100 Christmas Gift Ideas

Buying gifts around Christmas time can either be fun and challenging or frustrating and tiring. So here are some great ideas depending on the character for whom you are buying. They have been carefully selected from our entire range and feature some of our most popular and best products. Hopefully this guide will take the stress out of the gift buying process – enjoy! To know more details visit http://www.whositfor.co.uk

Buying gifts around Christmas time can either be fun and challenging or frustrating and tiring. So here are some great ideas depending on the character for whom you are buying. They have been carefully selected from our entire range and feature some of our most popular and best products. Hopefully this guide will take the stress out of the gift buying process – enjoy! To know more details visit http://www.whositfor.co.uk


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<strong>100</strong> <strong>Christmas</strong> <strong>Gift</strong> <strong>Ideas</strong><br />

Not sure what to get your loved ones this <strong>Christmas</strong>…look no further!


1. Introduction<br />

2. Just Fun<br />

3. Stationery<br />

4. Horse Lovers<br />

5. Stocking Fillers<br />

6. Proud Scottish<br />

7. <strong>Gift</strong>s for Mums<br />

8. Jewellery<br />

9. Party Lovers<br />

10. Car Lovers<br />

11. Outdoors Sort<br />

12. Food & Drink<br />

13. <strong>Christmas</strong> Classics<br />

14. <strong>Gift</strong>s for Dads<br />

15. Decorative<br />

16. Garden Lovers<br />

17. Artist<br />

18. Health & Beauty<br />

19. Music Fans<br />

20. Pet Lovers<br />

21. Sports Fanatics<br />

22. Outside the Box<br />

23. Inner Child<br />

24. Nautical<br />

25. Workaholic<br />

26. Attention to Detail<br />

27. Novelty<br />

28. Competitive<br />

29. Collectors<br />

30. Neat Freak<br />

31. Family Orientated<br />

32. Selfie <strong>Gift</strong>s<br />

33. Native<br />

34. Book Worm<br />

35. Recreational Hobbies<br />

36. Vintage<br />

37. Traditional<br />

38. Heritage Lovers<br />

39. Hoarders<br />

40. <strong>Gift</strong>s for Geeks<br />

41. Super Diva<br />

42. Eco-Friendly <strong>Gift</strong>s<br />

43. Hobbyist<br />

44. <strong>Gift</strong>s for Toddlers<br />

45. <strong>Gift</strong>s for Teenagers<br />

46. Rock n Roll<br />

47. Organiser<br />

48. <strong>Gift</strong>s for Men<br />

49. <strong>Gift</strong>s for Women<br />

50. Grandparents <strong>Gift</strong>s<br />

51. Romantics<br />

52. Cooks<br />

53. Cold Bods<br />

54. Contact Us


Buying gifts around <strong>Christmas</strong> time can either be fun and<br />

challenging or frustrating and tiring. So here are some<br />

great ideas depending on the character for whom you are<br />

buying. They have been carefully selected from our entire<br />

range and feature some of our most popular and best<br />

products. Hopefully this guide will take the stress out of the<br />

gift buying process – enjoy!

Just Fun<br />

Everyone has those friends that are into practical jokes, full of sarcastic<br />

come backs and generally just a laugh to be around. Our Just fun gifts fall<br />

on the lighter side of present giving and are specially picked out for the<br />

more outgoing and entertaining of our friends and family!<br />

Space Hopper<br />

Part of our Just Fun section, with fun gifts for<br />

everyone!<br />

£15.00<br />

Cheesy Jokes<br />

Make your family and friends laugh with the Cheesy<br />

Jokes from the Just Fun section.<br />

£6.00 1

Stationery<br />

You can usually spot a stationary addict a mile away. They tend to have<br />

matching notebooks, pens, jotter pads, post-it notes and a full array of<br />

useful stationary items on their person. If you need a pen they are the ones<br />

to ask. Make sure they have these quality and fun items in their collection.<br />

