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hen you're studying multimedia you learn things as design,

3D animation and 2D, programming, marketing, drawing,

photography, film, audio and video editing language, and much more;

the reason why we study it goes beyond a taste, is a passion for the

race already that through this in addition to be able to perform your

skills in various topics, you can let your imagination and let new ideas

arising in the field, whereas the echo that multimedia has a great future

and is very helpful for your professional life studying a career like this

, since what currently moves the world they are the technologies, but

it should be taken into account that is evolving as time goes on, we

could reach the point of dance with a hologram or even better to be

able to touch and feel all those things that are still only on a screen,

the fundamentals to carry out excellent multimedia is the creativity and

imagination as well as be free of barriers that do not let you go beyond.

There are different and various types of multimedia, as for example the

informative, the educational, commercial, etc that we help us provide

practical and fun information in media such as these, from different

points of view, this can be shown in the market of different forms, such

as printed and digital.

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