and since then has

been providing quality and

vocationally relevant Higher

Education in central London.

LMU is based across three main

campuses at Aldgate, Moorgate and

Holloway, each of which is located

centrally in London.

LMU pride themselves on the

diversity of their student body and

have international students from a

very large number of countries.

The university has invested in

excellent facilities for their students,

particularly in ensuring highquality

study spaces, libraries and

IT facilities. In 2012/13, London

Metropolitan University was one

of the highest-ranked universities

for graduate starting salaries and

prides itself on the support it gives in

helping students achieve their career

and commercial dreams.

Right in the heart of a vibrant,

student city, Nottingham Trent

University is one of the UK’s

biggest, most innovative,

modern universities, with

a fantastic reputation for

launching graduate careers.

NTU is one of the top ten new

Universities in the UK (Times, Good

University Guide, 2013), while

Nottingham is ranked as one of the

top 15 most cost effective cities in

which to study in the UK. (Natwest

Student Living Index 2010).

The university has a truly diverse

international student community,

with students and staff from over 100

countries, so you’ll be sure to make

friends from all over the world.

Northumbria University is

a research-rich, businessfocused,

professional university

with a global reputation for

academic excellence.

It is based in the heart of Newcastle

upon Tyne, which is regularly voted

the best place in the UK for students.

The university has its origins in the

Rutherford College, founded in 1880.

Today, by putting students at the

heart of an outstanding experience,

and with world-leading research

and award-winning partnerships,

Northumbria is a new kind of

excellent university.

Plymouth University is a

vibrant, multicultural university

located in the heart of the city

of Plymouth.

The university is one of the leading

modern universities in the UK,

ranked in the top seven institutions

under the age of 50 by Times Higher

Education. The university has

invested more than £150 million in

the campus over the past seven

years and 89% of graduates are in

employment and/or further study

within six months of graduating


48 49

Chichester College | International Foundation Year Programme

Chichester College | International Foundation Year Programme


















of Abertay


Partnership Universities Degree course



Liverpool University

Business & Computing

Leeds Beckett University


Degrees in Computing

Degrees in Computing

Degrees in Computing

Degrees in Computing

Staffordshire University


Liverpool John Moores


Computing & Business

Studying at DMU will provide

you with the tools you need

to forge a bright future for


The university has approximately

27,000 full and part-time

students, with over 2000 international

students coming from over 100

different countries.

The International Student

Support team provide assistance to

all overseas students. The team can

give you specialist advice (how to

open a bank account in the UK)

and guidance throughout your stay

at DMU, along with lots of general

information about living and studying

in Leicester. They can also help

you meet students from your own


Kingston University offers

internationally recognised

qualifications and a supportive

community within easy reach

of London, one of the world’s

most exciting, historic and

culturally rich capitals.

With students from over 150

countries representing nations

across the world, Kingston is a truly

multicultural university. You’ll get to

meet a wide variety of students from

around the world and benefit from

a learning environment enriched by

different cultures and opinions.

The University of Northampton

offers a unique blend of vibrant

campus life, superb facilities

and academic excellence.

At the heart of all that the university

does and offers is their commitment

to transforming lives and inspiring

change. The University of

Northampton is proud of its groundbreaking

new areas of study and

the growing reputation for research

excellence, with state-of-the-art

facilities and technology that ensures

all students have access to extensive

libraries, IT suites, studios, innovative

learning spaces and laboratories.

Abertay University is a public

university in Scotland with a

fantastic student community

of both local talent and

international students.

With strong industry connections,

focus is given to ensure students

are prepared for the competitive

employment market.

Abertay is a small, successful

university providing students with

the chance to learn from leading

academics. At Abertay, every student


Over 80 countries are represented

among the university’s students and

staff. By choosing Abertay, students

choose international exposure that

will help fit them into the employment

market of the global economy.