Owl Memo Notepad<br />

Check out the Stationary section for everything you<br />

will need.<br />

£0.75<br />

Acrobat Monkey Sharpener<br />

Find funky products in the stationery section!<br />

£3.00<br />


Horse Lovers<br />

For those outside the world of equestrian activities it feels like a very well<br />

informed and passionate field of horse lovers. That’s because they are<br />

indeed passionate about horses – who are more often than not just another<br />

member of their family. So indulge their love of these beautiful animals with<br />

a little gift.<br />

Kate Osborne Horse Tin<br />

Are you a horse lover? Check out our horse products.<br />

£2.50<br />

Horses Dream Colouring Book<br />

Are you a horse lover or know one? Check out our<br />

products.<br />

£6.25 3

Stocking Fillers<br />

There are plenty of gifts to fill up those stockings so here are a couple from<br />

our fantastic range. It doesn’t matter who you are when it comes to<br />

<strong>Christmas</strong> morning there is nothing better than a stocking full of unusual,<br />

quirky and traditional gift. Hopefully, some chocolate too!<br />

Key Ring Pen<br />

Check out our stocking fillers for the perfect gifts.<br />

£2.99<br />

Chilly Chums <strong>Christmas</strong> Buddies<br />

Struggling for stocking fillers? Check out our products.<br />

£3.00<br />


Proud Scottish<br />

As a Scottish company we are naturally proud of our roots and our illustrious<br />

heritage. There is plenty in Scotland to be celebrated and shared with the<br />

world and one of those elements are our talented artists. Check out our<br />

calendar and mug collections that feature some of the breathtaking scenery<br />

Scotland has to offer.<br />

Highlands & Islands Calendar<br />

Are you a proud Scottish? Take a look at our products.<br />

£6.99<br />

Jolomo Moonlit Cottage Mug<br />

From our Dunoon Ceramics Jolomo Lochside range .<br />

£14.50<br />


<strong>Gift</strong>s for Mums<br />

Whether you just want to tell your Mum that you love and appreciate her or<br />

you are looking for a stylish addition to her handbag collection we have the<br />

answer. There are some quality accessory ranges on Who’s it for? As well as<br />

some Mum specific gift items so you will not be short on choice.<br />

Mywalit Crossbody Purse<br />

From our Mywalit collection.<br />

£68.00<br />

A treasure beyond measure Mug<br />

Show your Mum how much she means to you this<br />

<strong>Christmas</strong>.<br />

£8.00 6

Jewellery<br />

For that extra special gift to a close loved one then you cannot beat a<br />

beautiful and striking piece of jewellery. We have high end and budget items<br />

so that everyone can enjoy a small gift that packs a big punch on <strong>Christmas</strong><br />

morning.<br />

Pure Sentiment Bracelet<br />

We have a lovely selection of jewellery for everyone.<br />

£12.00<br />

Dansk Seven Rings Bracelet<br />

Check out our jewellery section for perfect gifts.<br />

£22.00<br />


Party Lovers<br />

<strong>Christmas</strong> and New Year is the perfect time for a good party and there are<br />

plenty of party lovers ready to don their glad rags and hit the town. There is<br />

no beating a good house party full of games, a few drinks and lots of<br />

laughter. Help your friends and family make the most of their time off work<br />

and encourage a little social interaction over the festivities.<br />

Whimsical Wonderball<br />

Perfect for someone who loves to have fun!<br />

£6.00<br />

Dipsticks: Names<br />

Games perfect for playing at parties!<br />

£9.00<br />


Car Lovers<br />

Car lovers have a habit of boring none car lovers with their endless<br />

knowledge on certain models and specifications. Whether you want to<br />

acknowledge their obsession with a fun gift or fuel it with a classical gift we<br />

have options for you to choose from.<br />

Build Your Own Race Car<br />

Do you know a car lover? Build your own race car!<br />

£2.99<br />

Dunoon Mugs Classic Collection Car<br />

Check out the Classic Collection by artist Richard<br />

Partis<br />

£14.50 9

Outdoors Sort<br />

The outdoors is there to be explored and enjoyed by sports addicts, nature<br />

enthusiasts and walkers. The outdoors sort will always appreciate an<br />

outdoors gift because it gives them another reason to get some fresh air and<br />

enjoy their natural surroundings.<br />

Kikkerland Keyring<br />

Check out our fun outdoor products!<br />

£4.99<br />

Boules Set<br />

Do you know someone that likes the outdoors? Check<br />

out our products.<br />

£33.00 10

Food & Drink<br />

This is a category that tends to apply to lots of people for many reasons. The<br />

fact is most people love their food and drink. There are some friends who<br />

will be big cooking enthusiasts and there will also be those that do not<br />

occupy the kitchen very often but have been recently inspired by ‘The Great<br />

