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A One Step Further Travel Guide<br />


Down Yonder-No. 1 Tripadvisor In Sligo<br />


<strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> has inspired W.B Yeats, Jack Yeats and<br />

Neil Jordan. This peninsula on <strong>Ireland</strong>'s West Coast is<br />

a romantic spot, where you can experience real Irish<br />

hospitality, in beautiful surroundings.<br />

Welcome to <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> in County Sligo. I am your<br />

guide and hostess, Eavan O'Hara. Let me tell you<br />

about this lovely spot, where I spent every childhood<br />

summer.<br />

Such amazing memories, lifelong friends and I always<br />

said that I'd live there one day!!<br />

“Exquisite views, extremely friendly and helpful service<br />

and rooms that you expect in a five star hotel.”<br />

Sydney Suzette, September 2015, Tripadvisor<br />

Down Yonder, Upper <strong>Rosses</strong>, <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>, Sligo<br />

Reservations by phone: 00353 89 210 3639<br />

E-mail: info@downyonder.ie<br />

Website: http://www.downyonder.ie/<br />

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IRELAND:<br />

How <strong>Ireland</strong> Can Touch<br />

Your Heart<br />

<strong>Inspirational</strong> <strong>Rosses</strong><br />

<strong>Point</strong><br />

<strong>Ireland</strong> is filled with inspirational places, and<br />

<strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> is one of them – amongst many, it<br />

was a great inspiration to W.B.Yeats.<br />

<strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> is a coastal gem that brings back<br />

happy childhood memories to me. <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong><br />

is a peninsula and village in County Sligo.<br />

Located on <strong>Ireland</strong>'s wonderful West Coast,<br />

you’ll find the beautiful <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> with its<br />

spectacular blue flag beaches, at the entrance<br />

to Sligo Bay.<br />

Visitors come mainly for the golf, and the<br />

walks. Historic guided tours can be arranged.<br />

Farming & Sea-Faring<br />

Traditionally <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> was a farming and<br />

sea-faring village, which is still a rich element<br />

of its heritage today. The 21st century <strong>Rosses</strong><br />

<strong>Point</strong> is a collage of magnificent scenery, which<br />

is sure to delight those who enjoy being outdoors.<br />

With the backdrop of Mother Nature,<br />

some modern developments sit comfortably in<br />

this lovely spot.<br />

You can enjoy good food, true Irish friendliness,<br />

some great little bars and sometimes traditional<br />

Irish music. Visitors find it a lovely place<br />

to visit, with wonderful seafront walks, where<br />

you can enjoy the excellent views and watch<br />

the waves as you walk along the unspoilt, clean<br />

sandy beach.<br />

Experience <strong>Ireland</strong><br />

Embrace <strong>Ireland</strong><br />

<strong>Ireland</strong>, the Land of Saints and Scholars, is a<br />

country full of heart. It's palpable in its landscape<br />

and in the friendliness and spirit of its people.<br />

The country has given birth to numerous talented<br />

creatives, who have found inspiration in the land's<br />

earthiness, beauty and the rich web of its society.<br />

The Irish have an innate warmth and sense of<br />

humour, that visitors love - it's these qualities that<br />

have made Irish hospitality famous worldwide. Not<br />

to mention the Irish concept of craic, that you can't<br />

quite describe until you've experienced it!<br />

This little island is packed with beautiful gifts from<br />

Mother Nature, some lush and dewy: others rugged<br />

and dramatic.<br />

To truly experience <strong>Ireland</strong>, it's necessary to immerse<br />

yourself in her people, their chat, craic and<br />

warmth. To fully embrace <strong>Ireland</strong>, you need to<br />

spend time exploring her coast and lands, as well<br />

as her myths, folklore and music. If you do this,<br />

<strong>Ireland</strong> will surely touch your heart.<br />

6 http://www.downyonder.ie/ 7

Beautiful Scenery<br />

<strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> boasts some of the best scenery<br />

that <strong>Ireland</strong> has to offer. The cliff walks are<br />

easily accessible and <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> is a great<br />

