SPAIN - Vinaros - Top Sights & Fiestas

Vinaros is a great choice for those who want to visit the real Spain. This authentic seaside town has life all year round. Discover Vinaros.

Vinaros is a great choice for those who want to visit the real Spain. This authentic seaside town has life all year round. Discover Vinaros.


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<strong>SPAIN</strong><br />



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<strong>Vinaros</strong> is an authentic seaside town, that is the<br />

capital of the Baix Meastrat region, so it has life all<br />

year round. Discover the top sights and fiestas of<br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong>, to help plan your holiday.<br />

Ryanair currently fly to Castellon, from Stansted &<br />

Bristol The airport is 54 km/33 miles from <strong>Vinaros</strong>.<br />



Paella and other dishes also available<br />

Homemade food in relaxed surroundings<br />

Go there to "chill" out in the sun, have a beer and listen to the sounds<br />

Desperados <strong>Vinaros</strong>, Cala Puntal 8<br />

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/desperados.vinaros/<br />

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<strong>Vinaros</strong> - An Authentic Seaside Town<br />

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Has An Excellent Carnival<br />

Capital of the Baix<br />

Maestrat<br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong> is the capital of the Bajo<br />

Maestrago region (Baix Maestrat in<br />

Valenciano). This means that it has a<br />

normal, working life happening all year<br />

round.<br />

It's a popular seaside destination<br />

for many nationalities, with Spanish,<br />

French, Germans and Dutch being the<br />

predominant ones. It has a beautiful<br />

promenade, a working port, an old<br />

town and plenty of ongoing activities.<br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong> also has an excellent carnival. Check<br />

out one of the Carnival Queens, in the photo<br />

on the left.<br />

A Lovely Promenade<br />

Like many of the places here in the province<br />

of Castellón, it has not been overrun with the<br />

type of crowds that enjoy some of the tackier<br />

areas of the Costa del Sol, and hopefully this<br />

will never happen. Don’t expect to have many<br />

people speak English to you and don’t even<br />

think about an English or Irish breakfast!<br />

Like most other towns it also has its rather<br />

plain parts, and some buildings here and there<br />

are a little run down.<br />

The lovely promenade, the market square<br />

(which is really called Plaza San Agustin), Plaza<br />

San Antonio, the old town and lots of other<br />

streets more than make up for this. Although it<br />

gets very busy during the height of the season,<br />

it is not spoilt.<br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong> Beaches<br />

The main beach, Playa del Fortí, is in the town<br />

centre by the lovely promenade. However as<br />

you go either onto the north of south coast<br />

there are lots of little coves also.<br />

Some of these on the south coast have interesting<br />

wooden structures (wooden solariums)<br />

that are perfect to relax on and watch the sea.<br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong> Beaches<br />

To discover the north and south coasts, if you<br />

like walking or cycling, these are good options.<br />

The town is extremely cycling friendly, you’ll<br />

see people of all ages, types and nationalities<br />

cycling around <strong>Vinaros</strong>.<br />

Do be aware, however, that the road set-up<br />

on the north coast is more challenging, as it<br />

doesn't have so much space and paths, as<br />

there are on the south coast.<br />

Locals seem to have a good awareness of<br />

cyclists, but of course there are also tourists<br />

driving in the area.<br />

There is one man in particular, who cycles<br />

around, who really makes me smile, as he looks<br />

so happy cycling around with his shirt off. It’s<br />

hard to put an age on him, but he could be<br />

close to 70, he’s quite tall and impressive looking<br />

on his bike. He was last spotted with a shirt<br />

on for the first time in early November!<br />

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Getting To <strong>Vinaros</strong><br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong> Highlights<br />

Architectural<br />

The Town Hall<br />

La Vila House (2nd Town Hall)<br />

Municipal Market<br />

Bullring<br />

Giner House<br />

Sendra House<br />

Membrillera House<br />

Castles & Towers<br />

Torre de los Moros – Tower of the Moors (by<br />

the Hermitage mentioned.<br />

Churches<br />

Archpriest Church of the Assumption with a<br />

Baroque Portal, bell tower and chapel.<br />

Hermitages<br />

Ermita de Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia<br />

Vinaroz y San Sebastián – The Shrine of Our<br />

Lady of Mercy and Saint Sebastian<br />

- 6km from <strong>Vinaros</strong> on a hill called El Puig..<br />

It's in a beautiful location with spectacular<br />

views back over the coast and area.<br />

By Air:<br />

Ryanair to Castellon Airport - 54 km-33 miles<br />

There's a bus service that goes from the<br />

airport to <strong>Vinaros</strong>, click for timetables and<br />

prices.<br />

Reus Airport - 111 km-69 miles<br />

Valencia Airport - 152 km-94 miles<br />

Barcelona Airport - 194 km-120 miles<br />

Trains<br />

From Barcelona Sants to Valencia there's<br />

a good train service, that stops at the<br />

train station in <strong>Vinaros</strong>. Check to ensure<br />

the train stops there - not all do.<br />

Driving<br />

Want to avoid tolls, then avoid the AP7.<br />

The A7 and N340 take the same route.<br />

There are more trucks on the N340.s<br />

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<strong>Vinaros</strong> <strong>Fiestas</strong><br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong> <strong>Fiestas</strong><br />

Festival of Saint Anthony Abott-Sant<br />

Antoni Abat - 17th January<br />

On the eve bonfires are lit in various squares<br />

around town. Then the next day there are<br />

different events, and meals for the farmers<br />

and people, in the hermitage.<br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong> Festival of Saint Sebastian<br />

Festival Date: 20th January<br />

Saint Sebastian is the patron Saint of <strong>Vinaros</strong>,<br />

and his feast is celebrated intensively<br />

by the locals. There's a pilgrimage to the<br />

Hermitage, and mass, some folk performances<br />

and a paella for the people.<br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong> Carnival<br />

Festival Date: Before Lent<br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong> has a great carnival, that has<br />

enough of a reputation to bring people<br />

from other towns. It has been made a<br />

fiesta of Autonomic Tourist Interest.<br />

Holy Week<br />

Of huge importance throughout Spain, Holy<br />

Week in <strong>Vinaros</strong> starts with the Encounter<br />

of the Gongs and the Drums, with bands<br />

from various parts of Castellon taking part.<br />

Throughout the week there are a number of<br />

processions and events.<br />

<strong>Fiestas</strong> of St. John & St. Peter<br />

Festival Date: 22nd to 29th June<br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong> has a week of celebrations and<br />

events for the <strong>Fiestas</strong> of St. John (eve of 24th<br />

June) and St. Peter - patron saint of fishermen.<br />

An idyllic time to come to <strong>Vinaros</strong>, with<br />

plenty of events, open air music, firework<br />

displays and more ....for all the family.<br />

Festival of Our Lady of Carmen<br />

Festival Date: 16th July<br />

Carmen is also a patron saint of the sea and<br />

fishermen. She is celebrated widely throughout<br />

Spain.This is a beautiful fiesta normally<br />

from a visual perspective, as there is a sailors'<br />

procession. The fishing boats are decorated<br />

and go out to sea, bringing back in the Virgin<br />

Carmen.<br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong> King Prawn Festival<br />

Festival Date: August<br />

<strong>Vinaros</strong> is famous for its prawns, and this<br />

festival has been running since 1963.There<br />

are tasting events on the promenade, and it<br />

is one of the important tasting events in the<br />

province of Castellon.<br />

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Discover <strong>Vinaros</strong>!<br />

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