University West of England

University of Westminster

Sheffield Hallam University

Glasgow Caledonian University

Manchester Metropolitan University

University of West of Scotland

Heriot Watt University

Buckinghamshire New University

York University

Business & Computing




Business & Computing



Business & Computing

Business & Computing

50 51

Chichester College | International Foundation Year Programme

Chichester College | International Foundation Year Programme

Worldwide Links




University of Abertay Dundee





Foundation Year

graduates have

successfully progressed

to many reputable universities

around the world including:

Hong Kong



Glasgow Caledonian University

University of West of Scotland

Heriot Watt University


Northumbria University


Acadia University

Carleton University

Fairleigh Dickenson University

University of Guelph

Laurentian University

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Saint Mary’s University

University of Saskatchewan

University of Manitoba

University of Western Ontario

United States of America

University of California

California Institute of Arts

University of Massachusetts

Michigan State University

Northeastern University

Santa Monica University

San Francisco State University

Saginaw Valle State University

Washington University

United Kingdom

Brunel University

Bournemouth University

University of Bath

University of Bristol

University of Hertfordshire

University of East Anglia

University of Exeter

Heriot Watt University

University of Leeds

Loughborough University

Manchester Metropolitan University

Newcastle University

Northumbria University

Queen Mary, University of London

Royal Holloway, University of London

University of York


Glion Institute of Higher Education


Management Development Institute

of Singapore


RMIT University

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University


University of Adelaide

Curtin University of Technology

Deakin University

Griffith University

Macquarie University

Monash University

Raffles Design Institute

University of Technology, Sydney


University of Central Lancashire

Liverpool University and

Liverpool John Moores University

Manchester Metropolitan University

University West of England

Staffordshire University

Plymouth University

Birmingham University

Worcester University

Buckinghamshire New University

York University

Leeds Beckett University

Sheffield Hallam University

Nottingham Trent University

DeMontfort University

Northampton University

Wolverhampton University

Oxford Brookes University

London Metropolitan University

University of Westminster

Kingston University

Middlesex University London

University Central Croydon

52 53

Chichester College | Information

Chichester College | Information


Practical experience



Campus Map


Woodlands Halls

River Lavant

If you are thinking of applying

for one of the courses in this

prospectus then the following pages

have lots of useful information about

your next steps, how to apply and

things to consider.

The map opposite shows the campus and

all the major centres and facilities, including

the sports centre, sports pitch, the teaching

blocks (A-G), Coasters food hall and our two

on-campus halls of residence, Woodlands and

Westgate. See pages 56-57 for more details

on all the accommodation options available to

students studying at Chichester College.































Front of College



Avenue de Chartres

Chichester city centre is only 5 minutes' walk

away from the campus and the train and bus

stations are only 10 minutes' walk.


Sports Pitch



54 55


Chichester College | information

Chichester College | Information


Woodlands Halls of Residence

Westgate Halls of Residence

Woodlands halls of residence provides secure accommodation

for 90 students aged 16-17 years old at the time of admission.

This on-campus student accommodation comprises of single

and twin-bedded study bedrooms, some of which are ensuite.

Shower and toilet facilities are situated on each floor.

There is a full leisure programme for all students.

Woodlands has two common rooms and a reception area,

large, widescreen TVs, pool tables, table tennis facilities, an

Xbox, a Wii, karaoke equipment and communal areas are

Wi-Fi enabled. Woodlands has its own cleaning and laundry

staff and two laundry rooms with card-operated machines

for students. Woodlands halls of residence provides catering

to residents on a full-board basis, which is included in the

accommodation price. Also included in the price of tuition is

full access to the on-campus gym facilities.

Woodlands is staffed 24 hours a day by trained supervisors.

All communal corridors have been fitted with CCTV to create

a positive and safe environment for all students. Student

privacy remains a priority and there is a clear CCTV policy

to ensure this. Woodlands' students all attend one study

session per week. This is designed to encourage and assist

the achievement of all our students.

Single room with en-suite: £8,917.50

Single room: £8,507.50

Twin room with en-suite: £8,507.50

Twin room: £8,097.50

Woodlands is closed for the Christmas holiday period.

If a student wishes to stay during the Christmas holiday

period, host family accommodation can be arranged.

Westgate halls of residence are for students who are aged

18 and over at the time of admission. Westgate has superb

self-catering or full-board student accommodation options

for 160 residents. All rooms are single and en-suite with

some having been specifically designed to meet the needs

of disabled students. Included in the price of tuition is full

access to the on-campus gym facilities.