spot for romance, a lovely family day out, or a<br />

peaceful, relaxing holiday.<br />

If you come during some nice weather, you can<br />

go swimming in this pretty spot. Or else why<br />

not collect some shells on the beach to keep<br />

as souvenirs from <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>?<br />

Depending on the time of year when you visit,<br />

it can be quiet or quite busy. One of <strong>Ireland</strong>’s<br />

best golf courses is located here. So it is a<br />

great location for golfers to play at the County<br />

Sligo Golf Club <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>. For water enthusiasts<br />

there is the Sligo Yacht Club.<br />

W.B. Yeats<br />

Did you know that <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> played a central<br />

role in inspiring W.B Yeats and his brother,<br />

the painter Jack Yeats?<br />

"<strong>Rosses</strong> is a little sea-dividing, sandy plain,<br />

covered with short grass, like a green tablecloth,<br />

and lying in the foam midway between<br />

the round cairn-headed Knocknarea and Ben<br />

Bulben…” W.B. Yeats<br />

W.B. Yeats drew both artistic inspiration and<br />

spiritual sustenance from this spot, where he<br />

and his brother spent many summer holidays<br />

in Elsinore House, the home of his uncle. The<br />

landscape and stories of <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> touched<br />

W.B. Yeats deeply, and let to his spiritual<br />

awakening.<br />

<strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> & The Great Outdoors<br />

Neil Jordan<br />

Nature At Its Best<br />

A view that would have warmed WB Yeat's<br />

heart. Ben Bulbin from <strong>Rosses</strong> PoInt, Sligo.<br />

The great film director, novelist and screenwriter,<br />

Neil Jordan, was born in <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>, on 25th<br />

February 1950. When he was six years old, his<br />

family moved to Clontarf, in Dublin, which is also<br />

by the sea. So in a way it's not surprising that he<br />

said:<br />

"I can never end a story until I get it to the sea."<br />

Funnily enough, Michael Sheridan, the filmmaker<br />

and journalist said about Jordan:<br />

"He was a very good-looking guy, with long black<br />

hair and sallow skin, and he reminded me of Yeats<br />

as a young man."<br />

A stay in <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> is a chance to enjoy nature<br />

at its best. Whether you just want to detach from<br />

your busy life, and stroll along the beach, or wish<br />

to do something even more active - this is a perfect<br />

place.<br />

Mountain Walks<br />

The walk up Knocknarea, where you can see<br />

Medb's (Quuen Maeve) Cairn at the summit, is<br />

easy enough. There's a new wooden trailthere.<br />

The views over five counties are stunning.<br />

The views from Benbulben are wonderful, but this<br />

walk is more challening and requires a guide.<br />

8 http://www.downyonder.ie/ 9

Glencar Waterfall<br />

Located around 9 miles (13 km) or so from<br />

<strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>, the waterfall is around 50 feet (15<br />

metres) high. W. B. Yeats used to visit the waterfall<br />

when he was young and not surprisingly<br />

found it inspirational.<br />

He wrote about the fairies and changelings of<br />

Irish folklore in his poem, The Stolen Child, which<br />

we can see was inspired by his passion for Irish<br />

mythology and the local nature of <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong><br />

and the Glencar Waterfall. If you decide to visit<br />

at dusk, it is lit up and the trip is well sign-posted.<br />

There is ample parking.<br />

Magical At Any Time<br />

Whatever time you visit, if you enjoy nature it<br />

is magical, as you listen to the sound of the<br />

thundering water. The area is gorgeous with a<br />

wonderful wooded walk, the fast flowing rivers,<br />

the peacefulness of the lake and the magnificence<br />

of the waterfalls.<br />

From the road you can see various waterfalls,<br />

however the Glencar Waterfall is the most<br />

romantic and impressive. Even though you<br />

may prefer it didn’t rain during your holiday,<br />

just after a rainfall is the perfect time to visit<br />

the Glencar Waterfall. It is extra special and so<br />

impressive after rain. View it from the beautiful<br />

wooded walk. However it is spectacular all the<br />

time!<br />

Golf<br />

Cycling<br />

One of <strong>Ireland</strong>'s best golf clubs is located in <strong>Rosses</strong><br />