British Bake Off’. Whatever the reason a food and drink gift is usually a<br />

winner.<br />

Aga Oven Storage Tin<br />

From our Kitchen Storage Category.<br />

£12.00<br />

Folklore Coffee Pot<br />

From the Folklore Range by Wild and Wolf.<br />

£20.00<br />


<strong>Christmas</strong> Classics<br />

The traditional present can mean so much to the receiver. There is<br />

something magical about a <strong>Christmas</strong> themed snow globe, a ballerina music<br />

box or a wind up Father <strong>Christmas</strong> toy. Bring the cheer of <strong>Christmas</strong> up a<br />

notch with a classic that will keep on giving.<br />

Clockwork Tin Father <strong>Christmas</strong><br />

One of our festive <strong>Christmas</strong> classics!<br />

£3.50<br />

Gisela Graham <strong>Christmas</strong> Mini Dome<br />

From our fantastic Gisela Graham collection.<br />

£3.99<br />


<strong>Gift</strong>s for Dads<br />

Dads can be tricky but the best approach is not to overthink it. Dads are not<br />

usually quiet about what they love and they will always have room for a gift<br />

that contributes to that love whether they are collectors, keen sportsmen or<br />

talented beer drinkers. Show Dad how much he means to you with a<br />

thoughtful present.<br />

DCUK Natural Penguin<br />

Find the perfect gifts for your Dad this year.<br />

£22.00<br />

Best Dad Card<br />

Show your Dad how much you love him this year.<br />

£2.50<br />


Decorative<br />

If you know someone has a distinct style or quite an eclectic range of tastes<br />

then be creative with their gift. Those who have a decorative flare tend to<br />

enjoy funky patterns, vintage ornaments and unique canvases so the only<br />

limit is your imagination.<br />

Highland Dog Doorstop<br />

Check out our funky products for your home.<br />

£15.00<br />

There’s Always one Sign<br />

Check out our cool signs for your home.<br />

£8.00<br />


Garden Lovers<br />

This is an easy one and yet it is not always something that is at the front of<br />

your gift choices since we are in the heart of winter. However, garden lovers<br />

tend to be active in their gardens, allotments and greenhouses all year<br />

round so something to keep them clean and smelling nice or a journal on<br />

their favourite subject matter will go down a treat.<br />

Thoughtful Gardener Journal<br />

Do you know a garden lover? Check out our products!<br />

£15.00<br />

Gardeners Hand Scrub<br />

From our Crabtree & Evelyn collection.<br />

£13.00<br />


Artist<br />

The creative, procrastinating, passionate sort enjoy thoughtful pieces. You<br />

can feed their tapestry of experiences and resources they draw from when<br />

creating their art. Just think outside of the box and give them something<br />

that has character and presence.<br />

Conker Sculpture<br />

From the Richard Cooper Bronze Collection.<br />

£145.00<br />

You’re the Best<br />

From the Willow Tree product range.<br />

£18.00<br />


Health & Beauty<br />

A nice category to turn to when you do not know someone very well or have<br />

a family member/friend that just adores toiletries for <strong>Christmas</strong>. We have<br />

some beautiful sets that suit a range of characters and tastes – these two in<br />

particular are very popular sets at great prices.<br />

After The Rain Bath Box<br />

From Arran Aromatics.<br />

£20.00<br />

Magpie Ahoy Make Up Bags<br />

Check out our health & beauty products for the perfect<br />

gift.<br />

£21.00 17

Music Fans<br />

Playing music constantly in the house, always turning up the radio in the car<br />

