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Here it is! The much anticipated FREE Premiere issue of KNITmuch Magazine! We’re extremely excited to launch this first issue featuring a full 52 pages of knitting projects, tips, techniques, and products. In this issue, you’ll find a review of the NEW Downton Abbey Yarn Collection and the irresistible Top This! yarn kit. See the Crawley Vest and Budding Romance Shawl patterns for great project ideas using the new Downton Abbey yarns. We also review a variety of project ideas to make with Red Heart’s Cutie Pie and Sashay yarns. We go back to knitting basics to inspire new knitters to expand their knowledge of knitting and get to the bottom of key technical knitting terms and skills. Enjoy exploring our very first issue. Save it in your favorites, share it with your knitting friends!

What you should know about

Michelle Nguyen

Red Heart

[ Cutie Pie Yarn

The very first thing

that ran through my

mind when I opened

Red Heart’s Cutie Pie

yarn was ‘omg soft.’

It wasn’t in a clear

enunciated way either;

it was in that muffled

way that only truly soft

yarn would be able to


The texture of this yarn takes a couple minutes

to adjust to. When you’re feeling it all wound

up in the ball it's very soft. When you go to

cast on it’s still soft, but the texture likes to hang

onto the needles a little bit. The very first time

I cast on was with bamboo needles, but the

stitches weren’t sliding particularly well. When

I switched to wood needles my knitting was

flowing nicely again. I checked how Cutie Pie

did with metal needles and it went well. The

smoother the needle surface, the easier my

stitching went.

Red Heart Cutie Pie Yarn is ‘omgosh so soft.

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