<strong>Point</strong>. The Country Sligo Golf Club was set up in<br />

1894, and has played host to many of the greats.<br />

Rory McIlroy, Tom Watson, Paul McGinley, Bernhard<br />

Langer, Joe Carr, Sir Nick Faldo, Padraic Harrington,<br />

Greame McDowell, Peter Alliss, Shane Lowry and<br />

Byron Nelson have all played there.Every Easter the<br />

clbu plays host to the West of <strong>Ireland</strong> Amateur Golf<br />

Championships.<br />

Website: http://www.countysligogolfclub.ie/<br />

Sup4All Yeats Country<br />

I can organise SUP4ALL for you.<br />

As well as walking, <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> and the surrounding<br />

areas, are super for cycling. If you wish to hire<br />

a bike, check out the following company:<br />

Beach Cruisers : 00353 (0) 87 950 4406<br />

Boat Charters & Sea<br />

Angling<br />

If you wish to go sea angling or book boat charters,<br />

the company that I can recommend to you is<br />

Ewing's Sea Angling and Boat Charters.<br />

Phone: 00353 (0) 86 891 3618<br />

Website: http://www.sligoboatcharters.com/<br />

10 http://www.downyonder.ie/ 11

Carrowmore Megalithic<br />

Monuments<br />

Located a couple of miles south west of Sligo<br />

town, these are thought to have contained over<br />

200 passage tombs at one time.<br />

At the heart of this well preserved megalithic<br />

landscape, you will find Carrowmore in the peninsula’s<br />

centre.<br />

It is one of the most magnificent Irish ancient<br />

megalithic complexes. Although there was extensive<br />

damage in the early 19th century due to<br />

quarrying and land clearance, today there are<br />

27 monuments remaining, of the original 100 or<br />

so monuments of Carrowmore.<br />

Stone. No 7<br />

The Carrowmore monuments are considered to<br />

be early examples of chambered cairns or passage<br />

graves.<br />

Yet we cannot be entirely sure and they could<br />

be the ancestors of various monument types.<br />

They are boulder circles and many of them<br />

have central dolmens (rudimentary passages).<br />

Constructed from a gneiss, which is a hard local<br />

stone which originates from the Ox Mountains,<br />

each circle has an average of between 30<br />

to 35 stones. The one that is in the best condition<br />

these days is Carrowmore 7. It’s circle<br />

of boulders is around 11 metres in diameter,<br />

and it features a lovely graceful dolmen at the<br />

centre.<br />

WB Yeats Resting Place<br />

Drumcliffe<br />

W.B. Yeats died in France on 28th January 1939, in<br />

the Hôtel Idéal Séjour in Menton. However he had<br />

frequently spoken about the subject of his death<br />

with his wife George (Georgina Hyde-Lees). She<br />

says his words on the subject were:<br />

“If I die bury me up there and then in a year’s time<br />

when the newspapers have forgotten me, dig me up<br />

and plant me in Sligo.”<br />

Up there is a reference to Roquebrune, where he<br />

did indeed have a discreet funeral and was quietly<br />

buried. His body wasn’t moved until September<br />

1948 to Drumcliffe in Sligo, <strong>Ireland</strong>.<br />

According To His Wishes<br />

The operation took place on the Lé Macha of the<br />

Irish Naval Service, funnily enough under the charge<br />

of Sean MacBride, for the Irish Government. Sean<br />

MacBride being the son of Maud Gonne MacBride,<br />

and the Minister of External Affairs at that time.<br />

So now according to his wishes, W.B. Yeats is resting<br />

in the peaceful church yard of Drumcliffe, at the<br />

food of the Benbulben mountain. It is truly a stunning<br />

location, with a high cross which was constructed<br />

in the 11th century and a round tower’s<br />

remains. During the 11th century there was a Christian<br />

monastery there, which had been founded in<br />

574 by Saint Columcille.<br />

12 http://www.downyonder.ie/ 13

Lissadell House<br />

Parkes Castle<br />

Lissadell House was constructed between 1330<br />

and 1835, and is a neo-classical Greek revivalist<br />

country house.<br />

One of <strong>Ireland</strong>'s last genuine estates, it has<br />

been lovingly restored by Constance Cassidy<br />

and Eddie Walsh, and their children. Immerse<br />

yourself in the beauty and heritage of the<br />

house and estate, learn more about Countess<br />

Markievicz & Yeats, and see other exhibitions.<br />

An attractive Plantation period castle, that<br />

seems to rise out of the tranquil Lough Gill<br />

waters, Parkes Castle was originally built in<br />

1610.<br />

The Castle has been restored using traditional<br />

craftmanship methods, and Irish oak.<br />

Today it appears much as it did back in the<br />

early 17th century.<br />

Enjoy adventure activities and gorgeous gardens,<br />

Relax and refuel with foodie offerings and<br />

drinks at the lovely Tea Rooms.<br />

Website: http://lissadellhouse.com/<br />

Mullaghmore<br />

Slieve League Cliffs<br />

An extraordinarily beautiful headland in County Located on County Donegal's south west coast, are<br />

Sligo, Mullaghmore is also the site of the murder of the Slieve League Cliffs, which are considered to be<br />

Lord Mountbatten, Paul Maxwell, Nicholas Knatchbull<br />

Europe's finest marine cliffs.<br />

and Dorothy Brabourne, by an IRA bomb in<br />

1979..<br />

There's a car park a couple of miles away, where<br />

you should leave your car, so that you can enjoy<br />

The below paragraph is an excerpt from the Irish the striking scenery as you walk to the cliffs. The<br />

Times:<br />

mountain itself has been sacred for the Christians<br />

for over a thousand years, and was no doubt<br />

"It was the last day of the summer holidays, the sacred long before then..<br />

rain had gone and the sun was blazing down when<br />

Mountbatten steered them out of the harbour. The Slieve League Cliffs Centre is a family affair<br />

Minutes later, as Patricia Brabourne, now Countess where you learn about the culture and stories, buy<br />

Mountbatten of Burma, recalled in a 2013 interview artisan products and relax in the café.<br />

with this reporter, “the IRA, standing on the cliffs<br />

and seeing perfectly well that there were old people Website: http://slieveleaguecliffs.ie/<br />