and speaking knowledgeably about music. You can tell a music fan a mile off<br />

and they just love to submerge themselves in great tunes. Test their<br />

knowledge and feed their primary form of escape with a music themed<br />

present.<br />

Mighty Music Engine<br />

Do you know someone crazy for music? Check out our<br />

products.<br />

£19.99<br />

Now Playing Trivia 80s & 90s<br />

Need a present for a music fan? Check out our<br />

website.<br />

£3.00 18

Pet Lovers<br />

The unbreakable bond between a pet lover and their pet is a very special<br />

one. There is never a day when a pet lover doesn’t spend time tending to<br />

the extra member of their family. There isn’t a love like it and you just<br />

cannot go wrong by accepting that and giving them something that enables<br />

them to dote on their loved one even more. We are a nation of pet lovers<br />

quite happy to admit it.<br />

Dog Walker Mug<br />

Do you know a dog lover? This product is perfect.<br />

£9.50<br />

A Home Without a Cat Sign<br />

Do you know a cat lover? This product is perfect.<br />

£4.95<br />


Sports Fanatics<br />

They are usually very athletic, in decent shape, drink a little less than the<br />

rest of us and plan their lives around their adrenaline fix. But, they also tend<br />

to be very productive and energetic individuals great to have at a party.<br />

They can be entirely obsessed with their sport however so if you don’t buy<br />

them something related to it chances are they wont be interested. Unless<br />

you can pitch them a new passion that challenges them even more – just a<br />

thought!<br />

Sprint Finish Mug<br />

From our McLaggen Smith products.<br />

£9.50<br />

Hook, Line and Sinker Cufflinks<br />

Perfect for sport fanatics!<br />

£12.00<br />


Outside of The Box<br />

These are the gifts that you would never have scribbled down onto your<br />

Santa’s list in a million years. However, they put a smile on your face<br />

because they are different – unique. People like to be surprised and have an<br />

activity to do on <strong>Christmas</strong> day when the family are together which for many<br />

is a rare occurrence. These gifts both feed into that idea perfectly.<br />

Pub Quiz<br />

Looking for a game for this <strong>Christmas</strong>? Look no<br />

further.<br />

£16.99<br />

Zombie Shooting Set<br />

Looking for a fun activity for <strong>Christmas</strong>? Look no<br />

further.<br />

£5.00 21

Inner Child<br />

Giving people an excuse to let out their inner child is what keeps the world<br />

laughing and joking. We spend too much time working and trying to fit in<br />

with convention without rocking the norm. Well to hell with that – we can act<br />

like big kids and have the time of our lives if we want to – we are our own<br />

bosses.<br />

Sound Effects – Musical Moments<br />

Check out our gadget category.<br />

£5.99<br />

Butt Head<br />

Perfect gifts for the inner child!<br />

£12.00<br />


Nautical<br />

Who’s it for? has a fantastic nautical range that sea lovers will be thrilled<br />

with. There are practical gifts with a nautical theme and all out ship, boat,<br />

coast and sea inspired ornaments, plaques and accessories that every sailor<br />

and wannabe sailor will be over the moon with. Why not have a browse!<br />

Propeller Keyring<br />

Check out Who’s it for? For the funkiest gifts!<br />

£4.95<br />

Scrimshaw Side Plates<br />

Check out our Kitchen Crockery category.<br />

£30.00<br />


Workaholic<br />

They spend so much time at work that you barely ever see them. They can<br />

be the practical and organised sort depending on what career it is they have.<br />