There are shared kitchen facilities in the flats which

accommodate six students. There are a variety of communal

facilities including a communal common room with TV and

DVD player as well as food and drink vending machines.

Cooking utensils, crockery and bedding are not provided.

This must be provided by the student. A bed pack containing

a duvet, pillows and bed linen may be purchased from

Westgate on arrival or can be ordered in advance. Self

catering and full board are both available so please advise us

of your choice when applying. Kitchen and communal areas

are cleaned daily. Students are responsible for the cleaning

of their own room and en-suite.

Westgate halls of residence is a secure and safe building with

a swipe card entry system for each block, flat and individual

room. Westgate is open during holiday periods.

Single room with en-suite: £5,482.50

Halls accommodation: Students can arrive from Friday

2nd September 2016 and must leave 23rd June 2016.

Additional weeks/days can be arranged on request.


Homestay is ideal for short-stay students who want to

enjoy the traditional experience of living with a local family.

Homestay means that you will live in a house with the owner

and family. This accommodation is available to all students

on full-time courses. Students in homestay accommodation

can specify whether they wish to be in a smoking or nonsmoking

household and with or without pets or children.

Half-board Homestay

Half-board homestay accommodation means that you live

in a house with the owner and their family, having your

breakfast and evening meal provided during the week and

breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided at the weekend.

Students share the facilities in the house with the rest of

the occupants of the home. Laundry is included once

a week in the price of your accommodation. Any extra

laundry should be discussed with your homestay hosts.

Half-board, in Chichester:

Half-board, outside Chichester:

£145 per week

£130 per week

Self-catering Homestay

Homestay accommodation means that you live in a house with

the owner and their family having the freedom of cooking for

yourself. This student homestay accommodation is available

to all students aged 17 years old and over on a full-time course.

You will share the facilities in the house with the rest of the

occupants. Laundry is also the student’s responsibility,

although the owner's facilities are usually available.

Self-catering, in Chichester:

Booking Fee

£115 per week

For all accommodation types, a non-refundable

booking fee of £100 is required

No deposit is required. However, to secure a room

the booking fee must be paid

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Chichester College | information


Chichester College | Information

Student Support Student Welfare How to Apply

We strongly believe that all our students should be seen as

individuals and that their physical and mental well-being

is extremely important. The College has a safeguarding

policy and designated safeguarding officers, as well as a

College counselling service for those students who need

confidential support. We are aware that many students

suffer from homesickness at some point when away at

College. For most this passes very quickly when they

make new friends and ‘find their feet’ on their course.

Remember the staff in the College are there to listen and

support you. Chichester College is proud of its excellent

student support both prior to your arrival and during your

time at the College.

We provide comprehensive welfare and support for all

our students. Chichester College nurses are available

on-site for all students, as are the College counsellors

and the accommodation and international teams.

Well-being support plans are completed by the College

nurses, in conjunction with the accommodation staff, to

ensure the best possible support is provided. We have an

International Student Support Officer who works with our

international students across the board if there are any

concerns or questions on their courses.

1. Enquiry

2. Application

Contact us via phone or email

or visit our website.

See more details on the back cover.

We have International Officers who travel

around the world meeting with students

and we may be able to set up a meeting in

your home country.

3. College Offer

4. Visa

Please get an application form from our website

and complete it in full. Then email it back to us with

the following: a copy of your passport, evidence

of your level of English e.g. IELTS certificate, your

deposit and a copy of your academic transcripts

and/or certificates. An interview will be required for

A-Levels and certain courses will require a portfolio

or additional evidence of student’s level.

Qualifications & Levels

Level / AGE

















(BA, BSc)




(FdA, FdSc)

A-Levels (A2 / BTEC)

GCSE (Grades A-C / BTEC)

GCSE (Grades D-G)



Available at

Chichester College

HND, foundation Degree Year 2

HNC, foundation Degree Year 1


International Foundation Year,

Access to Higher Education,

BTEC Extended Diploma

On receipt of all of the above, we will send

you a letter of acceptance confirming

your place on the course and provide

UK accommodation reservation details,

if requested. If you have sent your

deposit and met the entry requirements

for your course, the acceptance will be

Unconditional. We will provide supporting

documents you can use to apply for your

student visa.