and children on the boat, detonated the bomb.”<br />

14 http://www.downyonder.ie/ 15

16 http://www.downyonder.ie/ 17

Austies Bar &<br />

Restaurant<br />

Austies is a traditional, relaxed restaurant,<br />

offering good food in a lovely location. Here<br />

you’ll find a nice balance of meat and seafood<br />

dishes. Vegetarians are also catered for, and<br />

this place is a nice spot by the seaside.<br />

Phone: 00353 (0) 719 177 111<br />

Website: http://austies.ie/<br />

Tripadvisor<br />

“Lively seaside gastronomic delight” 5 of 5<br />

stars<br />

"The food was amazing with unpretentious portions.<br />

A great fill, that was well needed after a<br />

days deep sea fishing. Cast on the background<br />

of a beautiful sunset, the food was a real treat.<br />

After dinner we retreated to the snug bar for<br />

fantastic session of traditional Irish music<br />

that seemed to kick off almost spontaneously<br />

amongst the locals in the nautical themed bar.<br />

Class fun and a must visit."<br />

See more reviews on Tripadvisor<br />

Harry's Gastro Pub<br />

Tripadvisor<br />

Located on the promenade, you can expect seasonal<br />

fare from a pub/restaurant that has been in<br />

the Ewing family for five generations.<br />

It is known as the pub with the well due to the historic<br />

well in the back bar. It's kind of quirky, with<br />

great character and lots of fish tanks.<br />

Food is served Wednesday to Sunday, from 4pm<br />

to 9pm (8pm on Sunday) There is also live music<br />

on often during the weekends.<br />

“Wow this is a 10 from Len” 5 of 5 stars<br />

"What a little gem. A warm welcome fantastic food<br />

and great craic. We will be back. Made my family<br />

feel wanted and brought a real family feel to our<br />

night ubout in all public houses visited and we did<br />

a few this has to be the best of em all. Well done<br />

you."<br />

See more reviews on Tripadvisor<br />

Phone: 00353 (0) 719 177 173<br />

Website: http://harrysrossespoint.com/<br />

18 http://www.downyonder.ie/ 19

Getting To <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong><br />

Sligo Highlights<br />

Archaeology<br />

Ballymote Castle<br />

Carrowkeel Megalithic Site<br />

Creevykeel Court Tomb<br />

Family Fun<br />

Funny Bones House of Fun<br />

Hullabaloo<br />

Woodville Farm<br />

Sligo Abbey<br />

Ballindoon Abbey<br />

Knocknarea Mountain<br />

Drumliffe Church<br />

Maeve's Cairn<br />

Heapstown Cairn<br />

Deerpark Court Tomb<br />

Knocknashee Hill Fort<br />

Beaches<br />

<strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong><br />

Strandhill Beach<br />

Enniscrone Beach<br />

Mullaghmore Beach - Lord Mountbatten<br />

Dunmoran Strand<br />

Streedagh Beach<br />

Architecture/Heritage<br />

Culleenamore Beach<br />

<strong>Ireland</strong> West Airport Knock<br />

<strong>Ireland</strong> West Airport Knock 62 km - 38 miles<br />

By Car: Take the N17<br />

Car Hire companies<br />

Not hiring a car? Here are your other<br />

transport options<br />