You can make their office more fun with theme inspired stationary or just<br />

help them schedule the year to come with a thoughtful calendar or diary.<br />

Red Dog Stapler<br />

Need a gift for a workaholic? Look no further.<br />

£7.00<br />

Alliums Slim Diary<br />

See more of our diaries online!<br />

£8.00<br />


Attention to Detail<br />

They never miss a thing and tend to be in the kitchen washing up if you<br />

throw a party. Try and distract them with some meticulous gifts that will<br />

have them entertained for hours trying to draw out their creative side. If<br />

they have that level of focus and concentration then help them put it to good<br />

use and hopefully you will shut their brain off for a bit and help them<br />

escape!<br />

British Wildlife<br />

If you know someone who loves detail then this book<br />

will be perfect for them!<br />

£5.99<br />

Red Pocket Doodling Book<br />

You can doodle for hours with this detailed colouring<br />

book.<br />

£5.99 25

Novelty<br />

The gift that keeps on giving because every time you look at it you cannot<br />

help but chuckle. The novelty item usually combines something practical<br />

with something totally random so you laugh a little and then use what it is<br />

you were after. They just make those everyday tasks less dull and more<br />

entertaining.<br />

Flamingo Pen Sunglasses<br />

Check out Who’s it for? For the funkiest gifts!<br />

£2.50<br />

Acorn Speaker and Radio<br />

Looking for fun and cool gifts? Look no further.<br />

£25.00<br />


Competitive<br />

It isn’t always the best idea to get a competitive character something to play<br />

with friends that they can potentially win or lose at. But, having said that it<br />

is fun watching them take it too seriously and then get in a sulk if they lose.<br />

Feed their want of competition with some healthy competition that<br />

encompasses chance so they are never too sure of their victory.<br />

Bingo<br />

Everyone loves games at <strong>Christmas</strong>, check out ours!<br />

£7.00<br />

Cribbage Game Box<br />

Do you know someone who is competitive? Check out<br />

our products.<br />

£36.00 27

Collectors<br />

The art of collecting something beautiful or simply personal to you is a<br />

powerful hobby. They know exactly what they want and which others they<br />

need to expand and complete their collections. You can also give someone<br />

something to collect that you think they will love and spark a new pastime<br />

for them.<br />

Tilda Charlie Bear<br />

From the Charlie Bear collection.<br />

£90.00<br />

Willow Tree Angel of Harmony<br />

From the Willow Tree collection.<br />

£18.00<br />


Neat Freak<br />

They like everything to be in its place. They will line up rulers and pencils on<br />

a desk if they were still at school. A bookcase for books, a storage box for<br />

bedding, and a dress organiser for their jewellery. Make sure they have a<br />

place for those small items that drive them up the wall and bring happiness<br />

to a neat freaks world this <strong>Christmas</strong>.<br />

The Bright Side Receipts Tin<br />

Do you know a neat freak? Look no further!<br />

£7.00<br />

Umbra Little Pink Dress Organiser<br />

Do you know someone who is always organized?<br />

Check out our products.<br />

£24.00 29

Family Orientated<br />

Whether you are looking for a card that celebrates the fact that your family<br />

will be united this <strong>Christmas</strong> or looking for party games to keep them<br />

entertained we have it all. Make the most of the festivities while everyone is<br />

together and create a memorable with food, drink, and games.<br />

<strong>Christmas</strong> Family All Together<br />

Perfect card from the whole family at <strong>Christmas</strong>!<br />

£4.50<br />

Dipsticks: Charades<br />

Fun games to play at <strong>Christmas</strong> with the family.<br />

£9.00<br />


Selfie <strong>Gift</strong>s<br />

The selfie has become a permanent feature in most of our lives. There are<br />

the vain ones, the creative ones and the joke ones that know it is absurd but<br />

fancy getting in on the act but with satire. The selfie stick is a great way of<br />

getting your mug on a picture that also captures your surroundings so that<br />

you can share those magical moments with others whether with friends or<br />

alone.<br />

Mayfair Silver Photo Frame<br />

Keep all the special memories from <strong>Christmas</strong>!<br />

£12.99<br />

Blue Selfie Stick<br />

Capture all the special moments from <strong>Christmas</strong>!<br />

£12.99<br />


Native<br />

Native can mean so many things but it generally appeals to those who are in<br />

