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Elementary School Becky

Elementary School Becky Jobes, PhD—Elementary Principal— Key Phrase : Did you like it? · When you are upset you are always focused on what you don’t want. Take a deep breath, pivot your attention mentally and speak focused on what you do want. · Passivity invites aggression, aggression begets aggression and assertiveness dissipates aggression · Children must learn that they teach others how to treat them. They must learn to assertively deal with the intrusive behaviors of others. · You have the right and responsibility to say “No.” · You-Me accusations leaved a child feeling attacked – “You think you can get away with ______. You always ________. · Any statement about the other person, rather than statements about one’s own feelings or thoughts, tends to have an attaching quality. Instead of saying “You made me sad because….” try to say “I felt sad because……” This allows the person you are talking to, to be able to listen without feeling attacked. · Assertiveness clearly tells that child what to do so that they can meet your expectations. Focus on what you WANT to happen. Don’t forget to visit … ISPMUSIC.BLOGSPOT.COM for more information about the Elementary Musical! Students in grades 2-5 are encouraged to audition. You must sign up by December 9. Auditions are on December 16. ISP’s WEEKLY NEWSLETTER Educational excellence for a future without borders. Issue 17

Middle School Diane Guevara Middle School Principal— Vickie Swann Assistant Principal Service Learning in Action: As part of the 8th grade Service Learning class, a group of students shared the important 21st century skills of Team Work and Communication to our friends from 3.3. Our middle school students Guinny, Paula and Gaby showed these important traits by doing team building activities and explaining the importance of, not only of team work, but also to be caring, being good communicators and open minded when working together. In another activity, middle school students, Maya, Rashmi and Lara presented to a different audience, our Middle School students and high school parents. They talked about stressors for adolescents and how to handle them in a healthy way. They also gave important tips to high school parents on how to better understand their children and how some of their expectations may be a high stressor for many of them. They asked to be trusted and let them have the opportunity to safely make some of their own decisions. We are very proud of our students and their ability to present to a variety of audiences on a number of relevant and pertinent topics. Kudos to all of them! ISP’s WEEKLY NEWSLETTER Educational excellence for a future without borders. Issue 17

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