Times of the Islands Winter 2015-16


Presents the "soul of the Turks & Caicos Islands" with in-depth features about local people, culture, history, environment, businesses, resorts, restaurants and activities.

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This sampling of Exclusive Accessories by Wellington Williams shows

the fine craftsmanship and strong marine influence.

and boutiques. He explained, “People were not willing to

take a chance on me.” He was competing against other

jewelry-makers as well as “Made in China” products. He

expressed his concern that tourists would rather buy ten

$3 bracelets to take home rather than one $30 bracelet.

He overcame this challenge by advertising his product

better. He also reassured buyers and store owners

that, although his products may be slightly more expensive,

they are of a better quality and therefore worth

every dollar. Their uniqueness and appeal comes from

being handmade in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

After all of his trial and error he now sees that everything

happened for a reason and that it has all worked

out for the best. He wants to tell young and upcoming

entrepreneurs to never give up because in the end there

is a reward for all of your hard work. a

Zahrya Musgrove is a fourteen year old student of the

British West Indies Collegiate. Her dream is to go into

a career field, such as journalism, where she can be a

brave and confident voice expressing thoughts in the

form of the written word on current issues.




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