touch with their culture, a particular industry or nature as a whole. They<br />

tend to respect the Earth and the customs and cultures that individuals<br />

nations have nurtured. Are they native to the countryside? To an urban<br />

landscape. What is it about them that seems to tie them to their location<br />

and shows they have strong native characteristics?<br />

Capercaille Art Tile<br />

See online for more Ceramic Art Tile products!<br />

£11.99<br />

Hedgerow Handbook<br />

Learn all about nature and its ways with this book.<br />

£12.99<br />


Book Worm<br />

They are probably sat on their Kindle or phone these days while you are<br />

watching a film. The book worm does not necessarily need to be holding a<br />

book but they are certain to have plenty in their homes. You cannot keep a<br />

reader far from their next fictional feast so indulge them with their favourite<br />

pastime and make sure their bookshelves are brimming.<br />

An Eye on The Hebrides<br />

Do you need a present for a book worm? Look no<br />

further.<br />

£10.99<br />

READ Bookends<br />

Know someone who loves books, we have great<br />

products.<br />

£65.00 33

Recreational Hobbies<br />

They are not completely consumed by these hobbies but they often fancy or<br />

play a game of cards, bowls, Sudoku, dominos…the list goes on. If they have<br />

time for recreational hobbies then expose them to some more and keep their<br />

brain sharp.<br />

Pack of Playing Cards<br />

Who’s it for? Offer some fantastic hobby products!<br />

£1.99<br />

Mini Matchbox Puzzle<br />

Check out our puzzles to entertain you in your free<br />

time.<br />

£2.99 34

Vintage<br />

That love of old items or simply the aged look that vintage replicas pull off<br />

so well. Vintage tends to be a haunt of the sophisticated palette, those<br />

wanting to add a little depth to their surroundings. They embrace old items<br />

because they are full of character and look as though they have absorbed a<br />

history and therefore have stories to tell.<br />

12 Vintage Glass Tree Decorations Ameena Tealight<br />

From our Gisela Graham collection.<br />

£20.00<br />

We have plenty of vintage products available for you.<br />

£2.99<br />


Traditional<br />

Traditional is simply an item that has (or symbolises something that has) a<br />

thread running back through history for decades, centuries, or even longer.<br />

It is part of the fabric that makes our cultures so varied and individual. The<br />

classic pocket watch symbolises the quintessential British Gentleman while<br />

candle holders date back to a time pre electricity. They make us feel all<br />

warm and fuzzy because they remind us where we came from and what<br />

makes the world so rich and layered with ingenuity and creativity.<br />

Classic Pocket Watch<br />

You can find a collection of classic watches on our site.<br />

£78.00<br />

Glass Candle Holder with Heart<br />

Check out our candle holders ready for <strong>Christmas</strong>!<br />

£4.99<br />


Heritage Lovers<br />

Just as traditional shows us the parallels in our past and those things we<br />

never let go off. Heritage is full of hidden gems that some have forgotten<br />

and others prize above all else. Heritage lovers generally have a specific<br />

passion whether it is an era or an object but they also usually carry and<br />

general appreciation for knowledge and examples of our material past.<br />

Scots Kith and Kin<br />

If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes<br />

heritage products then you are in the right place.<br />

£5.99<br />

Hornby Playing Cards<br />

We have the perfect gifts for the heritage lovers.<br />

£8.00<br />


Hoarders<br />

They have too much of everything because they cannot bare to through<br />

something away incase it comes in handy. They may also feel connected to<br />

the items because they once held a significance for them. The best present<br />

for a hoarder by far is storage. Help them make the most of the space they<br />

have left so they can still function in their homes and hoard happily.<br />

Girls Treasures Tin<br />

If you know someone who likes to collect everything,<br />

then this is a perfect gift!<br />

£7.00<br />

Umbra Little Black Dress Organiser<br />

If you know someone that likes to organise<br />

EVERYTHING then you are in the right place.<br />

£24.00 38

<strong>Gift</strong>s for Geeks<br />

Knowledge absorbers whether in one subject or them all. Geeks are different<br />

to nerds. Geeks are passionate about an area and excel at it. Nerds tend to<br />

be more scholarly and it is their approach to learning that is being identified<br />

– they are very intelligent souls. Geeks on the other hand could be into Star<br />

