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Moisturise morning and night to help retain the skin’s

natural moisture and provide a physical barrier against

environmental pollutants.

While you can use one product, it is advisable to use a

richer moisturiser at night as the skin absorbs products more

eff ectively while you sleep, undisturbed by environmental

factors such as the sun and wind. During the day, it is essential

to use a moisturiser with a sun protection factor.

Which type of moisturiser suits you is personal – it’s worth

getting samples to try them out. Your clinician can help you

establish if you have dry, normal, combination or oily skin.

If skin is dry, you want humectants and ingredients such as

plumping lipids.

For sensitive skin, look for anti-infl ammatories. For

combination or oily skin, you also want anti-infl ammatories as

well as ingredients that prevent oil slicks from breaking out.

There are also fi rming moisturisers to help with sagging tissues.

Formulations vary from emulsions (water-based and better

for oily skin) to dense creams (oil-based, better for dry skin).

The importance of sunscreen cannot be understated, as it

helps keep those harsh UVA and UVB rays from damaging

the skin. While UVA is responsible for sunburn, UVB has more

long-term eff ects that include premature-ageing and wrinkles.

Make sure to protect your skin all year round and look for

moisturisers that include SPF.

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