5. Payment

6. Pre-Arrival


You can pay your fees via our online

PayToStudy website or directly to

Chichester College via a bank transfer or

by telephone from Monday to Friday on

+44 (0)1243 786321 ext 2269. College

admission staff will advise you when your

payment is due and the best way to pay.


We will then give you a full induction on

your first day at the College and place you

into class and provide you with a class

schedule for your time at the College.

Should you need a visa, when you have been

accepted at Chichester College, we will provide

you with the relevant documents you need for a

visa application. Our College complies fully with

the UK Visa & Immigration (UKVI) guidelines for

UK student visas.

On their website you will be able to find out

whether a UK student visa is applicable to you.

Inform the College when your visa is issued and

confirm your arrival date. If you require a taxi

transfer from the airport, this can be arranged at

an additional cost. Host family details may not be

available at the time of application but will be given

to you at least two weeks before your arrival.

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Chichester College | information

Tuition Fees - for courses commencing 2016-17

Course Type & Total Duration Non-EU Students EU Students

A-Level (2 years)*

Vocational Diploma (2 years)*

HNC (1 year) or HND (2 years)*

Foundation Year (1 year)

Access to H.E. (1 year)

£7,800 per year

£7,800 per year

£9,300 per year

£7,800 per year

£7,800 per year

£3,800 per year

£3,800 per year

£9,300 per year

£7,800 per year

£3,800 per year

* Prices for the second year of all 2-year courses commencing 2016-17 are fixed at the prices shown above.

Compulsory supplements: There may be additional costs, not included in the fees above, on some courses for items such as uniforms,

books or equipment specific to the nature of study. Please contact the College for details.

Additional course fee: An additional fee is required for all students aged 19+ at the start of their course. Please contact the College for details.

Visa Support

Airport Transfers

When you have been accepted on to a course at Chichester

College we will provide you with a CAS number and the

relevant documents you require to make a visa application.

To ensure that your application is processed in time please

apply early.

Chichester College complies fully with the UKVI (UK Visa &

Immigration) guidelines for UK student visas.

In 2014-15 Chichester College achieved a 94.12%

acceptance for Tier 4 visa applications.

Chichester College has maintained its Tier 4 sponsor status

in November 2015 without inspection for a second year.

Thanks to this consistency and our current rating you can

be assured that Chichester College is a great sponsor for

any international student.

The College can arrange for airport transfer by private

taxi at the following prices:

London Gatwick to Chichester College £70

London Heathrow to Chichester College £85

London Stansted to Chichester College £130

Single or return transfers available

Prices above are one-way transfers

Prices include 75 minutes' waiting time from confirmed

landing. There is an extra charge of £15 per extra hour waited

Prices are per taxi, not per person




College Term Dates:

1st Term September 5th - December 16th 2016

2nd Term January 4th - April 7th 2017

3rd Term April 24th - June 23rd 2017

Half Term Dates:

October 24th - 28th 2016

February 20th - 24th 2017

May 30th - June 2nd 2017

College Closure Days:

October 5th 2016

March 2nd 2017

May 1st 2017

May 29th 2017

Christmas Holiday:

17 December 2016 - 3rd January 2017

For our Terms and Conditions, please visit

The information in this prospectus is correct at the time of printing. The College reserves the right to

withdraw courses, limit recruitment and where necessary make significant changes to fees payable,

dependent on the number of students enrolled for a course or due to changes in legislation.

This prospectus was designed by AS-Design for the International Department of Chichester College © Copyright 2015


Chichester College offers a full range of educational options

and courses designed to meet your exact needs


Visit our website to download any of our

international student prospectuses

Postal Address:

International Office

Chichester College

Westgate Fields


West Sussex

PO19 1SB

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1243 786321

Fax: +44 (0)1243 784531



Facebook: Chichester College International Students

Twitter: @Chi_College_Int

Instagram: chichesterinternational


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