Wars, Romans, video games. Geeks are very bright but they like escapism<br />

and that tends to be where their focus lies.<br />

Inflatable Globe<br />

Do you need a gift for a geek? Look no further.<br />

£2.99<br />

Anatomical Skeleton Model<br />

Do you know someone obsessed with Science? This is<br />

the perfect gift.<br />

£8.00 39

Super Diva<br />

They have just about everything they ever wanted but they absolutely<br />

always want more heels, more make-up, and more close-ups. They dress to<br />

impress and fall into the category of high maintenance. But we love them<br />

anyway and at least they are easy to buy for. Indulge their vanity and give<br />

them pretty things whether they wish to be a princess or a celebrity.<br />

Tartan Mirror<br />

Do you need a gift for a super diva? We have the<br />

perfect gift.<br />

£12.99<br />

Pink Poppy Princess Necklace<br />

We have a range of gifts for princesses and young<br />

divas at Who’s it for?<br />

£2.50 40

Eco Friendly <strong>Gift</strong>s<br />

There are lots of great people that want to put the planet first these days<br />

and thankful there are lots of gifts so you can help them do just that. Here<br />

are two ranges among many on our site that use eco-friendly materials and<br />

ensure a sustainable and ethical supply chain.<br />

Ecotronic Cow Torch<br />

A fun innovative eco design from Ecotronics.<br />

£5.00<br />

Magpie Birdy Robin Notebook<br />

From our range of Magpie products.<br />

£5.99<br />


Hobbyist<br />

Everyone should have a hobby. The only excuse usually is we do not have<br />

enough time. Give your friend or relative a new hobby or add to their<br />

current one with a thoughtful gift that tells them how well you know them.<br />

We have plenty of gifts for hobbyists so you can find exactly what you are<br />

looking for.<br />

Hawker Hurricane Model Aircraft Kit<br />

From our Model Kits category.<br />

£24.99<br />

Galt First Knitting<br />

Perfect gifts for starting a new hobby!<br />

£7.99<br />


<strong>Gift</strong>s for Toddlers<br />

Toddlers tend to get lots of shiny toys at <strong>Christmas</strong> so a nice present is often<br />

a book that they can keep for years or an activity. Colouring books are great<br />

to keep them entertained while guests are round and also push their<br />

creativity and search for knowledge. They want to try everything and<br />

understand it so facilitating that is a great gift among all the musical items<br />

they receive that quickly grate on parents.<br />

1 st Colouring Pad Tales from Acorn Wood<br />

We have a range of gift ideas for toddlers.<br />

£2.99<br />

Find a selection of books for toddlers, perfect for<br />

<strong>Christmas</strong>.<br />

£7.99 43

<strong>Gift</strong>s for Teenagers<br />

Possibly the most tricky age to buy for because more often than not<br />

whatever you choose they will instantly lose interest in. Their fads and<br />

phases change with their rollercoaster mood swings. So what better than a<br />

‘whatever’ banner and for boys in particular this ‘fart fanfare’ is sure to go<br />

down well!<br />

Whatever Banner Kit<br />

Looking for a gift for a teenager? This banner is<br />

perfect!<br />

£5.99<br />

Sound Effects – Fart Fanfare<br />

We have a range of gift ideas for teenagers, ready for<br />

<strong>Christmas</strong>.<br />

£5.99 44

Rock n Roll<br />

‘It’s only rock and roll but I like it’ has kept this music genre going and<br />

going. The rebellious genre that people turn to when they have a stressful or<br />

supremely diligent day. What they need is a little rebellion in their lives<br />

because that alarm clock is annoying every morning. Give them a boom ball<br />

with a CD or a USB stick containing all the best rock anthems and bring a<br />

smile to their face.<br />

Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers<br />

From our Kitchen Tools category.<br />

£9.99<br />

White Mighty Boom Ball Speaker<br />

We have a range of gifts ideal for the rock n roll lovers<br />

out there.<br />

£14.99 45

Organiser<br />

There are lots of reasons why someone might need to be more organised.<br />

They may be self-employed, run charity events, juggle lots of jobs, or just<br />

