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ulTrasonic body


Ultrasonic body contouring treatments use targeted

ultrasound frequencies to break down fat, particularly

on the abdomen, hips, thighs and ‘love handles’. The

best candidates are close to their ideal weight but

have stubborn areas of localised fatty deposits that

do not respond to changes in diet and exercise.

The focused ultrasound waves are delivered in

short bursts of energy, or pulses, to destroy fat cells

while leaving surrounding tissue, nerves and blood

vessels unaff ected. The ultrasound waves create

a cavitation eff ect in the target fat cells – a process

where the fat cell membranes are damaged with each

pulse of energy so that the contents of the fat cells

(triglycerides) are dispersed and processed by the

body. The fat cell contents are then fl ushed out by the

body’s lymphatic system.

Generally, a series of treatments per area achieves

noticeable, measurable results, although some

patients note a circumferential reduction in the area

after the fi rst treatment. It can take around four weeks

for fi nal results to be visible as the body gradually

eliminates the fatty debris. csbm

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