Morning Session 2 Morning Session 1 - Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin


Morning Session 2 Morning Session 1 - Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Thursday, Sept. 24 Friday, Sept. 25

Sunday, Sept. 20 Monday, Sept. 21 Tuesday, Sept. 22 Wednesday, Sept. 23

Basic SRF R&D I Excursion to Dresden & FZD SRF Technology R&D I Future Projects I

Progress Reports and

Ongoing Projects I

Basic studies for process

High Field Q-slope and the

parameter developments for

baking effect

EP/HPR/Snow cleaning Student Poster Prize Talk

G. Ciovati JLAB D. Reschke DESY TBD

Dislocations responsible for Q-

Laser scanning microscopy for


RF characterization Project X

A. Romanenko Cornell S. Anlage U. Maryl. R. Kephart FNAL

Electropolishing without HF:

Advances in material studies for

Ready for cavity treatment? -

Welcome & logistics


What are the naked facts? FRIB

T. Bieler (TBC) MSU E. Palmieri INFN R. York (TBC) MSU

Point contact tunnelling at the

8:00 - 10:30

SC gap before/after baking & Bus Transport to Dresden Progress with large grain


atomic layer deposition

cavities & seamless cavities 5GeV 100 mA ERL

K. Honkavaara DESY T. Proslier Argonne W. Singer DESY G. Hoffstaetter Cornell

Review of results from

temperature mapping and

Multi-wire slicing of large grain


subsequent cavity inspections

ingot material Compact ERL Linac

H. Weise DESY W.D. Möller (TBC) DESY K. Saito KEK K. Umemori KEK

Morning Session 1

Third harmonic system at

Detecting quenches with 2nd

New cavity shape developments Overview talk of future SRF linac



for low beta applications

based light sources

E. Harms (TBC) FNAL Z. Conway Cornell H. Podlech U. Frankf. J. Bisognano Wisconsin

Basic understanding for the

various causes of quench e- linac for RIB

D, Meidlinger Cornell N. Lockyer (TBC) TRIUMF

Morning Coffee Break Morning Coffee Break

Future Projects II

Basic SRF R&D II OPTION 1: OPTION 2: SRF Technology R&D II

Progress Reports and

Ongoing Projects II

Review of optical inspection

Special Session:

New cavity shape developments

Jlab upgrade and high current methods and results

for crabbing applications ESS

Retirement of D.

cavity developments

K. Watanabe (TBC) KEK G. Burt Daresbury M. Lindroos CERN


R. Rimmer (TBC) Jlab Characterization of ingot

and H. Padamsee

HIE-Isolde: The

material for SRF cavity

Advances and performance of superconducting RIB linac at


new couplers


J. Mondal BARC E. Kako KEK M. Pasini CERN


Overview of superconducting RF characterization of

A personal view:

Results from ANL/FNAL and


superconducting samples Roadmap for the future

weld zone quenching SPL

A. Arnold FZD T. Junginger CERN of SRF

G. Wu (TBC) FNAL R. Garoby CERN

Tour SPIRAL2: Status and first test

D. Proch & H.

A15 Nb3Sn films by multilayer

Dresden on results on cryostats and power


sputtering & review of SRF tests

your own couplers

Jparc Upgrade

High-current ERL Injector

A. Rossi INFN Guillaume Olry CEA N. Ouchi (TBC) JAEA

M. Liepe Cornell 12:00 - 13:45

A15 superconductors by thermal Lunch and Tour

Lessons learned from the 9 mA The superconducting linac for

diffusion in 6 GHz cavities




S. Deambrosis INFN B. Chase (TBC) FNAL P. Bosland CEA

Review of RF properties of NbN

and MgB2 thin coating on Nb

Indian cavity fabrication facility High intensity proton source in


samples and cavities

& test results


P. McIntosh CCLRC G. Emereev LANL P.N Prakash IUAC V. Sahni (TBC) RRCAT

Morning Session 2

ERL prototype at BNL Microstructure studies of Nb ILC

I. Ben Zvi BNL D. Baars (TBC) MSU K. Yokoya KEK

Lunch Break Lunch Break

Sunday, Sept. 20 Monday, Sept. 21 Tuesday, Sept. 22 Wednesday, Sept. 23 Thursday, Sept. 24 Friday, Sept. 25

Lunch Break Lunch Break

Overflow room early afternoon

Progress Reports and

Ongoing Projects III

TESLA technology in China

C. Jia-er PKU

Impact of CARE-SRF on

FLASH/XFEL and other projects

D. Proch DESY

Poster Session III

Poster Session I

Superconducting PAUL trap for


D. Barna (TBC) CERN

Afternoon Session 1

13:45- 17:30

Tour of Dresden on your

own followed by Organ

Concert at the Frauenkirche

Atlas Upgrade

J. Fuerst Argonne

Afternoon Coffee Break


O. Kester MSU

Afternoon Coffee Break

Progress Reports and

Ongoing Projects IV

SNS & upgrade

J. Mammosser (TBC) SNS

Poster Session II Poster Session IV


H. Hayano (TBC) KEK



T. Junquera Orsay

Afternoon Session 2


The SARAF facility in Israel

I. Mardor Soreq

17:30 - 20:00

Return to Berlin

Boat Tour and Dinner

Hot Topic 1: Module and

Coupler production: A View

from Industry

Discuss. Leader: D. Proch

Hot Topic 2: Is Niobium at the

end of the road? At what front

should we do battle?

Discuss. Leader:

H. Padamsee, P. Kneisel


R. Laxdal TRIUMF

Buffet Reception

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