run a very hectic family. You can never be too organised and sometimes the<br />

best present is the one you know they are going to need the most!<br />

The Bright Side Receipts Tin<br />

Keep all your receipts organised in one place.<br />

£6.00<br />

Aqua Mywalit Organiser Pouch Purse<br />

From the Mywalit range.<br />

£50.00<br />


<strong>Gift</strong>s for Men<br />

We often hear that men are hard to buy for, however, men will tell you the<br />

same about women. It all depends on what they are into but two fab<br />

universal gifts are the wash bag and the flask. They have a hint of<br />

sophistication to them as well as a practical purpose. When it comes to men<br />

it is our opinion that you cannot go far wrong with practical gifts.<br />

Hook, Line and Sinker Paperwieght<br />

Perfect gifts for the men in your life.<br />

£12.00<br />

Hunters Leather Flask<br />

We offer a range of gifts for men for <strong>Christmas</strong>.<br />

£32.00<br />


<strong>Gift</strong>s for Women<br />

It is safe to say that most women like to be pampered, especially at<br />

<strong>Christmas</strong>, and spoilt of course. A nice bag, jewellery, perfume, bath<br />

collections…there are plenty of gifts that will make them feel special.<br />

Whether costume jewellery or a piece more refined and sparkly there is no<br />

better way of saying how much they mean to you.<br />

Blue Birdies Tote Bag<br />

From the Cherith Harrison products.<br />

£10.00<br />

Jewellery Bohemian Joy Necklace<br />

From the Pilgrim products.<br />

£39.99<br />


Grandparents <strong>Gift</strong>s<br />

Grandparents are a treasured part of any family whether they are retired<br />

explorers of the world or guaranteed babysitters. They can also be very<br />

tricky to buy for so selecting quality gifts that have a use to them is a good<br />

way to go. Let them know how much they mean to you and how grateful you<br />

are to have them with a lovely framed picture of the family or a collection of<br />

thoughtful gifts they can enjoy opening.<br />

Green Bird Tealight Holder<br />

Great <strong>Christmas</strong> gifts for Grandparents.<br />

£4.99<br />

Dora Mouse Paperweight<br />

From the Dora Designs products.<br />

£9.99<br />


Romantics<br />

All you have to do is be romantic right back at them. Every romantic will be<br />

happy to receive a romantic gift because they spend all their efforts thinking<br />

about you so the moment you turn it on them they will be speechless. A<br />

heart felt sentiment, a candle and planned dinner, a photo of your best<br />

moment to date or a photo album full of what makes them special to you. Be<br />

prepared to show a little of your heart to make them feel special.<br />

Linked Heart Photograph Frame<br />

Perfect gift to capture the romantic memories.<br />

£14.00<br />

Woodwick Fireside Candle<br />

Lovely gifts for the romantics!<br />

£24.50<br />


Cooks<br />

Unleash their hidden or pretty obvious talents and make sure they have<br />

quality essential items to adorn their kitchens. You can tie them into their<br />

other interests or just choose pretty examples that complement the design<br />

of their kitchens. Not the most thoughtful present on the planet but the<br />

thing is they are passionate about cooking so they will get through gloves<br />

and tea towels in no time.<br />

Cafe Riverside Double Glove<br />

Do you know someone with a passion of cooking?<br />

Look no further.<br />

£11.99<br />

Bird Song Tea Towel<br />

Perfect gifts for cook lovers.<br />

£7.50<br />


Cold Bods<br />

How many friends do you have that are always cold no matter what<br />

temperature it is outside? In winter they suffer more than most so make<br />

sure they can wrap up warm with all those essential winter accessories. The<br />

thicker the material and bolder the design the warmer and funkier they will<br />

be through the coldest of the four months.<br />

Dansk Aqua Animal print Scarf<br />

From the Dansk Smykkekunst selection.<br />

£20.00<br />

Plum and Charcoal Rugby Socks<br />

From the Powder UK product range.<br />

£13.99<br />


Merry <strong>Christmas</strong> Everyone<br />

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