Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Magazine #70





December and January fly by in a flash, with gym

sessions easily replaced by parties, long lunches and

lazy days by the pool. If you don’t want to suffer the

consequences come March, make sure you get in as

much incidental exercise as you can.

Instead of catching up with friends for a boozy lunch,

suggest a day of tennis (okay, with maybe a Pimm’s

afterwards). Walk instead of driving or catching public

transport. Enjoy the sunshine and the warm balmy

evenings while they’re here and go for a stroll. Climb

the stairs instead of taking the lift.

Use grocery bags as weights and do some bicep

curls on the way home from the supermarket. Clench

your bottom cheeks together while you’re standing in

line to see Father Christmas with the kids. Brace your

stomach muscles as you walk, wherever you are, to

improve your core strength.

Slip slop


No feature on surviving summer would be complete without

hammering the point of sun protection. You. Must. Cover. Up.

Every single day. It’s as simple, and as inconvenient, as that.

Item one on your summer shopping list should be a broadspectrum

sun block. Broad-spectrum protection blocks both

UVA and UVB rays from the sun, and an SPF factor of at least

30 is essential.

Sun protection isn’t just an issue at the beach or by the

pool. Every morning apply a sunscreen to all exposed areas,

including your face. These days there are plenty of good-quality

sunscreens for the face so there’s no excuse for not applying

one. To boost protection, apply a topical antioxidant serum

containing free-radical guzzling goodies such as Vitamin C.

Reapplying during the day is admittedly not a viable option

for those of us who wear makeup to work. To keep your

protection levels going, touch up with mineral makeup, which

acts as a sunblock, during the day.

If you’re in the sun for an extended period, you’ll need to

cover up with more than just a lotion. Wear loose longsleeved

clothing, sunglasses with UV protection and a hat.


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