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The Kardashians

are influencing

the cosmetic

surgery industry

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While some people couldn’t care less about keeping

up with the Kardashians, some are going to extreme

lengths to look like them.

The Kardashians are influencing lives right down to

the plastic surgeries people are choosing to get.

A UK cosmetic group has seen a 73 percent yearon-year

rise in enquiries for achieving Kardashian-like

features. This has been credited to the Kardashians’

openness about surgery. Both Kourtney and Kris have

admitted to breast implants, and Kim has also said that

she has had facial injections. While both Kim and Khloè

strongly deny rumours of buttock implants, enquiries

for such enhancement procedures have seen a 54

percent increase.

With Kylie the new poster girl for lip fillers, the family

has been attributed to doing more for the popularity of

cosmetic surgery than anyone before.

Victoria Beckham

hints release of

new beauty line

Forty-one-year-old fashion-force Victoria Beckham revealed that a

beauty line is on her list ‘to go into at some point’.

This will be the first time she will be launching her own beauty

creations as part of her award-winning brand.

In an interview, Victoria talked about how her brand has evolved

over the years, saying, ‘I think we have grown in confidence... I never

want to be one of those brands where people know what they’re going

to see. I always want an element of surprise. One thing I never want to

do is copy what anybody else is doing. I have a signature, and it’s very

important to me to stay true to that.’

With her makeup always on point, we are more than a little bit

excited to see what the line will include, and whether it will be based

on Posh’s own luminous beauty looks.

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