Dublin Airport<br />

Dublin Airport - 219 km - 136 miles<br />

Take the M4<br />

Car hire companies<br />

Not hiring a car? Here are your other<br />

transport options<br />

Lissadell House<br />

Cultural<br />

Sligo Folk Park<br />

Seatrails<br />

Sligo Country Museum<br />

The Model Arts Centre<br />

Dolly's Castle<br />

Parkes Castle, Co. Leitrim<br />

Island Tours<br />

Inishmurray Island Tours<br />

Rose of Innisfree Boat Trip<br />

W.B. Yeats<br />

Yeats Memorial Building and Art Gallery<br />

W.B. Yeats Statue<br />

W.B. Yeats Grave Drumliffe<br />

Shannon Airport<br />

Shannon Airport 217 km - 135 miles<br />

By Car: Take the M18<br />

Car hire companies.<br />

Not hiring a car? Here are your other trans-<br />

Local Tourist Authority<br />

Sligo Tourism<br />

Website: http://www.sligotourism.ie/<br />

Day Trip<br />

Slieve League Cliffs<br />

Famine<br />

Sligo Famine Memorial<br />

For detailed information on Yeats visit:<br />

http://www.yeatssociety.com/<br />

port options.<br />

20 http://www.downyonder.ie/ 21

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View of Ben Bulbin from <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>, Sligo- Gavin Stewart<br />

<strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>-Richard O Beirne<br />

<strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>-Lynne McEniff<br />

Jordan Fitzgerald <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>-Joe McCarthy<br />

<strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> Sligo by Philip Daly<br />

Page 4-<strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> sunset by Emmanuel McCormack<br />

Page 5-Between Two Fronts <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>-Richard O Beirne<br />

Page 6 - View of Ben Bulbin from <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>-Gavin Stewart<br />

Page 7 - Up to <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong> by Joe McCarthy<br />

Page 8 - Sligo County Golf Club by Richard O Beirne<br />

Page 9 - Glencar Waterfall<br />

Page 10 - Carrowmore-Valerie Hinojosa<br />

Photo Credits<br />

Page 11 - W.B. Yeats gravestone-Laura Bernhardt<br />

Page 12 - Lissadell House-Lissadell House<br />

Page 13 - Mullaghmore-Liam Moloney<br />

Pages 14-15 - <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>-Darren Borland<br />

Page 16 - Austies Pub-Austies Pub<br />

Page 17 - Harry's Gastro Bar-Harry's Gastro Bar<br />

Page 18 - Throwing Stones At <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>-Paul Wilson<br />

Page 27 - <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>-James Neenan<br />

Phone: 089-210-3639 - Intl: 00353-89-210-3639<br />

22 http://www.downyonder.ie/ 23

Down Yonder, <strong>Rosses</strong> <strong>Point</strong>, Sligo<br />

A Warm, Irish Welcome Awaits You<br />

2015 TripAdvisor Traveller Choice Awards<br />

10th Best Guest House In The World<br />

Best B&B In <strong>Ireland</strong><br />

24 http://www.downyonder.ie/

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